Theory in Context and Out

Robert Stuart Reifel
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - 434 páginas

Theory in and out of Context furthers discourse and understanding about the complex phenomenon we know as play. Play, as a human and animal activity, can be understood in terms of cultural, social, evolutionary, psychological, and philosophical perspectives.This effort necessarily includes inquiry from a range of disciplines, including history, sociology, psychology, education, biology, anthropology, and leisure studies. Work from a number of those disciplines is represented in this book.

This volume includes sections covering Foundations and Theory of Play, Gender and Children's Play, Theory of Mind, Adult-Child Play, and Classroom Play. Scholarly analyses and reports of research from diverse disciplines amplify our understanding of play in Western and non-Western societies.


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What Is Play For? Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Play
Reframing the Variability of Players and Play
Play and Postmodernism
The Concept of Play in Hans Georg Gadamers Hermeneutics An Educational Approach
Symbolic Play and the Evolution of Culture A Comparative Life History Perspective
Boys Who Play Hopscotch The Historical Divide of a Gendered Space
The Interaction of Gender and Play Style in the Development of Gender Segregation
Boys and Girls at Play Recess at a Southern Urban Elementary School
Maternal Scaffolding of Taiwanese Play Qualitative Patterns
Parental Notions about Their Childrens Playfulness and Childrens Notions of Play in the United States and Hong Kong
Validity of Three Tests of Playfulness with African American Children and Their Parents and Relationships among Parental Beliefs and Values and C...
Attitudes of Parents and Teachers about Play Aggression in Young Children
Play as a Learning Medium Revisited
The Effects of Situational Context on Playful Behaviors of Young Preschool Children

Explaining the Connection Pretend Play and Theory of Mind
Imaginary Companions Characteristics and Correlates
A Study of Pretend Play and False Belief in Preschool Children Is All Pretense Metarepresentational?
A Developmental Link Between the Production of Gestural Representation and Understanding of Mental Representation
Pretending Understanding Pretense and Understanding Minds
Understanding the PretenseTheory of Mind Relationship
Bilingual Childrens Language Usage During Dramatic Play
Factors in Three to FiveYearOld Childrens Play
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STUART REIFEL is Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, where he teaches in the early childhood education program in the College of Education./e He has studied children's play in schools and homes for the past twenty years, and specializes in the meanings of children's play in their developmental contexts. He served as President for The Association for the Study of Play.

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