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Thanks Philip for your Job and plse have a look and enjoy to this Poetry Studio - Augustine of Hippo and A Human Being passionate and alive, 21st Century Autor:Josemaría Alvira
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Searching and Finding…an Art in Itself ( buscARTE y encontrARTE ) Presents: FEEL
By design. By nature and until their very last breath.
Human Beings have had, have and will have the possibility of experiencing
The Divine Presence of God inside Them.
My mind is at peace and has fallen silent
I have crossed the threshold of thoughts
I am in the domain of Feeling
I am filled with light and harmony. I am a space of light,
and within that light… darkness and within that darkness… light,
a light that is not created by the Sun
nor by any sun, nor by anything or anyone
a space without dimensions
not bound by time, no before, no after
no near, no far
no high, no low
no right, no left,
a universe complete in itself
that has no need to change, filled with the harmony of music
and in my stillness, the silence is no longer so silent
a wave comes it rocks me in a gentle rhythm,
it is ... the caress of the Creator
it is ... the coming and going of the breath
the pleasure it gives… is such that it fills my mouth with a delicate exquisiteness,
so Pure… that it cleanses me of sin
and so Holy… that it dissolves evil
and so certain…and so real that it erases all doubt fear or ambiguity.
With no pillars to support it nor anything that needs to be supported,
inside me
the Creator
built his Abode
of Light
The Gentle Beat of His Presence
A Spring of Holy Pure Nectar
A Delicate Clean Aroma
The Perfume of God
When you are close to God
*the God that resides within you… that reality that resides within you*
you cannot help but smell his perfume
The Perfume of God
A Human Being, 21st Century
What I love when I love my God
Not with uncertain, but with assured consciousness do I love Thee, O Lord. Thou hast stricken my heart with Thy word, and I loved Thee. And also the heaven, and earth, and all that is therein, behold, on every side;
they say that I should love Thee; nor do they cease to speak unto all, "so that they are without excuse“
But what is it that I love in loving thee ?
Not physical beauty,
nor the splendour of time,
nor the radiance of the light
so pleasant to our eyes
nor the sweet melodies of the various kinds of songs
nor the fragrant smell of flowers
and ointments and spices;
not manna and honey
not the limbs embraced in physical love
it is not these I love when I love my God
Yet it is true that I love,
a certain kind of light
and sound
and fragrance
and food
and embrace
in loving my God
who is:
the Light
and Sound
and Fragrance
and Food
and Embracement
of my Inner man
where that light shines into my soul
which no place can contain
where time does not snatch away the lovely sound,
where no breeze disperses the sweet fragrance,
where no eating diminishes the food there provided
and, …where there is an embrace
that no satiety comes to sunder
This is what I love when I love my God
Saint Augustin
How would your Life be if you knew,
that the Divine comes with each Breath.
How would your Life be if you knew,
that the body is the Creator’s gift,
and the coming and going of the breath... his Blessing.
How would your Life be if you knew,
that each breath brings an instruction, a plea… biólogy improve, improve,
improve, move, prosper, seek, find and, Human Being do not stop until you feel fulfilled.
Saint Augustine, with compassion… announces:
To You we must ask
In You we must seek
At Your door we must knock
That is how we will receive
That is how we will find
That is how “The Door“ will be open
Others have expressed it:
“Seek the One who can show you the Truth inside of you”
and when you find him
with humility ask for help.
He will hear and answer your call,

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