Toward a New Sensibility: Essays of O. K. Bouwsma

U of Nebraska Press, 1982 M01 1 - 277 páginas
O. K. Bouwsma, one of America's foremost Wittgensteinians, was also an extraordinarily dedicated and effective teacher. The present collection, assembled posthumously from his papers, includes twelve essays, all but one previously unpublishedøand all characterized by the humor, common sense, and wisdom that marked his classroom lectures.

Ranging in subject matter from topics in Wittgenstein to Descartes to aesthetics, the pieces all show the influence of Wittgenstein. Some of the questions they raise deal with the traditional and historical background of twentieth-century philosophy?"Am I dreaming?" "Is what I see real?" "Are there material objects?"?while others relate to considerations peculiar to thinkers today, for example, "What is Wittgenstein doing in his writing?" "What does philosophy have to do with language?"

Bouwsma wants first to understand the philosophical questions?to unknit the knit eyebrows it produces. Accordingly, his major concern is how we as thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers, separate what we understand from what we do not understand: hence his consideration, in the opening essay, of "a new sensibility in the matter of our language." Always approaching the subject as a practical problem rather than as an abstract, theoretical issue, these essays demonstrate, with patience and wit, ways to achieve clarity on puzzles long thought intractable.

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A New Sensibility
Conceptual vs Factual Investigations
A Difference between Ryle and Wittgenstein
What Is Meaning?
Are Dreams Illusions?
Meaning Is
Makes It True
Remarks on the Cogito
Notes on Berkeleys Idealism
The Race of Achilles and the Tortoise
Are Poems Statements?
Poetry Becomes Truth
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Acerca del autor (1982)

O.K. Bouwsma (1898-1978) was a professor of philosophy at the University of Nebraska from 1928-1965.

J. L. Craft resides in Austin, Texas. He was a student of O. K. Bouwsma at the University of Texas, and is co-editor of Bouwsma?s papers.

Ronald E. Hustwit is a professor of philosophy at The College of Wooster. The author of Something About O.K. Bouwsma, Hustwit has edited five works of O.K. Bouwsma's papers.

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