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oldest sons. He married Elizabeth Eresmann March 15, 1849; she was born in the same place in Germany in November, 1823, and came to this country with her parents in 1842; they have six children-John H., Christian F., Eliza M., Gustave A., Lena E. and William H. John H. married Elmira Naffziger ; Eliza M. married Henry Linkert. Mr. Naffziger has been in his present business a little more than a year, and is the only one in like business here.

JEREMIAH NEFF, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Stanford; was born in Rockingham Co., Va,, Dec. 20, 1819; his father, Abraham Neff, and his mother, Catherine, were born in the same county. Jeremiah Neff married Catherine Kiser Dec. 22, 1846 : she was born in Augusta Co., Va., June 20, 1823 ; her father, George Kiser, and her mother, Susan Kiser, were born in the same county. Mr and Mrs. Neff have had seven children-John Edward, born Sept. 23, 1847 (he married Catherine Wright): George Marion, born Sept. 6, 1850, died Oct. 18, 1862, of diphtheria (all the children were attacked with the same disease, and, but for timely discovery, all would, undoubtedly, have died); Lydia Jane, born Jan. 30, 1853 (married Silas Hains) ; Caroline Susan, born March 15, 1855; Pleasant Harvey, born Feb. 7, 1858; William Henry, born May 26, 1860; Elizabeth Ann, born Jan. 10, 1863, and Philander Artemus, born Oct. 3, 1865. Mr. Neff came overland, direct to Allin Township, with his own team, and was five weeks and three days on the road; arrived here in October, 1856 ; he owns 743 acres of land in this township and Kansas. In politics, is a Democrat.

JACOB W. OSMUN, farmer and mechanic; P. 0. Stanford ; was born in Bureau Co., II., Feh. 22, 1844; came to Allin Township in March, 1861. He enlisted in the 94th Regt. II. Inf. in August, 1862, for three years' service ; was mustered in August 17, and served out his full term; was mustered out in Galveston, Tex., at the expiration of his term, but, with what was left of his regiment, was discharged at Springfield, 111.; he was in nine engagements, viz., Prairie Grove, Van Buren, siege of Vicksburg, Spanish Fort, Fort Morgan, Mobile and Brownsville, Tex., Morganzia and Yazoo City, and numerous skirmishes ; himself and Edwaru K. Stahl, of his regiment, were the first to enter Fort Morgan ; they captured a rebel flag and a tobacco-box. He married Luella Snodgrass Feb. 28, 1869; she was born in McLean Co., N., May 10. 1851 ; they have had four children- Minnie May, born Dec. 21, 1869; Annie A., May 3, 1871 ; Lunna, born Oct. 3, 1873, and Milton X., born Jan. 17, 1875; Annie A. died in October, 1871. In pol. itics, he is a Democrat.

NATHANIEL PERRY, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Jessamine Co., Ky., Sept. 24, 1817, and came to McLean Co., with his parents. in 1836; his father, John Perry, was born in Philadelphia, Penn., Feb. 22, 1790; he married Charity Pew July 25, 1815, in Mercer Co., Ky.; she was born in North ('arolina March 10, 1800 ; she died April 10, 1863, and he died Aug. 12, 1865. Mr. Nathaniel Perry married Polly Margaret McCullough July 30, 1846 ; she was born in Fleming Co., Ky.. Jan. 10, 1825, and, with her parents, came to Dry Grove Township in 1826: her father, Peter McCullough, that year erected the first house built by a white man in Dry Grove Township, McLenn Co. They have had twelve children-Mary E., born April 24, 1847 (she married Wm. A. Shields); Mary F., born Dec. 4, 1848 (she mar. ried Abraham Crist); Edmond R., born June 18, 1851 (he married Sallie A Harrison); William R., born March 22, 1853 ; Jessamine Y., born Jan. 15. 1855 (married Kemp James) ; Milburn B., born Jan. 27, 1857; Nathaniel R., born Jan. 20, 1859; Charity M., born April 20, 1861: Hetty Ann, born Sept. 8, 1863, died Aug. 4, 1864; George O., born March 26, 1865, died March 21, 1866 ; Frank, born June 23, 1869, and Gabrilla, born May 19, 1871. He owns 642 acres prairie and timber land. Is a Democrat, politically.

WILLIAM R. PERRY, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Danvers Township, Dry Grove, March 22, 1853 ; has always followed farming and stock-raising. He married Miss Lillie E. Briggs April 1, 1878; she was born in Tazewell Co., II., April 14, 1859; her fa'her, John S., was born in Kentucky May 31, 1818, and married Amanda N. Railsback Oct. 14, 1841; she was born in Tennessee Dec. 4, 1823; she now lives in Tazewell Co., Ill. William R. Perry owns 160 acres in Kingman Co., Kan. In politics, is a Democrat.

ADDISON RITCHIE, farmer, stock-raiser and hunter; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 17, 1834; was raised on a farm and has followed the business, together with hunting wild game, a pursuit he has always been devoted to; he moved to Brown's Grove, Allin Township, in November, 1857. He married Miss Isabelle Bozarth Feb. 16, 1860; she was born in Christian Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1835, and came here with her parents in 1839. His father, John Ritchie, was born in Rockingham Co., Va., April 5, 1799, and died at Brown's Grove Oct. 3, 1860, and his mother, Magdalene, was born in the same county March 8, 1800, and died Nov. 1, 1854, in Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ritchie have had five children - Robert F., born Sept. 16, 1861, and died Sept. 28, 1865 ; Leslie A. was born Sept. 20, 1866 ; Ira J., born March 8, 1868, died Feb. 20, 1869 ; George M. was born May 24, 1870 ; Addie Bell was born Jan. 24, 1874. He owns 265 acres of prairie and timber land in Sec. 14, Alin Township.

WILLIAM CRCSMISELL, dry goods, notions, boots and shoes, etc., Stanford ; was born in Augusta Co., Va., July 18, 1835; he came to McLean Co. with his parents in 1848. His father, David R., was born in Augusta Co., Va., in 1808, and married Caiherine Deal in 1833; she was born in the same county July 1, 1811; they had twelve children-five only are now living; he died in May, 1860 ; his death was hastened by his being accidentally thrown from his

carriage. William C., the subject of this sketch, enlisted in the 94th I. V. I., Aug. 12, 1862, and served two years and nine months, participating in several engagements, and received an honorable discharge in April, 1865, on account of chronic (diarrhoea) disease, which he has not yet recovered from. He returned to Danvers Township. In August, 1869, engaged at clerking in Bloomington, and Oct. 20, 1871, came to Stanford and engaged in mercantile business on his own account. He married Miss Delia Johnston Dec. 15, 1870; she was born at Branch Hill, Clermont Co., Ohio, Aug. 31, 1843. He was appointed Postmaster at Stanford Jan. 26, 1874, and still holds the position in connection with his store.

HENRY J. SCHULZ, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Stanford; was born in Hanover, Germany, Dec. 7, 1827; his father, Christopher, and his mother, Catharine Dorothea, were born in the same place; Mr. Schulz landed in New York City Oct. 18, 1856 ; came to Joliet, II., in March, 1857, and to Tazewell Co. in June, 1860, where he remained about six years; he moved to the farm, where he now resides, in Allin Township, in March, 1866. He married Miss Jane Bolton Dec. 8, 1870 ; she was born in Yorkshire, England ; her father, John Bolton, was born Dec. 15, 1816, and still lives in Yorkshire ; her mother, Fanny (Carter), was born May 26, 1815, and died March 5, 1871, in Yorkshire. Mrs. Jane Schulz came to New York June 17, and from there to Bloomington, 11., the 25th of June, 1868; they have had five children-John B., born Sept. 30, 1871; Dora, Jan. 14, 1873; Fannie born April 28, 1874, died Aug. 25, 1877; Henry H., born Oct. 17, 1876, died Aug. 19, 1877, and Frank, born March 4, 1878. They own a fine prairie farm of 120 acres.

GEORGE SHUTT, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Danvers ; was born in Lebanon Co., Penn., Aug. 31, 1826 ; went to Berks Co. soon after, with his parents, and to Montgomery Co., Ohio, in the spring of 1842; there he obtained work on the canal at 75 cents a day, until he had a little over $20—the most money he had ever possessed ; worked at whatever he could get to do until 1852, when he went to La Fayette, Ind. He married Elizabeth Waltz, daughter of Elias and Rachel Waltz, of Montgomery Co., Ohio, Oct. 25, 1849. In the fall of 1860, they moved to Shelby Co., ind., and bought his father's farm ; in September, 1864, they sold the larm and moved to Bloomington, Ill. ; in the meantime followed farming; in March, 1869, he bought 200 acres in Sec. 1, Allin Township, where they now reside; they have had ten children -Cyrus W., born July 9, 1850 (he married Mary F. Rector Nov 1, 1877); William A., born Sept. 19, 1851 ; Elias B., Sept. 28, 18:14 ; Sarah I., March 9, 18:9; Oliver F., July 25, 1861: Jobn E., Jan. 27, 18615; Lucetta J., born June 9, 1853, and died Sept. 6, 1854; Joseph A., born April 23, 1857, died Sept. 20, 1857; George W., born Jan. 8, 1864, died Feb. 10, 1864; Richard R., born Jan. 27, 1872, died July 10, 1872. They now own 210 acres of prairie and timber in Allin Township and 160 in Nebraska. Mr. Shutt, in his youth, never had any school advantages ; never owned a slate until he bought one for his children, for whom he takes pleasure in providing the ways and means for a good education ; nevertheless, he has applied himself in such ways as he could and made himself competent to transact all business that he is called upon to do.

PETER D. SPRINGER, Justice of the Peace, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Lorraine, France, Sept. 5, 1828 ; his father, Christian Springer, was born Oct. 15, 1792, and his mother, Magdalena (Engel), was born Feb. 2, 1796; both were born in Lorraine, France. From 1812 to 1815, he was in the service of, and member of the body guard of Napoleon the First. He came to the United States, and landed at New Orleans June 12, 1830; went to Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio, July 5, the same year, and to Danvers, McLean Co., III., Nov. 10, 1854, and 10 Allin Township, where he now resides in 1856. His wife, Magdalena, died Sept. 30, 1870 Peter D. Springer went into partnership with his brother, Joseph E., in general dry goods busi. ness, in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio, in 1853 ; their store was destroyed by fire in February. 1854, destroying pearly their entire stock; he then went to Peoria, Ii., and engaged clerking in a wholesale and retail dry-goods house two years. He married Eliza Brenneman Nov. 13, 1856 ; she was born in Hesse Cassel, Germany, Oct. 13, 1831 ; her father, Daniel Brenneman, was born March 16, 1804, and her mother, Elizabeth (Iutzi), was born Oct. 16, 1806; both were born in Hesse Cassel. Mr. and Mrs. Springer have had six children-Emelia P., born Sept. 17, 1857, died Oct. 17, 1857; Mary E., born Oct. 29, 1858; Edward D., born June 24, 1861, died March 12, 1872; Emma A., born Aug. 13, 1863 ; George B., born April 14, 1866, died May 5, 1867. and William H., born July 12, 1868. Mr. Springer has held several offices in his town; was elected Justice of the Peace, in 1873, and re-elected in 1878. lle owns a fine farm and good home. In politics, is a Democrat.

ANDREW SUMMERS, M. D., retired physician, Stanford ; was born in Pendleton Co., Va., about 1812; went to Franklin Co., Ohio, and to De Mitt Co., Ill , in 1856, where he resided about one year and a half; he then moved to Tazewell Co., where he resided about four years ; he then came to Allin Township, and bought a farm; he moved to Stanford in 1868. He commenced the practice of medicine in 1836, and practiced with skill and success about forty years. He married Miss Elvila Dillow April 18, 1833 ; she was born in Jefferson Co., Va., June 20, 1814, They have had ten children, seven are now living-Valentine, Olive, Montraville, Calvin A, Ichabod N., Livonia and Zelotes F. Alonzo De A., died Oct. 21, 1865, in the Indian Territory, aged 29 years 5 months 15 days; Calvin A. died June 28, 1862, aged 22 years 4 months and 7


days ; he was killed at Allatoona Pass, Ga., in the discharge of his duty in the Union service; only sixteen of Co. E, 7th Regt. I. V. I., came out alive ; fifty-six went into action. Malvina died Dec. 19, 1850, aged 6 years 6 months and 27 days. Dr. Summers was elected Justice of the Peace in Ohio, and held the office three years ; but his life has been mainly devoted to his profession.

RICHARD A. WARLOW, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., March 20, 1822, and is a son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bond) Warlow, who were among the earliest settlers of McLean Co., settling on the “ Bond Farm,” in Dry Grove Township, in the spring of 1837. He was born in New York City, and she in Massachusetts. In June, 1832, they moved to Painesville, Ohio, and, in September following, they reached Circleville, Ohio, and, in 1834, they moved to McLean Co., III., and, as will be observed, to the Bond Farm," in 1837. Early that year, they entered the quarter-section (Sec. 12) where Richard A. now resides, in Allin Township. Mr. Richard A. Warlow married Miss Lovina Bozarth, of Allin Township, April 29, 1849 ; she was born in Christian Co., Ky., April 3, 1829. and came here with her parents in 1839. They have seven children, viz.: Leslie, born March 31. 1851 (he married Georgie Taylor); John B., Sept. 26, 1853 (he married Frances Bower); Belle. March 13, 1856 ; Ellen F., May 3, 1858; Julia, July 31, 1860; Charles A., July 2, 1862, and Sarah A., Sept. 13, 1864. Their house was destroyed by fire, March 27, 1856. They saved very little furniture, and barely their lives. They rebuilt, and moved into their new house before it was finished, in November following. He owns about 870 acres-five fine farm houses, with outbuildings. In politics, is a Democrat.

JAMES A. WALTER, farmer and mechanic; P. O. Stanford ; was born in Ohio May 14, 1820. When 3 years old, his parents moved to Richland Co., Ohio. When he was 17, he went to Franklin Co., Ohio, and worked eight years in grist and saw mills. He married Margaret Spangler in Franklin Co., Ohio (where she was born), May 28, 1842; she was born March 12, 1825. By her he had one child- Mary S.; she married David Bierbower, and lives in Martin Township, MeLean Co. Mr. Walter moved to Harley's Grove, Dale Township, in September, 1856, and to Allin Township in the spring of 1858, and owns eighty-eight acres of excellent land and a fine house in Allin and Dale Townships. His house is in Allin Township. In politics, he is a Democrat.

SAMUEL WRIGHT, M. D., physician and surgeon, and druggist, Stanford ; was born in Sumner Co., Tenn., June 18, 1850. He read medicine, and graduated at the University in Nashville, in 1875. He also was one of the first graduates of the Vanderbilt University, of Nashville, in the same year. In March, 1875, he came to Stanford and commenced practice, and the next year opened his drug store. He married Miss Brooks, a daughter of Presley T. Brooks, of Brooks' Grove, Allin Township, Dec. 23, 1875. They have two children-Homer, born Sept. 20, 1876, and John T., Sept. 30, 1877.


CHARLES BAKER, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Belleflower; was born in Massachusetts Dec.-14, 1828 ; came to this State and settled in Belleflower Township, McLean Co., in 1868 Since his residence here he has held the offices of School Trustee and Director six years. He was married in 1855, to Miss Eliza J. Nichols, who was born in Massachusetts Dec. 20, 1837. They have five children-Alvin L., Wilber I., Elmer E., Wallace F. and Carl L. The farm of Mr. Baker consists of eighty acres, valued at $3,500.

W.T. BRADBURY, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Belleflower; one of the early settlers of the township; was born in Clermont Co., Ohio,"June 26, 1830;, came to this State and settled in Belleflower, McLean Co., in 1860. Since his residence in the township, he has held the office of Supervisor one year, Treasurer and Collector twelve years each. His farm consists of 160 acres, valued at $6,000. In 1852, he was married to Miss Tempa E. Gibson, who was born in Indiana Dec. 11, 1834. They have seven children-John E., H. E., E. S. and E. S. (twins), Mertie M., Thomas W. and James M.

J. H. BURNS, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Belleflower; was born in Maryland Jan. 14, 1848. Came to this State and settled in Tazewell Co., in 1870, and in the same year removed to McLean Co., where he has since resided. His pursuits since his residence here have been that of a farmer and stock-raiser. He is now farming 160 acres. He has held the office of Road Commissioner three years. In 1871, he was married to Miss Rebecca A. Petry. They have four children-Annie May, Willie H., Cora I. and an infant.

J. C. BUTCHER, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Belleflower; one of our first settlers; was born in Indiana Oct. 7, 18:9; came to this State in 1852, and settled in Buckles' Grove, McLean Co., in the same year ; he removed to Belleflower in 1859, at that time called Prairie. He was married, in 1851, to Miss Jane E. Emmitt, now deceased, who was born in Indiana Aug. 21, 1834 ; they have had six children, four of whom are living-Sarah F., Emma L., John A. and

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