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Philura J. Endecott, a native of Posey Co., Ind. ; they have five children-- Mary C., born Dec. 18, 1858 ; Malinda E., Jan. 4, 1861 ; Emma J., Feb. 15, 1864 : Hannah F., July 13, 1869 ; James A., April 28, 1876.

CAPT. S. P. HOWELL, farmer and stock-raiser : P 0. Saybrook: was born Dec. 23, 1837, in Licking Co., Ohio ; remained there, working on a farm, until 1852, when he moved West, settling in McLean Co., near Bloomington ; worked for his father on a farm until 1869, when he settled on the present farm of three sections, equal to 1,920 acres, which is managed by himself and brothers. He was in the civil war, enlisting in Co. 1, 94th I. V. I; was Second and First Lieutenant and Captain of Co. I, struggling for three long years for our poble land, saved by Washington and redeemed by Lincoln. Was married Feb. 8, 1872, to Mary L. Brooke, born in Pennsylvania Oct. 23, 1848; they have three children-Nellie, Brooke and Mannie.

GEORGE HESTER, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Saybrook; was born May 28, 1842, in London, England. In 1845, he moved with his parents to Knox Co., Ill., traveling by team from Chicago. In 1856, he moved to Galesburg, Knox Co., remaining there some time. He left home March 1, 1861, and enlisted in the 13th Regt. Ill. Cav. ; remained over three years. He then engaged in the nursery business, working for $30 to $100 per month, and was engaged some ten years. On Dec. 24, 1875, he was married to Mary A. Pirkey, and settled on his pres-, ent farm of 120 acres, earned entirely by his own labor and management. He has been Pathmaster, and was First Sergeant and Second Lieutenant by commission. He is a member of the Christian Church; his wife also belonged to that denomination ; she died, deeply lamented, April 10, 1878.

JOHN N. KING, farmer and stock-raiser: P. 0. Saybrook ; was born Feb. 3, 1828, in Champaign Co., Ohio ; emigrating to Illinois, he settled in Logan Co., remaining some tine; moving from there to Sangamon Co., at which place his father died, leaving him in care of a widowed mother. Some time after, his mother married, and they moved to Logan Co., settling on a farm. He went from there to Havanna, Ill., by ox-wagon, and took steamboat, bound for Cincinnati; went thence to Dayton, then to Champaign by wagon, and settled in Clark Co., remaining there until 21 years old, when he came West on horseback, stopping in Smith's Grove. Sept. 10, 1850, he began working by the month, at $13, for A. R. Jones. In 1851, he taught school, afterward working for Jones, and was married Nov. ?, 1851, to Mary White, of Ohio. His first winter after marriage, he made rails and farmed ; the next summer for himself; tben taught three terms of school in succession : locating then on forty acres west of Smith's Grove, remaining some time. Afterward bought 160 acres in Anchor Township, paying cash, settling on it in 1868, which he has made into a magnificent horae. The yard is most beautifully arranged with evergreens and mounds of well-selected rocks. He has been Supervisor, Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Overseer of Poor, and is now in the sixth year as Trustee of Anchor Township, and has been connected with the schools. They have had six children-Olando, Scevolia R., George E., Effie; deceased - Mary and John N.

C. W. KINGSTON, farmer and stock raiser ; P. 0. Garda; was born Sept. 9, 1836, in Woodford Co., Ill, remaining there until 1868, when he removed to his present farm, in Anchor Township, of 180 acres, which, through his energy and skillful management, has made an elegant and magnificent home. He started on the ocean of life, and unfurled his sails to an untried breeze, and as a shallop, which sailed out of harbor noiselessly and unnoticed, has anchored safely in port. He has held offices connected with schools, and has been Pathmaster. Was married, in 1865, to Miss Cameron, a native of Virginia. They have six children, viz., Elizabeth B., Jennie S, Alice B., Beecher L., Llewellyn, Clark C. Mr. Kingston, the father of C. W. Kingston, makes a home with his son, Mrs. Kingston having died in 1864.

MRS. E. D. KNIGHT, farmer and stock-raiser : P. 0. Potosi; was born Dec. 27, 1831, in McLean Co., III. Moses H. Knight, her late husband, was born June 30, 1830, in Vermont, and when he was 20 years old, came to McLean Co., and soon after was married to Miss E. D. Benson, the present Mrs. E. D. Knight. They engaged in farming a tract of land eight miles north of Bloomington. From there they removed to East White Oak, remaining until October, 1865, when they settled on the present farm of 240 acres, which they earned by their own management. Mr. Knight was a patentee of a portable fence, a teacher of rare attainments, and had labored for 20 years as a minister of the Christian denomination. His services were generally free. Only a few months have passed since his generous soul took its eternal flight, and his death was greatly mourned by all his friends and acquaintances. Mrs. Knight has managed the affairs of the farm since his death, and it would be doing the deceased an injustice not to say that he was kind and generous to his family, and went through all his labors unostentatiously and with his best efforts. Thus passed away a noble man. They have had ten children, viz., Mary A. (deceased), William B., Samuel H. (deceased), Alice, Winton C., Hattie A., James P. (deceased), Orrin H., James B., and Lois E.

R. H. MADDOX, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Saybrook; was born in Virginia April 30, 1823. When he was 5 years old, his fatlier moved to l'erry Co., Ohio, settling on a farm, and remaining there ten years. He then moved, with his father, to Licking Co., Ohio, and stayed there twenty years. From thence he came to McLenn Co., engaging in farming, and renting of Martin Arnold and R. Brown. He moved from there to Peoria, and rented land for two years. In 1869, he settled on the beautiful little farm of eighty acres, which he now possesses, earned entirely by his own manual labor. He was married, in 1852, to Elizabeth Tobing, of Virginia ; they have had four children, viz., John B., Mary E. and Margaret J. and Lucy A. (deceased).

S. M. SMITH, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Burr Oaks; was born Oct. 13, 1848, • in Monongalia Co., Va. Lived there until 20 years old, when he came with his father to

Woudford Co., II. Engaged in working on a farm for “ Representative" J. Ranney, for four years, at $25 per month. On Dec. 24, 1871, he was married to Mary J. Mundell, a native of Woodford Co., who was born Oct. 8, 1856. Immediately after their marriage, they settled on Mr. Mundell's farm, remaining there six years. In 1877, he took a trip to the East, and, in 1878, made another tour for the purpose of making a home, when he made the wise choice of a very fine farm of 160 acres in Anchor Township, situated on the banks of the beautiful Macki. naw. They have three children-Charles A., born Dec. 6, 1872; James A., Sept. 13 1874 ; Maudie M., Feb. 14, 1877.

E. C. SUMMERS, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Burr Oaks; was born Feb. 23, 1837, in Darke Co., Ohio, on a farm ; remained there until 8 years old, when he went with his father to Whiteside Co., 111. ; remaining there one year, he returned to Darke Co., Ohio, remaining there three years ; in 1846, he moved to Jasper Co., Ind., engaging in farming with his father for two years; from thence to Shelby Co., II., where he engaged in farming for one year ; his next move was to Tazewell Co., III., and tilled tbe soil until 1861, when he moved to the south western part of McLean Co.; he now lives on a beautiful farm in Anchor Township, of 280 acres. His first marriage to Mary J. Paugh occurred in 1858; they had four children-Harry, Lawson, Clara and Charles. On the 22d of March, 1872, his first wife died: he was married the second time to Maggie Perry, of Ohio. He has held offices connected with the schools, and is at present supervisor of Anchor Township. In 1862, he enlisted in Co. F, 106th I. V. 1., and was in the war three years.

J. C. SWARTZLEY, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. 0. Garda; was born Jan. 29, 1836, on a farm in Augusta Co.. Va., remaining there twenty years ; removing thence to Woodford Co., III., engaging in farming and teaching, and has taught the winters and part of the summers of eighteen years ; he left Woodford Co. in 1858, and went to Missouri, remaining there until 1860, when he was married, Oct. 2, to Jennie L. Cameron, of Missouri, and returned to Woodford Co., and engaged in farming and teaching; in 1868, he moved to McLean Co. and settled on his present farm of eighty acres, situated in what is now Anchor Township. He has made this beautiful little home by his own skillful management. He has held the office of School Trustee nine years; Assessor, five years; Collector, two years ; Town Clerk, nine years, and is at present Clerk of Anchor Township; he is an ornament to the community, honest and upright in all his dealings, and has made a host of friends; they have seven children-Willie H., Maggie D., Anna Belle, Ella V., Alice L., George L. and Jessie N.

J. M. URBAN, farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Gibson ; was born Oct, 11, 1838, in Lancaster Co., Penn.; he was engaged, during his early years, as a farmer, and at an early date he began teaching school, and taught several terms; in 1866, he came to McLean Co., setiling west of Bloomington, and renting the farm of Henry Sholty; leaving there, he bought and settled on the present farm of 160 acres, which he has converted into a very desirable farm, admired by all who see it. In August, 1862, he went at his country's call to war for the Union, entering as a Corporal and leaving as a Sergeant. He was married in 1866, to Fannie Stoner, a resident of Ohio ; he has been connected with schools, and is now in his third term as Commissioner. He made a profession of religion in 1867; has made quite a liberal donation for church building. They have five children-Levina M., born Dec. 16, 1866 ; Willie S., June 6, 1868; Samantha J., Jan. 12, 1870; Benjamin H., April 12, 1873; Charles C., April 12, 1876.

T. J. WAKEFIELD, farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Gibson; was born Aug. 7, 1842, in Tazewell Co., II.; lived there until the war broke out, when he entered as a private, enlisting in Co. B, 73d M. Regt.; he was three years in service, and was engaged parily in Sherman's march ; after returning from the war, he engaged in farming in McLean Co., near Towanda, and remained there three years; he then went to Blue Mound and engaged in farming; in 1864, he bought the present farm of eighty acres, earned entirely by his own labor and management: he has worked at carpentering and masonry, and soinetimes works at plastering; in the winter time, engages in public work, shelling corn. He was married, in 1869, to Mary E. Parr, a native of Ohio ; they have no children. Mr. Wakefield built his own cosy little cottage, and there enjoys a happy home.


J. C. ARNOLD, farmer and stock-raiser; P. 0. Potosi ; was born in 1839, in Licking Co., Ohio, and, in 1853, settled in McLean Co., Ill.; remained there until 1857, then moved to Tazewell Co., aud there engaged in farming; in 1859, he moved to White Oak, and remained until 1861, wben he enlisted in Co. G, of the 17th I. V. I.; he was in the service over three years, and became a Corporal. After returning from the war, he married Susanna Benson, who was born in 1844, and soon bought 120 acres—a farm, choice and well-improved, and watered by excellent springs; the house is situated among thousands of beautiful forest and fruit trees ; he has held offices connected with the schools, and is, at present, Highway Commissioner; they have eight children-Ruth V., born Sept. 19, 1865; Ada J., March 18, 1867; Alta G., Oct. 20, 1868; John S., April 24, 1871; Jesse H., April 19, 1873 ; Moses E., Feb. 9, 1878; two deceased -James M. and Otis L.

G. W. FRESHCORN, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. 0. Potosi ; was born Sov. 20, 1811, in Chester Co., Penn., and lived there until 1856, when he came to McLean Co., buying and settling on his present farm of 155 acres, which he earned principally by his own labor and management; he was a wagon-maker and worked under the supervision of his father in Chester Co., Penn. He has been no office-seeker, but has held the offices of Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Commissioner and has been connected with the schools ; he is a minister of the M. E. Church, and was married, in 1847, to Catharine Gayman, a resident of Chester Co., Penn.; they have five childrenFannie, Mary, George F., Wesley J. and Clara ; Clara is a teacher of rare attainments. This fine old gentleman has made home happy by the associations of literature and art.

A. W. GREEN, M. D., physician and merchant, Potosi ; was born Jan. 26, 1842, in Jefferson Co., Ind., where he remained until 16 years old, when he came to McLean Co., Ill.; here be remained until 1861, when he moved to Clay Co., II.; was there until 1864; he had been engaged in farming and teaching for two years, and was reading medicine ; in 1864, he was in the army, enlisting in the 136th I. V. I. ; was Orderly and First Duty Sergeant; after his return from the war, he proceeded with the study of medicine; attended Rush Medical College, at Chicago, in 1865-66 ; returned home and began business with a capital of 80 cents; he lived with David Crum nearly three years ; he bought land, and began building the town of Potosi, laying it out in 1869; he began with a drug store, and his business now includes dry goods and general notions; he is also Postmaster; he has held town offices. He practices medicine in addition to his merchandising ; also, is in the ministry of the Christian denomination, with four regular places of appointment. He was married in 1869, to R. Sophia Luse, a native of Ohio; he has two children-Arthur L., born Oct. 15, 1870, and Effie A., Feb. 29, 1872. , July 13, 1878, bis wife met her death by an accident; she was driving out in the city of Bloomington, when the horse becoming frightened, ran, throwing her out and injuring her so severely that she died the same day.

W. A. KNIGHT, farmer and stock-dealer; P. 0. Potosi ; was born March 15, 1832, in Ryegate, Caledonia Co., Vt., where he remained until 19 years old, engaged in farming; he then went to Massachusetts, worked in Lawrence, manufacturing cotton goods; he became a mechanie, and worked at making engines and cotton machinery. In 1854, he went on a farm, and engaged in farming and carpentering. ' In 1858, he moved to White Oak, McLean Co.: engaged in farming with his brother, M. H. Knight. In 1868, he settled on his present farm of eighty acres, where he has been ever since. Was married May 6, 1853, to H. M. Moore, of Massachusetts ; they have thirteen children-Fred W., Elizabeth J., Alfred T., Frank E., Clara J., Mary E., Ralph H., R. Ella, Eugene E., Bert. H., William E., Minnie A., Jesse L. He has not had a doctor for sixteen years, and has done his own practicing. The children are all living. He has been Collector, Town Clerk, Pathmaster, and connected with the schoo's. He now manages a large farm, and practices somewhat in medicine.

D. B. MEEKER, farmer; P. 0. Potosi; was born Oct. 8. 1845, in Indiana, and moved, when young, to Tazewell Co., I.; remained there until 21 years old, working on the farm for his father; In 1870, he settled on the present farm of 840 acres, owned by his father, Moses R. Meeker, which he and his brother, E. B. Meeker, manage and control. Mr. D. B. Meeker was married Feb. 18, 1873, to Sarah Jane Zumwalt, a native of Indiana. Immediately after marriage, they settled on his father's farm, which he has taken much pleasure in improving. He has two chil. dren---Arthur, born April 25, 1874, and Nellie May, born Nov. 27, 1877.

E. MERRILL, farmer; P. 0. Potosi ; was born Sept. 7, 1830, in Wayne Co., N. Y.; remained there until 14 years old, then moved to Chautauqua, N. Y., and engaged in farming, remaining there until 1853 ; he then moved to McLean Co., III., and worked a farm as renter, for ten years, and also worked five years at carpentering." In 1868, he hought and settled the present farm of 640 acres. He has held such town offices as Assessor and Commissioner. He was married, in 1852, to Fanny Brigham, of Chautauqua, N. Y. They have nine childrenAlice, born Feb 20, 1856; Jay, Nov. 14, 1859 : Rollan, Oct. 1, 1860; Delia, Dec. 2, 1362; Vina, Nov. 17, 1864 ; Forest, April 21, 1866 ; Lee, May 3, 1868; Conwell, dug. 10, 1870: Sanford, March 29, 1874.

WILLIAM STICKLER, farmer and teacher ; P. 0. Potosi ; was born Sept. 13, 1847, in Lancaster Co., Penn. ; when quite young, he moved with his parents to Champaign Co., Ohio, settling on a farm; while there his father died. Soon afterward they moved to Livingston Co., III, and settled on a farm; they remained there some years, and from there moved to McLean Co., settling on the present farm of eighty acres, which they have made a cheerful home. He is now Assessor. He is a carpenter by trade, and carries it on in connection with farming. He is a teacher of rare attainments, and has taught in three districts ; in the first, for one term ; second, five terms; third, four terms; he has taught the home school four terms, and is engaged for next year.

He was married April 16, 1874, to Maria Crumbaker, a native of Coshocton Co., Ohio. They have one child-Maggie Ellen, born Jan. 16, 1875.

JOHN STRAESSER, farmer; P. 0. Potosi; was born in Blair Co., Penn.. Dec. 18, 1843: when quite young, he moved, with his father, to Peoria Co., Ill. ; remaining there, engaged in farming for twenty years ; in 1866, he left home and came to McLean Co., buying and seitling the present farm of 160 acres. He has been no office-seeker, but has been Pathmaster and connected with the schools. His father was born in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1802, and served twelve years in the war. Mr. J. Straesser has never been married.

L. TERPENING, farmer and stock-dealer; P. 0. Potosi ; was born, June 15, 1809, in Herkimer Co., N. Y.; remained there until 1854, when he came to De Kalb Co., I., settling on a farm which he bought, and where he remained eleven years; he then sold out and moved to McLean Co., settling in Cropsey Township, where he has lived ever since. He was an overseer of workmen of the Erie Canal for eight years; was also a manufacturer of powder for two years, in New York; he was also a distiller for some time, in Frankfort, N. Y. He was married, in 1825, to Elizabeth Clapsaddle, a native of New York. They have three children-Mary, born Sept. 2, 1829; Margaret, March 29, 1833 ; Henry L., April 30, 1836.

J. B. VAN PETTEN, farmer; P. 0. Potosi ; was born Jan. 1, 1855, in Peoria Co., II., where he remained until 1869, when he came to McLean Co., II., and settled on his present farn. Thomas W. Van Petten, his father, died in 1862, leaving a snug fortune with Mrs. E. Van Petten, who has managed it. They have 240 acres, excellently improved, the greater part of it now being under the management of J. B. Van Petten. They have had nine children-William, Veeder. Spencer, Lydia, Henry, Sabra, J. B.; Archie and Ella (deceased). Mrs. E. Van Petten was born in Louisville, Ky., in 1824; Mr. Thomas W. Van Petten was born in Syracuse, N. Y., in 1819.

E. H. WARD, farmer; P. 0. Potosi ; was born Sept. 27, 1820, in New York ; he went from New York to Pennsylvania, and, when quite young, engaged in driving a team for a lumber dealer; when 18 years old, he went to Ohio and engaged in farming; in 1819, he moved to Kendall Co., II., and began on farm, working by the month, at $10 to $14 per month. In 1850, he was married to Ruth Brown, of Ohio; he remained with his father-in-law a year, raising tobacco; in 1852, he moved to Kendall Co., 11., and was engaged in farming seven years, renting four years; he then bought eighty acres, which he traded for 160 acres in McLean Co., remaining on that six years ; he then sold out and bought the present farm of 160 acres. He has been Commissioner twelve terms. They have seven children-Benjamin, now a missionary in India ; Willie, born Dec. 16, 1855; Henry, March 16, 1858; Albert, Jan 14, 1861 ; Arthur, Jan. 19,

; John Logan, April 28, 1865; Nannie, Jan. 17, 1870. His wife's father, Charles Brown, was one of the first captains on Lake Erie.


J. H. AMSLER, farmer; P. 0. Weston ; was born in York Co., Penn., Dec. 22, 1832 ; at the age of 3 years, he went with his parents to Peoria, III., then consisting of about three frame houses ; his father, who was born in Switzerland, worked by the day in a brickyard at Peoria, but afterward entered a farm of eighty acres, ten miles north of Peoria, and the subject of this sketch helped him on the farm until the age of 21, at which age he left his home and rented a farm on shares in Woodford Co., conducting it with profit to himself and the owner for one year; from Woodford Co., he went to Tazewell Co., farming for one year, and during the next year, he was confined through sickness; he then removed to Marshall Co., seven miles south of Lacon, where he continued farming ; from there he returned to Tazewell Co., living near Tremont, and from there he returned to Woodford Co., and continued farming for two years; he afterward removed to within three miles south of Metamora, and farmed there for four years; from there he removed to McLean Co., buying and breaking 160 acres of raw prairie, and built a house thereon, and afterward bought eighty acres in Sec. 23, Yates Township; his farm is all under cultivation, and valued at $40 an acre. He was elected to the office of School Director shortly after coming to Yates, and has held the office at intervals ever since. He was married to Miss Sarah A. Clifton, who was born in Woodford Co., II., in

1843; they have had a family of six children, two dead and four living, viz., Cora, Charles, Ida and Amber. Mr. Amsler's farm and residence are on Sec. 26, Yates Township, except eighty acres on Sec. 23.

SIMON BAECHLER, farmer, Sec. 13; P. O. Fairbury; was born in Lorraine (near the city of Nancy), Northeastern France, in 1834; in France Simon followed farming with his father, commencing work at a very early age ; his father removed to America in the year 185.), settling in Tazewell Co., II., to which place Simon had preceded him one year before ; in Tazewell, Mr. Baechler, Sr., continued the pursuit of farming, Simon working with him until the year 1859 ; then he returned to France, remaining there from the spring of 1859 until fall, when he married and returned to America, bringing his wife with him ; for two years, he and his wife remained with his father, and then settled on the Little Mackinaw in Tazewell Co., remaining there until their removal to Yates Township, McLean Co., where he purchased and broke 180 acres of raw prairie ; in the spring of 1879, he bought seventy acres more, making 250 acres, all of which is under cultivation, and valued at about $40 an acre; the farm is a good one, and is considered one of the best improved in Yates Township. In the year 1874, he was elected to the office of Road Commissioner, serving three years, from 1874 until 1877. Himself and family are members of high standing in the Mennonite Church. In 1859, he was married in France to Miss Elizabeth Wenjer, born in 1842, in Alsace, France ; they have had a family of six children, two of whom, Helene Ida and Simon Oliver, are dead; the living are Anna M., Eliza A., Emma H. and Mary L.

EDGAR BLAISDELL, grain-dealer and Postmaster, Weston; was born in Kingsbury, Washington Co., N. Y , in 1834; in 1855, he left Kingsbury, going to Madison, Dane ('o., Wis., remaining there ten years ; in 1865, he left Madison, going to Chenoa, McLean Co., III., remaining there one year ; he went to Chicago; from Chicago, he returned to Chenoa and remained four years : in the spring of 1872, he removed to Weston, where he has resided ever since, dealing in grain. He also holds the office of Postmaster. In 1871, he was married to Miss Susan A. Armstrong, of Peoria, who was born in Peoria in 1849; they have three children--Fanny, Louisa and Edgar. He is a gentleman of culture and refinement, and an enterprising, widea wake business man.

WILLIAM CRAWFORD, farmer; P. 0. Chenoa ; was born in Stirlingshire, ten miles from the city of Stirling, Scotland, February, 1819, where he lived and followed farming until November, 1848, when he came to this country and settled in Jersey City, N. J., following vegetable gardening until the fall of 1871, when he moved to Mlinois, settling upon his present location, where he has remained ever since, following the pursuit of farming. He was married in June, 1848, to Miss Mary Henderson, who was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland, April, 1820; they have five children living, viz., James, William, Christina H., Robert A. and Mary J. Mr. Crawford owns a fine farm of 240 acres, located on Sec. 9, in a high state of improvement, valued at $50 an acre, and all under cultivation. He holds the office of School Director of District No. 5. He is a man of large views, generous and enterprising, and takes an interest in everything connected with the welfare and advancement of his township.

JOIN GRAY, farmer; P. 0. Chenoa; was born in Meade Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1826 ; in 1829, he went to Harrison Co., Ind., remaining there until the age of 25, when he removed to Illinois, and settled in Peoria Co., ten miles north west of Peoria, where he engaged in farming until the year 1865, when he enlisted in the Federal army, serving one year; in 1867, he removed to McLean Co., Ill., settling upon eighty acres on Sec. 29, Yates Township, which he had purchased and broken from raw prairie before removing there; in 1875, he purchased eighiy acres of land in Martin Township, Sec. 23, McLean Co., all of which, together with eighty acres on Sec. 29, Yates Township, is under cultivation, and valued at about $40 an acre. He was married Oct. 24, 1850, to Miss Nancy Hunter, who was born in Durbin, Ohio, in 1830; they have had a family of iwelve children, three of whom, Francis, William Walker and Florence Cornelius, are dead; nine are living-Pinckney Calhoun, Sarah Catharine, Thomas Alamson, John Asbury Laura Virginia, Anna Mary, Ruth, Abner L. and Franklin H.

JOHN RUPP, farmer, Sec. 22; P. 0. Weston; formerly farmer, but now, and for five years past, retired; was born near Sarrebourg, Lorraine, Northeastern France, in the year 1824, where he followed farming with his father until the year 1855, when he came to America, and went directly to Peoria City, and from thence immediately to Tazewell Co., where he followed farming until the year 1864, when he removed to his present home in McLean Co. In the year 1874, Mr. and Mrs. Rupp returned to France, and visited the scenes of his boyhood days, which he found almost without change; he then made an extensive tour through Europe, visiting Paris, Strasbourg, Colmars, Switzerland, Basle and Balfron (the locality of one of the great battles of the Franco-German war). Mr. Rupp is an observing traveler, and his tales of localities made famous during the Franco-German war, are very interesting. They returned to America in October, 1874, after an absence of four months. His farm is one of the finest in Yates Township, consisting of a half section (320 acres), mostly under cultivation, and in a fine state of improvement; he has purchased a residence in the town of Chenoa, and will remove there this fall, renting his farm in Yates. He was elected to the offices of Collector of Tazewell and Assessor of Yates Township, but declined serving. He was married, in 1853, to Miss Mary


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