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Dunn, Imri, opposite Post Officə Frink & Whittier, Dealers in Gro

dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, ceries, Provisions, &c., 219 East Front st.

Fine Toilet Soaps, Brushes, Perfumery. Fulwiler, J. T., Attorney at Law. Erwin, T., Dealer in Fresh and Cured

Funk, A., Stock-Dealer. Meats, Sausage, Lard, &c., Front street,

Funk, D. M., President Bloomington two doors west of Center street.

National Bank.
Evans, John W., Contractor and

Funk, B. F., Stock-Dealer.
Builder, Planing-Mill and Lumber
Yard, Stair Building, Doors, Sash,

Funk & Lackey, Wholesale and Re

tail Druggists and Dealers in PerfuBlinds, Frames, Mouldings, Brackets,

mery, Paints, Oils, Fancy Articles, 110 Turning, Planing, Matching and Saw

West Washington street. ing. Mill, office and yard, 511 North Center street.

Ferguson, M, E., Deputy Circuit

Clerk. Evans, R. F., & Bro., Dealers in

Groceries, Provisions, Canned Fruits Gaffron, P. W., Dealer in Staple and &c., and Commission Merchants, 401

Fancy Groceries, Provisions, &c., 812

West Market Street,
North Main street.
Evans & Patrick, Grocers and Com-

Gapen & Ewing, Attorneys at Law. mission Merchants, 117 East Front st.

Gilman, W. D., Proprietor People’s.

Drug Store, where there always can be Eversole, A., Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Canned Fruit, &c.,

found a complete line of Pure Drugs,

221 North Main street. 229 East Front street. Fell, Robert, Dealer in Staple and Goodheart, James, Deputy United

States Marshal. Fancy Groceries, Choice Teas, Fruits, Vegetables, Provisions, Queensware, Graham, Hugh, Carriage and Wagon Stoneware, &c., corner Center and Grove

Manufacturer, 406 and 408 West Front streets.

street; also, Job Work. Ferre, Lyman, Carriage and Wagon Graff, R., Dealer in Groceries and ProManufacturer.

visions, Glass, Wood and Willow Ware,

809 East Grove street. Fisher, John W., Dentist, 402 North Main street.

Gregory, John A., Florist. . Fitzwilliams & Sons, Dry Goods Gridley, Gen. A., Banker. and Notions.

Guthrie, A., Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes,

&c., corner of Main and Jefferson sts. Flagg, William F., Proprietor Empire Machine Works.

Haering, T., & Co., Druggists and Fleischman, A., Butcher.

Chemists, 413 Vorth Main street. Folsom, Peter, Loan Agent.

Haggard, D.D., Dealer in Hardware, Fordice, J. M., Dealer in Lumber

Agricultural Implements, Stoves,

Pumps, 210 West Washington street. and Building Materials, Lehigh Valley Coal, Salt and the Moline Wagon, 1001

Haker, Christian, Saloon. West Market street.

Haker, Louis, Saloon. Foy, J. W., Dealer in Staple and Hammond, F., Agent Genuine

Fancy Groceries, 508 East Jefferson Singer Machines ; sold at as low prices street.

as inferior machines, for cash or the

installment plan, only at the office of the Houtz, J. E., & Co., Dry Goods. Singer Manufacturing Company, 106 Commenced business in Bloomington West North street.

in April, 1873, at 210 Center street, at Harlan, A. J., Manufacturer of fine which place they did business until the Cigars, 120 South Main street.

18th of March, 1979, when they re

moved to their new, elegant double store, Hayes, S., Manufacturer of Carriages,

109 and 111 East Front street. Their Buggies, Wagons, Sulkies, &c., and Job Work, corner West and Front streets.

present store is the largest, most attract

ive and convenient in Central Illinois, and Hegarty, D., Stoves and Tinware.

their business has largely increased since Helbig, Oscar, Wholesale and Retail

occupying it. They have been obliged Dealer in Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music to increase their force of help, and judg. and Musical Merchandise, German

ing from present indications, still furMusic Store, 316 North Main street. ther additions will become necessary. Hemmele, Barney, Dealer in Staple

The order trade from surrounding and Groceries, Provisions, &c., 710 West even as far as the southern part of the Market street.

State is immense, and have also recently Hennecke, Charles, Insurance and had large orders from Missouri and Ne. European Steamship Agent.

braska. Eighteen persons are now in

their employ. Herrington, B. L., Dealer in Fresh

and Cured Meats, Sausages, Lard, &c., | Hutchinson, E. T., Dentist, south202 East Front street.

east corner Grove and Center streets. Herrington, M. D., Dealer in Fresh

E. C. Hyde, Merchant Tailor, 101 and Salt Meats, Lard, Sausages, &c., North Main street. 615 North Main street.

Hyde & Martens, Manufacturers of
Hewitt, H. H., Wholesale and Retail

Centennial and Victor Plows, Agricul-
Dealer in Hardware, Stoves and Agri- tural Implements, etc., 408 South Main
cultural Implements; Agent for the street.
Schuttler Wagon, 309 North Main st.

Kerrick, Thomas C., Attorney at
Hansen, M., Dry Goods and Notions.

Higgins, H. J., & Co., Marble King, D. P., Manufacturer of and

dealer in Harness, Saddles, Collars, BriHoffman, Hermann, Saloon. dles, Whips, Halters, Combs, Brushes, Hofmann, Geo., Saloon and Board- etc., South Main street, opposite Post ing-House.

Office, Center street.
Hohmann, S., Barber, Ashley House. Kirkpatrick, A. D., Dealer in Dry
Homuth, F. A., Dealer in Fresh and Goods, Notions, China, Glass and

Salt Meats, Sausages, Lard, &c., 110 Queensware, Furniture, Stoves and
East Front street.

Tinware, 502, 504 and 508 North Main

street. Hoopes, B. F., Wholesale and Retail

Dealer in Groceries, Fruits and Canned Kirkpatrick, J. H., Stock and Real
Goods ; also Proprietor of the Blooming- Estate Auctioneer: office, 502 North
ton Steam Coffee, Spice and Hominy Main street, opposite Brokaw's Plow
Mills, 105 West North street.


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Koch, C. F., Dealer in Groceries, Pro- Wheat Flour, northeast corner Taylor

visions, Fruits and Canned Goods, 810 and Clinton streets. West Front street.

McMaster, D., Dealer in Provisions, Koester, John, German Editor and Staple and Fancy Groceries, &c., 506 Publisher.

North Main street. Kreis, Peter, Soda Water Manufac- Marquam & Baker, Evergreen City turer.

Business College.
Krum, I. R. (Successor to Krum & Marso, John N., Dry Goods and

Robinson), Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Notions.
Lath, Building Paper, Doors, Sash, Madden, Daniel, Horseshoeing and
Blinds, Lime Cement, Plastering Hair,

Job Work, East street, between Grove Grain, Coal and Salt; office, 920 East

and Front. Grove street, East Illinois Central Depot. Marmon, William W., Wholesale Branch business at Arrowsmith.

Druggist, 115 North Main street. Kummer, Henry, Dealer in New and Second Hand Furniture, Stoves and

Mason, B. W., Deputy Sheriff. Tinware, 113 South Center Street. Mayers, A., Undertaker, Carriages and General Repairing of Tinware and Fur- Hearses, Shrouds of all kinds kept on niture.

hand, under Post Office Building. Lartz, Carl, Saloon.

Merchant, John, City Engineer. Laufer, August, Stone-cutter. Meyer, M., Wholesale and Retail Lawrence, A. T., General Collecting Dealer in Fresh and Cured Meats, 1011

Agent, U. S. Commissioner and Justice West Chestnut street. of the Peace.

Miller, E. S., City Marshal. Lawrence, E. B., Carpenter and Miller, John G., Blacksmithing and Builder, Shop North Main street.

General Job Work, 425 North Main Leland, M. F., Proprietor of the Daily street. and Weekly Leader, 113, 115 and 117

Miner, H, A., Manufacturer of MoldEast Washington street.

ings, Sash, Doors and Blinds, Scroll Lipp & Fickweiler, Hotel Restau- Work, Frames, House Finishing and rant and Saloon.

Turning; shop with the Bloomington Livingston, A., & Co., Dry Goods Furniture Works. and Notions.

Moore, E. J., Manufacturer of LinLoudon, Robert, Proprietor of Eagle seed Oil. Machine Works, Engines, Boilers, Mill

Moore, Dr. D. O., 401 East Grove Gearing, Shafting, Pulleys and Engine

street. Supplies, also Plumbing and Steam Fit

Moore, M. L., Manufacturer and ting, 610 and 612 North Main street.

Dealer in Custom Work, Harness, SadLucas, B. L., Attorney at Law.

dles,' Collars, Whips, Nets, Robes, McFarland, J. C., Circuit Clerk, Trunks, Valises, &c., 114 South Main Bloomington, Ill.

street. McLean County Mills, Estab- Mueller, A., Dealer in Family Grocer

lished in 1853; Beard & Johnson, Pro- ies, Provisions, Flour and Feed of all prietors, Manufacturers of Winter kinds, &c., 802 West Front street.

Mutual County Fire Insur- Probasco, W.B., Grain Dealer; high

ance Company; Directors: S. est cash price paid for all kinds of Grain ;
Peasley, William Karr, O. Barnard, S. orders for car lots promptly filled ; ele-
H. West, C. E. Barclay, J. T. Martin, vator on C. & A. R. R., between Chest-
J. R. Gaston, George Freeman, John nut and Locust streets.

Reed & Barger, Importers and JobMyers & Stroud, Attorneys at Law. bers of Queensware, Glassware, Lamps, Myers & Wochner, Brewers.

Lamp Goods, Mirrors, &c., also Ohio Neff, J.C. S., Photographer.

Stoneware, Britannia Ware, Table Cut

lery, &c., National State Bank, of Bloom

Reeves, William M., Deputy Cirington, Frank Hoblit, President;

cuit Clerk. Jacob Funk, Vice President; A. B. Hoblit, Cashier.

Riebsame, C., Agent Phil. Best Neuerburg, Henry, Saloon.

Brewing Company.

Riebsame, C., Saloon. Nevin, L., Dealer in Groceries, Provis

ions, Produce, &c., 622 and 624 North Robinson, J. D., Florist. Main st.

Rodgers, J., Dealer in Staple and Niccolls, J. T., Groceries and Provis- Fancy Groceries, Canned Fruits, &c.,

ions, Fancy Groceries, &c., 604 North 721 West Chestnut street. Main street.

Roedinger, F., Dealer in Fancy and Oberkoetter & Co., Wholesale Gro

Staple Groceries, Canned Fruits, &c., cers, 111 and 113 South Main street.

1107 North Main street. O'Neil Bros., Dealers in Staple and

Rowell & Hamilton, Attorneys at Fancy Groceries, corner Chestnut and

Law. Lumber streets.

Ross, J. S., Dealer in Pumps and LightOsborn & Lillard, Attorneys at

ning Rods, 214 East Front street. Law. Owen Pixley & Co., Clothing and

Scott & Miller, Dealers in Groceries,

Provisions, Fruits, Canned Goods, &c., Gents' Furnishing Goods.

corner Main and Mulberry streets. Penner, W.D., Dealer in Groceries,

Provisions, Fruits, Vegetables, &c., 119 Scott, J. V., Contractor and Builder, South Main street.

shop on North Main street. People's Bank, P. Whitmer, Presi- Seibel, A., Baker, 713 West Chestnat dent; L. Ferre, Vice President; W. M.

st., Dealer in the best of Fresh Bread, Ollis, Cashier; A. S. Eddy, Assistant Pies, Cakes, &c. Cashier.

Seibel, H. P., Justice of the Peace, Persinger, H. R., Proprietor and Notary Public and General Collecting Editor of the Sunday Eye.

Phoenix Hotel, half block from Bus- Senseney, H. M., Coal Dealer.

iness Center ; F. M. Bateman & Co., Shackleford, Charles, Attorney at Proprietors.

Law. Plumb, Bailey, House and Sign Simons, M. G., Dealer in Mackinaw Painter, 404 North East street.

Ice, 1105 North East street.

Smith, William Hawley, County Theis, Charles, Dealer in Groceries,

Superintendent of Schools, McLean Provisions, Vegetables, &c., 712 West County.

Chestnut street. Spinning, J., Dealer in Fresh and Salt

Thomas, L. B., Insurance Agent ; Meats, Lard, &c., 304 North Main st.

represents some of the best companies Sprague & Johnson, Dealers in in the country- Ætna, of Hartford,

Family Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Franklin, of Philadelphia, Home, of Canned Fruits, &c., 619 North Main New York, Niagara, of New York, street.

Phoenix, of Hartford, Mutual Benefit Stautz, William, Dealer in all kinds Life, of Newark, N. J.

of Fresh and Cured Meats, 501 West Thompson, J., Grocer and Produce Market street.

Merchant, 701 North Main street. Sells, J., Grower of Seed Corn, Tou: Tipton & Pollock, Attorneys at louse, African, Canada and China Geese

Law. and Muscovy Ducks, the Gregg, Mam

Tracy, L. L., Engineer at Water moth Cluster, Golden Cap and Turner

Stevenson & Ewing, Attorneys at

Tryner, G. F., Dealer in Staple and

Fancy Groceries, Provisions, &c., 103 Law.

West Front street. Slade, Thomas, Attorney at Law.

Voak, Dr. J. E., Homopathist; Smith, Stephen, Dry Goods and

Chronic Diseases a Specialty, 107 North Notions.

Main st. ; residence, 1109 Park st. Stevenson & Bro., Dealers in Hard

Wait, C. H., Proprietor of Wait's ware, Stoves, Tinware and House Fur

Hotel nishing Goods, 107 East Front street.

Wakefield, C., & Co., ManufacturStone, J., Captain of the Police.

ers of Patent Medicines. Stubblefield, George W., & Co., Walton, John T., Manufacturer of Brick Barn, south of Wait's Hotel;

Cast Steel and Hardened Cast Steel Percheron-Norman-Henry Abrahams,

Plows, Cultivators, Double Shovels, PraiDenmark, Freazier; Saddle Horse

rie Plows, 210 and 212 Washington st. Tudor Lexington.

| Welch, A., Family Groceries, ProvisStubblefield, R. W., Importer and

ions, &c., 225 East Front street. Breeder of Percheron-Norman Horses,

Wilcox Bros., Dry Goods and Noalso proprietor of the old Jones Livery

tions. and Feed Stable, corner Front and Lee streets.

Wildberger, John C., Saloon. Swain, H. H., Deputy Sheriff, Mc- Williams, W. M., Dealer in GrocerLean County

ies, Provisions, Canned Fruits, &c., 204

East Front street.
Sweetser, A. C., Deputy Collector of
Internal Revenue.

Wilson, S. C., Dentist, Durley Hall

Building. Tankersley, J. R., Photographer.

Whitcomb, H. D., Sign, Scenic, Taylor, A. C., Deputy County Clerk. Fresco and Decorating Artist.

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