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White, S. R., Contractor and Builder, Trusses, Supporters, Shoulder Braces,

and Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Fancy and Toilet Articles, Books and Moldings, Sash, Blinds, &c., 304 East Stationery, Kerosene Oil, Lamps and

Douglas street, opposite Planing Mill. Chimneys, Grass and Garden Seeds, Wright, H. B., M. D., Homeopathic Glass, Putty, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Physician and Surgeon; office, 211

Dye Stuffs, Pure Wines and Liquors North Main street, up stairs; residence, for Medicinal Purposes, Patent Medi

412 North Lee, corner of Market street. | cines, &c.; Family Medicines and PhyWood, John F., Practical Pattern

sicians' Prescriptions accurately comMaking, Wood Turning, &c.; all orders

pounded at all hours. Goods selected promptly attended to. Patentees and

with care and warranted as represented. others who are experimenting will find Davidson, A. B., Attorney at Law it to their interest to call on or address and Justice of the Peace; Collections me, at factory, East Douglas street. and Probate Business a Specialty.

Davis, G. W., Carriage and WagonNORMAL.

maker. Baker, Hiram, Dealer in Real Estate. Dawson, C., Farmer, and Breeder of Blackburn, J., Dealer in Lumber, Draft Horses. His Noiman Stallion, Hardware, Coal, &c.

Odnet, was imported from France by E. Buchanan, W. P., Dealer in Stock. Dillon & Co., in 1875. Champion, George, Dealer in Hard- Dement & Co., General Merchants. ware, Tinware, &c.

Edwards & Stevenson, Dealers Dickinson, A. F., Attorney at Law. in Staple and Fancy Groceries, ProvisEvans, T. W., Dealer in Coal and Grain. ions, Flour, Confectionery, Cigars, &c. Johnson & Chipman, Grocers, Elder, Dr. C. S., Physician and Sur

Dealers in Groceries, Provisions, Coun- geon. try Produce, Canned Goods, &c.

Franklin, Noah, Proprietor of Spring Lackey, J. S., M. D.

Park Farm, Breeder of Pure-bred Short Sargent, J. B., Township Collector, of

Horn Cattle. Normal Township.

Fulwiler, John, Dealer in Staple and Vickroy, H. K., Proprietor of the

Fancy Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Highland Fruit Farm and Gardens, Shoes, Notions and Trimmings, and Propagator and Grower of Plants, Fruits

Groceries. and Vegetables, and Dealer in Fruit-box Gray, Dr. C. C., Dentist. Material.

Hays, Henry C., Constable. Woolsey, G. R., M. D.

Horney, H., Breeder of Norman

Draft Horses, Sec. 29.

Johnson, James E., Deputy Sheriff Bank of Lexington, Harness, Van- and Constable. dolah & Co.

Mahan, Isaac S., Attorney at Law Becker, V. J., & Co., Dealers in and Notary Public, Insurance and Real

Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals, Per- Estate; special attention given to Colfumery, Soaps, Combs and Brushes, lection of Pensions, Bounties, &c.

post office.

Mahan, J. C., Dealer in Flour, Feed Fales, W. M., Dealer in Staple and and all kinds of Grain.

Fancy Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Merrill, S., Photographer. All popu- Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions, Groceries,

lar styles of pictures made, and all work Queensware, &c., Hamilton's Block. warranted.

Stock, in extent and variety, the largest, Powley, J. W., Manufacturer and and prices always the lowest.

Jobber of Tin and Sheet-iron Ware, Gallehue, J. M., Dentist, opposite the
Stamped and Japanned Tinware, and
Dealer in Stoves, Shelf Hardware, Nails, Gerisch Brothers, Dealers in Live
Pumps, &c.

Stock, Fresh and Salt Meats.
Preble, C. H., Stock Dealer and Harder, T. H., Attorney at Law, Real

Estate and Loan Agent.
Smith & Moon, Dealers in Fancy and Haynes, Jordan & Co., Grain,
Staple Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,

Stock and Coal, also Real Estate.
Queensware, Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Caps, &c.

Holderness, E. P. G., M. D., Phy

sician and Surgeon; office, over Bank Trimmer, David T., Loans, and

of Chenoa. Dealer in Live Stock.

Keepers, A. D., Dealer in Dry Goods Vandolah, D. H., Stock Raiser and

and Notions, Laces, Embroideries, Shipper.

Gloves, Hosiery, Ladies' Fine Shoes, Waters, John W., Physician ; office

and Groceries, Green street, opposite at People's Drug Store.

Ketcham, W. E., General Insurance CHENOA.

Agent. Bank of Chenoa, J. R. Snyder, Ketcham & Seybolt, Dealers in Banker ; Lester H. Snyder, Cashier,

Groceries, Provisions, Crockery, &c. Collections promptly attended to; New York correspondence: Gilman, Son &

Lilie Brothers, Manufacturers and

Wholesale Dealers in Havana and DoCo.; Chicago correspondence: Union National Bank.

mestic Cigars. Besley & Wightman, Dealers in

Marriott, B. J., Billiard Hall and SaHardware and Cutlery, Stoves, Tinware,

loon, corner Ousley and Green streets. Agricultural Implements, &c.

Pike Brothers, Dealers in Lumber Crabb, Henry, Blacksmith, and Man- ! and Building Material, Hard and Soft ufacturer of Wagons and Buggies;

Coal, Ice, &c. Horse-shoeing and General Repairing Ruger, Dewey, Dealer in Drugs, Meddone.

icines, Toilet Articles, Perfumeries, CiEwing, G. V., M. D., Physician and gars, Tobacco, Paints, Oils, HomeoSurgeon.


pathic Medicines, Lamps and Lamp Exchange Hotel, W. A. Miller, Goods, Stationery, Flower Pots, &c.

Proprietor ; J. E. Thomas, Clerk ; Bar Southwick & Lenny, Dealers in and Billiard Hall in connection. Trains Drugs, Medicines, Perfumeries, Toilet on the T., P. & W. R. R. stop here for Articles, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, meals.

Cigars, Tobacco, &c.

post office.


Stickney, C. W., Editor of Chenoa | Musselman, Jacob, & Sons, Gen-

eral Blacksmithing and Repairing. Zeigler, Louis, Dealer in Grain. Wagon and Carriage Builders. All

work warranted. Buggies repaired, DANVERS.

trimmed and painted. The only shop

in town. Abbott, Ira, Attorney at Law. Will

practice in the Justices' Courts in Parkhurst, H., M. D., Physician McLean and adjoining counties. Col- and Surgeon, also proprietor of City lecting and conveyancing promptly

Drug Store. Dealer in Pure Drugs, attended to. Charges reasonable. Also

Medicines, Chemicals, Toilet and Fancy dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots Articles, Fine Soaps, Brushes of all and Shoes. A complete stock always kinds, Combs, Stationery, Pocket Books, on hand. The oldest established house in Cutlery, Fine Razors, Glass, Putty, the village. Ladies' Dress Goods, Hos

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Tobacco and iery, Gloves, Ginghams, Prints, Denims, Cigars, Lamps, Chimneys, Pure Wines Ticking, etc., as low as the lowest. and Liquors for medicinal purposes only. Highest price paid for Country Produce.

German and English prescriptions careBaker, S. W., Dealer in Lumber,

fully compounded. Lath, Sash, Shingles, Doors, Cement, Robinson, Ross, Architect and BuildMoldings, Battings, Lime, Hair, etc.

Plans and Specifications furnished The best Coal in the market.

on application ; estimates made and Bunn, George, Dealer in Staple

contracts taken. Shop one door north and Fancy Groceries. The best grades

of Rowell & Johnson's Dry Goods and of Coffees, Teas, Sugars, Sirups. Canned Grocery Store. Fruits always on hand. Queensware, Rowell & Johnson, General MerGlassware, Cigars and Tobacco. Every- chandise, Dry Goods and Groceries, thing low down for cash.

Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes. A Elder, Gip D., M. D., Physician fine assortment of Alpacas, Cashmeres, and Surgeon. All calls promptly at

plain and figured Worsted Goods, Hamtended day or night. Office first door burg Edgings and Embroideries, Cornorth of Abbott's store.

sets, Suspenders, Ladies', Gent's and Forbes & Metzger, Buyers and

Children's Hosiery, Sun Umbrellas, Shippers of Hogs and Cattle. Highest

Parasols, etc., etc. cash prices paid for stock at all times. Yoder, John P., Prof., Principal

Danvers Graded Schools. Gideon, D, C., M. D., Editor and

Proprietor of the Danvers Independent, a weekly paper devoted to the interests

SAYBROOK. of the village and the surrounding com- Barton, G. W., M. D., Physician munity. Terms, $1.50 per annum and Surgeon. invariably in advance.

Calmer, R., Livery and Sale Stable.
Hines & Bunn, Grain Dealers.

The highest price paid in cash for Corn. Collins, T. S., Dealer in Dry Goods,
Wheat, Rye, Oats and Barley. Ware-

Clothing, Hats, Caps, &c., Lincoln st. rooms and scales at I., B. & W. R. R. Crigler, John M., Dentist, Crigler's Depot.


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Heller & Nelson, Carriage and

LE ROY. Wagon Makers and Blacksmithing, Re- Barnum & Keenan, Grain Dealers pairiny; also, all kinds of Machinery, and Milling; also Dealers in Lumber, Main street.

Coal, Lime, Cement, etc. Office at Hereford, D. B., & Co. (Successors Depot of I., B. & W. R. R.

to A. H. Antrim), Dry Goods, Grocer- Beeney & Galusha, General Hardies, Hats, Caps, &c., Lincoln street.

ware Merchants and Dealers in Stoves Hurley, D, Dealer in Lumber, Lath and House-Furnishing Goods, Agricul

and Shingles, Doors, Sash and Blinds, tural and Farming Implements, and Moldings, Glass, &c., one block west of Farm Machinery. Exclusive Agents Mondell House.

for Le Roy, of the Walter A. Wood McDaniel, Creed, Druggist and

Reaper and Mower, the Neff Farm Apothecary, corner Main and Lincoln

Wagon, New Departure, Tongueless

Cultivator, Brown's Corn Planter and streets.

the John Deere & Gilpin Sulky Plow, McGee Bros., Butchers, Dealers in

and the latest and most improved Farm Hides, Pelts, Furs, Fish, Fresh and

Machinery. Cured Meats.

Brown, J. W., Postmaster and Dealer Mason, W. T., Tonsorial Artist, cor

in Notions, Stationery, Fruits, Confecper Lincoln and Main streets.

tionery, Tobacco and Cigars; also a Means, James R., Justice of the

large and complete stock of Wall Paper Peace.

constantly on band at Post Office. Means & Collins, Dealers in Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Glassware, Queens. Chick, Zachariah, General Wagon

Maker and Repairer of Wagons and ware and Yankee Notions, Lincoln st.

Farm Machinery. Shop next door to Myers, J. A, Dealer in Grain and

the blacksmith shop of J. W. Coal.

Wright. Orner, C. T., M. D., Physician and

Howard & Hallowell, Dealers in Surgeon.

Furniture, Coffins, Burial Robes, etc. Pugsley, J. W., General Dealer in

Hardware, Copper, Sheet-Iron, Tinware, Joseph Keenan, Banker; Bank of Threshing Machines and Farm Machin

Deposit and Dealer in Home and Forery, corner Lincoln and State streets.

eign Exchange, also Dry Goods. A

full and complete stock constantly on Reddick, Leonard, Dealer in all

hand. kinds of Grain.

Keyes, T. W., Physician and Surgeon. Sabin, O. C., Attorney at Law.

Office near residence. Schureman, W, H., & Co., Bank

LeRoy Enterprise, Weekly; issued. ing House; Collections made.

every Friday morning. C. M. Davis, Union House, Thomas Holway, Pro- Editor and Publisher. Established in prietor.

1874. Subscription, $1.50. Facilities Vencill, A., Commission Merchant, for Job Printing unsurpassed. and Dealer in all kinds of Grain.

Pfitzmeyer, William, Brick ManWinter, H. A., M. D., Physician ufacturer. Kilns one mile south of and Surgeon.


Rutledge, Amos, Agent for J. 0. | Low, Nathan, Dealer in Boots and

Peckham & Co., of Providence, R. I. Shoes, a full line of Men's, Women's, Purchaser and Shipper of Grain in Car- Misses' and Boys' Stock constantly on load Lots.

hand, and at prices that defy competition. Wright, J. W., General Blacksmith McFarland, D. H., M. D., and Horseshoer. Shop next to the

Mann, S., Dealer in Hardware and wagon-shop of Zachariah Chick.

Agricultural Implements.

Nickerson, S., Dealer in Dry Goods, MCLEAN.

Notions, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes. Bascom, A. W., Dealer in Drugs, Rogers, Dr. A. F., General Store.

Paints, Oils, Varnish, Lamps and Lamp
Fixtures, Cigars and Tobaccos, Garden Urich, George, General Blacksmith

and Wagon Building ; established in Seeds, etc.

1859. Bascom, James C., Physician and

Vanordstrand, I., & Co., Dealers Surgeon. Office at the Drug Store of

in Grain, Lumber, Coal, Salt and Lime; A. W. Bascom.

also buy and ship Live Stock. Croswell, L. P., Dealer in Hardware, Tinware, Cutlery and Stoves.

DOWNS. Fay, Lewis, Physician and Surgeon.

Adams, Joseph T., Music Teacher; Gifford, R. E., Dealer in Groceries, Piano and Organ a specialty ; residence, Provisions, Notions, etc.

Sec. 17. Haughey, M. C., Dealer in Grain McComb, C. I., Farmer and General

and Live Stock, Coal and Drain Tile. Blacksmith ; residence and shop,Sec. 32. Noble, C. M., Physician and Surgeon. McComb, George H., Farmer and Stoner, Aldrich & Co., Mt. Hope Blacksmith ; residence and shop, Sec. 5.

Mills. Manufacturers of Flour, Meal, Marshall, Joseph, Physician and Feed, etc., and Dealers in all kinds of

Surgeon, Sec. 31. Grain. Orders from abroad promptly Montgomery & Chapin, Merfilled.

chants ; a full and complete stock of Taylor, F. E., Mrs., Dealer in Dry

Drugs constantly on hand; also, Dealer Goods, Notions, Millinery, etc.

in Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, &c., GroThomas, M. M., Manufacturer of ceries and Provisions, Glassware, Queens

Farm and Spring Wagons,: Carriages, ware, and the different brands of Flour,
Buggies, etc. Also sole Agent in McLean including the celebrated Vara Mills.
County for the sale of the Cortland Montgomery, James, Physician
Platform Spring Wagon. I desire to and Surgeon of eighteen years' practice;
call special attention to the Thomas office, at drug store of Montgomery &
Steel Tooth Harrow, the best in use. Chapin.
Patent applied for.

Price, P. B., Stock and Grain Dealer;

also, Farmer and Stock-raiser. HEYWORTH.

Robertson, J. H., Blacksmith and Delano, G. M., Postmaster.

Wagon Manufacturer; also, Justice of Elder, W. W., Dealer in Groceries, the Peace and Notary Public ; Wagon Queensware, &c.

and Farm Machinery Repairing done.

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