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there he came West, and was in St. Paul, Minn., one year; Jan. 1, 1874, he accepted a position in the Stare Normal University, with wbich he has been connected ever since.

GEORGE CHAMPION, hardware, Normal; was born in the city of Bristol, England, Feb. 24, 1810, where he was educated; he came to this country with his parents in 18:34, locating in Elgin, where he learned the trade of a machinist, also that of a carpenter; he enlisted with the 69th I. V. I. ; went out in 1862, and served to the expiration of his enlisted term (100 days), after which he located in Chicago, where he followed his trade until 1867, when he came to Normal and embarked in the hardware and tinware business, in company with his brother Thomas; this partnership continued until 1878, since which time he has managed the business. He is a practical business man, industrious and accommodating, and has built up a large trasie. He married Miss Hattie Baker, of Normal, Jan. 6, 1869; they have three children-Gertie B., George and Frank B.

WILLIAM CLARK, farmer; P. O. Normal; a pioneer of McLean Co.: was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, April 9, 1806, where he received a good, common schooling. In 1831, he emigrated to New Brunswick, and settled at St. John's; thence to Illinois in 1810, locating in McLean Co., where he has since resided, a well-to-do citizen. The trials and hardships of % pioneer life are yet fresh in his memory. He married Miss Matilda Irvine, of his native country, Jan. 11, 1830 ; she was born in June, 1810. They have, by industry and economy, accumulatel a property, consisting of 188 acres of land, under fine cultivation, and a beautiful residence; they have had ten children-only four of whom are now living.

KEZIAH COLLINS, farmer, and widow of Elmer Collins; P. O. Normal; was born in Oxford Co., Me., April 25, 1826, where she was raised and educated; she is the daughter of Silas and Hannah (Davis) McLaughlin. They removed to Boston, where she married Mr. Elmer Collins Sept. 16. 1847; he was engaged in the mercantile business in Boston until 1814, when they came to McLean Co., II., where he engaged in the grain trade, continuing two years: he then turned his attention entirely to farming. He died Jan. 18, 1865, leaving a family of six-hree boys and three girls-four of whom are now living. He was a thorough business man-beloved by relatives, and respected by all who knew him. His sons now superintend the farm, which consists of 360 acres, under fine cultivation.

JOHN W. COOK, professor of mathematics in the Illinois State Normal University, Normal ; was born in New York April 20, 1814, and is the son of Col. H. D. Cook. In 1851, Prof. Cook, with his parents, came West and settled in McLean Co., III.; here they remained until 18.53. then moved to Woodford Co., III. Prof. Cook entered the State Normal University in 1&2, and gra'luated in 1865; he then commenced teaching school in Brimfield, Peoria Co., III.; here he remained but one year, and returned to Normal, and became Principal in the Model School Department. In 1868, Prof. Cook became a teacher in the State Normal University, and was professor of history and geography; in 1869, became professor of reading and elocution; in 1876, he was appointed professor of mathematics.

W. F. COOLIDGE, farmer; P. O. Bloomington ; was born in Watertown, Mass., June 20, 1829; the son of John and Mary S. (Bond) Coolidge, who were of English origin. During bis early life he obtained a good education, and came to Minois in 1855, locating where he now resides. He owns 400 acres of ay fine land as can be found in McLean Co. He married Miss Mary J. Hesketh May 25, 1852; she was born in Maine Dec. 2, 1829; they have six children living, whom they are giving the advantage of a thorough education.

MRS. JOANNA H. COOK, Normal, (widow of the late H. D. Cook); was born in Washington Co., X. Y., Dec. 23, 1817; she married Mr. H. D. Cook, Jan. 21, 1841; he was born in Madison Co., N. Y., March 6, 1817; he was raised in Oneida Co., where he was educated and learned the trade of a carpenter; he came to McLean Co., III., in 1852, and, for a number of yeirs, was connected with the Illinois Central Railroad Company. In 1860, he was elected to the Siate Legislature. In 1861, he organized a company and entered the army, as Captain, with the 4th Minois Cavalry, serving through the entire war; he was promoted to Colonel in 1864; and, through meritorious services, was appointed, in 1865, to the office of Military State Agent of Illinois; he came to Normal in 1869, and, in 1873, was appointed President of the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners, in which position be served until his death, which occurred Nov. 9, 1873. He was beloved by friends and relatives, and respected by all who knew him ; he left a promising family of four children.

REV. R. A, CRISWELL, Normal; was born in West Virginia, near Wheeling, May 20, 1820; son of John and Rebecca (Kilgore) Criswell, who were of Scotch origin : during his early lite his school advantages were very limited, but by home study he prepared himself, and entered the West Alexandria Academy in 1844, continuing some four years ; then entered the Washing. ton College, at Washington, Penn., and graduated in 1819; early in life, he had chosen the work of the niinistry, and was educating himself for that work ; he entered the Princeton Theological Seminary; took a thorough course, and graduated in May, 1852; during this time, he was licensed to preach ; he came to Illinois in 1852 ; located in Menard Co., and began preshing in the North Sangamon Church, and was installed over that Church in November, 18:3;, whore he remained sixteen years. He served during the late war (in different regiments) as Chaplaid; he located in Normal in 1867, where he has since lived, continuing in the work of the ministry.


He married Miss Elizabeth E. Carson, of West Virginia, June 29, 1852 ; they are prominently known and highly respected; they have raised a family of nine.

A. F. DICKINSON, attorney at law, Normal; was born in Lewis Co., N. Y., in 1834; he came West and located in Wisconsin, in 1856, where he was engaged in farming, and afterward taught school. Mr. Dickinson was also engaged in publishing a leading newspaper called the La Fayette County Union, a strongly Republican paper ; in 1867, he came to Normal and began in mercantile business, and followed it about two years; he next engaged in the land agent and insurance business; he has also been, for two terms, a member of City Council ; five years, Police Migistrate, and two years, Justice of the Peace. He graduated in the Law School of the Wesleyan University, in 1875, and the same year commenced the practice of law; he held the office of Postmaster of Normal, for several years, and gave entire satisfaction, having proved himself a man of acknowledged ability.

SAMUEL B. DENNING, retired, Normal; was born in Lancaster Co., Penn., March 1, 1811, the son of Solomon and Ann (Hart) Denning, who died in 1814, and he was left to battle with the world without parental care or advice; he was raised by his grandfather, Valentine Hart; he began doing for hiinself at the age of 15, and learned the trade of a weaver, which business he followed several years. Feb. 7, 1833, he married Miss Elizabeth D. Alexander, who was born in the city of Bedford, Jan. 27. 1807; in 1835, they removed to Knox Co., Ohio, where he took up farming; they came to Illinois in 1841, locating in Montgomery Co., where they remained until 1849; thence to McLean, where they have since resided, well-to-do citizens and highly respected ; they have raised a family of seven; they are finely educated. Mr. and Mrs. Denning now live at the combined ages of 141 years.

WILLIAM EGINTON, farmer; P. O. Normal; was born in the city of Philadelphia, Oct. 19, 1816; the son of William and Jane (Gray) Eginton. He came to Bloomington, Ill., in 1837, locating where he now resides, in 1844: here he has since lived, a well-to-do citizen. He married Miss Matilda Burr, of New Jersey, in July, 1838; she came with him to Illinois, April 1, 1844, and at lengih died, leaving seven children to mourn her loss; she was beloved by friends and relatives, and respected by all who knew her. Mr. Eginton and family reside on the old homestead, which consists of eighty-three acres of well-improved land.

T. W. EVANS, dealer in coal and grain, Normal; was born in Fleming Co., Ky., Oct. 17, 1817; son of Robert and Rhoda (Wilson) Evans, who were of Welsh descent. Mr. Eva raised in Madison Co., Ohio; during his early life, school advantages were limited. He began doing for himself in 1840, dealing in wool and sheep, and accumulating property. He was twice married ; first to Miss Eliza Jones, April 11, 1841 ; she died July 27, 1844, leaving two children -Charles and Isaac, who are deceased. He came to McLean Co., Ill., in 1854, where he has since lived ; he has always taken an active part in all matters pertaining to the good of the community. He has followed stock dealing and farming for many years, and has been successful. Jan. 4. 1856, he married Miss Julia A. Armstrong, of Jackson Co, Va.; they settled in Normal in 1870; they have one child-Ellen H.

STEPHEN A. FORBES, Normal; was born in Stephenson Co., 111., May 29, 1844, and is the son of Isaac S. Forbes, a farmer. Prof. Forbes was brought up on the farm, and when about 14 years old, he entered the preparatory department of Beloit College. At the breaking-out of the late war, he enlisted as private in Co. B, 7th I. V. C.; he was promoted to First Sergeant, then to 2d Lieutenant, and then to Captain, and did good service, and was honorably mustered out at the close of the war; he then returned home, and thence to Chicago, where he commenced the study of medicine in Rush Medical College, of Chicago. In 1867, he was teaching school in the southern part of Illinois ; he became Superintendent of the public schools of Mt. Vernon, Ni. In 1872, he became Curator of the museum of the Niinois State Normal University; since this he has been appointed Director of the museum.

H. L. FISHER, retired, Normal; was born in Norfolk Co., Mass , Oct. 30, 1819; the son of Abijah and Fanny (Field) Fisher, who were of English origin. He was raised upon a farm, and receivel a common school education Being of a mechanical turn of mind, he chose the trade of cabinet-making; he also learned the tradle of a carpenter, which business he followed for a number of years. In 1846, he removed to Providence, R. I., where he married a daughter of Rev. G. W. Appleton, Oct. 12, 1847, after which they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he fol. lowed his trade for a time; from thence he went to Hamilton, where he was engaged in manufacturing and in mercantile business until 1819; from thence he went Dayton, and, in 1852, to Tazewell Co., Ill. ; then, in 1869, to Normal, 11., where he has since lived. He has served in a number of prominent positions and discharged his duty to the satisfaction of all concerned. They have two children-Clarence C. and Herbert E. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher have been workers in the Baptist Church for upward of forty years.

PATRICK FLANAGAN, farmer and stock-raiser: P. 0. Normal; was born in Queens Co., Ireland, in July, 1829; he came to this country in 1851, locating in Cleveland, Obio, and, in 1853, went to California, and remained, engaged in mining some six years, and was quite successful; he returned to Bloomington, II., boughi land, and is now one of the well-to-ilo farmers of McLean Co. He owns 171 acres of well-improved land, and a fine re idence in Bloomington. Fie married Miss Hannora Curren, in October, 1869; they have five children-three boys and two girls.

A. D. FURMAN, farmer and nursery; P. O. Normal: was born Oct. 9, 1829; the son of Daniel and Laura (Cowles) Furman. He came to Normal, in 1858. and, in 1860, he went to Bradford. Penn., where he married Miss Sarah E. Andrus, Oct. 29, 1862; then returned to Normal, N., and bought a piece of land, and began the gardening and nursery business ; they settled where they now reside, in 1868, and own seventy-four and one-half acres adjoining the town plat of Normal, and a beautiful residence. They have three daughters and one son.

JOHN GREGORY, farmer and stock-dealer; P. 0. Normal; was born in Tazewell Co., Oct. 8, 1821 ; son of Jehiel and Sarah (Van Dolah) Gregory; he was raised upon a farm, ani received a common education. He was married twice, first to Miss Caroline Dawson, Jan. 19, 1842; they came to McLean Co., II., in 1844; she died Sept. 26. 1845. Mr. Gregory bas always taken an active part in all matters pertaining to the good of the con.munity in which be has lived, and, by his industry, perseverance and integrity, has amassed a large property, and How owns 3,090 acres ; he has been quite successful in stock-dealing, which business he still fol. lows. He is a respected citizen, and one of the solid men of McL'an Co. He married his pres. ent wife July 9, 1846 ; her maiden name was Mary Ann Henline, of this county; they have a family of seven children, whom they are giving the advantages of a thorough education. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory are active members of the Christian Church.

EDWINC. HEWETT, President of the Illinois State Normal University, Normal; was born in Worcester Co., Mass., Nov. 1, 1828 ; in 52, he graduated at the State Normal School in Bridgewater, Mass.; in 1853, became an assistant teacher at the Normal School, of Bridgewater, where he remained four years. In the fall of 1858, he came to Illinois ard entered upon his duties as teacher in the Normal University, as Professor of History and Geography; in January, 1876, he was made President of the Normal University, where he has remained ever since; in 1863, he received the com limentary degree of A. M. from the University of Chicago. His long and useful career as an instructor places him among the first in his profession.

H. E. HOBART, dairyman and stock-raiser; P. O. Normal ; was born in Cortland Co., N. Y., Oct. 25, 1816, and was raised in Cayuga Co. until he was 16, and then removed, with his parents, to Geauga Co., Ohio, where he lived until March, 1858, when he removed to Rock Co, Wis., and remained one year; he then returned to Ohio and located in Macon Co., bought land, nnd engaged in agricultural pursuits. In the spring of 1865, he came to McLean Co., II., locating where he now resides, and engaged in farming, stock-raising and dairying: his farm lies upon an elevated piece of prairie, presenting a beautiful view of Normal and Bloomington, as well as the Soldiers' Orphans' Home-as fine a location as may be found in McLean Co. He has always taken an active part in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the community in which he has lived. He married Miss Lynda A. Bassett, of Ohio. Oct. 2, 1849; she was born May li, 1821 ; they have two sons—Howard E. and Frank B, who are promising young men.

JOHN HOSELTON, farmer ; P. O Normal; was born in Washington Co, Md., Aug 2, 1817; oldest son of Christian and Eve (Rohrer) Hoselton, of German descens; his parents located in Holmes Co., Ohio, where he was raised a farmer, and has followed agricultural pursuits thus far through life. He married Miss Nancy Dalbey, of Holmes Co., Ohio, April 25, 1812 ; she was born in Washington Co., Penn., Oct. 25, 1824 ; they came to McLean Co. II., in 1857, where they have since lived, prominent citizens, and have done much toward building up and establishing churches and schools. They have been ardent workers in the M. E. Church for many years. They have, by industry and economy, accumulated a good property, and have a family of seven children.

GEORGE P. HOWELL, farmer; P. 0. Normal; was born in Morris Co., N. J., Dec. 27, 1810; the son of Elias aud Elizabeth ( Pierson) Howell, of English origin; re was raised in Licking Co., Ohio; during his early life school advantages were limited , he came to McLean Co. in 1852, where he has since lived, a highly-respected citizen. He owns a good homestead, finely located. In March, 1831, he was married to Miss Matilda Preston; she died Jan 22, 1874, leaving a family of seven children-four sons and threi daughters.

J. C. JAYNES, farmer and stock-dealer ; P. O. Normal; was born in Oneida Co., N. Y.. Nov. 21, 1825, where he was raised and received his early education. During his early life, he learned the trade of a miller, in which business he continued some twelve years. He has twice been married ; first, to Miss Eliza Champion, of Otsego, N. Y., in February, 1846 ; they came west in 1861, settling in Woodford Co., III., where she died April 6, 1866, leaving two children -Clarie and Mary A. (deceased). He returned to Otsego, N. Y., in 1866, and, Dec. 24, he married Miss Mary 0. Champion ; they came West and located in Kappa, III., where he engage in mercantile business, also superintending his farm. They own a fine farm of 160 acres ; also a beautiful residence in Normal. They have one child- Viola I. They are much-respected citizens.

G. G. JOHNSON, grocer, of the firm of Johnson & Chipman, Normal; was born in Corn. wall, Conn., March 25, 1852, his parents were Hopkins and Sarah (Lewis) Johnson. He was left without parental advice and care while quite young, and was raised by an uncle, receiving a thorough business education ; he came to Normal with his uncle, Lemuel Peck, in 1869. He began doing business on his own account in 1873. Their place of business is neat and well stocked.

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