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were but three men in his township who could speak English, and Mr. Seidel himself was 20 years of age before he could speak or understand the English language, although his ancestors, for several generations, were natives of this country. In 1857, he came West, to Stephenson Co., II., and began work at the carpenter's trade. Three years later, he returned to his native State, and again came to Mlinois in 1865; he spent about three years in Bloomington, removing to El Paso in 1868; he followed his trade there until his removal to Gridley, in 1875. He was married Aug. 10, 1862, to Miss Emma E. Grim, of Hamburg, Penn., and has three children-Edward B., William H. and Hattie A.

HENRY E. SIEBERNS, general merchant, Gridley ; was born in the Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany, March 23, 1825. At the age of 14, he was apprenticed to the carpenter traile, after completing which, he learned the cabinet-maker's trade. He came to this country in 18:53, land. ing in New Orleans, and proceeding up the river to Louisville. Ky., where he went to work at his trade. In 1855, in consequence of the Know Nothing disturbances in that city, he left Louisville and went to Canada West. Two years later he came to Illinois, and engaged in mercantile business with F. D. Callsen, in Farnisville, Woodford Co. In 1864, he removed to Gridley, where he and Mr. Callsen had just previously started a store; since that time he has continued in business here, and also has been in the grain business nine years, from 1868 to 1877. He carries one of the largest and best selected stock of goods in the place. During his residence of six years, in Farnisville, he served constantly as Postmaster and Town Clerk, and was also elected Justice of the Peace just before leaving for Gridley He has held various offices in this place. He was married in May, 1857, to Miss Caroline Niergarth, a native of Bavaria, Germany. They have nine children living-Julietta, Juliana, Mary R., Walter H., Minnie, John R., Otto, Charles and Henrietta E Mr. Sieberns, for the past five years has made Peoria his residence. He is one of the most successful men of the county, owning 1,440 acres of land in Livingston and McLean Counties.

JAMES B. SNEED, farmer; P. 0. El Paso, Woodford Co., was born in Garrett Co., Ky., March, 1836, being a son of John H. and Elizabeth Sneed, the former a native of Virginia, and the latter of Indiana. In 1852, he came with his father's family to McLean Co., and resided six years in Bloomington. The family then removed to the eastern part of Woodford Co., and, after four years, located on Section 2, Gridley Township, where his father resided until his death, June 4, 1876. His mother is still living. Mr. Sneed was first married March 19, 1861, to Miss Tama Hawkins, of Woodford Co.; she died Feb. 18, 1862. He was married again May 4, 1864, to Mrs. Julia A. Taylor, a daughter of Robert C. McCollum. of Christian Co., III., whose wife's former name was Margaret M. Mills, both formerly from Kentucky; she was born in Christian Co., Feb. 3, 1838. They have two children - Mary Arminta, born Feb. 19, 1865, and Frank McCollum. born Jan. 1, 1868. Mrs. Sneed's former husband was J. S. Taylor, who was born Jan 13, 1834, and was drowned Feb. 22, 1860, in Bureau Creek, in Peoria Co.; by him she had two children—John William Taylor, now of El Paso, who was born Jan. 10, 1859, and was the first child born in the city of El Paso, .; and Julia Frances Taylor, born May 20, 1857, and died Dec. 10, 1859. Mr. J. S. Taylor was a hardware merchant of El Paso, and one of its first settlers. Mr. Sneed now resides on the homestead, his real estate being situated in Morris Co.. Kan., where he owns 160 acres of land.

PETER SOMMER, farmer and stock-raiser ; P. O. Gridley; has been a resident of Illinois since 1834; he was born near Strasburg, Alsace, France, April 24, 1811. He came with his parents to the United States, in 1828; they settled in Butler Co., Ohio; there he lived till his removal to Ulinois, in 1834; he was one of the pioneers of Woodford Co., the Indians not having yet left their hunting grounds on the Mackinaw, when Mr. Sommer took up his claim from the Government, built his log cabin, and began to carve himself a home in the wilderness. After living there thirty-two years, he settled on his present farm in 1866. He owns a fine farm of 160 acres, well-improved, his set of buildings being among the best in the township. His success in life is due entirely to his own exertions. He is emphatically a self-made man. Has held no political offices, giving all his attention to his legitimate business of farming. He is a leading member of the Apostolic Christian Church, and was prominent in the building of the church iu Gridley. He was first married in August, 1834 to Miss Catharine Schertz, of Woodford Co. ; she came with her parents from Alsace, in 1832; she was born in August, 1816, and died in August, 1874. They had ten children, four of whom are living: Catharine, wife of John Ehresman, of Livingston Co.; Barbara, wife of Peter Ehresman, of Gridley Township; Mary, and Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Rich, of Gridley Township.

M. T. VINEYARD, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. Lexington ; was born in Roanoke Co., Va., in tbe year 1826, where he worked on his father's farm until the age of 22 years. In the year 1848, Mr. Vineyard left Virginia and removed to Iron Co., near Iron Mountain, Mo., where he remained seventeen years engaged in farming. From Iron Mountain, he removed to Illinois, settling north of the town of Metamora, Woodford Co., and remained there over three year3. In the year 1869 he left Metamora and removed to and settled upon 120 acres of land on Section 27, Gridley Town. ship, where he also owns 160 acres, formerly J. B. Pirtle's place, making in all 280 acres, all under cultivation, and valued at about $35 per acre. Mr. Vineyard was elected to the office of Supervisor of Gridley in the year 1876, and has held the office until the present, being re-elected again last April. He was married in 1848 to Miss N. C. Leigh, who was born in the year 1832, in Gloucester Co., Va., and who died in the year 1868. In 1870, he was married to Miss Mary O'Neil, who was born in Iron Co., Mo., in 1847; they have two children, viz.: Maggie Leigh and Robert F. Their residence is a very fine one, and, with the improvements he contemplates making, will be a beautiful home.

DAVID WELCH, farmer, Sec. 7; P. O. Gridley ; was born within four miles of the town of Tipperary, Ireland, in the year 1836. Patrick Welch, David's father, a farmer and quite a prominent man in his day, died in the year 1847, and his wife, Margaret, soon followed him to the tomb, leaving David an orphan, under the guardianship of his uncle, Michael Stokes, with whom, in the year 1849, he left Ireland and emigrated to America. Mr. Stokes, with his ward, settled in New Haven, Conn., where David learned carriage-painting, and, after serving his time, worked at his trade as carriage-painter, in Litchfield and New Haven Counties, until the year 1861, when he left Connecticut, and went to Peoria, Ill.; here he remained until April, 1862, when he went to El Paso Township, Woodford Co., and, in partnership with his cousin. William Stokes, bought eighty acres of land ; they remained there until the spring of 1865, when they s 11 their land and removed to Gridley Township, March 11, 1865, and bought in partnership 160. acres of land, and, in the summer of 1872, they divided their 160 acres; and David having, in 1868, purchased forty acres of land, the division left him the owner of 120 acres, to which he added eighty more, purchased in 1876, making 200 acres in all, located on Sec. 7, Gridley Township, ad all under cultivation, and valued at about $40 an acre. Mr. Welch is a wide-awake, intelligent man, quite prominent in local politics, and has held the office of Assessor of Gridley Township for one term, being elected in the year 1872. In 1875, he was elected to the office of Road Commissioner, and re-elected in 1878, and now holds the office. On the 25th of December, 1859, he was united in marriage at Naugatuck, Cond., to Miss Ellen Cany, who was born in County Limerick, Ireland, in the year 1834, but who emigrated to America when very young ; they have had four children, one-- Maggie-dead, and three-John, Margaret and Patrick-living.

JOHN WHITEMAN, farmer, Section 28; P. O. Gridley ; came to Illinois in the year 1857, all of his earthly possessions being a team of horses and wagon, valued at about $300, and $1.50 in money; he now owns his farm of 160 acres, in Gridley Township, and 80 acres in Owen Co., Ind.-all gained by hard work and good judgment; he was born in Sandusky Co., Ohio, in the year 1834, and when quite small his father removed to Owen Co., Ind. and John helped on the farm until his father's death, which occurred in 1845 ; after this event, John remained at home with his mother until he reached the age of 23. In 1857, he left Indiana, and, taking his mother with him, went to Illinois and settled her at Scattering Point, Livingston Co., where Mrs. Whiteman had a brother, and on whose place she lived until 1860, when John removed her to McLean Co., where he had preceded her, in 1857; he removed to his present place in 1864, and rented of his fatherin-law, and, in 1873, he bought the farm, consisting of 160 acres, located on Section 28, Gridley Township; it is all under cultivation and is valued at $35 an acre. In the year 1862, he married Miss Jesse Stretch, who was born in Money Creek Township. McLean Co., II., and died in 1871, leaving five children-Willie E., Frank E., Ella May, Ena Gay and Nancy Inze, all living. Mr. Whiteman was again married, in the year 1873, to Miss Emeline Farmer, who was born in Licking Co., Ohio, in 1853; they have had three children--one dead, and Eva and Daisy living.

DAVID WILSON, school-teacher, Gridley; David Wilson was born in the year 1850, in Lincoln Co., Ky., where he lived with his father, William D. Wilson, until the age of 5 years. In the fall of 1855, Mr. Wilson removed his family from Kentucky to Ilinois, stopping at Bloomington until the spring of 1856 ; they then removed to and settled upon a farm in Chenoa Township, McLean Co.; here they remained until the year 1863, when they removed to Gridley Town. ship, within a half mile of the town of Gridley. Mr. Wilson's father bought and settled upon eighty acres of land, which he farmed until his death, which took place in 1866. David, after his father's death, remained on the farm until 1869, when he went to Woodford Co. and engaged in the sewing machine business until 1871; during the years 1871 and 1872, David attended school at Normal; after leaving Normal, he spent the summer of 1873 traveling through Kansas, in which State (Marion Co.) he owns 320 acres of land; he also owns 80 acres in Sullivan Co., No. For two years' Mr. Wilson taught school in District No. 7, Grand View, and has taught for two years past, and now teaches School District No. 4, Gridley Township. In the year 1872, he married Miss Catherine Wilson; she was born in McLean Co., Ill., in the year 1857; Estella May, a bright little girl, is their only child. His residence is on Section 16, Gridley Township.


HENRY R. ARROWSMITH, farmer, Sec. 25 ; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 198 acres, worth $45 per acre; was born in Ross Co., Ohio, June 10, 1815; remained on the farm with his father until 22 years old; came from Ohio to Indiana in 1839, where he remained six months, then came on to this county. Was married wbile in Ohio to Anna Cowgill Feb. 8, 1838; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Oct. 8. 1809; they have had six children-Daniel, David E., Elizabeth A. (DOH wife of G. W. Baine, of Padua); Ezekiel, died May 14, 1841; Sarah J., died Aug. 18, 1849; Henry F., died Sept. 24, 1849. Has held the office of School Director three years ; Township Treasurer, fifteen years ; Justice of the Peace, two years ; held the office of Supervisor of the Township one term. He was one of the first settlers of this township; coming here with but very little property ; by industry, economy and hard labor has accumulated some $10,000 or $12,000 worth of property. He is Democratic and Methodist. A man of great influence in the neighborhood where he resides..

DAVID E. ARROWSMITH, farmer ; P. O. Ellsworth ; was born in McLean Co., III., April 22, 1842; he remained with his father on the farm, assisting him. Was married to Cathariae Baine Sept. 8, 1864; she was born in Hampshire Co., Va., Nov. 11, 1833, and died April 19, 1872; the fruit of this marriage was four children-Mary, George H., David and Anna C.; he married Oct. 17. 1877, Sarah C. Hoover; she was born in Hampshire Co., Va.. Oct. 6, 187: they have one child—Olive, born Nov. 27, 1878. He continues to live with his parents on the farm.

DANIEL ARROWSMITH, farmer; P. O. Ellsworth ; was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Aug. 28, 1838 ; remained with his father on the farm, Was married to Mary A. Baine Nov. 17, 1859; she was born in Hampshire Co., Va., Nov. 4, 1831 ; they have had seven children-Mertilla J., bora Jan. 16, 1861; Myra, July 12, 1866 ; Harry B., July 23, 1868; Robert L., Jan. 29, 1871 ; Cary, March 16, 1876; Lucy A., born Sept. 10, 1862, died Sept. 18, 1864; Jonas E., born Aug 30, 1864, died April 22, 1865. He is living on a piece of land given him by his father.

WILLIAM P. ANDERSO v, farmer and surveyor, Sec. 19; P. 0. Holder; owns seventyeight acres; was born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, Nov. 18, 1833 ; lived with his parents on farm until 21 years of age, helping his father carry on farming up to this time; shortly after this, he came to this State, where he was married to Ruth A. Whitcomb, Feb. 27, 1861; she was born in Vermilion Co., III, June 18, 1841; they are the parents of two children-Alvin W., born Julys, 1862: Camilla E., Jan. 31, 1866. Mr. A. has held the office of Supervisor one term ; was County Surveyor six years, and Deputy Surveyor three years. Is now engaged in farming.

MARKS BANKS, farmer, Sec. 25; P. 0. Ellsworth ; was born in Floyd Co., Va., Jan. 12. 1823; lived with his parents until 14 years of age, assisting his father in farming ; his mother died when he was but 14 years old ; he then worked at the blacksmith trade, two years ; then at the carpenter trade, in which he has been engaged ever since. Was married to Rebecca l'anscoy, April 15, 1847; she was born in Indiana, Feb. 7, 1824; they are the parents of four chil. dren- Mary H., now wife of William Vangundy, of Ellsworth ; Millard C.; Rachel E., born in 1855, and an infant deceased. He owns 600 acres of fine farm land, worth $45 per acre. Has held office of School Director three years ; Postmaster one year ; Supervisor of Township one term: he had, when married, not over $100 worth of property, but has by industry, economy and hard labor, with good management, accumulated, probably, about $25,000 wortb, and is a man of considerable influence in his neighborhood.

ALBERT E. BINGHAM, farmer; P. 0. Ellsworth; owns sixty acres of land ; was born in Lake Co., II., March 28, 1841; remained with his father on farm until 17 years of age; Mr. B. enlisted in the late war in 1862, in Co. D, 94th I. V. I., and was in the battle of Springfield, Mo., and several skirmishes ; served three years, and was mustered out by general order, at Springfield, Ill.; he then returned to farming. He inarried Mary J. Hays, Oct. 15, 1868; she was born in Dearborn Co., Ind., June 29, 1846; they are the parents of two children-Harry W., born Feb. 12, 1873, and Eva, Oct. 5, 1876; his parents were natives of Connecticut; her parents, of Pennsylvania.

JOHN CAMPBELL, merchant, Ellsworth ; was born in Dory Co., Ireland, April 7, 1820; emigrated with his parents to Pittsburgh, stayed there eighteen months, then moved to Jessamine Co., Ky., where he lived about eight years; thence to Illinois in 1834, settling in McLean Co., where he has since resided ; remained with his father and assisted him in farming until 21 years

Was then married to Rebecca Weaver, Sept. 15, 1841; she was born in Virginia about the year 1823, and died about 1845; by this marriage he had three children-Lottie B., now wife of E. Craig, of McLean Co., and two infants deceased. Was married Feb. 23, 1817, to S. L. Jackson ; she was born in Virginia ; they are the parents of ten children, nine living-James S.; Elizabeth J., now wife of William Harden, of Saybrook ; Mary A. ; Rachel M., now wife of Frank Tuler, of Belleflower; John A. ; Matilda M., now wife of Charles Mills, of Lexington,

of age.


Ill. ; Thomas W.; Ella E., deceased ; George W. and Dora L. He has held the office of School Director four years ; he worked at blacksmithing and wagon-making for two years, and, in 1873, engaged in mercantile business in Ellsworth, starting with about $5,000 worth of goods, and has been doing a lively business ever since. He has 198 acres of land in this township, and owns three lots and a house and store in Ellsworth, besides a house and two lots in Bloomington within two blocks of the public square.

JOHN DALLING, farmer ; P. (). Ellsworth ; was born in England, June 24, 1844; came with his parents to this country when 12 years of age ; was married to Theresa Dean, Nov. 12, 1869; she was born in England in the year 1844; died April 28, 1877 ; they were the parents of two children- Elias and Gertrude ; the latter died Sept. 12, 1871. He enlisted in the army in 1862, in Co. C., 151st I. V. I; served two years and ten months; was in the battles of Gettysburgh, Cold Harbor, Petersburgh, Winchester, and several other battles ; was wounded by a musket ball passing through his right lung and out near the spine, for which he receives a pension; was mustered out by general order at Philadelphia.

BENEWELL FETHEROFF, farmer, Sec. 22; P. (). Ellsworth ; owns 139 acres of wellimproved land ; was born in Hocking Co., Ohio, March 18, 1827; remained on the farm with his parents until 26 years of age; then emigrated to Ross Co., Ohio, where he was married to Rebecca A. Sykes, Nov. 5, 1853 ; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Oct. 24, 1833 ; they are the parents of five children-Elmer E., born Sep 17, 1862 : Frank A., May 27, 1867; Lewis N. died September, 1851 ; Harriet F. died Sept. 6, 1862, and an infant. He has held the office of School Director eighteen years, and still holds the office of Commissioner of Highways one term. was in the war of 1812. His parents were natives of Pennsylvania ; his wife's mother was of Ohio ; her father, of England.

ALFRED FRANKEBERGER, farmer, Sec. 27: P. O. Ellsworth ; owns 162 acres of excellent farm-land ; was born in Champaign Co., Ohio, Sept. 16, 1828 ; came with his parents from Ohio to McLean Co., II., when he was but eight months old ; lived with them on the farm until 23 years of age; engaged with his father in farming, until married to Elizabeth Dunning, Dec. 24, 1850) ; she was born in Monroe Co., Ind., Dec. 5, 1825 ; they have had four children-John M. and Eliza J., now wife of Henry Inglish, of Padua, and two infants deceased. His father was one of the early pioneers of McLean Co., as there were but about three or four families in the county when he arrived ; hence he is one who helped the county from a wilderness to its present prosperous condition. He still resides on the farm which his father entered and lived on until his death ; has held the office of School Director one year, Commissioner of Highways one term, and is a very industrious, economical and energetic man, and respected in the neighborhood where he resides.

REUBEN FENSTERMAKER, farmer and mechanic, Sec. 36; P. 0. Ellsworth; was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Feb. 26, 1832 ; came with his parents to this State in 1853, and still continued to work on the farm until Aug. 7, 1862, when he enlisted in the United States service; he enlisted in Co. D, 94th I. V. I., as 1st Corporal; was in the battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., the siege of Vicksburg, capture of Yazoo City, battle of Brownsville, Tex., capture of Fort Morgan, Ala., siege and capture of Spanish Fort, Ala., and in a number of other skirmishes ; held the position of Orderly Sergeant four months; was mustered out in 1865, at Galveston, Tex.; he returned to this county, where he has been engaged in farming and raising fine horses up to the present time; he owns an interest in a farm of 230 acres of excellent land in the southwest corner of Arrowsmith Township. He has never been married.

WILLSON D. GROW, Sec. 19, farmer; P. O. Holder; owns 40 acres ; was born in Shelby Co., Ky., June 12, 1841; lived with his parents on the farm until 21 years old; he was never married, and, with an older brother lives a bachelor's life, carrying on farming together; he is in good circumstances; came to this State in the year 18:59, first settling in Mackinaw; remained there one year, then came to this county, where he has resided since.

WILLIAM HARRISON, farmer, Sec. 23; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 120 acres of excellent farm land; was born in Berks Co., Penn., May 30, 1820. His father died when he was but 1 year old, leaving him in care of his grandmother, who raised him until 12 years of age; he then moved to this county, where he has resided ever since. Was married to Nancy J. Dawson in 1840; she was born in McLean Co., Ill. ; they have had nine children-Mary E., now wife of Charles Hobart, of Kansas; le, now wife of William Young, of Padun ; Estella, Hattie, Minnie, Lucinda and Albert J.; deceased-Charley and Cary. He was then married to Barbara Young in February, 1869. Has held the office of School Director fifteen years, and Road Commissioner one term. His parents were natives of Pennsylvania.

JOSIAH HORR, farmer, Sec. 27; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 595 acres of excellent farm land, worth $15 per acre. Was born in Lewis Co. N. Y., Oct. 9, 1807; remained with parents until 21 years of age, assisting his father in farming: moved from New York to Ohio in the year 1828 ; remained there nearly seven years. Was married in Ohio to Temperance Cheney Oct. 28, 1830; she was born in Harrison Co., Va.; they have had eight children, six living--William F., Elizabeth, now wife of David M. Bunn, of Kansas; Martin, Abner, Sarah, now wife of W. Anderson, of Padua ; Martha, now wife of James E. Wood ; deceased --Rachel, died Oct. 1, 1840; Quincy, Aug. 30, 1835. Mr. H. has held the offices of School Director and Township Trustee five years, Justice of the Peace fifteen years; was Supervisor of Township on the first Board in the county ; has been Supervisor about twelve years ; was Postmaster about fourteen years. He was one of the first settlers in this township. He has given satisfaction in every office he has filled ; is a man pleasant in manners, agreeable, and respected by all who know him.

THOMAS KENNEDY, farmer, Sec. 17: P. 0. Padua ; owns 290 acres of land, worth $10 per acre. The subject of this sketch was born in Dumfries Co., Scotland, Nov. 22, 1816; remained with his father on the farm, assisting him until 33 years old, when he emigrated to this county in 1851, having been previously married in Scotland to Ellen Johnston. Nov. 18, 1850); she was born in Dumfries Co., Scotland, in June, 1850; they have five children - William, Walter, Robert, Mary J. and Ellen A. Mr. Kennedy has held the office of School Director two years ; notwithstanding all the losses he has sustained in this country, including $4,000 by loaning money, and $1,200 from destruction of his barn by fire, he has property to the amount of, perhaps, $25,000, though having but $500 when hearrived in this county; he has accumulated this property by farming and raising stock, and is a very industrious man.

WILLIAM ORANGE, farmer. Sec. 21 ; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 220 acres of land; was born in Fleming Co., Ky., April 18, 1805; moved to Pennsylvania with his parents when but 3 years old ; remained there about fifteen years, helping his father on the farm. During this time, he moved back to Kentucky and worked at blacksmithing, then moved to Ohio, where he was married to Elizabeth Alcorn, June 17, 1823; she was born in Allegheny Co., Penn., Feb. 25, 1805 ; died Oct. 8, 1845; four children by this marriage --William, James, Jane and Elizabeth, now wife of James Lesly. He was then married to Eliza Wolf June 6, 1846; she was born in Madison Co., Ohio, July 4, 1816; they have one child-Elizabeth A. He is one of the early pioneers of McLean Co., coming here in an early day. when the country was a wilderness, with plenty of Indians and wild animals, and has borne his part of the hardships of a pioneer life. He was possessed of a good constitution, and is now 74 years old and yet quite active, and is a very excellent citizen.

MATTHEW RICHARDSON, farmer and stock-dealer, Sec. 11; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 350 acres worth $50 per acre ; was born in Dumfries Co., Scotland, in the year 1823 ; resided with his parents on the farm until 23 years of age. Was then married to Christina Nichol, in the year 1847 ; she was born in the same county in Scotland ; they have had twelve children-Margaret, born Dec. 6, 1849, now wife of Richard Williams, of Arrowsmith ; Jane, April 5, 1850, now wife of Madison Williams, of Arrowsmith ; Mary A., March 16, 1854, now wife of John Frankeberger, of Padua ; John, Jan. 2, 1856 ; Genette, May 22, 1858, now wife of Ira Landers, of Padua ; William, Feb. 2, 1860; Matthew, Dec. 27, 1861; Archibald, Oct. 16, 1864 ; Thomas, April 11, 1867, and George A., March 21, 1869. Deceased--Agnes, died Aug. 16, 1863, and an infant, Nov. 6, 1863. He has held the office of School Director four years. He came to this county with only 25 cents, and has, by industry, economy and perseverance, accumulated property to the amount of $20,000, consisting principally of land. He feeds and ships many fat cattle every year, and some hogs. Mr. R. came to this county from Scotland in the year 1851.

JAMES REID, farmer, Sec. 12; P. O., Ellsworth ; owns $250 acres, worth $50 per acre ; was born in Kercud Bright, Scotland, Dec 27, 1830; he remained with his father until his death, which occurred when he was only 15 years of age; then lived with his uncle until 19 years of age ; came to this country in the year 1851, stopping in the city of New York one year, then to Kentucky, where he remained one year. Was then married in Kentucky to Sarah A. Price, March 28, 1853 ; she was born in Fleming Co., Ky., Aug. 11, 1827; they have had six children, four living-Margaret M., now wife of Ashly Dilts, of Empire Township; William P.; Lizzie ; Richard P.; James H., died Nov. 21, 1875. and an infant. Mr. Reid has held the office of School Director nine years. Mrs. Reid is a niece of Gov. Bishop, formerly Governor of Ohio. Mr. R. was in the grocery business and grain trade in Ellsworth four years, and was among the first to commence business in Ellsworth, being engaged quite extensively.

LEWIS H. SKAGGS, M. D., physician, Sec. 23 ; P. 0. Ellsworth ; owns 275 acres, worth $50 per acre; was born in Monroe Co., Va., in October, 1837; remained with his father on the farm until 15 years of age; his chances for an early education were somewhat limited, having attended school only about nine months during the first fifteen years of his life ; between the ages of 15 and 22, he attended the college at Sweet Sulphur Springs; he taught school between six and seven years; in the spring of 1849, he emigrated from Virginia to McLean Co, settling in Le Roy ; remained there four years, during which time he practiced dentistry and studied medicine; went to Chicago and attended a medical college, where he received a diploma. He enlisted in the army in 1863, in the 94th I. V. I.; served as Assistant Surgeon; was Surgeon at the battle of Vicksburg, battle of Lake Spring, Mo.; also had charge of a hospital; thence to Brownsville, Tex., at the siege of Fort Morgan: was in Marion hospital when the magazine exploded, wounding seven or eight hundred. The Doctor is a graduate of Rush Medical College ; after he was mustered out, came home and engaged in partnership with Dr. Hinton, of Padua, in 1865, which continued for two years. Was married to Ella Hinton, Aug. 16. 1866; she was born Dec. 30, 1847.

JOHN STEVENS, carriage-maker, Ellsworth; was born in Hampshire Co., W. Va., in 1852. his parents died when he was very young, and generally he had to shift for himself; he traveled

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