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over several States, working at different occupations, chiefly farming and carriage-trimming. In 1876, he was married to Jennie Turner, who was born in Missouri in the year 1860; he is an industrious and energetic young man, and resides in Ellsworth, where he contemplates starting a carriage shop soon.

JAMES F. THOMPSON, farmer, Sec. 25; P. O. Ellsworth ; owns 103 acres, worth $40 per acre ; was born in Boone Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1822; came with his father to this county, from Kentucky, when 7 years of age, and has resided in the county ever since. Was married to Mary A. Arrowsmith, April 17, 1845; she was born in Ross Co., Ohio, March 28, 1828, died Aug. 8, 1860; six children-Elizabeth J., now wife of Lewis Pearce, of Arrowsmith, John H, and Martha E. ; Elijah died in 1874; Ezekiel died in 1861; Mary E. died in 1860.

He was afterward married to Margaret Boine; she was born in Virginia ; they had seven children; the names of the living are--Desdemona A., Gertrude, Isaac A., Corrilla J., Benjamin, Fanny L. ; William R., died Feb. 4, 1878. He was one of the pioneers of McLean Co., experiencing the hardships of a pioneer life.

HARRISON G. VAN DERVORT, farmer and minister of the Gospel, Sec. 15; P. O. Ellsworth ; owns forty acres; was born in Tippecanoe Co., Ind., Sept. 25, 1846 ; his mother dying when he was 5 years of age, he remained with his father and sister on a farm ; his father died in October. 1861, previous to which his father had moved from Indiana to this county, in the year 1849; the son had a common-school education and the benefit of five years of home study, preparatory to the ministry. Was then married to Isabel McVay, May 21, 1873, who was born in Greene Co., Penn., June 14, 1850; they are the parents of two children-Ola Bell, born Feb, 11, 1875; Lula Myrtle, born Aug. 30, 1876. Entered upon the ministry in 1867; was ordained the same year, and is a minister of the Christian Church ; has charge of the Church at Saybrook ; also that at Oak Grove, and has preached considerably in the southern part of this State, and also in Kansas; he traveled three years for the Missionary Society of this county ; has held the office of President of the Missionary Society, also President of Sunday School Society, and is a speaker of no small degree of eloquence; has been very successful in gaining members to his his Church. He enlisted in the late war in 1865, Co. B, 150th I. V. 1.; served three months ; went as musician ; was mustered out by general order. His father was a native of Virginia ; his mother, of Ohio. His wife's parents were natives of Pennsylvania.

JAMES WHITE, farmer and mechanic, Sec. 17; P. 0. Padua ; owns 240 acres of land, worth $40 per acre. The subject of this sketch was born on Brooklyn Heights. N. Y., Sept. 4, 1819; lived with his father on a farm, assisting in cultivation, until 16 years of age; then moved to the city of Brooklyn; remained there some three years, working at the carpenter's trade. He was married to Louisa Smith April 4, 1841 ; she was born in North Carolina Aug, 19, 1815. Mr. White emigrated to this county in 1849; they have had seven children-Mury (now wife of James Keeny, of Wisconsin), James R. and Asa ; deceased-Sarah, George and two infants. Has held the office of School Director ten years, of Pathmaster three years. Hag donated a considerable amount of money for church purposes and charitable institutions; has been and still is a very influential and useful man in the community where he resides; he donated $400 for the Bloomington College, McLean Co., Ill.

GEORGE WATKINS, farmer, Sec. 36; P. (). Ellsworth. The subject of this sketch was born in Henry Co., Ind., Jan. 4, 1842 ; his parents died when he was but 8 months old ; remained with elder brother until 11 years of age, and then emigrated to Iowa, where he stayed three years, then came to this county, where he resided, working on a farm until Aug. 14, 1862. when he enlisted in the army, enlisting in Co. D, 94th I. V. I.; was in battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., siege of Vicksburg, capture of Yazoo City, battle of Atchafalaya, Brownsville, Tex., Ft. Morgan, Ala., and the siege of the Spanish Fort; was mustered out July 17, 1865. Returned to this county ; continued to work on farm until married to Sarah C. Barnes, Nov. 26, 1868; she was born Feb. 19, 1846 ; they are the parents of four children - Mary E., born Nov. 20, 1872, died Jan 28, 1873 ; Henry A., born Jan. 1, 1875 (deceased); Manford (). and Sanford E., born July 4, 1877, both living. His parents are natives of Virginia ; his wife's, natives of Ohio, and among the pioneers in Illinois.

WILLIAM WIRT, farmer, Sec. 26; P. (). Ellsworth; owns 245 acres of excellent land, worth $45 per acre; was born in Adams Co., Ohio, Sept. 6, 1831; the residence of his parents at the time was in Virginia ; he remained with parents until 7 years of age, then moved with them to Ohio; stayed until 14 years of age, then came from Ohio to McLean Co., I., in the spring of 1850; still continued to work on farm. Was married to Ellen Reid Feb. 8, 1866; she was born in Defiance Co., Ohio, April 1, 1844; are the parents of seven children, four living ; the names of the living are Charles, Laura A., Thomas and Royal ; deceased-Albert and two infants. Mr. Wirt farms quite extensively, and raises some fine horses; principal crop is corn ; feeds his own grain at home, and is a very neat farmer.

WEST TOWNSHIP. WILLIAM H. ADAMS, farmer, Sec. 25; P. 0. Belleflower; born in Attica, Fountain Co., Ind., May 20, 1836; his father, Daniel Adams, died when the subject of this sketch was 4 years of age, and he lived with his mother two years, after which he made his home with Jesse Meharry, until 25 years of age, when, upon Jan. 1, 1861, he was united in marriage with Maria G. Meharry; she was born in Montgomery Co., Ind., March 5, 1837. They had five children by this union- Margaret J. I., born March 15, 1863; Ella May, Oct 6, 1865; Annetta, Oct. 24, 1867; Jessie E., April 19, 1870, and Emily L., Nov. 6, 1873. Mrs. Adams is a daughter of Hugh Meharry, who was born in Pennsylvania; located in Indiana, in 1829, and is now living in Ford Co., ni. In the spring of 1861, Mr. Adams came to Illinois, and until 1868, followed farming in Livingston Co., when he entered the general merchandising trade, at Forrest, for two years. and again engaged in farming in Livingston 1.0., until 1877, when he removed to Sec. 25, West Township, McLean Co.. where he has since followed farming. In politics, Mr. Adams is a strong Republican; his first vote for President was cast for Abraham Lincoln, and he has always acted with the Republican party. He has taken a deep interest in the cause of religion and education, having held the office of School Director and Trustee in the various districts in which he has lived, and with his wife and two oldest children, are members of the M. E. Church ; the parents having been members for a period of thirty years ; Mr. Adams hus never made use of either liquor or tobacco, nor played at cards, and does not know one card from another.

LEANDER BAKER, farmer; P. O. Farmer City. Mr. Baker is a native of this county; he was born in Blooming Grove, March 19, 1842; he is a son of Seth Baker, one of the early settlers of the county, emigrating at a very early day; his parents both died when he was a small boy, and he was raised by his grandfather, William Orendorff, at Blooming Grove; he obtained a common-school education, and at the age of 21, he was united in marriage with Mary M. Canouse, on the 26th of November, 1863; she was born in Ohio, March 10, 1842 ; they have two children by this union-Effie A., born Jan. 23, 1865; Eddie A., April 18, 1867. On the 8th of December, 1865, he located upon his present place, where he owns 130 acres, upon which he has good farm buildings, and which he intends to make his future home.

ASBURY BARNETT, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Arrowsmith ; born in McLean Co., Ill.. Sept. 28, 1854; he is the youngest son of Harrison Barnett, who was one of the early pioneers of McLean Co.; he died in 1862, as also did his wife; they both lie buried in the beautiful cemetery, one mile east of Le Roy; after the decease of his parents Mr. B. made his home with his grandmother Wall, until 18 years of age, during which time he attended the Normal School and Wesleyan University for five terms; he located upon his present place in 1863, where he has 160 acres of land, upon which he has farm buildings second to none in the township. His marriage with Mary Johnson, was celebrated Sept. 25, 1873,; she was born Dec. 15, 1853; they have three children-Mattie May, born June 13. 1874; Fannie Bell, Feb. 2, 1876, and Mercy Jane, Dec. 16, 1878. Mrs. Barnett is a daughter of James Johnson; he was born in Kentucky, and emigrated to Downs Township, II., at an early day, where he lived until his decease, which occurred Aug. 5, 1866. Mrs. Johnson's maiden name was Mary Satterfield ; she was born in Tennessee, in 1813, and now makes her home with Mr. and Mrs. Barnett. The mother of Mr. Barnett was Mercy J. Karr; she was born Dec. 1, 1835, and died March 23, 1863.

DANIEL BARNHART, retired farmer; P. (). Delano; born in Union Co., Penn., Sept. 24, 1805; he emigrated with his parents to Ross Co., Ohio, in 1810, where he lived until 1854, when he came to Illinois, and located in Arrowsmith Township, McLean Co., and, in the fall of 1855, he came to West Township, where he purchased 170 acres, upon which he lived until 1872, since which time he has been living with his son, upon Section 2. He married Catharine Senff, Jan. 31, 1833 ; she was born Aug. 26, 1807, in Ohio ; she died Dec. 28, 1870. They had five children, of which two are now living—David and Lavinia J. David is the only son now living; he was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Dec. 27, 1833 ; he emigrated with his parents to McLean Co., III., and, since 1855, has lived upon the same farm, with the exception of fifteen months engaged in the saw-mill business. He now has 240 acres of land under fence and in a good state of cultiva. tion, upon which he has good farm buildings. His marriage with Elizabeth Creachbaum was celebrated in Ohio Feb. 9, 1854; she was born in Ohio, Oct. 11. 1837. They have nine children, viz.: George N., born Nov. 15, 1854; Franklin S., Nov. 24, 1856 ; William D., March 19, 1839; John R., Jan. 11, 1862 ; Charlie L , Oct. 20, 1866; James D., Nov. 1, 1870; Benjamin L., June 14, 1873; Maggie A. M., June 27, 1875; Aubry E., Sept. 4, 1877. Mrs. Barnbart was a daughter of John Creachbaum, who was born in Ross Co., Ohio, where he died October, 1867. He married Catharine Rough ; she was born in Ross Co., where she died Nov. 23. 1878. Of township and school offices Mr. Barnhart has had his full share. having filled the following offices : School Director, twenty years; School Trustee, three years; Assessor, one year; Town Collector, one year; and other petty offices.

NATHANIEL H. BECKHAM, farmer, Sec. 22 ; P. O. Sabina; born in Warren Co., Ky., May 11, 1836; his father, Nathaniel Beckham, was also born in Warren Co., Ky., March 21, 1802. He married Elizabeth Low, who was born in the same county Oct. 25, 1803. They were the parents of eight children, of which seven are now living. Mr. Beckham died in the same county, Aug. 21 1844; hiy widow, who survives him, still lives in the same county. Nathaniel, Jr., received a limited education in an old Kentucky log schoolhouse, and lived in Kentucky, where he followed farming and working out by the mon until 1861, when after visiting various Southern and Western States, among which was Texas and the Indian Nation, he came to McLean Co. in the spring of 1861, and for several years was engaged in farming, and employed as farm laborer until December, 1877, when he located upon his present place, Section 22, West Township, where he has 320 acres of good prairie land, and 100 acres of timber in Padua and Empire Townships; also several lots in the city of Le Roy. He is quite extensively engaged in farming, his corn crop for the year 1878 exceeding 5,000 bushels, for which he finds a market at the railroad station of Sabina, located upon his own land. His marriage with Rachel Bishop was celebrated Jan. 5, 1868; she was born in Empire Township, May 23, 1846. They have six children-Charles H., born Oct. 3, 1868; Margaret E., born Feb. 26, 1870 ; Susan A., Feb. 12, 1872; Anna M., Sept. 14, 1873; Eliza, Sept. 5, 1875, and James B., June 25, 1878. Mrs. Beckham is a daughter of James Bishop, one of the early pioneers of McLean Co., and whose biography appears among the sketches of Empire Township in another part of this work.

CALEB D. BELLVILLE, merchant, Postmaster and Notary Public, Kumler; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, Aug. 12, 1823 ; he was the oldest son of Samuel Bellville, who was born in the State of Delaware, Nov. 22, 1778: he located in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1806, where he lived until 1831, when he located in Rush Co.. Ind., and died in Vigo Co., Ind., March, 1867, at the age of 89 years. His marriage with Phoebe Dille was celebrated April 9, 1820; she was born in New York, May 23, 1800, and died in Vigo Co., Ind., in 1845 ; the Bible from which this record was taken was presented to her by her father upon her marriage, in 1820, and is now held by Mr. Bellville very valuable as an heirloom. Caleb D. Bellville remained with his father, attended school, and followed farming and merchandising until 18 years of age, when he went to Galena, Ill., and, after working there one year, with the proceeds of his wages attended the select school six months. He then went to work at carpentering. devoting all his spare time to the study of surveying, which he continued four years, during which time he had some practical experience in surveying In 1853, he went to Richland Co., Wis., where he lived three years, during which time he was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court, and Deputy County Surveyor; he then went to Crawford Co., where he was appointed Deputy County Surveyor, and assisted to lay out the town of Belle Center, and used every effort to secure the county seat. In 1859, he returned to Richland Co., and, in 1862, was elected County Surveyor for two years, and, in March, 1854, enlisted in the 38th Regt., Wis. V. I. ; he was detailed upon the detective service, and, after serving one year was, on account of disability, from rheumatism, contracted while in the army, discharged. He then went to Vigo Co., Ind., and followed farming three years, and in the fall of 1868, he came to McLean Co., and located in Oldtown Township, where he lived two years, when, upon the completion of the 1. B. & W. R. R., he built the first building erected upon the town plat of Downs, and opened the first stock of goods at that place ; here he remained in trade, during which time he was Postmaster until 1875, when he again moved upon his farm, and, in 1877, he erected the first building at Kumler Station ; was appointed the first Postmaster and put in the only stock of goods at the station. His marriage with Mary J. McClurg was celebrated Sept. 24, 1843 ; she was born in Hancock Co., Ind., July 10, 1825; she died in Vigo Co., Ind., Oct. 14, 1867, leaving four children, viz. : Elizabeth J., born May 14, 1847, now Mrs. Perry Orendorff; Andrew, born June 24, 1852; Olive L , born Aug. 17, 1854, and Martha A., born Aug. 19, 1860. He was united in marriage with Rebecca E. Laughlin, June 20, 1869 ; she was born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., April 26, 1831. They have one child by this union, viz. : Flora M., born May 9, 1870.

WILLIAM BIGGS, farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Saybrook; was born in Fayette Co, Ohio, June 5, 1824, remaining with his father until the year 1839, when his father died. He then lived with his mother until 1856, on the farm, engaging in farming. He was married to Caroline Pumpelly Nov. 16, 1861. She was born in Clermont Co., Ohio, July 13, 18:39. They are the parents of one child— Nancy E., who was born Aug. 26, 1862. He has held the office of School Director ten years, School Trustee ten years, County Commissioner one year, and Supervisor of Township one term. His father is a native of Delaware, and his mother of Maryland. Mrs. Biggs' father is a native of Maine, and her mother of New Hampshire. He owns 190 acres of good farm land.

LEWIS BIGGS, farmer, Sec. 14; P. 0. Belleflower; born at Smith's Grove, McLean Co., Ill., Aug. 1, 1845. His father, Andrew Biggs, was born in Delaware. He emigrated to Ohio, from there to Illinois, and located at Funk's Grove in 1835. He followed farming until his decease, which occurred April 2, 1876. The subject of this sketch followed farming until 19 years of age, when he enlisted in the 146th Regt. I. V. I., in August, 1861, and remained in service until the close of the war, receiving his discharge July 8, 1865. After farming one year with his father, he came to West Township, and for five years farmed upon the land of William

Biggs, when he located upon his present place, where he has since lived. He owns eighty acres of 'and, which he has placed under good cultivation, and upon which he has good buildings. His marriage with Bettie Cawly was celebrated Oct. 5, 1873. She was born in Kentucky July 29, 1852. They have one child by this union-Clarence Dean, born July 24, 1874. Mrs. Biggs is the daughter of Moses H. Cawly, wliose sketch appears in this work.

SAMUEL BRILEY, farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Farmer City ; born in Sumner Co., Tenn., April 10, 1833. His father, James Briley, was born in South Carolina; he was one of the patriots of the war of 1812; was in many battles, among which was the battle of New Orleans, under Gen. Jackson. He located in Tennessee, among the Indians and wild beasts, about 1816, and, about this date, was married to Jane Bundy. She was born in Wilson Co., Tenn. They were the parents of nine children, five are now living. Mrs. Briley died in Sumner Co, Tenn., in 1866. Mr. Briley still lives upon i he old place, where he has lived for a period of sixty-four years. The subject of this sketch was brought up to farm labor until 21 years of age, when he started out to seek his fortune, coming to Illinois in 1854. He located in Marion Co., and, upon his arrival, his capital consisted of his few clothes tied up in a pocket-bandkerchief. Here he was employed as farm laborer for five years. He then followed farming for himself for six years in Marion Co.. during which time he had paid for eighty acres of land, which he then sold for $1,100, and, in 1865, he came to McLean Co. and purchased one hundred acres of land, where he now lives, and upon which he has good buildings. Mr. Briley has suffered much loss from different causes, among which we mention the loss of his dwelling, with furniture, and all of the clothing of the family, in 1865. In 1869, he lost all his horses, thereby meeting with a loss of upward of $500 ; and, in 1876, he lost seventy-five hogs, being the whole amount of his stock at that time. For five years, on account of sickness, he was unable to perform any labor upon his farm, being attended by five different physicians. Upon the 10th day of March, 1859, he was united in marriage with Ann E. Burforii. She was born in Harrison Co., Ind., Dec. 4, 1836. They have three children now living by this union-Burford L., born June 29, 1860 ; Elmer Ellsworth, Jan. 14, 1862; and Carrie May, June 8, 1868. Mrs. Briley is a daughter of Cary L. Burford of whom especial mention is made in the sketch of his son, James C. Burford, in another column of this work.

JOHN BRITTIN, farmer, Sec. 1, P. 0. Saybrook ; born in Empire Township, McLean Co., ., May 3, 1848. He was the second son of Nathan T. Brittin, who emigrated from Ohio and located upon Sec. 1, Empire Township, in 1829. Here he entered land, erected a log house with stick-and-mud chimney, puncheon floor and clapboard door, hung with wooden hinges. His first bedstead was called, in early days, a raccoon bedstead, built by boring holes in the end and side logs of the house, in which poles were inserted and fastened to a single post, where they

Their first cupboard and table was an old dry-goods box. In this they kept their dishes and provisions, and also used it as a table. He married Sarah Barnett; she was born in Kentucky, Feb. 15, 1816 ; she died in Illinois Aug. 7, 1878. Mr. Brittin was born in Ohio Oct. 18, 1809; he died in McLean Co., III., Oct. 10, 1869. He was held in great esteem by the poor, to whom he was very kind. He commenced life without means, and at the time of his decease bad accumulated upward of one thousand acres of land and some $50,000 in securities. They raised a family of nine children, all of whom lived to grow up. His sketch appears among the biog. raphies of Empire Township. John Brittin lived with bis parents until 20 years of age, when his father deeded him 126 acres in Empire Township, upon which he farmed until his father's death, when he lived upon the old homestead one year, when he removed upon his own farm, wbich he afterward exchanged for his present place. He now owns 205 acres upon Sec. 1. West Township, all under a good state of cultivation. His marriage with Isadora Straight was cele. brated June 2, 1867. She was born in Brown Co., Ohio, July 5, 1849. She was the daughter of Amos Straight, who came from Ohio and located in Empire 'Township in 1858, where he now lives.

JAMES C. BURFORI), farmer, Sec. 3, Township 21 ; P. 0. Farmer City; born in Harrison Co., Ind., June 23, 1843. His father, Cary L. Burford, was born in Kentucky, and emigrated to Indiana. He afterward lived a short time in Missouri, when he returned to Harrison Co., Ind., where he followed farming, and was also engaged in the merchandise trade, during which time his store was destroyed by fire, by which he suffered a loss of some $4,000. After living in Indiana several years, he came down the river upon a flatboat, taking with him upon the boat his cattle, horses, machinery, household furniture, etc. He then purchased 700 acres of land in Marion Co., and for eleven years engaged in farming and stock-raising, when he sold out, and, in 1865, came to McLean Co., where he purchased 640 acres of land upon Sec. 3, Township 21. West Township, upon which he then located, and followed farming and stock-raising until 1870. with the exception of one year's residence in Le Roy. In the fall of the above year, he removed to Farmer City, where he built a double brick store, and, until 1877, was engaged in the general merchandise trade, when he was succeeded by four of his sons, viz.: C. S., J. M., W. T. and J. H. His business is now confined to the duties required of him at the First National Bank of Farmer City, of which he is Vice President and a large stockholder (to the amount of $10,000), the care of his farm and large amount of real estate which he owns in Farmer City. He was united in marriage with Annie Shields, Jan. 29, 1829. She was a native of Virginia. Their golden



wedding anniversary was celebrated at their residence in Farmer City upon Jan. 29, 1879. It was largely attended. Eight of their nine children were present, and fourteen of the twentyfour grandchildren. They came representatives of all ages—from infancy to old age. They came to the number of upward of one hundred. They came from adjoining villages, counties and State, bearing costly presents of silver and gold, to pay their respects to this aged couple who together had traveled the path of life for half a century. Among the presents were a solid gold-headed cane to Mr. Burford from the Directors of the First National Bank of Farmer City; a complete solid tea service and two pairs of gold spectacles to the parents from their loving children ; and many other presents of silver, as well as valuable books, pictures,

The parents are now 74 years of age, Mrs. Burford being but six weeks the senior of her husband. Ten of their twelve children lived to grow up, and all except the youngest were married in rotation, according to their ages. James C. Burford lived with his father until 20 years of age, when he engaged in farming upon Sec. 3, West Township, McLean Co., where he has since lived, and where he owns seventy-eight acres of land, upon which he has good farm buildings. His marriage with Lucinda Hattell was celebrated Sept. 27, 1870. She was born in Harrison Co., Ind., Jan. 18, 1850. Her father, Conrad F. Hattell, was born in Indiana, where he way married to Mary Sensey, who died in Harrison Co , Ind., in 1859. Mr. Hattell now lives in Indiana, where he has lived for a period of fifty-six years.

D. J. CAMPBELL, farmer, Sec 15 ; P. 0. Delano. The subject of this sketch was born in Franklin Co, Penn., Aug. 26, 1846 ; his father, Mark W. Campbell, was born in the same county; he emigrated to Clinton Co, Ind., in 1819, where he died in the year 1860; his widow, who survives him, is now the wife of Absalom Stubblefield, of Funk's Grove. The subject of this sketch lived with his father until the decease of the latter, during which time he learned the carpenter trade, and continued farming upon the old place until 1866, when he, with his mother, emigrated to Illinois, and located in Dale Township, McLean Co. Upon the 13th of December, 1870, he was united in marriage with Maria Gibble; she was born in Franklin Co., Penn., March 27, 1851 ; they have two children now living, viz.: Exavenia, born Sept. 10, 1871 and Robert R., born April 29, 1876. In the spring of 1873, Mr. Campbell purchased his present place of eighty acres, upon which he then located, and where he has since lived.

MOSES H. CAWBY, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 4; P. O. Arrowsmith. The subject of this sketch was born in Jessamine Co., Ky., Jan. 11, 1823 when 2 years of age his father died, and he lived with his mother and followed farming until 18 years of age, when he learned the cabinet-maker trade, which he finished in 1844; he then worked at his trade until 1816, when he engaged in the furniture trade at Georgetown, Scott ('o., Ky., which he continued until 1833; when he came to Illinois, and located upon his present place, where he has since lived, and where he has 515 acres of land, mostly under cultivation. His marriage with Catherine E. West, was celebrated in Georgetown, Ky., Oct. 5, 1818 ; she was born in Bourbon Co., Jan. 28, 1829 ; her father, Henry West, was one of the early settlers and prominent men of this township, and in honor of whom this township received its name; he located here in 1851. He was the first Supervisor of the township, which office he held until 1869, when he removed to Bloomington, where he now lives. The mother of Mrs. Cawby was Mary (Lighter) West; she was born in Bourbon Co., Ky.; she died in Scott Co., Ky., July, 1848; the children of Moses and Catherine Cawby were eight in number-Henry M., born Jan. 17, 1850; Bettie C., July 29, 1852, now Mrs. Lewis Biggs, West Township; Frank, Nov. 5, 1855; Mattie, Sept. 5, 1858 ; John P., March 13, 1861; Ella, April 9. 1864; Ida M., May 20, 1867; Otie, Aug. 20, 1870. The father of Mr. Cawby was Martin Cawhy, born in Maryland and emigrated to Kentucky, and died in Jessamine Co., in 1825. He married Susan Tresler; she was born in Maryland, and died in Indiana, in 1855; they were the parents of eight children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the youngest. Mr. Cawby has held various offices of West Township, among which are Justice of the Peace, Assessor, School Director, and other peity offices.

STEPHEN E. CLARNO, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 11; P. O. Weedman ; one of the early settlers of Illinois; born in Clark Co., Ohio, March 8, 1816; his father, Andrew Clarno, emi. grated from Ohio, and located in St. Clair Co., 11., in the year 1818, and the year following he removed to Sangamon Co., ten miles north of Springfield. Mrs. Clarno was the second white woman that crossed the Sangamon River; Mrs. Clarno died in Menard Co., N1., in 1814; Mr. Clarno died in Galena, Ill., July 15, 1851. The subject of this sketch lived with a family by the name of Straisbridge from 6 to 15 years of age, when he, with his father and brother, went afoot to the south part of Wisconsin, where they took an active part in the Black Hawk war; he remained in Wisconsin until 1839, when he came to Menard Co., Ill., where he rented land, upon which he farmed three years, when he entered forty acres and purchased forty more, upon which he lived until 1854; when he sold out and removed to Logan Co., where he purchased 640 acres of land, upon which he lived until 1875; when he sold out and came to West Township, where he purchased 680 acres of land, where he now lives ; he keeps some 80 head of cattle of a high grade, 150 hogs, some horses and sheep. His marriage with Nancy Barnett was celebrated April 16, 1840; she was born in Tennessee in 1816, and died in Menard Co., in 1830; of their six children, only one survives, now Mrs. John Ewing, of Logan Co. He was united in marriage to Eliza Kincaid, October, 1851; she died in March, 1853, leaving one child— Mrs. M. Dillard, of

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