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“He continued to labour amongst his people for about a year, when he believed Mr. Moffat must by that time have taken up his residence at Lattakoo. He therefore resolved to pay him a visit, and carry with him, in his waggon, what books and furniture Mr. Moffat had left behind him, at the kraal. This was a long journey across the continent, and a great part of it was over deep sand; but the season encouraged him, being June, which is the middle month in a South African winter, consequently, the coolest season in the year. He reached Lattakoo in the middle of July, 1820, where he received a most hearty welcome from the missionary brethren and sisters there, and he delivered, in good condition, the furniture and books which he had brought with him.

“This kind service was done from gratitude and pure Christian affection towards the missionary. It was, indeed, a rare instance of disinterested benevolence, as the journey to and from Lattakoo occupied full three months. He made no boast of it, and looked for no recompense. While remaining at Lattakoo, he conducted himself with much Christian meekness and propriety, and waited patiently till the deputation finally left that city.

“ He and his people made part of the caravan for upwards of an hundred miles, until they reached Berands' Place, which is the town nearest to Lattakoo, in the Griqua country: it chiefly belongs to Berands, an old Griqua chief. The meeting between Africaner and this chief was truly interesting, having not seen one another for four-and-twenty years, when, at the head of their tribes, they had fought for five days on the banks of the Great Orange river. Being now both converts to the faith of Christ, and having obtained mercy of

the Lord, all their former animosities were laid aside, they saluted each other as friends, and friends of the gospel of Christ.

“These chiefs, followed by their people, walked together to the tent, when all united in singing a hymn of praise to God, and listening to an address from the invitation of God to the ends of the earth, to look to Him, and to him alone, for salvation. After which the two chiefs knelt at the same stool, before the peaceful throne of the Redeemer; when Berands, the senior chief, offered up a prayer to God. The scene was highly interesting ; they were like lions changed into lambs, their hatred and ferocity having been removed by the power of the Gospel ; indeed, when the Namaquá chief was converted, he sent a message to the Griqua chiefs, confessing the injuries he had done them in the days of his ignorance, and soliciting them at the same time to unite with him in promoting universal among the different tribes.

“ The two chiefs were much together till the afternoon of the next day, when, after taking an affectionate farewell, Africaner, with his waggon and people, set off to the westward, in order to cross over to Namaqualand ; and the rest of the caravan travelled south, in the direction of Cape Town, from which they were distant about seven hundred miles.

“On reaching home, Africaner again resumed the religious instructions of his people, and remained constantly with them till his final removal to the everlasting world.

How long his last illness continued we are not informed, but when he found his end approaching, like Joshua, he called all his people around him, and gave them directions concerning their future


conduct. We are not,' said he, what we once were, savages, but men professing to be taught according to the gospel : let us, then, do accordingly. Live peaceably with all men, if possible ; and, if possible, consult those who are placed over you, before you engage in any thing. Remain together as you have done since I knew you; that when the directors think fit to send you a missionary, you may be ready to receive him. Behave to the teacher sent you as one sent of God, as I have great hope that God will bless you in this respect when I am gone to heaven. I feel that I love God, and that he hath done much for me, of which I am totally unworthy. My former life is stained with blood, but Jesus Christ hath pardoned me, and I am going to heaven. Obeware of falling into the same evils into which I have led you frequently : but seek God, and he will be found of you, to direct you.'

“Soon after delivering the above address, he died in peace, a monument of redeeming mercy and

grace. “ From the time of his conversion to God, to the day of his death, he always conducted himself in his family and among his people, in a manner very honourable to his profession of Christianity; acting the part of the Christian parent and Christian master. While his people were without a missionary, he continued, with much humility, zeal, diligence, and prayer, to supply as much as in his power the place of a teacher.. On the Lord's day, he expounded to them the word of God, for which he was well fitted, having considerable natural talents, undissembled piety, and much experimental acquaintance with his Bible. He had considerable influence among the different tribes of Namaquas, by whom he was surrounded, and was able to render great service to the missionary cause among them.

He was also a man of undaunted courage, and although he himself was one of the first and severest persecutors of the Christian cause in that country, he would, had he lived, have spilt his blood, if necessary, for his missionary,”; i

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Effects of the Missions in promoting Peace among the Native Tribes

and Security to the Colonial Frontier.-- Testimonies in regard to this point by Mr. Melvill, Colonel Fraser, Dr. Lichtenstein, Mr. Barrow, &c.-Defence of Theopolis in 1819.—Dangers from which the Colony has been saved by the Conciliation of the Hottentots-Objections against the Stations beyond the Colony, as affording a refuge to Deserters and Runaways, &c. refuted. Abuses of the Colonists in supplying the Banditti with Ammunition not restrained by Government.–False allegations of Peterson, the convict, against Africaner's Kraal.

The beneficial effects which civilized nations or colonies may receive from Christian missions to savage tribes in their neighbourhood is no longer a doubtful, or even a merely theoretical question.

A report had got abroad, at one time, that Christian Africaner and his people were about to leave Namaqualand, with the intention of settling in the neighbourhood of Griqua Town. When Mr. Moffat was on his journey from Africaner's kraal to Lattakoo, he met with a whole tribe of people removing from their former place of abode in quest of new settlements. The reason assigned by them for changing their situation was, the rumour of Africaner’s removal. “Africaner,” said they,

is the bond of peace between all the tribes in this part of the world, and, should he leave it, the whole country will be filled with robbery and murder.” When they knew that their apprehension of Africaner's re

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