The Peanut Plant: Its Cultivation and Uses ...

Orange Judd Company, 1885 - 69 páginas

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Página 69 - ... to whom it presents methods quite different from the old ones generally practiced. It is an ORIGINAL AND PURELY AMERICAN work, and not made up as books on gardening too often are, by quotations from foreign authors. Every thing is made perfectly plain, and the subject treated in all its details, from the selection of the soil to preparing the products for market.
Página 68 - Herefords — Ayreshires — Galloways — Short - horns — Alderneys or Jerseys — Dutch or Holstein — Management from Birth to Milking, Labor, or Slaughter. CHAPTER XVI.— The Dairy— MilkButter— Cheese— Different KindsManner of Working. CHAPTER XVII. — Sheep — Merino — Saxon— South Down — The Longwooled Breeds— Cotswold— Lincoln — Breeding — Management — Shepherd Dogs. CHAPTER XVIII.
Página 68 - Shade Trees— Wood Lands— Time of Cutting Timber— Tools— Agricultural Education of the Farmer. CHAPTER XIII. — Farm Buildings — House — Barn — Sheds — Cisterns — Various other Outbuildings— Steaming Apparatus. CHAPTER XIV.— Domestic Animals — Breeding— Anatomy— Respiration — Consumption of Food. CHAPTER XV.— Neat or Horned Cattle Devons...
Página 68 - XI.— Miscellaneous Objects of Cultivation, aside from the Ordinary Farm Crops — Broom-corn — Flax— Cotton— Hemp— Sugar Cane Sorghum— Maple Sugar -Tobacco— Indigo— Madder— Wood— SumachTeasel — Mustard — Hops — Castor Bean. CHAPTER XII...
Página 68 - CHAPTER III. — Organic Manures — Their Composition — Animal— Vegetable. CHAPTER IV. — Irrigation and Draining. CHAPTER V.— Mechanical Divisions of Soils — Spading — Plowing— Implements. CHAPTER VI. — The Grasses — Clovers — Meadows — Pastures — Comparative Values of Grasses — Implements for their Cultivation. CHAPTER VII. — Grain, and its Cultivation — Varieties — Growth— Harvesting. CHAPTER VIII.— Leguminous Plants — The Pea— Bean — English Field Bean—...
Página 68 - CHAPTER VIII.— Leguminous Plants — The Pea— Bean — English Field Bean— Tare or Vetch— Cultivation — Harvesting. CHAPTER IX.— Roots and Esculents— Varieties— Growth — Cultivation — Securing the Crops — Uses — Nutritive Equivalents of Different Kinds of Forage.

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