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Vulnera mille ferens cæsa cum prole jacebis ;

Fusa cruentato pallida forma solo : Hostibus ante minax, domino nunc letifer ensis,

Actus erit dextra per tua corda tua : Omne pari cadet exitio ; sceptrumque decusque ;

Et sua cum Sauli corpore tota domus.'


Prabís Pueris quod accidit.

· Bis salveto, ovium phalanx nigrorum!
Lanam, delicias meas, habetis ?'

O quidni duo sacculos habemus ?
En, unum dominæ, alterum magistro !
Sed pravus puer est in angiportu,
Et pravis pueris nihil feremus.'

H. D.

Suum cuique.


με τάχ 'Ιλιόνη κατάγης, ου μίσθον απoίσεις χρύσεον, αλλ' αυτήν όψεαι Ιλιόνην.

H.J. H.

ERRANTEM reddas: non indotatus abibis :

Aspicies dominam, nec pete plura, meam.

H, J, H.

Begone, Dull Care.

BEGONE, dull Care,
I pr’ythee begone from me;

Begone, dull Care,
Thou and I shall never agree.

Long time thou hast been tarrying here,
And fain thou wouldst me kill;

But i' faith, dull Care,
Thou never shalt have thy will.

Too much Care

Will turn a young man grey;

Too much Care
Will turn an old man to clay.

My wife shall dance and I will sing, And merrily pass the day;

For I hold it one of the wisest things To drive dull Care away.


So begone, dull Care,
I prythee begone from me ;

Begone, dull Care,
Thou and I shall never agree.


Atra Cura.

ΜΕΘΕΣ με, Φροντί λυγρα, και φρούδ' ες αιθέρ' έρρες μέθες με, Φροντί λυγρά: τί σοι γάρ έστι καμοί; πάλαι συ τηδε φρουρείς, σοι δ' άσμένη θάνoιμάν μα Δι' άλλα, Φροντί λυγρά, ουχ, ων ερας γε, τεύξει. έκ φροντίδος περιττης πολιαι νέω φύονται η φροντίς η περιττή τύμβον γέροντα ποιεί. αλλ' άσομαι μεν αυτός, γυνή δε συγχορεύσει, υφ' ηδονής θ' και λοιπος διάζεται βίος νων: εν πάσι γαρ σοφοίσιν σοφώτατον νομίζω το φροντίδ' έκσοβήσαι. μέθες ούν με, Φροντί λυγρα, και φρουδ' ες αιθέρ' έρρε: μέθες με, Φροντί λυγρά τί σοι γάρ έστι καμοί ;

F. M.

Samson Agonistes.

Nothing is here for tears, nothing to wail,
Or knock the breast; no weakness, no contempt,
Dispraise or blame; nothing but well and fair,
And what may quiet us in a death so noble.
Let us go find the body, where it lies
Soaked in bis enemies' blood; and from the stream
With lavers pure and cleansing herbs wash off
The clotted gore.

I, with what speed the while
(Gaza is not in plight to say us nay)
Will send for all my kindred, all my friends,
To fetch him hence, and solemnly attend
With silent obsequy and funeral train
Home to his father's house. There will I build him
A monument, and plant it round with shade
Of laurel ever green, and branching palm,
With all his trophies hung, and acts enrolled
In copious legend or sweet lyric song.
Thither shall all the valiant youth resort,
And from his memory inflame their breast
To matchless valour and adventures high :
The virgins also shall on feastful days
Visit his tomb with flowers, only bewailing
His lot unfortunate in nuptial choice,
From whence captivity and loss of eyes.


Samson Agonistes.

Talia nec lacrymas moveant, neque pectoris ægrum
Cum gemitu planctum : neque turpe aut debile quicquam
Aut miserum video ; sed pulchræ gloria mortis,
Sed decus, et nostri superant solatia luctus.
Quin agimus : vos fædum hostili cæde cadaver
Quærite, concretumque herbis purisque cruorem
Fontibus abluite. Interea mihi cura propinquos
Conglomerare meos, (neque enim jam Gaza volentes
Impedit,) et pleno comitantes agmine amicos ;
Qui patrias illum, deflendum funus, ad aulas
Solennis referant per justa silentia pompæ.
Mox etiam lauro cingam monumenta perenni,
Hac exstructa manu, patulaque tropæa sub umbra
Pendebunt platani, quæcunque a Marte triumphans
Abstulit; inscriptasque viri longo ordine dotes,
Vel lyrici mira ponam dulcedine cantus.
Hæc celebrent olim fortis monumenta juventus,
Accendentque animos, ut tanta exempla colentes
Protinus intrepidi sanctæ fastigia famæ
Affectent virtute nova; festisque diebus
Florea virgineæ fundent ibi serta catervæ,
Lævaque plorabunt hymenæi fata catenas
Artubus immisisse graves, oculisque tenebras.

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