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Sandy's Ghost.

THE Moon had climbed the highest hill

Which rises o'er the source of Dee, And from the eastern summit shed

Her silvery light o'er tower and tree; When Mary laid her down to sleep,

Her thoughts on Sandy far at sea, When low and soft a voice she heard

Say, Mary, weep no more for me.' She from her pillow gently raised

Her head, to see who there might be; She saw young Sandy shivering stand,

With visage pale and hollow e'e. • O Maiden dear, cold is my clay,

• It lies beneath a stormy sea; • Far far from thee I sleep in death,

So, Mary,—weep no more for me.

• O Maiden dear, thyself prepare,

We soon shall meet upon that shore, • Where love is free from doubt and care,

. And we shall meet to part no more.' Loud crowed the cock; the Shadow fled;

No more of Sandy could she see;
But soft the parting Spirit said,
Sweet Mary, weep no more for me.'

Old Ballad.

Alexis Umbra.

Quod perlucentis spectat cunabula Devæ,

Luna super summum fulserat alba jugum ; Argentique faces Eoi a vertice coeli

Sparserat in silvas turrigerasque domos. In lecto composta, suum jam Phyllis Alexin

Visa erat in somnis per freta longa sequi, Quum pressum irrepsit murmur, ‘Mea Phylli, quiescas;

• Desine torqueri, quod tuus absit Amor.' Sustulit a mæsto tremulum caput illa cubili,

Quæsitum in thalamo quis sit et unde suy; Et stare algentem perterrita vidit Alexin,

Exsangui vultu luminibusque cavis. • Sternor ego exanimis, vita ( mihi carior ipsa,

• Intempestivo pulvis et ossa mari; • Te procul addicor morti: mea Phylli, quiescas :

• Desine vexari, quod tuus absit Amor. · Suave meum, non longa mora est, quin mollia tangas

Numina, et in sacra congrediamur humo; • Qua manet inconcussa Fides, secura laborum;

Qua gremio nunquam diripiere meo.' Fortiter increpuit gallus : vaga fugit Imago :

Solvitur ante oculos quod fuit omne viri ; Sed tenere abscedens dixit; “Mea Phylli, quiescas ;

• Desine turbari, quod tuus absit Amor.

H. D.

The old Gentleman of Tobago.

There was an old man of Tobago,
Who lived on rice-gruel and sago;

Till, much to his bliss,

His physician said this ;
* To a leg, Sir, of mutton you may go.'

Gammer Gurton,

Had I a Cabe.

Had I a cave on some wild distant shore,
Where the winds howl to the wave's dashing roar,

Then would I weep my woes,
Then seek my lost repose,

Till grief my eyes should close,
Ne'er to wake more.

Falsest of woman-kind, can’st thou declare
All thy fond plighted vows fleeting as air ?

To thy new lover hie ;
Laugh o'er thy perjury;

Then in thy bosom try,
What peace is there.


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Senex Tarentinus.

Senex æger in Tarento
De oryxa et pulmento
Vili vixerat invento;
Donec Medicus
Seni inquit valde læto,
• Senex æger, o gaudeto,
Crus ovinum jam non veto,

Tibi benedicus.

H. D.

Dabiz, improba, pænas.

O si me teneat deserti litoris antrum,

Raucus ubi fractis obstrepit Eurus aquis ; Qua mala flens aliquam possim reparare quietem,

Dum caput æterno cura sopore premat!

Tun’ promissa potes levibus committere ventis

Tot tua, fallendis fæmina nata viris ? Quære novos ignes : recita perjuria ridens:

Dein scrutare tuum, sisne beata, sinum.

B, H. K.

Henry Ev.


I SAY, the earth did shake when I was born.

And I say, the earth was not of my mind,
If you suppose, as fearing you it shook.

The heavens were all on fire, the earth did tremble.

HOTSPUR. 0, then the earth shook to see the heavens on fire, And not in fear of your nativity. Diseased nature oftentimes breaks forth In strange eruptions: oft the teeming earth Is with a kind of colick pinch'd and vex’d By the imprisoning of unruly wind Within her womb; which, for enlargement striving, Shakes the old beldame earth, and topples down Steeples and inoss-grown towers. At your birth, Our grandam earth, having this distemperature, In passion shook.


Cousin, of many men
I do not bear these crossings. Give me leave
To tell you once again, that, at my birth,
The front of heaven was full of fiery shapes;
The goats ran from the mountains, and the herds
Were strangely clamorous to the frighted fields.
These signs have mark'd me extraordinary ;
And all the courses of my life do shew,
I am not in the roll of cominon men.


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