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Geta et Doro.

Geta et Doro,

Magnæ homines spei,
Jacebant in toro

Ad quartam diei.
Tum exsiliens Geta,

Viso æthere, ‘Pol,'
Ait, “frater, O frater,

Nitet medius Sol!
I propera præ

Cum sacculo et amphora,
Et mox sequar te
Ego pone cum Samphora*:


Inscriptum in Annulo antiquo.

VERNI canoris in Noti suspiriis
Coeleste vocis audiam melos tuæ ;
Oculi videbo fulgidi purum jubar
Non infidelis Hesperi sub ignibus :
Formosa mentem Luna depinget tuam ;
Teque intuebor, intuens cæli vias.



* Oủk élas, w Eaubopa; ARISTOPH, Nub.

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Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom.

Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom,
On thee shall press no ponderous tomb :

But o'er thy turf shall roses rear

Their leaves, the earliest of the year,
And the wild cypress wave in tender gloom :

And oft, by yon blue gushing stream,

Shall Sorrow lean her drooping head,
And feed deep thoughts with many a dream,

And ling’ring pause and lightly tread :
Fond wretch! as if her step disturb’d the dead !

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Away; we know that tears are vain,

That death nor heeds, nor hears distress :
Will this unteach us to complain ?

Or make one mourner weep the less ?
And thou—who tell’st me to forget,
Thy looks are wan, thine eyes are wet.


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Cui dolet, meminit.

O QUAM virentem nil potuit Venus
Juvare, letum quin raperet citum,
Te nulla sopitam sepulcra

Mole prement et inane marmor!
Sed rite flores, munera cespiti
Nascentis anni prima, feret rosa ;
Mostumque caligans cupressus

Funerea trepidabit umbra.
Quin, ille rivus qua vitrea scatet
Lympha, revertens sæpe Aliquis caput
Recline demittet, sub ima

Multa agitans simulacra mente;
Lentumque nullo cum strepitu pedem
Sistens, favillam lene premet tuam;
Ceu gressus (ah! frustra laborans)

Exanimem cinerem moveret.
Actum est! dolores scilicet irriti :
Nec curat Orci sæva necessitas
Audire ! dediscas querelam

Et nimios iterare luctus.
Sed manat eheu! lacryma non minus ;
Tuque ipse, fletum qui memorem jubes
Cessare, tabescis recenti

Imbre genam tenerosque vultus.

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Two such I saw, what time the labour'd ox
In his loose traces from the furrow came,
And the swink'd hedger at his supper sat;
I saw them under a green mantling vine,
That crawls along the side of yon small hill,
Plucking ripe clusters from the tender shoots.
Their port was more than human as they stood :
I took it for a fairy vision
Of some gay creatures of the element,
That in the colours of the rainbow live,
And play i’ the plighted clouds. I was awe-struck,
And as I past, I worshipt. If those you seek,
It were a journey like the path to Heaven
To help you find them.



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ΤοΙΩΔ' εσείδον, ευτε νικηθείς πάνω ζεύγλαισι χαλαραις ήλθε βούς απ' αύλακος, δειπνών καθητο δ' αγρότης έργω βαρύς. τoιώδ' εσείδον αμπέλου δ' υπό σκιά χλωράς, πλατείας, τουδ' έφερπούσης λόφου εική βραχείαν δειράδ', ορπήκων απο βότρυν πεπειρον είλον εστώτος δ' ιδειν ζεύγους εφαίνετ' ου κατάνθρωπον φύσις. όναρ δ' έγωγε, κουχ ύπαρ, νιν εισoράν έδoξ', άγαλμα ποικίλειμον αιθέρος, ένναιον αιόλαισιν "Ίριδος βαφαις, νεφελών τε παιζον εν πτυχαις πεπλεγμένων. ιδών δ' εθάμβουν προσεκύνουν δε προσμολών. ει δ' ουν συ ταύτης, ης λέγω, ξυνωρίδος ήκεις κατά ζήτησιν, ουρανού τις ήν οδος, το τούσδε κάμε συζητείν ομού.

C, J. V.

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