The Sydney Magazine of Science and Art, Volumen1

J. W. Waugh, 1858

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Página 111 - And he said, Lo, it is yet high day, neither is it time that the cattle should be gathered together: water ye the sheep, and go and feed them.
Página 255 - It is indeed truly said that the spirit of the present age has an evident tendency to confront the figures of speech with the figures of arithmetic; it being impossible not to observe a growing distrust of mere hypothetical theory and a priori assumption, and the appearance of a general conviction that, in the business of social science, principles are valid for application only inasmuch as they are legitimate induction from facts, accurately observed and methodically classified.
Página 254 - The Science of Statistics differs from Political Economy, because, although it has the same end in view, it does not discuss causes, nor reason upon probable effects; it seeks only to collect, arrange, and compare, that class of facts which alone can form the basis of correct conclusions with respect to social and political government.
Página 111 - And thither were all the flocks gathered: and they rolled the stone from the well's mouth, and watered the sheep, and put the stone again upon the well's mouth in his place.
Página 209 - ... and dependence of the different classes of the phenomena. A bold attempt at such a generalization has been made by M. Helmholtz. The science of Thermodynamics starts from the principle, that perpetual motion is impossible, or, in other words, that we cannot, by any combination of natural bodies, produce force out of nothing. In mechanical force, this principle is reducible to the known law of the conservation of vis rim; and M.
Página 205 - ... days. This remarkable fact, and the relation which it appears to bear to certain phenomena of terrestrial magnetism, have attracted fresh interest to the study of the solar surface ; and, upon the suggestion of Sir John Herschel, a photoheliographic apparatus has lately been established at Kew, for the purpose of depicting the actual macular state of the sun's surface from time to time.
Página 207 - Stokes has shown that, when the incident light is polarized, the plane of vibration of the diffracted ray must differ from that of the incident, the two planes being connected by a very simple relation. It only remained, therefore, for observation to determine whether the planes of polarization of the incident and refracted rays were similarly related or not. The experiment was undertaken by Prof.
Página 206 - ... were subject to periodical laws, depending upon the hour at each station. The laws of this periodicity have been ably worked out by General Sabine, in his discussion of the results of the British Colonial Observatories ; and he has added the important facts, that the same phenomena observe also the two other periods already noticed, namely the annual and the decennial periods. He has further arrived at the very remarkable result, that the decennial magnetic period coincides, both in its duration...
Página 204 - Chacornac, made at the observatory of Marseilles, in course of publication by the French Government; and that of Mr. Cooper, made at his observatory at Markree, in Ireland, which is now being published by the help of the Parliamentary Grant of the Royal Society. It is a remarkable result of the latter labor, that no fewer than seventy-seven stars, previously catalogued, are now missing.
Página 205 - But the only certain fact which has been added to science in this department is the proof given by Arago that the light of the sun emanated (not from an incandescent solid, but) from a gaseous atmosphere, the light of incandescent solid bodies being polarized by refraction, while the light of the sun, and that emitted by gaseous bodies, is unpolarized. According to the observations of Schwabe, which have been continued without intermission for more than thirty years, the magnitude of the solar surface...

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