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O ye keen and gusty mountains,

On whose top I braved the sky!

[blocks in formation]

O ye birds whose matin chorus

Taught me to rejoice and bless!

[blocks in formation]

O ye friends, whose converse cheering,

Wing'd the hours with social mirth!

Songs of gladness, chasing sadness,
Wine's delight, without its madness;

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


ETERNAL and Omnipotent Unseen!

Who bad'st the world, with all its lives complete,

Start from the void and thrill beneath thy feet,

Thee I adore with reverence serene;

Here, in the fields, thine own cathedral meet,

Built by thyself, star-roof'd, and hung with green,

Wherein all breathing things in concord sweet,

Organ’d by winds, perpetual hymns repeat.

Here hast thou spread that Book to every eye,

Whose tongue and truth all, all may read and prove, On whose three blessed leaves-Earth, Ocean, Sky,

Thine own right hand hath stamp'd might, justice, love; Grand Trinity, which binds in due degree,

God, man, and brute, in social unity.


BEAUTIFUL Earth! O how can I refrain

From falling down to worship thee? Behold,

Over the misty mountains springs amain

The glorious Sun; his flaming locks unfold

Their gorgeous clusters, pouring o'er the plain

Torrents of light. Hark! Chanticleer has toll’d

His matin bell, and the lark's choral train

Warble on high hosannas uncontroll’d.

All nature worships thee, thou new-born day!

Blade, flower, and leaf, their dewy offerings pay

Upon the shrine of incense-breathing earth; Birds, flocks, and insects, chaunt their morning lay;

Let me, too, join in the thanksgiving mirth, And praise, through thee, the God that gave thee birth.

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