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Sabatier, 41 ; Butylene Monobroraides, E. Reboul, 47 ; the Direct Combination of Metals with Chlorine and Bromine, Gautier and Charpy, 47 ; a New Hydroxylamine, Dr. de Bruyn, 48; a Text-book of Chemical Physiology and Pathology, W. D. Halliburton, Dr. E. H. Starling, 51; Two New Phospho-iodidesof Boron, H. Moissan, 67 ; Action of Aqueous Solution of Ammonia on Phthalic Chloride, Hoogewerff and van Dorp, 72 ; a Double Chloride of Copper and Lithium, A. Chassevant, 72; Existence of Acid or Basic Salts of Monobasic Acids in very Dilute Solutions, D. Berthelot, 72 ; Arithmetical Exercises in Chemistry, Leonard Dobbin, 76; Mond and Langer on Iron Carbonyl, 89; Berthelot on the Oxidation of Nickel Carbonyl, 89; Chemical Society, 92, 213, 262, 382, 429, 452, 525, 550, 623; Prof. Bunsen and the Chemical Society, 469; Magnetic Rotatory Power of Solu tions of Ammonia and Sodium Salts of Fatty Acids, Dr. W. H. Perkin, F.R.S., 92; Action of Water Gas on Iron, Roscoe and Scudder, 92; Dissociation of Liquid Nitrogen Peroxide, J. T. Cundale, 92; Ortho- and Para-nitro-ortho-toluidine, Green and Lawson, 92; Gedda Gums, the Dextro-rotatory Varieties, C. O'Sullivan, 93 ; Some Compounds of Oxides of Silver and Lead, Emily Aston, 93; Electrolysis of Potassium Acetate Solutions, Dr. T. S. Murray, 93; New Method of Preparing 8-dinaphthylene Oxide, Hodgkinson and Limpach, 93; Van der Waals's Generalizations regarding Corresponding Temperatures, Pressures, and Volumes, Prof. Sydney Young, 93; Heat of Formation of Hydrazine and Hydrazoic Acid, Berthelot and Matignon, 95 ; the Dielectric Power, Julien Lefebvre, 95 ; Treatise on the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, George Lunge, Ph.D., Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 121 ; a Hand-book of Industrial Organic Chemistry, Samuel P. Sadtler, 125 ; Further Researches upon Azoimide, N3H, A. E. Tutton, 127 ; Phosphides of Boron, Moissan and Besson, 136 ; the Bromine Derivatives of Methyl Chloride, A. Besson, 143; the Ammonia in the Air and Rain of a Tropical Region, Marcano and Muntz, 143; Attraction of Liquid Oxygen by Faraday Magnet, Prof. Dewar, 154; Curious Compound of Lead Sodium and Ammonia, Joannis, 158 ; Vapour Tensions of Cobalt Chloride Solutions, Georges Charpy, 167 ; Thermal Data concerning Active Malic Acid and Potassium and Sodium Malates, G. Massol, 167; Ammonia in Atmospheric Waters, Albert Levy, 168; Chemical Constitution of Adenin and Hypoxanthin, Dr. Kriiger, 168; two New Methods of preparing Free Solid Hydroxylamine, M. Crismer, 185 ; the Three Basicities of Phosphoric Acid, D. Berthelot, 192; a Green Solid Chromic Sulphate, A. Recoura, 192 ; Crystallization of Tetra-iodide of Carbon, M. Moissan, 209; Phosphorous Oxide, ii., Thorpe and Tutton, 213; Frangulin, ii., Thorpe and Miller, 214 ; Structure and Chemistry of Flames, Smithells and Ingle, 214; the Structure of Luminous Flames, A. Smithells, 214; Mydatic Alkaloid Hyoscyamine in Lettuce, T. S. Dymond, 214; Cryptopine, Brown and Perkin, 214; Action of Sodium on Ethereal Salts, in., Benzylic Orthotoluate, R. W. Hodgkinson, 214; New Compounds of Carbonyl Platinum Chloride and Bromide with Ammonia Derivatives, Dr. Foerster, 236; Molecular Weight of Gadolinia, 237; Metallic Borates, H. Le Chatelier, 240; a Silicon Chlorosulphide, A. Besson, 240; Influence of Isomorphism on Behaviour of Double Salts during Solution, Dr. Bakhuis Roozeboom, 240; the Chemistry of Paints and Paintings, A. H. Church, F.R.S., Dr. HugoMiiller, F.R.S., 241 ;Colour and Spectrum of Free Gaseous Fluorine, Moissan, 260; Metallic Hydrosulphides, Linder and Picton, 262; Physical Composition of some Sulphide Solutions, H. Picton, 263; Solution and Pseudo-Solution, ii., Picton and Linder, 263; Change in Acidified Solution of Sodium Thiosulphate, when Products retained within System, A.Colefax, 263 ; Action of Sulphurous Acid on Flowers of Sulphur, A. Colefax, 263; o and 3 Modifications of Chloro-benzene Hexachloride, F. E. Matthews, 263; Sulphochlorides of Isomeric Dibromonaphthalenes, Armstrong and Rossiter, 263; Action of Alcohols on Sulphonic Chlorides as means of producing Ethereal Salts of Sulphonic Acids, Armstrong and Rossiter, 263; Action of Bromine on Mixture of Ortho- and Paranitro-aacenaphthalide, Armstrong and Rossiter, 263; Camphrone, Armstrong and Kipping, 263 ; Metaxylenesulphonic Acids, ii., G. T. Moody, 263; Direct Combination of Nitrogen with the Alkaline Earthy Metals, Maquenne, 264; Nitration of Hydrocarbons of the Methane Series, Konovaloff, 264; Magnesium Nitride, Dr. Merz, 280; Manganates of Potash, G. Rousseau, 288; Outlines of Practical Physiological

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Skinner, 430; the Isothermals of Mixtures of Gases, Prof. Tait, 431; Researches on Ethyl Monochlor-, Monobrom-, and Monocyanacetoacetate, Haller and Held, 432 ; Tartronic Acid and Tartronates of Sodium and Potassium, G. Massol, 432; Prize offered by Schnyder von Wartensee's (Zurich) Foundation, 443 ; Chromosulphuric Acid, M. Recoura, 445; Phosphorous Oxide, A. E. Tutton, 446; Search for a Cellulose-dissolving Enzyme in Digestive Tract of certain Grainfeeding Animals, H. T. Brown, 452; on the Influence of Oxygen and Concentration on Fermentation, A. J. Brown, 453; Limettin, W. A. Tilden, 453; the Acid Action of Drawing-papers, Prof. Hartley, 453 ; the Heats of Formation of Potassium Carballylates, G. Massol, 456; the Composition of Haemocyanin, M. Zune, 456; Milk Ferment Identical with " Kefyr " in use in Canada and United States, C. L. Mix, 471; New Mode of Synthesizing Tartaric Acid, M. Genvresse, 472; the Density of Aqueous Solutions, Georges Charpy, 480; a Study of the Velocity of Decomposition of Diazo-compounds of Water, P. T. Muller and J. Hausser, 480; the late Prof. Stas's "Silver " (the results of further Stochiometrical Investigations), Prof. Spring, 497; the Action of Dry Hydrochloric Acid Gas on Dry Carbonates, Wilson and Hughes, 503; Researches on Samarium, Lecoq de Boisbaudran, 504; Periodic Heat Maxima observed in Spectra furnished by Flint and Crown Glass and Rock Salt, M. Aymonnet, 504; some Well-defined Alloys of Sodium, M. Joannis, 504; Citric Acid, G. Massol, 504; Pyrogenous Hydrocarbons formed in the Compressed Gas Industry, A. Brochet, 504; a Treatise on Chemistry, Sir H. E. Roscoe, F.R.S., and C. Schorlemmer, F.R.S., 509; Prof. Ignace Vonberg, 518 ; the Properties of Amorphous Boron, A. E. Tutton, 522; Rule for determining whether a given Benzene Mono-derivative shall give a Meta-di-derivative or a Mixture of Ortho- and Para-di-derivatives, Brown and Gibson, 525; Relative Orienting Effect of Chlorine, (1) the Constitution of Parabrom- and Parachloranilinesulphonic Acids, Armstrong and Briggs, 525 ; Anhydrides of Sulphonic Acids, H. E. Armstrong, 525; the Aconite Alkaloids, ii., Dunstan and Umney, 525; Do., iii., Dunstan and Passmore, 525; the Carbon deposited by Coal Gas Flames, W. Foster, 525; Chromic Acid, Eleanor Field, 525; Origin of Acetylene in Flames, V. B. Lewes, 525; the Properties of Amorphous Boron, H. Moissan, 527; Combinations of Cuprous Iodide with Ammonium Thiosulphate, E. Brun, 528; the Principles of Chemistry, D. Mendeleeff, 529; Synthesization of Two New Liquids containing Fluorine, M. Meslans, 547; Conditions of Combination between Cyanides of Zinc and Mercury, W. R. Dunstan, 550; Lecture Experiment to Illustrate Phenomena of Coal Dust Explosions, T. E. Thorpe, 551; Production of Ketone 1:2:4; Acetorthoxylene from Camphor by Action of Sulphuric Acid and Zinc Chloride, Armstrong and Kipping, 551; Platinum Tetrachloride, W. Pullinger, 551; a New Acid from Camphoric Acid, W. H. Perkin, Jun., 551 ; Specific Rotatory and Cupric Reducing Power of Invert Sugar, and of Dextrose obtained from Cane Sugar by Means of Invertase, J. O'Sullivan, 551; Ethyldimethylamidobenzene, Hodgkinson and Limpach, 551; Action of Nitric Acid on Oxanilide and its Analogues, A. G. Perkin, 551; Action of Potassium Fluoride on Anhydrous Chlorides, C. Poulenc, 552; Anhydrous Sulphates of Zinc, Nickel, Copper, and Cobalt obtained in Crystals, M. Klobb, 569; the Difference of Colloid Oxides and Crystalline Hydrates. Van Bemmelen, 576; Ethylaldoxime, Franchimont, 576; Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Frank Clowes and J. Bernard Coleman, 578; Titanium Phenylate and otherCompounds in which Hydroxylic Hydrogen of Phenols is replaced by Titanium, M. Levy, 589; Recent Advances in Physical Chemistry, Prof. W. Ostwald, 590; Experiments on the Inert Layer in Emulsions of Chloroform and Soda, Dr. Budde, 599 ; Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry, Lothar Meyer, Prof. M. M. Pattison Muir, 601 ; Synopsis of Non-Metallic Chemistry, William Briggs, 604; Chemical Calculations, R. Lloyd Whiteley, 604; Silent Combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, Prof. Victor Meyer and Herr Askenasy, 616

Cheshire (F.), Wave Motion Model, 347

Chicago, the Congress of Electricians at, 19

Chicago Exhibition: Australia and the, 113 ; Economic British Minerals at the, 155 ; Proposed Indian Bureau Exhibit, 184; Proposed U.S. Patent Office Exhibit in Illustration of Progress of Mechanical Civilization, 207; Messrs. Siemens and Halske's Exhibit (Electrical Engineering), 207; Prof. Putnam's Anthropological Exhibit at, 259 ; the English Electrical Exhibit, 377 ; Cabot Relics to be sent to, 443; Electricity Building at, 443; Monster Steam Hammer, 497; the South African Diamond Industry at, 567 ; Leather Industry at the, 587; Use of Mica at the, 615

Chilton (Charles), a New Isopod, 66

China, the Origin of the Ass, the Cat, and the Sheep in, Dr. Macgowan, 285

China, the Manchu Race, 523

China to Simla, Capt. Bower's Joumey from, 615

Chinese Fibres, 278

Chloroform and Soda, Experiments on the Inert Layer in Emulsions of, Dr. Budde, 599

Chree (C.): Long Rotating Circular Cylinders, 455; Change in Dimensions of Electric Solids due to given System of Forces, 527

Chromosphere Spectrum, Note on the, Prof. C. A. Young, 28

Chromosphere Line Angstrom 6676-9, Rev. A. L. Cortie, 103;

Prof. C. A. Young, 198 Chronophotography: Use of, for Study of Aerial Locomotive

Machines, Marey, 71 ;Chronophotography or Photography as

Applied to Moving Objects, 228 Church (A. H., F.R.S.), the Chemistry of Paiuts and Paintings,

Dr. Hugo Miiller, F.R.S., 241 Circulation of the Atmosphere, the General, Dr. J. M. Pernter,

593 Cirques, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 391 ; Prof. G. Frederick

Wright, 317; Prof. Israel C. Russell, 317 City and Guilds of London Institute, Report on 1891 Technological Examinations, 38

Civilization, Ancient, of Central America, Alfred P. Maudslay, 617

Clarke (Sir Andrew, F.R.S.), Elected (fifth time) President of Royal College of Physicians, 566

Clarke (W. E.), the Great Skua in Scotland, 545

Clerke (A. M.), Qiuvres Completes de Christiaan Huygens, 434

Climate of British Empire during 1891, 38

Climate, Changefulness of Temperature as an Element of, 610

Climatology: the Weather Bureau of the United States, 86; Projected Exhibition of Instruments, &c, relating to, 258

Cloud Observations at Sea, Prof. C. Abbe, 70

Clouds, Luminous, Proposals for a Co-operative Observation of the So-called, 117

Clouds, Nacreous, T. W. Backhouse, 365

Clowes (Frank and J. Bernard Coleman), Quantitative ChemicU Analysis, 578

Clutterbuck (Walter J.), About Ceylon and Borneo, 149

Coagulation of the Blood, Pekelharing, 600

Coal on Tenasserim River, Discovery of, 496

Coal-Dust Explosion, Lecture Experiment to illustrate Phenomena of, T. E. Thorpe, 551

Cobelli (Dr. R.), Movements of the Flower and Fruit of Erodium gruinum, 478

Coccid, the Icerya purchasi at St. Helens, 115

Cockerell (T. D. A.), Alpine Rubi, 320

Cocoa-nut Palms of Jamaica, Disease among the, 88

Cocoons, Variations in the Colour of, W. Bateson, 143

Cohen (E.), Meteoric Iron, 69

Coke Industry, the Utilization of the By-products of the, Dr. B. Terne, 157

Colchester, Capture of a Spotted Eagle near, 158

Cole (F. N.), Klein's Modular Functions, 597

Cole (Prof. G. A. ].), the Variolite of Annalong, Co. Down, 455

Colefax (A.): Change in Acidified Solution of Sodium Thiosulphate when Products retained within System, 263; Action of Sulphurous Acid on Flowers of Sulphur, 263

Coleman (J. Bernard) and Frank Clowes, Quantatitive Chemical Analysis, 578

Colleges, University, in Great Britain, Report of Committee on Grants to, 544

Colliding Bodies, the Virial of a System of Hard, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 80

Colliery Manager's Hand-book, Caleb Pamely, 77

Collins (F. Howard), Migration of the Lemming, 149

Colloid Solutions, on the Nature of, C. E. Linebarger, 622

Colot (Edmond), on the Tensions of Saturated Vapours of Different Liquids at the same Pressure, 528

Colour, First Visible, of Incandescent Iron, Capt. A. Noble, F.R.S., 484

Colour Blindness, Hering on a Rare Case of, 115 ; and Colour Perception, F. W. Edridge Green, 195

Colour Photography by Lippmann's Process, 119

Colour Photometry, Captain Abney, 213; First Visible Colour of Incandescent Iron, Capt. A. Noble, F.R.S., 484

Colours of Fish and other Animals, a Medium for Preserving the, 212

Colours, Warning, Frank E. Beddard, 78; Edward B. Poulton, F.R.S., 174; W. L. Distant, 174

Colours, Supplementary, Prof. S. P. Thompson, F.R.S., 452

Colours, on Insect, F. H. Perry Coste, 513, 541

Colson (Albert), on the Flow of Liquids in Capillary Tubes, 120

Columbia, British, the Similkameen Indians of, Mrs. Allison, 164

Columbia College, New York, Electrical Engineering at School of Mines, 207

Columbus Marine Biological Station at Jamaica, Proposed, 401 ; Prof. Ray Lankester, 420

Columbus, Quatercentenary of Discovery of America by, Botanical International Congress to be held at Genoa in connection with Celebration, 545

Comenius (Johann Amos), Tercentenary of Birth of, 495

Cometary Matter, Refractive Power of, E. E. Barnard, 237

Comets: Tempel-Swift's Periodic Comet, 21; Tempel3-Swift Comet, 159 ; Comet Swift, March 6, 54S; Wolf's Periodic Comet, 42 ; Dr. Berberich, 237; Wolf's Comet, 1891 II., Herr Dr. Thraen, 548; Capture of Comets by Planets, Prof. H. A. Newton, 186; Re-discovery of Brooks's Comet (1890 II.). 326; a New Comet discovered by Prof. Lewis Swiit, 446 ; Prof. Krueger on Motions of Periodic Comets, 446; a Bright Comet, 473; New Comet, W. F. Denning, 484, 513 . Denning's Comet (<* 1S92), Dr. R. Schorr, 569; Comet Swift

1892, 569: Winnecke's Comet, Dr. G. F. Haerdtl, 617 Commerce, Evolution of, Gardiner G. Hubbard, 588 ConchoJogy of the West Coast of South America, Robert E. C.

Stearns, 89
Congo, French, Copper Mines of, 135

Congress, Botanical International, to be held at Genoa in connection with Celebration of Quatercentenary of Discovery of

America by Columbus, 545 Congress at Chicago, Proposed International Electrical, 64, 278 Connaissance des Temps, 186 Conn (Prof. H. W.), the Living World, Whence it Came and

Whither it is Drifting, 317 Cons (Miss E.), Polytechnics and Recreation, 28 Coode (Sir John), Death of, 443 Cooke (M. C), British Edible fungi, 75 Cope (Prof. E. D.), Discovery of New Species of Frog in New

Jersey, 208 Copeland (Ralph): New Star in the Milky Way, 325; New

Star in Auriga, 454, 527 Copemicet la Decouverte du Systeme du Monde, Camille Flam

marion, 77
Copper Mines of French Congo, 135

Copper-mining on Lake Superior, Prehistoric Mines in Neigh-
bourhood, E. B. Hinsdale, 39
Cordova Observatory, 446
Corleone, Earthquake at, 184
Comaglia (Signor), Sul Regime delle Spiaggie e sulla Regola-

zione dei Porti, 362 „

Cortie (Rev. A. L.), the Chromosphere Line Angstrom 6676-9,

103 Coste (F. H. Perry): Salts in Natural Waters, 176; on Insect

Colours, 513. 541 ; Pigments of Lepidoptera, 605 Cotes (E. C), the Wild Silk Insects of India, 520 Cottenll (Prof. James A., F.R.S.), Superheated Steam, 414 Courty (M.), Photography of the Eclipsed Moon, 117 Cox (E. J.), Problems in Chemical Arithmetic, 293 Cranbrouk (Lord), and the University Extension Movement,

155 Crane (Agnes), the Mexican Atlatl or Spear-Thrower, 102 Crawford (A.), Results of the Government Travelling Dairy in

Victoria, 39 Crawshay (Mrs. R. M.): the Recent Eclipse of the Moon,

134; a Double Moon, 224 Cremation, Progress of, 379 Crew (Dr. Henry), Observations of the Spectrum of Nova

Auriga;, 569 Crichton-Browne (Harold), Dwarfs and Dwarf Worship, 269 Crime, Photography applied to the Detection of, Dr. Paul

Jeserich, 568 Crismer (M.), Two New Methods of preparing Free Solid

Hydroxyiamine, 185 Crocuses, Sparrows and, R. McLachlan, F.R.S., 441 Croft (W. B.): Nickel Heat Engine, 392; Sensitive Water

Jets, 606
Cromer Drift, Striated Surface under the, William Sherwood, 511
Crookes (Prof. W., F.R.S.), Electricity in Relation to Science, 63
Croonian Lectures, 19
Crops, Farm, J. Wrightson, 247

Cruise on the Broads, How to Organize a, E. R. Suffling, 52
Crum (John), Prof. Wiborgh's Air Pyrometers, 304
Crustacea, Freshwater : a New *' Isopod," Charles Chilton, 66
Cryptogams: British Edible Fungi, M. C. Cooke, 75
Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition, the Coming, 64
Crystal Palace Electrical Exhibition, 113, 261, 356
Crystals, Ice, Gilbert Rigg, 319; Bernard Hobson, 365
Cuckoo, Torpid, A. Holte Macpherson, 416
Cundale (J. T.), Dissociation of Liquid Nitrogen Peroxide, 92
Cunningham (Dr. D. J., F.R.S.), the Skeleton of the Irish

Giant Cornelius Magrath, 147
Cunningham (Prof. J. T.), Growth of the Pilchard or Sar-
dine, 255, 558
Cunningham (Rev. Prof. W.), the Relativity of Economic

Doctrine, 519
Cuthbertson (Clive), Mental Arithmetic, 78
Cyclone Memoirs of the Arabian Sea, W. L. Dallas, 135
Cyclone, the Samoan, of March 16, 1889, 161
Cyclone in Siam, 86
Cyclones in the Arabian Sea, 276
Cyclones in Europe, 114
Cyclopaedia of Nature Teachings, H. Macmillan, 248

Cygni, the Relative Motion of 61, Prof. A. Hall, 547

Cygaus, Photographs of a Part of, M. Faye. 624

Cyst, Formation of a Temporary, in the Fresh-water Annelid

ALolosoma, Frank E. Beddard, 28
Czapski (Prof.), the Calculable Limit of Microscopic Views, 575

Daffodil in the Basses Pyrenees, Extermination of the Wild, 545
Dairy Farming in Victoria, Results of the Government Travel-
ling Dairy, A. Crawford, 39
Dakyns (J. R.), the Plutonic Rocks of Garabal Hill and Meall

Breac, 360
Dallas (W. L), Cyclone Memoirs of the Arabian Sea, 135
Dallinger (Rev. W. H., F.R.S.), the Microscope and its

Revelations, W. B. Carpenter, F.R.S., Prof. E. Ray Lan

kester, F.R.S., 313 Darwin (Charles), Boehm's Statue of, 19 Darwin (Francis, F.R.S.), elected Member of Athenrcurn Club,

566 Darwin (Prof. G. H., F.R.S.). the Capture of Lexell's Comet

by Jupiter, 526; "The Cause of an Ice Age," Sir Robert

Ball, F.R.S., 289 Darwinian Society of Edinburgh, the, 19; William White, S3;

John S. Flett, 104 Dary (George), L'Electricile dans la Nature, 460 David (T. W. E.), on Volcanic Action in Eastern Australia and

Tasmania, 424 Davis (Floyd)," An Elementary Hand-book on Potable Waters,"

Prof. Percy F. Frankland, F.R.S., 25 Davison (C), the Elements of Plane Trigonometry, 509 Dawes (Prof. W. M.), Ferrel's View of the General Circulation

of the Atmosphere, 357 Dawson (Sir J. William, F.R.S.), Dr. Carpenter, on Eozoon,

461, 606 Deep-Sea Deposits (Challenger Expedition), Murray and

Renard's Report on, Prof. John Judd, F.R.S., 409 Delagoa Bay, its Natives and Natural History, Rosa Monteiro,

124 Deniker (J.), and P. Hyades, Mission Scientifique de Cap Horn,

577 Denning (D.), the Art and Craft of Cabinet-Making, 459 Denning (W. F.) : the Red Sp.n on Jupiter, 272 ; Large Meteor

of January 24, 1892, 317; Rotation of Jupiter, 473; New

Comet, 484 ; a New Comet, 513 Denning's Comet (b 1892), Dr. R. Schorr, 569 Derrecagaix (General), New Measurement of the Perpignan

Base, 384 Deslandres (M.), the Motion of Stars in the Line of Sight, 117;

Photography of Solar Prominences, 404, 522 Determinants, the Theory of, in the Historical Order of its

Development, Thoma* Muir, 481 Deutsches Meteorologisches Jahrbuch, 1890, 587 Devonian Limestone of South Devon, on the Microscopic

Structure and Residues insoluble in Hydrochloric Acid in the,

Edward Wethered, 597 Devonshire, the late Duke of, and Science, 1S2 Devonshire (Duke of), Election to Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 233; Preliminary Installation as

Chancellor of University of Cambridge, 257 Dewar (Prof.), Attractions of Liquid Oxygen by Faraday

Magnet, 154 Dewdney (Hon. E.), Aborigines of the Dominion of Canada,

587 Diamond Industry at the Chicago Exhibition, the South African,

567 Diamonds in the Iron, a new Locality for Meteoric Iron, with

a Preliminary Notice of the Discovery of, Prof. A. E. Foote,

178 Diatoms, Alleged Pseudopodes of, Alfred W. Bennett, 177 Dictionary, the Century, W. Dwight Whitney, 316 Dielectric Power, the, Julien Lefebvre, 95 Dietrich (Dr. F. C), Death of, 155 Diffraction Effects produced by placing Screens in Front of

Object Glasses, Prof. Pritchard, 237 Dines (W. H.), Anemometer Comparisons, 623 Dinornis, Evidence of a Wing in, Henry O. Forbes, 257 Diphtheria, its Natural History and Prevention, by R. Thorne

Thorne, F.R.S., 123 Diptera, an Account of British Flies, Hon. M. Cordelia E.

Leigh and F. V. Theobald, 173 Disease, a Zoologist (Dr. Elie Metschnikoff) on, Prof. E. Ray

Lankester, F.R.S., 505

Distant (W. L.), Warning Colours, 174

Distribution of Energy in Stellar Spectra, Prof. Pickering, 159

Dittmar (William), Obituary Notice of, 493

Dixon (Edward T.)> the Implications of Science, 125, 272, 391

Dixon (J. E.), Curious Death of a Ring-tailed Opossum, 88

Dixon (Mr.), the Logical Foundations of Applied Mathematical Sciences, 407

Dobbie (J. J.), Corydaline, 383

Dobbin (Leonard), Arithmetical Exercises in Chemistry, 76

Dog, the Anatomy of the, 16

Dog, the Tubercular Vaccination of the, Hencourt and Richet, 576

Dog working in a Treadmill, Assimilation of Diet investigated on a, Dr. Rosenberg, 599

Dogs, Intelligence of, 177

Dorp (W. A. van), Action of Aqueous Solution of Ammonia on Phthalic Chloride, 72

Double Orange, Gerald B. Francis, 607

Downing (F. S.), Death of, 85

Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra, A. Fowler, 427

Dredging Operations in the Eastern Pacific, Prof. Alexander Agassiz, 281

Drouin (R.), Fixation of Nitrogen by Arable Soils, 192

Du Bois-Reymond (Prof. E., F.R.S.), on the Relation of Natural Science to Art, 200, 224

Dublin Royal Society, 166, 287, '407, 455

Dublin, Trinity College, Tercentenary Celebration of, 378

Dufour (M.), Influence on Electro-Magnetic Resonance of Unsymmetrical Arrangement of Propagation Circuit, 408

Dundas (Capt.), Expedition to Mount Kenia in East Africa, Emest Gedge, 566

Dunn (Matthias), Pilchards, 511

Dunstan (W. R.), the Aconite Alkaloids, ii. and iii., 525; Conditions of Combination between Cyanides of Zinc and Mercury, 551

Duppa-Crotch (W.), Migration of the Lemming, 199, 294

Durham (H. E.), Wandering Cells in Echinoderms, &c, 450

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[ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

Eoaraav. Dc W. B. Circwacer oa, Sir I. WC^aaa Dawson.
F. R.S., 4S»- s>» : the Tooor St>?csii>ea oX J- W. Gretory. *$*•
EpiSeicic. a New, 3 Vaesju. 340

Eruoeac:cs. Unteaahf.::T of Ar».>so.Vsr!C Hyevcbeswot Hon. R.
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Wbyamper. ProC T. G. Boaacy, F.R.S., 561
EqaatorU: Afr<ca. ay Secvv».J. otrasy ■.c;~.^^fa. Hnretsa

Wssaaann. 507
Etcitorial Forests asi Rirers of cVoath Aawrtca. A.ire.a;«re>

amidst the, ViUiers Staart. 317
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Erarooa Xorth-West of Paarellena. the October. G. W.

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thrown sp dar.a; the, t^erard W. Bather. Gsvv H. Perrv.

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Batler. 5S4
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Titchener, 177

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