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Fabre (M.), Orthochromatic Plates for Astronomical Photo-
graphy, 280
Falconry, a Bibliography of, J. E. Harting, 67
Famine in Russia, Causes of the, Dr. A. Woeikof, 378
Farm Crops, J. VVrightson, 247
Farrington (O. C), Composition of Iolite, 510
Fauconnier(M.), New Liquid Compounds of Carbon, Oxygen,

and Chlorine, 306 Fauna, Freshwater, of Sumatra, Java, &c, Prof. Max Weber,

408 Faye (M.), on the Variation in Latitude, 570; Photographs of

a part of Cygnus, 624 Fayrer (Sir Joseph, F. R.S.), elected Corresponding Member of

the Royal Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, 585 Featherwork, Surviving Specimens of Ancient Mexican, 66 Fens, the Gradual Extinction of many Species of Lepidoptera

in the, Dr. Wheeler, 567 FerrePs View of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere,

Prof. W. M. Davis, 357 Ferric Oxychloride, a New Crystalline, 24 Fertilization of the Casuarinaceae, 548 Fery (C), a new Spectrometer, 239 Fewkes (J. W.), the Ceremonial Circuit of the Cardinal Points

among the Tusayan Indians, 546 Fibres, Chinese, 278 Field Geology, Outlines of, .Sir Archibald Geikie, F.R.S.,

Prof. A. H. Green, F.R.S.,97 Field (Eleanor), Chromic Acid, 525 Finland, Meteorology of, 87 Finlay (George), the Working and Management of an English

Railway, 116 Finnish Archeology, the late Dr. Reinholm, 496 Finn (Frank), a Tortoise inclosed in Ice, 320 Fish and other Animals, a Medium for Preserving the Colours

of, 212 Fish: Destructon of Immature Sea-Fish, Alfred O. Walker,

176; Ernest W. L. Holt, 249 ; on the Habits of Ceratodus,

the Lung Fish of Queensland, Prof. Spencer, 425; Pilchards,

Matthias Dunn, 511 Fisher (Prof. W. R.), Forestry in America, 611 Fisheries of the Great American Lakes, 259; Fishing through

the Ice, 280 Fisheries, Scotch, 49

Fison (Rev. Lorimer), on Anthropological Study, 426
Fitch (Walter Hood), Obituary Notice of, 302
Fitzgerald (C), Squirrels in Winter, 136

Fitzgerald (Prof. G. F., F.R.S.), the Driving of Electromagnetic Vibrations by Electro-magnetic and Electrostatic

Engines, 358 ; Value of Useless Studies, 392 ; the Functions

of Universities, 513; M. Poincare and Maxwell, 532 Fitzgerald (Prof. M.), the Flexure of Long Pillars under their

own Weight, 479 Fixation of Free Nitrogen, Results of Experiments at Rotham

sted on the Question of the, Dr. J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S., 32 Fizeau (M.), Measurement of Solar Prominences, 422 Flame Coloration. Origin of Prof. Smithell's, 306 Flames, on an Optical Proof of the Existence of Suspended

Matter in, Sir G. Stokes, F.R.S., 133 Flammarion (Camille), Copernic et la Decouverte du Systeme

du Monde, 77 Flett (John S.), the Darwinian Society, 104 Florence, the Sanitary State of, 19

Florida, Opening of a Burial Mound in, C. B. Moore, 567 Flower (William Henry, F.R.S.), the Horse, a Study in Natural

History, 436 Flowers, Travels of a Painter of, 602 Foerste (A. S.), Relationship of Autumn- to Spring-Blossoming

Plants, 478 Foerster (Dr.), New Compounds of Carbonyl Platinum

Chloride and Bromide with Ammonia Derivatives, 236 Fog in London, 1871-90, the Prevalence of, F. J. Brodie, 215 Fogs, Effect of, on Plants grown in the Houses at Kew, W.

Watson, 16 Fogs, Town, and their Effects, 53 ; Dr. W. J. Russell, F.R.S.,

10 Foot as a Prehensile Organ in Hindoos, the, F. Regnault, 192 Footprints, supposed Human, on yEolian Rocks at Warrnam

bool, 115 Foote (Prof. A. E.), a New Locality for Meteoric Iron, with a

Preliminary Notice of the Discovery of Diamonds in the Iron, 178

Forbes (Prof. Henry O.): Evidence of a Wing in Dinornis, 257; New Extinct Rail, 416; on a Recent Discovery of the Remains of Extinct Birds in New Zealand, 416 ; Aphanapteryx in the New Zealand Region, 580

Forel (Prof. F. A.), the Recent Earthquake in Japan, 199

Forestry in America, Prof. W. R. FUher, 611

Forestry in India, Government, Dr. Ribbentrop, 41

Fossil Birds in the British Museum, Catalogue of, Richard Lydekker, 33

Fossil Fauna in Central Iowa, C. R. Keyes, 208

Fossil Lepidodendrons, on the Discovery of Two Specimens of, in the Neighbourhood of Bathurst, New South Wales, W. J. C. Ross, 424

Fossil Ornithology : Aphanapteryx in the New Zealand Region, Prof. Henry O. Forbes, 580

Fossil Ungulates, Aberrant, of South America, 608

Fossils recently discovered near Boston, Warren Upham, 622

Foster (Michael), proposed Portrait of, 18

Foster (W.), the Carbon deposited from Gas Flames, 525

Fowler (A.), Telescopic Objectives, 204; the Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra, 426

Foxes, California, Prof. Edward S. Holden, 8

France: Learned Societies in, 20; Les Coquilles Marines des C6tes de France, A. Locard, 219; Earthquake in, 304

Franchimont (M.), Ethylaldoxime, 576

Francis (Gerald B.), Double Orange, 534, 607

Frank (Herr von), Cause of Floating of Particles of Cloud or Fog, 259

Frankfort International Electrical Exhibition, some Notes on the, 54, 105

Frankland (Prof. Percy F., F.R.S.), an Elementary Hand-book on Potable Water, Floyd Davis, 25

Frankland (P. F.), a Pure Fermentation of Mannitol and Dulcitol, 383

Fream (Dr. W.), Elements of Agriculture, 388

French (C), Hand-book of the Destructive Insects of Victoria, 246

Freshwater and Terrestrial Fauna of Tasmania, Prof. W. Baldwin Spencer, 425

Frew (W), a Pure Fermentation of Mannitol and Dulcitcl, 383

Fridlander (E. D.), a Lecture Experiment in Surface Tension,

463 Friend (Rev. Hilderic), a Rare British Earthworm, 365 Friswell (R. G.), the Action of Dilute Nitric Acid on Coal,

383 Fritz (Dr. Adolf), the Fauna of Yezo, 89 Frog, Discovery of New Species of, in New Jersey, 208 Frogs, a Plague of Small, R. Haig Thomas, 8 ; Lieutenant B.

A. Muirhead, 30 Fruit Culture, Practical, J. Cheal, 579 Fruitgrowers' Conference at Sydney, 420 Function of a University, the, Prof. W. E. Ayrton, F.R.S., 439 Functions of Universities, Prof. Geo. Fras. Fitzgerald, F. R.S.,


Fungi, British Edible, M. C. Cooke, 75

Fungi, British: Phycomycetes and Ustilaginese, G. Massee, 411

Furniture Woods, D. Denning, 459

Fuzziness of some Variable Stars, Cuthbert G. Peek, 497

Gadolinia, Molecular Weight of, 237

Gale of November 11, the Severe, Chas. Harding, 181

Game, Big in India, Harold Littledale, 158

Gamgee (John), Superheated Steam, 438

Gases under the ElectricDischarge, Heat Radiation of various

Rarefied Gases, Herr Angstrom, 306 Gases, Experiments on Cause of Emission of Light of, Dr.

Pringsheim, 312 Gases and Vapours, on the Virial Equation for, Prof. P. G.

Tait, 199 Gasparis (Prof. Annibalede), Death and Obituary Notice of, 612 Gauge, Proposed Standard, G. Johnstone Stoney, F.R.S., 598 Gautier (A.), Fixation of Nitrogen by Arable Soils, 192 Gautier (G.), Medical Utilization of Alternating Currents of

High Potential, 456 Gautier (H.), the Direct Combination of Metals with Chlorine

and Bromine, 47 Geikie (Sir Archibald, F.R.S.), Outlines of Field Geology,

Prof. A. H. Green, F.R.S., 97; Volcanic Action in the

British Isles, 398 Gems, Precious Stones and their History, Sources, and Characteristics, Edwin W. Streeter, 531

Geneva, Temperature Observations at, M. Chaix, 304

Genoa, Botanical International Congress to be held at, in connection with Celebration of Quatercentenary of Discovery of America by Columbus, 545

Genvresse (M.), New Mode of Synthesizing Tartaric Acid, 472

Geodesy, New Mode of Measurement of Perpignan Base, General Derrccagaix, 384

Geodetic Bureau of Vienna, the Government and the International, 495

Geography: M. Grum-Grzimailo's Journey to Central Asia, 40; Tibet Expedition, General Pevtsoff, 45 ; the Sierra Leone Anglo-French Frontier Delimitation Commission, 64 ; Projected East African Expedition by Dr. Oscar Baumann, 65; Mr. and Mrs. Littledale's Journey across the Pamirs, 90; the Land of the Lamas, William Woodville Rockhill, 98; the Physical Geology and Geography of Ireland, Edward Hull, F.R.S., 102; the Ouse, A. J. Taylor, 102; Geographical Nomenclature, 115 ; Delagoa bay, Rosa Monteiro, 124 ; Carl Lumholtz's Explorations in Northern Mexico, 136; the Eastern Taurus and the Anti Taurus, D. G. Hogarth, 138; Reported Discovery of Ultimate Source of the Nile, 154; the Royal Geographical Society's System for Spelling Geographical Names, 183; Proposed Expedition for Relief of Lieutenant Peary, 183; Orthography of Geographical Names, 186; Korea, Chas. \V. Campbell, 307; Expedition to Explore the Glaciers of the Karakoram Range, 279; Formation of Crimean Alpine Club, 349 j the Gran Chaco, J. G. Kerr, 351; Journeys in the Pamirs and Adjacent Countries, Captain Younghusband, 353 ; the Zimbabwe Ruins, Theodore Bent, 402; Captain Pasco on Early Discoveries in Australia, 425 ; Dr. Murray on Mr. Lindsay's Expedition in Western Australia, 425; J. P. Thomson on Recent Explorations and Discoveries in British New Guinea, 425; the Advanced Class-book of Modern Geography, W. Hughes and J. Francon Williams, 460; the Position of Mount St. Elias, Israel C. Russell, 472; Mr. Alexander Ross's Journey to Head Waters of the Ecayali, Central Peru, 519 ; Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator, Edward Whymper, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R. S., 561 ; Handy Atlas of Modern Geography, 605 i Captain Bower's Journey from China to Simla, 615; Lieutenant Vedel on the Polynesians, 615; Branch of Royal Scottish Geographical Society Established in London, 544; Captain Dundas's Expedition to Mount Kenia, Ernest Gedge, 566

Geology: Geological Photographs, 64; Annals of British Geology, 1890, J. F. Blake, 77 ; Geological Society, 94, 165, 263. 287, 359, 453, 525, 597; Geological Society Medals, 257; Geological Society, Election of Officers, 402; Dacrytherium ovinum, R. Lydekker, 94; Supplementary Remarks on Glen Roy, T. F. Jamieson, 94 ; Outlines of Field Geology, Sir Archibald Geikie, F.R.S., Prof. A. H. Green, F.R.S., 97 ; the Physical Geology and Geography of Ireland, Edward Hull, F.R.S., 102; Geology of Lake Winnipeg, J. B. Tyrell, 115; the Tertiary Silicified Woods of Eastern Arkansas, R. Ellsworth Call, 119; Pfaffs Allgemeine Geologie als Exacte Wissenschaft, J. Joly, 126 ; New Railway from Upminster to Romford, Essex, T. V. Holmes, 151; Comparison of South Devon Coast Red Rocks with those of Midland and Western Counties, Prof. Edward Hull, F.R.S., 165; High Level Glacial Gravels near Oswestry, A. C. Nicholson, 165; Geology of Pantelleria, G. Jervis, 207; Geology of New Guinea, R. L. Jack, 209; Geological Excursion in Maryland, a, Prof. G. H. Williams, 235; Formation of Cordierite in Sedimentary Rocks fused by Coal Fires, A. Lacroix, 240; Gravels South of the Thames, from Guildford to Newbury, H. W. Monckton, 263; Fresh Evidence concerning the Distribution of Arctic Plants during the Glacial Epoch, Dr. A. G. Nathorst, 273 ; the Geology of the Himalayas, 308; Theory of an Interglacial Submergence in England, G. F. Wright, 310; the Permian of Texas, R. S. Tarr, 310; Relation of Melting-Point to Pressure in Igneous Rock Fusion, C. Barus, 311 ; Cirques, Prof. G. Frederick Wright, 317 ; Prof. Israel C. Russell, 317; Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 391 ; Note on Specimens of Rock Exposed to High Temperatures, Prof. T. G. Bonney, 357 ;the Hornblende-Schists, Gneisses, and other Crystalline Rocks of Sark, Rev. Edwin Hill and Prof. T. G. Bonney, 359; the Plutonic Rocks of Garabal Hill and Meall Breac, Dakynsand Teall, 360; the Cause of an Ice Age, Sir Robert S. Ball, F.R.S., 365 ; Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 289; Henry Howorth, 440 ; the Sponge Remains in Lower Tertiary Strata, near Oamaru, New Zealand, Hinde and

Holmes, 384; Report on the Scientific Resullsoflhe Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-76, Prof. John Judd, F. R.S., 409; Geologists' Association Proposed Excursion to Hornchurch, 420; Geology of Ohio, in connection with ihe average yield of Wheat, 420 ; the Stratigraphic Position of the Bear River Formation, T. W. Stanton, 450; the Raised Beaches and Rubble-Drift of the South of England, Joseph Prestwich, F.R.S., 453; the Olenellus Zone in the Norlh-West Highlands, B. N. Peach and J. Home, 453; the Pleistocene Deposits of the Sussex Coasts, Clement Keid, 45t; the Basal Conglomerate of Howth, Prof. Sollas, F.R.S., 455; the Variolite of Annalong, County Down, Prof. G. A. J. Cole, 455; Proposed Austrian Geological Expedition to Central Himalayas, 495; the North-West of England Boulder Committee, 495 ; Striated Surface under the Cromer Drift, William Sherwood, 511 ; the Part played in the Growth of Geological Opinion by Regions near great Universities, Prof. G. H. Williams, 519: New Railway Cutting between Upminster and Romfoid, T. V. Holmes, 525 ; Drift Beds of North and Mid Wales Coast, T. M. Reade, 525 ; the Alleged Submergence in Scotland during the Glacial Epoch, Dugald Bell, 527 ; Testimonial to Mr. W. H. Hudleston, F.R.S., by the Geologists' Association, 544 ; Mr. A. S. Woodward appointed Assistant-Keeper of Geological Department at the British Museum, 566; on the Microsc >pic Structure and Residues Insoluble in Hydrochloric Acid in the Devonian Limestone of South Devon, Edward Wethered, 597; Rocks Collected by M. Lopatin on the Podkamennaya Tunguska, 597 ; Geology of the Gold-bearing Rocks of the Southern Transvaal, Walcot Gibson, 598; the Precipitation and Deposition of Sea-borne Sediment, R. G. Mack ley Browne, 598 V

Geometry: Prof. Kikuchi's Treatise on, 20; Euclid's Elements of Geometry, A. E. Layng, 149; Non-Euclidian Geometry, Prof. H. Poincaic, 404; a Treatise on the Geometry of the Circle, and some Extensions to Conic Sections by the Method of Reciprocation, W. J. M'Clelland, 412; a Defect in the Oxford Pass Examination Papers, 443

Gedge (Ernest), Captain Dundas's Expedition to Mount Kenia, 566

German Anthropological Society, 39

German Mathematical Association, 278

German Technology for English Manufacturers, Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F. R.S., 121

Germany and Austria, Health Springs of, Dr. F. O. Buckland, 510

Germany, Workmen Killed and Wounded in Accidents in, M. Vacher, 350

Giard (Prof. A.), a New Case of Mimicry, 379

Gibson (Dr.), Rules for Determining whether a given Benzene Mono-Derivative shall give a Metadi-derivative or a Mixture of Ortho- and Para-di-derivatives, 525

Gibson (Walcol), Geology of the Gold-bearing Rocks of the Southern Transvaal, 598

Gifford (W.), the Resolution of Amphifleura ptllutida, 143

Gilbault (Henri), New Condensation Hygrometer, 288

Gilbert (Dr. J. H., F.R.S.), Results of Experiments at Rothamsted on the Question of the Fixation of Free Nitrogen, 32

Gill (D.), Photography at the Cape Observatory, 600

Ginger-beer Plant, the, Prof. H. M. Ward. F.R.S., 190

Giraffe at the Zoological Gardens, the Death of the, 518

Giraffes, 585

Glacial Epoch, Fresh Evidence concerning the Distribution of Arctic Plants during the, Dr. A. G. Nathorst, 273

Glacial Period, the Astronomical Theory of the, Sir Robert Ball, F.R.S., Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 289

Glacialists' Association, the, 495

Glaciers of the Karakoram Range, Expedition to Explore the,

349 Glaciers, Measures of Variations in Lengths of Dauphiny,

Prince Roland Bonaparte, 576 Glasgow Geological Society, 527 Glass, Measurement of Process of Dissolution of, by Change in

Electric Conductivity of Water, Herr Pfeiffer, 209 Glazebrook (R. T.), some Notes on Clark's Cells, 47 Globe, a new Precessional, Dr. K. Haas, 250 Godman (F. D., F.R.S.), Presidential Address to Entomological

Society, 359 Godwin-Austen (Mrs. Tessie), a Swan's Secret, 416 Goiran (A.), Earthquakes and Vegetation, 478, 520 Gold-bearing Rocks of the Southern Transvaal, Geology of the,

Walcot Gibson, 598


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Gore (Dr. G., F . R.S.), Relation of Voltaic Electromotive
Force to Molecular Velocity, 596
Goschen (Right Hon. G. J.), on the Use of the Imagination, 87
Goss (H.): the New Forest Bill, 1892, 295 ; the New Forest in
Danger. 343
Gothard (Herr), New Star in Auriga, 473
Gould (Dr. B. A.), Variation of Latitude, 521
Gouy (M.), Electro-capillary Phenomena and Dif`ferences of
Potential produced by Contact, 264
Grafted Plants, W. H. Beeby, 1 SI
Grafts and Heredity, Prof. George Henslow, 198
Grain-production of Russia, the, M. Borkovsky, 67
Gran Chaco, the, J. G. Kerr, 351
Grlalpgiir (IE S.), Psychology, a Short Account of the Human
in , 7
Grant (Col. J. A.), Obituary Notice of, 376
Grantham (R. B.), Obituary Notice of, 183
Grape-culture in Ontario, 209
Grasses of the South-West, Dr. George Vasey, 390
Gravitation, a Theory of, 100
Gray (Prof A.) : Electricity and Magnetism by Amédée
Guillemin, 1 ; Electro-Magnetism, S. P. Thompson, F.R.S.,
73 ; Electrodynamic Theories and the Electromagnetic
Theory of Light, M. Poincaré, 367
Gray (Dr. Elisha), on the International Congress of Electricians
to be held at Chicago, I9
Gray (J. Macfarlane), Superheated Steam, 413, 486
Great Bower Bird, Depredations of the, in Queensland, 588
Greece : Earthquakes in, 259; Forest Land in, 588
Greek Literary Style, on the most Recent Phases of, Prof.
Blackie, 624
Greely (General), International Monthly Charts of Mean
Barometric Pressures and Wind Directions, 350
Green (A. G.), Ortho- and Para-nitro-ortho-toluidine, 92
Green (Prof. A. H., F.R.S.), Outlines of Field Geology, Sir
Archibald Geikie, F.R.S., 97
Green (G. C.), Tame Jackdaws, 545
Green (W. Edridge), Colour Blindness and Colour Percep-
tion, 195
Grenfell (J. G.), the Occurrence of Pseudopodia in Diatomaceous
Genera Melosira and Cyclotella, I40
Greenhill (Prof. A. G., F.R.S.), Thennodynamics of the Steam
Engine and other Heat Engines, Cecil H. Peabody, 172
Greenhill (Prof., F.R.S.), Rectification of the Cartesian Oval,
Greenland, Angelo Heilprin on Summer Tour to, 88
Greenland, proposed Expedition for relief of Lieut. Peary, 183
Gregory (J. W.): Archrza/meu:l:.r aérnpter, a new Echinoid
from Barbados, 287; the Tudor Specimen of Eozoon, 486
Greéisted (Rev. Fred. F.), Orientation of Ancient Monuments,
4 4
Gresham College, Lectures on the Eye at, 586
Gresham University, the Proposed, 323, 442, 517; Bedford Col-
lege and the, Dr. W. J. Russell, F.R.S., Lucy J. Russell,
Grevy’s Zebra, Skin of, brought from Somaliland, 598
Griffiths (A. B.), Ptomaines Extracted from Urine in some In-
fectious Maladies, 72
Grifliths (Dr.), Barlerium Allii, 624
Gross (Dr.), Decomposition of Sulphur tested Electrolytically,

Growth of the Pilchard or Sardine, Prof J. T. Cunningham,
Gnim-Grzimailo's (M.) Joumey to Central Asia, 40
Guardafui, Cape, and the ,Neighbouring Sea, 36
Guatemala, the Climate of Alta Verapaz, Dr. Sapper, 41
Gude (G. K.), Peculiar Eyes, ISI
Giglemin (Amédée), Electricity and Magnetism, Prof. A.
ray, 1

Gulbenkian (Calouste S.), La Transcaucasie et la Péninsule
d'Apchér0n, S2
Gumlich (Dr.), on the Urinary Excretion of Nitrogen, S99
Guns: Calculation of Trajectories of Elongated Projectiles,
Rev. F. Bashforth, 473
Guntz (Dr.), Action of Carbon Monoxide on Iron and Man-
ganese, 311
Guye (Dr. P. A.), the Various Forms given to the General
Equation expressing Behaviour of Liquids and Gases under
Different Conditions of Volume, Temperature, and Pressure,

Haarlem, Prize Subjects proposed by Dutch Academy of Sciences,
7 _
I-[gas (Dr. K.): Mental Arithmetic, 198; a New Precessional
Globe, 250
Haeckel (Prof. Ernst), Anthropogenie oder Entwickelungs-
geschichte des Menschen, 482
Haerdtl (Dr. G. F.), Winnecke’s Comet, 617
Hainan, 286
Hale (Prof): the Aurora Spectrum, 522; Solar Investigation,
473; Solar Prominence Photography, 326 '
Haliburton (R. G.), the Dwarfs of Mount Atlas, 66
Hall (Prof. A.), the Relative Motion of6l Cygni, 547
Hall (Maxwell), Rainfall Atlas of Jamaica, 324
Haller (A.), Researches in Ethyl Monochlor-, Monobrom-, and
Monocyanacetoacetates, 432
Halliburton (W. D.), a Text-Book of Chemical Physiology and
Pathology, Dr. E. H. Starling, Sl
Halske and Siemens, Experiments on the Production of Ozone
by Electric Silent Discharge, 39
Hamberg (Dr. H. E.), Radiation of Upper Cloud round Baro-
metric Minima, 156
Hamilton (W. B. Lefroy), \Vorking of the Search Light, 587
Hamlet (W. M.), on the Progress of Chemistry in Australasia,
Hamiason (G. F.), Stridulation in certain Lepidoptera, 503
Hann (Dr. J.), Meteorological Observations at Cairo, 1868-
1S88, 156
Harding (Cl'ias.), the Severe Gale of November II, 181 _
Harley (Dr. Vaughan), Note on the Behaviour of Sugar in
Blood, 407
Harmer (S. F .), the Excretory Process in Marine Polyzoa, 480
Harries (H.), the Origin of Influenza Epidemics, 431 _
Harrison (W. Jerome), Guide to the Examinations in Chemistry,

Harrington (Mark W.), United States Weather Bureau, 86
Harrow Birds, G. E. H. Barrett-Hainilton, 342
Hart (J. H.), a New \\'est Indian Form of Agazfc rigida, 445
Harting (J. E.), Omithology of the Sandwich Isles, 532
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Hartley (W. N.), the Acid Action of Drawing-papers, 430, 453
Hartmann (Dr.), Increase of the Earth's Shadow during Lunar
Eclipses, 498
Hartnup (John), Death of, 612
Hartog (Prof Marcus), a Difficulty in Weismannism, 102
Harvard University, Remarkable Development of Botanical
Establishment of, bythe Munificence of Prof G. L. Goodale,

4 Hgugt (Prof. L. M.), Proposed Ship Canal between New York and Philadelphia, 497 _ Hausser (J.), a Study of the Velocity of Decomposition of DiazoCompounds by Water, 480 Hayden (Everett), the Samoan Hurricane, 461 Hayward (Robert B., F.R.S.): the Salts in Natural Waters, 176 ; on the Variation of Latitude, 465 Hazen (Prof), High Balloon Voyages, 189 Hazen (Prof. H. A.), Wind-rush at Washington, S97 Health Springs of Germany and Austria, Dr. F. O. Buckland, I0 Hgalth Resorts, Value of Meteorological Instruments in Selection of, Dr. C. Theodore Williams, 551 Heat, Theory of, J. Clerk Maxwell, 222 Heat-radiation of various rarehed Gases under the Electric Discharge, Herr Angstrom, 306 Heat: the Thermal Conductivities of Crystal and other Bad Conductors, C. H. Lee, 382 Heat, Solar, Dr. Joseph Morrison, 589 _ Heat-Engine, a Simple, Fred. J. Smith, 294; Prof. Konstantin Karamate, 416; Nickel, W. B. Croft, 392

Heat-Engines and Saline Solutions, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 438,

510 Heath (Thos.), a Brilliant Meteor, 295 Hector (Sir James), Mr. Albert Koebele and the Enemies of

Insect Pests, 65 Heider (Dr. K.), Lehrbuch der vergleichenden Entwickelungs

geschichte der Wirbellosen Thiere, 145 Heilprin (Angelo), on a Summer Tour to Greenland, 88 Held (A.), Researches on Ethyl Monochlor-, Monobrom-, and

Monocyanacetoacetate, 432 Heligoland, the New Imperial German Zoological Station at,

544 Ilellmann (Prof.), the First Balloon Voyage for Scientific Purposes, 471; Experiments on Rainfall Records, 545 Hellebore as an Insecticide, W. W. Smith, 546 Helmholtz (Prof, von), Celebration of His Seventieth Birthday,

18 Hemsley (W. Botting, F.R.S.) : Biology of Seaside Plants, 3;

Botanical Nomenclature, Dr. Otto Kuntze, 169 Henslow (Rev. Prof.), a Theory of Heredity based on Forces, 93 Henslow (Prof. Geo.), Grafts and Heredity, 198 Herbarium Pest, a New, Dr. C. V. Riley, 235 Heredity, Grafts and, Prof. Geo. Henslow, 198 Heredity, a Theory of, based on Forces, Rev. Prof. Henslow, 93 Hericourt (J.), the Tubercular Vaccination of the Dog, 576 Hering on the "Valence" of a Coloured Radiation, 115 Heron, Taming a, Colonel W. S. Hore, 588 Herroun (Prof.), Electromotive Forces of Gold and Platinum

Cells, 574 Hesehus (Herr), Refraction and Velocity of Sound in Porous

Bodies, 156 Heurtault (M.), the Tides of the Bay of St. Malo, 143 Heycock (C. T.), the Change of Zero of Thermometers, 526 Hibbert (W.), a Permanent Magnetic Field, 191 Hicks (Dr. H., F.R.S.), Discovery of Remains of Prehistoric

Animals in Endsleigh Street, 566 Hickson (Dr. S. J.): the Medusae of Millepora Murrayi and

the Gonophores of Allopora and Distichopora, 140; the

Hydrocorallinae collected by Prof. Haddon in Torres Straits,

407; Anatomy and Habits of Alcyonium, 455 High Temperature, Metals at, Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen,

K.R.S., 534 Hill (Rev. Edwin), the Hornblende-Schists, Gneisses, and other

Crystalline Rocks of Sark, 359 Hill (Prof. M. J. M.), the Loci of Singular Points and Lines

occurring in connection with the Theory of Locus of Ultimate

Intersections ofa System of Surfaces, 141 Hillebrand (W. F.), New Analysis of Uraninite, 119 Hills, Story of the, Rev. H. N. Hutchinson, 364 Himalayas, the Geology of the, 308 Himalayas, Proposed Austrian Geological Expedition to Central,

495 Hinde (G. J.), the Sponge Remains in Lower Tertiary Strata,

near Oamaru, N.Z., 382 Hindoos, the Foot as a Prehensile Organ in, F. Regnault, 192 Hindu Period in Java, Relics of, 88 Himmel und Erde, 237, 568 Hinsdale (E. B.), the Historic Copper Mines on Lake Superior,

39 Hirst (Dr. Thos. Archer), Obituary Notice, 399 Hitchcock (Prof.), Ancient Tombs and Burial Mounds of Japan,

381 Hobart (J. F.), the Paper-making Industry in the United

States, 279
Hobson (Bernard), Ice Crystals, 365

Hobson (E. W.), Harmonic Functions for the Elliptic Cone, 335
Hodgkins (Mr. Thus.), Gift to Smithsonian Institution by, 37
Hodgkinson (W. R.) : New Method of Preparing @-dinaphthy-

lene Oxide, 93; Action of Sodium on Ethereal Salts, iii.,

Benzylic Orthotoluate, 214; Ethyldimethylamidobenzene,

55' Hoffmann (Dr. H. K. H.), Death of, 18 Hogarth (D. G.), the Eastern Taurus and the Anti-Taurus, 138 HoHen (Prof. Edward S.): California Foxes, 8; the Discovery

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