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June 2, 1892

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Jupiter, the Planet, 521; Outburst of Dark Spots on, 41 ; the Lacroix (M. A.) on the Relations Existing between the Form

Rotation of, A. Belopolsky, 70; W. F. Denning, 473; and Nature of the Beds of Andalusite at Ariège, 624
Jupiter and his First Satellite, E. G. Barnard, 159; Jupiter's Lagrange et Hoho (E.), Study of Light and Heat Phenomena
Satellites, Measurement of, by Interference, A. A. Michelson, accompanying Electrolysis, 216
160; the Red Spot on, W. F. Denning, 272

Lake Superior, Prehistoric Mines on, E. B. Hinsdale, 39

Lamarck, 1799, “Meretrix,” versus “Cytherea," Lamarck,
Kalm's Account of his Visit to England on his way to America 1806, C. Ř. Osten Sacken, 30
in 1748, 412

Lamas, the Land of the, William Woodville Rockhill, 98
Karakoram Range, Expedition to explore the Glaciers of the, Lancashire Boilers, Modern, Samuel Boswell, 22

Landauer (J.), Blowpipe Analysis, 580
Karamate (Prof. Konstantin), a Simple Heat Engine, 416 Lang (Arnold), Text-book of Comparative Anatomy, Prof. E.
Karsten (G.), Ueber die Mangrove. Vegetation im Malayischen Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 145
Archipel, 3

Langley (Prof. S. P.): Smithsonian Standards for Physical
Kefyr in Use in Canada and United States, Milk-ferment

Apparatus, 197 ; Report for the year, Smithsonian Institu-
identical with, C. L. Mix, 471

tion, 261
Kellicott (Dr.), Fresh-water Sponges in the Buffalo Bay and Lankester (Prof. E. Ray, F.R.S.): Obituary Notice of Henry
Niagara Region, 305

Nottidge Moseley, F.R.S., 80; Text-book of Comparative
Keltie (J. Scott), Statesman's Year-Book for the Year 1892, 437 Anatomy, Arnold Lang ; Lehrbuch der Vergleichenden
Kennedy (Admiral), Sporting Sketches in South America, 390 Entwickelungsgeschichte der Wirbellosen Thiere, Dr. E.
Kerr (J. G.), the Gran Chaco, 351

Korschelt und Dr. K. Heider, 145; Election to Linacre
Kew Bulletin, Proposed Discontinuance of the, 494

Professorship of, 183; Science in Japan, 256; the late Dr.
Kew Bulletin : Collection of Dried Plants from the Solomon

Carpenter's Microscope and its Revelations, Seventh Edition,
Islands, 586

by Rev. W. H. Dallinger, F.R.S., 313 ; : University of
Kew, Effects of Fog on Plants grown in the Houses at, W. London, 413; the proposed Columbus Marine Biological
Watson, 16

Station at Jamaica, 420 ; a Zoologist on Disease, Dr. Elie
Kew Gardens, Jubilee of, 378 ; Collections of Plants at, 586 Metschnikoff, 505 ; Exchange of Professorial Duties, Prof. T.
Kew Observatory, Two new Forms of Anemometer in use at, P. Anderson Stuart, 557

Lapworth (Prof. Charles, F.R.S.), Royal Society Medallist,
Keyes (C. R.), Fossil Fauna in Central Iowa, 208
Kikuchi (Prof.), Treatise on Geometry, 20

Larat (L.), Medical Utilization of Alternating Currents of High
Kilgour (H.): the Thermal Emissivity of Thin Wires in Air, 162; Potential, 456
Interference with Alternating Currents, 238

Larkin (F. Charles), Outlines of Practical Physiological
Kilima-Njaro District, Discovery of Saltpetre and Soda in, 379 Chemistry, 292
Kinetic Energy, on the Boltzmann-Maxwell Law of Partition Larmor (J.): Effect of Flaws on Strength of Materials, 166 ;
of, Rev, H. W. Watson, F.R.S., 512

Equations of Propagation of Disturbances in Gyrostatically
Kipling (John Lockwood), Beast and Man in India, 131

Loaded Media, 214; the Simplest Equivalent of a given
Kipping (F. S): Camphrone, 263 ; Production of Ketone Optical Path, 502

1:2:4-Acetorthoxylene from Camphor by Action of Larynx, the Mechanism of the Closure of the, Prof. T. P. A.
Sulphuric Acid and Zinc Chloride, 551

Stuart, 357
Kleiber (Dr. J.), Displacement of Radiant Points, 570

Lasne (H.), Barometric Gradients, 350
Klein's Modulant Functions, F. N. Cole, 597

Latham (Baldwin) : Evaporation and Condensation, 335;
Klinge (Herr), Peat-bog Eruptions, 472

Observations on the flow of Underground Water, 336
Klobb (M.), Anhydrous Sulphates of Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Latitude: the Variation of, 117, 210; Dr. S. C. Chandler, 404;
and Cobalt obtained in Crystals, 569

Robt. B. Hayward, F.R.S., 465; Dr. B. A. Gould, 521 ;
Knott (Prof. C. G.), Magnetization of Iron, 431

M. Faye, 570 ; Periodic Variations in, Chandler, 589
Koebele (Mr. Albert) : and the Enemies of Insect Pests, Sir Latus (Johann), the Case of, 349

James Hector, 65; Orcus chalybeus an important enemy of Lauder (A.), Corydaline, 383
the Red Scale, 323

Laurence (G. F.), a Curious Stone Hammer found in the Thames,
Koh-i-Nur, the, Prof. N. Story Maskelyne, F.R.S., 5; Dr. V. 324
Ball, F.R.S., 126

Laurent (Em.), the Fixation of Free Nitrogen by Plants, 143
König (Prof.), the Curves of Luminosity of Spectral Colours Laurie (Malcolm): some points in Development of Scorpio
under very feeble Illumination, 432

fulvipes, 140 ; Development of Lung Books of Scorpio, 311;
Kopp (Prof. Hermann): Death of, 419; Obituary Notice of, some Eurypterid Remains from Upper Silurian Deposit of
Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 441

Pentland Hills, 239
Korea, Charles W. Campbell, 307

Law of Limiting Apertures, Dr. E. J. Spitta, 186
Korschelt (Dr. E.), Lehrbuch der Vergleichenden Entwicke- Lawrence-Hamilton (J.), Self-Registering Weather-Cock, 559
lungsgeschichte der Wirbellosen Thiere, 145

Lawson (Dr. T. (A.), Ortho- and Paranitro-ortho-toluidine, 92
Korteweg (Prof. D. J.) on Van der Waals's Isothermal Equa. Layng (A. E.), Euclid's Elements of Geometry, 149
tion, 152, 277

Le Chatelier (H.): Metallic Borates, 240 ; the Theory of Rege-
Korthals (Dr. P. W.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 377 lation, 288 ; Optical Determination of High Temperatures,
Krueger (Prof.), Motions of Periodic Comets, 446

360 ; the Temperature of the Sun, 547
Krüger (Dr.), Chemical Constitution of Adenin and Hypo. Le Dentu, on the Implanting of Large Pieces of Decalcified
xanthin, 168

Bones to fill up Losses of Substance of Skeleton, 95
Kuntze (Dr. Otto), Revisio Genera Plantarum Vascularium Leahy (A. H.), Law of Distribution of Velocities in a System of

omnium, atque Cellularium Multarum, secundum Leges Moving Molecules, 527
Nomenclatura Internationales, cum Enumeratione Plantarum Leather Industry at the Chicago Exhibition, 587
in Itinere Mundi collectarum, W. Botting Hemsley, F.R.S., Lecture Experiment on Sound, Reginald G. Durrant, 415.
. 169

Lees (C. H.), the Thermal Conductivities of Crystal and other
Kurdistan, Journeys in Persia and, Mrs. Bishop, 248

Bad Conductors, 382

Leeward Islands, Meteorological Report for 1890, 258
La Plata, the Naturalist in, W. H. Hudson, Dr. Alfred R. Lefebvre (Julien), the Dielectric Power, 95
Wallace, 553

Lefèvre (Julien), the Attraction between Two Disks separated
Laboratory at Berlin, Prof. Pictet's, Prof. R. du Bois-Rey. by a Dielectric, 575
mond, 31

Lehmann (Dr. Paul), the Elements of the Minor Planets, 42
Laborde (M.), Arrow-poison of Sarro Savages, 278

Lehmann (Herr) on the Camel, 87
Lachlan (R.), Theorems relating to a Series of Coaxal Circles, Leibius (Dr. A.) on Scientific and Technical Education in New

South Wales, 88
Lachmann (Dr.), Research on Extremes of Temperature in Leigh (Hon. M. Cordelia E.), an Account of British Flies
Europe, 576

(Diptera), 173
Lacroix (A.), Formation of Cordierite in Sedimentary Rocks Leigh (Randle), Outlines of Practical Physiological Chemistry,


Leloir (M.), Prevention of Hiccough by Pressure on the Phrenic Locust of New South Wales, the Plague, A. S. Olliff, 520
Nerve, 312

Lodge (Prof. Oliver J., F.R.S.), Vacuum Tubes and Electric
Lemming, Migration of the, F. Howard Collins, 149 ; W. Oscillations, 366 ; Aberration Problems, 549

Duppa-Crotch, 199, 294 ; Prof. Geo. J. Romanes, F.R.S., Lohse (Dr.), Observations of Mars, 326
249; W. Mattieu-Williams, 294

London County Council, the

New, and Technical Education, 566
Lemurs and Insectivora, Placentation of certain, Hubrecht, 600 London Hospital, Mr. F. J. M. Page appointed to Chair of
Lepidodendrons, Fossil, on the Discovery of Two Specimens of, Chemistry and Physics at, 566

in the Neighbourhood of Bathurst, New South Wales, W. J. London, Royal Commission to Investigate the Question of a
C. Ross, 424

Teaching University for, 612
Lepidoptera : of Winchester, 115 ; Stridulation in certain Lepi. | London Town, Within an Hour of, 557

doptera, G. F. Hampson, 503; the Gradual Extinction of London, University of, W. T. Thiselton-Dyer, F.R.S., 392;
many Species of Lepidoptera in the Fens, Dr. Wheeler, 567; Prof, E. Ray Lankester, F.R.S., 413 ; Prof. W. F. R. Wel.
Pigments of, F. Gowland Hopkins, 581 ; T. H. Perry Coste, don, F.R.S., 440
605 ; Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S., 605

London, the Water-supply of, John Hopkinson, 88; Appoint-
Lesage (P.), Chloride of Sodium in Plants, 312

ment of Commission on, 470
Leslie (Robert C.), Eclipse of the Moon, 53

Loney's Elementary Dynamics, 20
Lester's (Dr. Brown) Collection of the Flora of the River Gambia, Longridge (James Atkinson), the Artillery of the Future and the

New Powders, 146
Leucocytes, Influence of, on the Clotting of Blood, Dr. Lilien- Lopatin (M.), Rocks Collected by, on the Podkamennaya
feld, 599

Tunguska, 597
Levasseur (Emile), Surfaces and Population of European States, Loschardt (Herr), Rotation of Venus, 210
528; Population of the Five Continents, 552

Lovel (J.), Aurora Borealis, 223
Leveau (G.), Tables of Vesta, 95

Lovén (Prof. Svén), Resignation of his Position as Senior
Levels, J. A. C. Oudemans, 240

Keeper in the Stockholm Natural History Museum, 613
Levett (R.), the Elements of Plane Trigonometry, 509

Lucas (F. A.), Animals recently Extinct or Threatened with
Lévy (Albert), Ammonia in Atmospheric Waters, 168

Extermination, 305
Levy (Dr. Max), Influence of Blood Supply to Skin on Sweat Lumholtz's (Carl), Explorations in Northern Mexico, 136
Secretion as seen in Paw of Cat, 312

Luminous Clouds, Proposals for a Co-operative Observation of
Lévy (M.), Titanium Phenylate and other Compounds in which the so-called, 117

Hydroxylic Hydrogen of Phenols is replaced by Titanium, 589 Lunar Eclipse, Total, of November 15, 42
Lewes (V. B.), the Luminosity of Coal Gas Flames, 382 ; the Lunar Eclipses, Increase of the Earth's Shadow during, Dr.

Origin of Acetylene in Flames, 525; Air and Water, 531 Hartmann, 498
Ley (Annie), Sun Pillar, 484

Lunge (George, Ph.D.), the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid,
Libraries, Free Public, in Manchester, 157

Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 121
Lick Spectroscope, the, 473

Lunge (George, Ph.D.), and F. Hurter, Ph.D., the Alkali
Liége School of Mines and Engineering, 116

Maker's Hand-book, Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 121
Ligation of the Great Arteries in Continuity, a Treatise on the, Lydekker (Richard), Catalogue of Fossil Birds in the British

with Observations on the Nature, Progress, and Treatment of Museum, 33; Dacytherium ovinum, 94
Aneurism, Charles A. Ballance and Walter Edmunds, Dr. M. | Lynn, Large Greenland Shark stranded at, T. Southwell, 546
Armand Ruffer, 530

Lyons (A. B.) the Salt Lake of Aalia Paakia, 29
Light, Sir H. Trueman Wood, 269

Lyons (C. L.), Features of Hawaiian Climate, 190
Light, Zodiacal, O. T. Sherman, 381
Light, Electrodynamic Theories and the Electro-magnetic Theory Macadamising Roads, Warning against the use of Rotten
of, M. Poincaré, Prof. A. Gray, 367

Flints for, C. Carus-Wilson, 379
Light on Silver Chloride, Thermodynamical View of Action of, McAuley (A.), Quaternions as a Practical Instrument of Physical
H. M. Elder, 524

Research, 423
Light, Crystalline Absorption and the Choice between the Differ- MacBride (E. w.), the Development of the Oviduct in the
ent Theories of, E. Carvallo, 528

Frog, 450
Light, Magnesium as a Source of, Fred. J. Rogers, 622

McClean (F.), Spectra of the Sun and Metals, 159
Lighthouses, Burning Oils for, E. P. Edwards, 379

M'Clelland (w.), a Treatise on the Geometry of the Circle,
Liquids, the Flow of, in Capillary Tubes, Albert Colson, 120 and some Extensions to Conic Sections by the Method of
Lilienfeld (Dr.), Influence of Leucocytes on the Clotting of Reciprocation, 412
Blood, 599

Macdonald (H. M.), the Self-Induction of Two Parallel Con-
Limpach (L.), New Method of Preparing B-Dinaphthylene ductors, 166
Oxide, 93 ; Ethyldimethylamidobenzene, 551,

Macgowan (Dr.), the Origin of the Ass, the Cat, and the
Limpet's Power of Adhesion, the, Percy A. Aubin, 464

Sheep in China, 285
Limpet's Strength, , J. Lawrence Ham 487

MacGregor (Prof. J. G.), Auroras at Halifax, 7
Linder (S. E.), Metallic Hydrosulphides, 262; Solution and Mackenzie (J. E.), Synthesis of Hexahydroterephthalic Acid, 383
Pseudo-Solution, ii., 263

McKinley Tariff and Scientific Instruments, 208
Lindsay (R.), Insectivorous Plants, 157

McLachlan (R., F.R.S.), Sparrows and Crocuses, 441
Lindsay's (Mr.) Expedition in Western Australia, D. Murray, McLachlan (R., F.R.S.), Abbreviated Wings of the Male

Caddis-fly, 623
Line of Sight, Motion of Stars in the, Prof. H. C. Vogel, 280 Macleay (Sir Wm.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 303
Line Spectra of the Elements, on the, Prof. C. Runge, 607 Macpherson (A. Holte), Torpid Cuckoo, 416
Linebarger (C. E.), on the Nature of Colloid Solutions, 622 Macro-Lepidoptera and Birds of Winchester, 115
Linnean Society, 93, 120, 166, 215, 335, 383, 454, 479, 526 Madras Observatory, Proposed Removal of, 258
Lippmann's Colour Photography, 119

Magnesium as a Source of Light, Fred. J. Rogers, 622
Liquids, the Mechanical Stretching of, A. M. Worthington, 358 Magnetism : Electricity and Magnetism, by Amédée Guillemin,
Liverpool, Telephone Installation at Adelphi Hotel, 184

Prof. A. Gray, I ; some Experiments made with the View of
Littledale's (Mr. and Mrs.) Journey across the Pamirs, 90

ascertaining the Rate of Propagation of Induced Magnetism
Littledale (Harold), Big Game in India, 158

in Iron, Fred. T. Trouton, 42; Electro-magnetism, S. P.
Liversidge (A., F.R.S.), on the Rusting of Iron, 424

Thompson, F.R.S., Prof. A. Gray, 73 ; Magnetic Rotary
Living World, the, Whence it Came and Whither it is Drifting, Power of Solutions of Ammonium and Sodium Salts of
Prof. H. W. Conn, 317

Fatty Acids, Dr. W. H. Perkin, F.R.S., 92; Attraction of
Lizard, Enormous American, L. Stejneger, 40

Liquid Oxygen by Faraday Magnet, Prof. Dewar, 154 ; a Per-
Locard (A.), Les Coquilles Marines des Côtes de France, 219 manent Magnetic Field, W. Hibbert, 191; Magnetic Dis-
Lock (Rev. J. B.), the First Book of Euclid's Elements, 460 turbance, G. M. Whipple, 364; Magnetic Perturbation of
Lockyer (Prof. J. Norman, F.R.S.), Motion of Stars in the February 13-14, 1892, M. Moureaux, 408 ; Magnetic Storm

Line of Sight, 117 ; on some Points in Ancient Egyptian of February 13-14, 1892, 493; H. Wild, 480 ; Magnetic
Astronomy, 296, 373; the New Star in Auriga, 429, 473 ; the Storms, Dr. M. A. Veeder, 557 : a First Book of Electricity
Origin of the Year, 487

and Magnetism, W. Perren Maycock, 248 ; Influence of

to Nature

Electric Discharge during Thunderstorms on Apparatus regis- Lachlan, 335; Stamp-folding Problem, Prof. Schoute, 335;
tering Terrestrial Magnetism, Em. Marchand, 264; Absolute the Logical Foundations of Applied Mathematical Sciences,
Values of Magnetic Elements on January 1, 1892, M. Mr. Dixon, 407; Mathematical Analogies between various
Moureaux, 264; Magnetization of Iron, Prof. C. G. Knott, Branches of Physics, Prof. Bragg, 423; the Theory of Deter-

minants in the Historical Order of its Development, Thos.
Maiden (J. A.), Panax Gum, 567

Muir, 481 ; the Simplest Equivalent of a given Optical Path,
Maize as Food, the Value of, 234

Dr. J. Larmor, 502 ; Dualistic Differential Transformations,
Maize, Wild, found in Mexico, 39

E. B. Elliott, F.R.S., 503 ; Rectification of the Cartesian
Makino (Tomitaro), Illustrations of the Flora of Japan to Oval, Prof. Greenhill, F.R.S., 503 ; Elementary Mathematical
serve as an Atlas to the Nippon-Shokubutsushi, 149

Astronomy, C. W. C. Barlow and G, H. Bryan, 579 ; Klein's
Malacology, French, A. Locard, 219

Modular Functions, F. N. Cole, 597
Malay Peninsula, the Ipoh Poison of the, Leonard Wray, Mathews (F. E.), a and B Modifications of Chlorobenzene Hexa-
Junior, 278

chloride, 263
Mallard (M.), the Native Iron of Cañon Diablo, Arizona, Matignon (M.), Heat of Formation of Hydrazine and Hydrazoic

Acid, 95
Mallet (F. R.), Physiological Action of Diminished Atmo- Mattieu-Williams (W.), Migration of the Lemming, 294
spheric Pressure, 606

Maudslay (Alfred P.), Ancient Civilization of Central America,
Mammalia, Catalogue of, in the Indian Museum, Calcutta, W. 617
L. Sclater, 50

Maunder (E. W.), Spectrum of Nova Aurigæ, 616
Man, Beast and, in India, John Lockwood Kipling, 131 Maxwell (J. Clerk), Theory of Heat, 222
Man, Evolution of, Prof. Ernst Haeckel, 482

Maxwell, M. Poincaré and, Prof. Geo. Francis Fitzgerald,
Man in Nature, Paul Topinard, 457

F.R.S., 532
Man's Place in Nature, Prof. N. S. Shaler, 220

Mayall (John), Proposed Fund for the Family of the late, 86
Manchester, Free Public Libraries in, 157

Maycock (W. Perren), a First Book of Electricity and Magnetism,
Manchester Field Naturalists' Society, Programme of Summer 248
Excursions, 614

Mayhew's Illustrated Horse Doctor, 27
Manchu Race, the, 523

Measure and Weight, Examination of the Standards of, im-
Mangrove Vegetation in the Malay Archipelago, W. B. Hems. mured in the Houses of Parliament, 534
ley, 3

Mechanical Engineers, Institution of, 22, 585; Annual Meeting,
Mangrove as a Source of Tannin, the, Dr.

J. T. Rothrock, 546 355, 585
Manipulation of the Microscope, Edward Bausch, 342

Mechanics, Celestial, Two New Laws of, H. Struve, 70
Manitoba, the Prairie Larks of, E. E. Thompson, 135

Mechanics for Beginners, Part I., Rev. J. B. Lock, for
Mannering (Geo. Edward), With Axe and Rope in the Mechanics, American Superiority in, Coleman Sellers, 157

New Zealand Alps, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 147 Mechanics, Applied, Sheets and Tie-rods Laterally Loaded,
Maquenne (M.): Direct Combination of Nitrogen with Alkaline- Prof. J. Perry, F.R.S., 192

Earthy Metals, 264; Barium and Strontium Nitrides, 360 ; | Mechanics : the Law of Elastic Lengthening, J. O. Thompson,
Interesting Compound of Carbon and Barium, 404

311; the Flexure of Long Pillars under their own Weight,
Marcano (V.), the Ammonia in the Air and Rain of a Tropical

Prof. M. Fitzgerald, 479
Region, 143

Medical Students, Physiological Chemistry for, F. Charles
Marchand (Em.), Influence of Electric Discharge during Larkin Randle Leigh, 292

Thunderstorms on Apparatus registering Terrestrial Magnet Mediterranean, Austrian Government Deep-Sea Exploration in,
ism, 264

Marchand (M.), Solar Observations, 352

Medium for Preserving the Colours of Fish and other Animals,
Marey (M.), Use of Chronophotography for Study of Aërial
Locomotive Machines, 71

Medoc District, the Wines of the, 279
Marine Biological Association, 116

Milk Ferment identical with Kefyr in use in Canada and
Marriott (W.), Investigation into the Thunderstorms of 1888-89, United States, C. L. Mix, 471

Meldola (Prof. R., F.R.S.), Photography as a Branch of Tech-
Mars, Observations of, Dr. Lohse, 326

nology, 331 ; Pigments of Lepidoptera, 605
Marshall (Arthur), Aurora, 605

Mendeléeff (D.), the Principles of Chemistry, 529
Marsupialia, Teeth-Development in the, M. F. Woodward, Mendenhall (T. C.), the Use of a Free Pendulum as a Time

Standard, 450
Maryland, a Geological Excursion in, Prof. G. H. Williams, 235 Mental Arithmetic, Clive Cuthbertson, 78 ; Dr. K. Haas, 198
Mascart (M.), Theory of Astronomical Aberration, 68 ; the Mass Mercury Mining in Russia, 305
of the Atmosphere, 311

“Meretrix," Lamarck, 1799, versus Cytherea," Lamarck,
Maskelyne (Prof. N. Story, F.R.S.), the Koh-i-Nur, 5, 126 1806, C. R. Osten Sacken, 30
Mason (Prof. O. T.), Eskimo Throwing-sticks, 66

Mergui, Tin Mining in, 496
Mason Science College, Birmingham, Report on Educational Merope, Measures of the Nebulæ near, 352
Work of, 519

Merrill (Geo. P.), Stones for Building and Decoration, 222
Massee (G.), British Fungi, Phycomycetes and Ustilagineæ, 411 Merz (Dr.), Lithium Nitride, 307 ; Magnesium Nitride, 280
Massol (G.), Thermal Data concerning active Malic Acid and Meslans (M.), Synthesization of Two New Liquids containing

Potassium and Sodium Malates, 167; Tartronic Acid and the Fluorine, 547
Tartronates of Sodium and Potassium, 432; the Heats of Metallurgy: Iron Production in United States, Berkley, 65;

Formation of Potassium Carballylates, 456 ; Citric Acid, 504 Production of Pig-Iron in United States, John Birkinbine,
Mathematics : Prof. Kikuchi's Treatise on Geometry, 20; 208 ; Value of Metallurgical Science, Prof. Roberts-Austen,

Loney's Elementary Dynamics, 20; "W = Mg," Prof. 257 ; Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte's Collection of Metals,
Arthur G. Webster, 29; an Introduction to the Differential 348 ; Art Metal Work; Bronze in the London Atmosphere,
and Integral Calculus, T. Hugh Miller, 52; Lemoine's Two Prof. Roberts-Austen, 443 ; Metals at High Temperatures,
Problems of Stamps, Prof. Schoute, 72; Mechanics for Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., 534
Beginners, Part I., Rev. J. B. Lock, 101 ; Mathematical Meteoric Iron, E. Cohen, E. Weinschenk, 69
Society, 119, 214, 335, 407, 502, 623 ; Bulletin of the New Meteoric Iron, a New Locality for, with a Preliminary Notice
York Mathematical Society, 124, 341;

Mathematical of the Discovery of Diamonds in the Iron, Prof. A. E. Foote,
Exercises, A. T. Richardson, 125; the Loci of Singular 178
Points and Lines occurring in Connection with Theory of Meteorology : U.S. Pilot Chart for October, 1891, 38; the
Locus of Ultimate Intersections of a System of Surfaces, Hydrology of Mitta Mitta, James Stirling, 40 ; the Climate of
Prof. M. J. M. Hill, 141 ; Prof. D. T. Korteweg on Van der Alta Verapaz (Guatemala), Dr. Sapper, 41; Phenomenal
Waals's Isothermal Equation, 152 ; Equations of Propagation Barometrical Depression (November 11, 1891), G. J. Symons,
of Disturbances in Gyrostatically Loaded Media, J. Larmor, 65; Catalogue of Deutsche Seewarte Library, 65 ; the Magde-
214; Theory of Elastic Wires, A. B. Basset, F.R.S., 215; burg Zeitung for 1890, 65; CloudObservation at Sea, Prof. C.
Harmonic Functions for the Elliptic Cone, E. W. Hobson, Abbe, 70; the Weather Bureau of the United States, 86 ;
335; Theorems relating to a Series of Coaxal Circles, R. Meteorology of Finland, 87 ; International Conference of



Meteorologists at Munich, 87; Electric Self-recording Rain. stitute and Deutsche Seewarte Daily Synoptic Weather
gauge, W. J. E. Binnie, 95; Wet and Dry Bulb Formulæ, Charts for North Atlantic Ocean, 444; Influence of Total
Prof. J. D. Everett, F.R.S., 95; Results of Observations at Solar Eclipse on Air Pressure, Herr Steen, 444; the Samoan
Akasso, F. Russell, 95 ; Atlas of the Meteorology and Hurricane, Everett Hayden, 461; the Magnetic Storan of
Physical Data of the Indian Ocean, 101; the Publications of February 13-14, 1892, 493 ; H. Wild, 480 ; the Winter Storms
the Meteorological Department of India, 113 ; Rainfall and of Northern India, Henry F. Blanford, F.R.S., 490 ; Atlantic
Thunderstorms of Berlin, 114; Cyclones in Europe, 114; the Weather and its Connection with British Weather, R. H.
Temperature of the Rivers of Central Europe, 114 ; Proposals Scott, 496; Report of the Meteorological Council, 518;
for a Co-operative Observation of the so-called Luminous Cloud Pictures, Dr. Singer, 518 ; Prof. G. Hellmann's Rain-
Clouds, 117; Cyclones in the Arabian Sea, 276 ; Cyclone fall Record Experiments, 545; Value of Meteorological
Memoirs of the Arabian Sea, W. L. Dallas, 135 ; the Tides Instruments in Selection of Health Resorts, Dr. C. Theodore
of the Bay of St. Malo, M. Heurtault, 143; the Ammonia in Williams, 551 ; Magnetic Storms, Dr. M. A. Veeder, 557 ;
the Air and Rain of a Tropical Region, Marcano and Muntz, Meteorological Council's Issue of Tables of Monthly Means for
143; Wind Direction, 149; Radiation of Upper Clouds Pressure, Temperature, and Rainfall, 567; Research on Extremes
round Barometric Minima, Dr. H. E. Hamberg, 156 ; of Temperature in Europe, Dr. Lachmann, 576; Dust-Count-
Meteorological Observations at Cairo, 1868-88, Dr. J. Hann, ing on Ben Nevis, Angus Rankin, 582 ; Deutsches Meteoro-
156 ; Meteorological Observations during Balloon Voyages, logisches Jahrbuch, 1890, 587 ; the General Circulation of
Dr. Assmann, 168 ; the Severe Gale of November 11, the Atmosphere, Dr. J. M. Pernter, 593 ; the Meteorological
Chas. Harding, 181; Mr. E. Engelenburg, the new Director Station of Naha, Liukiu Islands, Japan, 597 ; Aurora, George
of the Dutch Observations on Land, 183; Annual Meteoro- M. Seabroke, 605; Arthur Marshall, 605 ; Arthur E. Brown
logical Report for Japan (1889), 184 ; Prof. Hazen's High 605 ; the Changefulness of Temperature as an Element of
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