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Nature, L'Électricité dans la, Georges Dary, 460

Oak, The, a Popular Introduction to Forest Botany, H. Marshall
Nature, La Place de l'Homme dans la, T. H. Huxley, 197

Ward, F.R.S., 509
Nature, Man in, Paul Topinard, 457

Object Glasses, Diffraction Effects produced by placing Screens
Nature, Man's Place in, Prof. N. S. Shaler, 220

in Front of, Prof. Pritchard, 237
Nature, the Realm of, Hugh Robert Mill, 390

Objective Prism, the, Prof. Pickering, 521
Nature Teachings, Cyclopædia of, H. Macmillan, 248

Objectives, Telescopic, A. Fowler, 204
Navajo Indians, Weaving as practised by the, Dr. Shufeldt, 260 Observatories : Proposed Removal of Madras Observatory, 258;
Naval Architects, Institution of, 570

Report of the U.S. Naval Observatory, 352 ; the Warner
Nebulæ, some Apparently Variable, Lewis Swift, 261

Observatory, 422 ; Cordova Observatory, 446 ; Photography
Nebulæ near Merope, Measures of the, 352

at the Cape Observatory, D. Gill, 600
Nebulæ and Star Clusters, Observations of, M. Bigourdan, Observatories, Meteorological : Projected Tidal Observatory at

Muscat, 134 ; Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, 418
Nebulæ, Variability of, Dr. Lewis Swift, 522

Oddone (Dr. Emil), on Earth Vibrations, 510
Neesen (Prof.), Measurements of Latent Heats of Evaporation Ogilby (). D.), Dr. Stirling's new Australian Animal (Noto-
by means of a Condensation Calorimeter, 456

rycies typhlops), 135
Negreano (D.), Variation, with Temperature, of Dielectric Ohio, Excavations of the Prehistoric Mounds in, 20
Constant of Liquids, 408.

Ohio : Discovery of Remarkable Prehistoric Tomb, 157 ; the
Neolithic Age in Scandinavia, Chronology of the, Prof. Geology of, in connection with the Average Yield of Wheat,
Montelius, 39

Nephrite Axe found at Ohlau, Silesia, the, Dr. O. Schoetensack, Oka (Asajiro), a New Genus of Synascidians from Japan, 450

Olive Culture in Australia, Principal J. L. Thomson, 135
Neptune, the Discovery of, Prof. Holden, 522

Olliff (A. S.), the Plague Locust of New South Wales, 520
New Forest Bill, the, H. Goss, 295

Ontario, Grape Culture in, 209
New Forest in Danger, the, Herbert Goss, 343

Opium Question, the, G. H. M. Batten, 545
New Fragments, John Tyndall, F.R.S., 508

Opossum, Ring-tailed, Curious Death of a, J. E. Dixon, 88
New Guinea, British, J. P. Thomson on Recent Explorations Optics : Optical Proof of the Existence of Suspended Matter in
and Discoveries in, 425

Flames, on an, Sir G. G. Stokes, F.R.S., 133 ; Optical
New Guinea, Geology of, R. L. Jack, 209

Determination of High Temperatures, H. Le Chatelier, 360 ;
New South Wales: the Acclimatization of the Avocado Pear Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses, J. Trailí

in, F. Turner, 66; Scientific and Technical Education in, Taylor, 364 ; Optical Lantern as an Aid in Teaching, C. H.
88; Tea Culture in, W. T. Robertson, 260

Bothamley, 437 ; the Simplest Equivalent of a Given Optical
New York Mathematical Society, 124 ; Bulletin of the, 341 Path, Dr. J. Larmor, 503 ; an Aerial Graphoscope for showing
New York and Philadelphia, Proposed Ship Canal between, Effects of Persistence of Vision, E. S. Bruce, 574 ; the Dis-
Prof. L. M. Haupt, 497

persion of the Ultra-red Rays, Dr. Rubens, 576
New York Scientific Alliance, the, 544

Orange, Double, Gerald B. Francis, 534, 607
New York State, Earthquake in, 259

Organic Chemistry, a Hand-book of Industrial, Samuel P.
New Zealand Alps, with Axe and Rope in the, Geo, Ed. Man-

Sadtler, 125
nering, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 147

Orientation of Ancient Monuments, Rev. Fred. F. Grensted, 464
New Zealand, on a Recent Discovery of the Remains of Extinct Orientation, a Preliminary Statement of an Investigation of the
Birds in, Prof. Henry O. Forbes, 416

Dates of some of the Greek Temples as derived from their,
New Zealand Region, Aphanapteryx in the, Prof. Henry 0. F. C. Penrose, 395
Forbes, 580

Origin of the Year, J. Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 487
Newcomb (Prof.), Periodic Perturbations of the Four Inner Orkneys, Supernumerary Rainbows Observed in the, Robert H.

Planets, 548; N.P.D.'s observed with Greenwich and Scott, F.R.S., 223; M. Spence, 223
Washington Transit Circles, 548

Ornithology: Migratory Birds passing over Dublin, 20; the
Newton (Prof. Alfred, F.R.S.), Ornithology of the Sandwich Prairie Larks and Cranes of Manitoba, E. E. Thompson,
Isles, 465, 532

135 ; Intelligence in Birds, A. Wilkins, 151; Bird Gallery
Newton (Prof. H. A.), Capture of Comets by Planets, 186 in the British Museum, 154; Capture of a Spotted Eagle near
Nicaragua, Earthquake in, 471

Colchester, 158; Threatened Extermination of Kentish Plover,
Nicholson (A. C.), High-level Glacial Grounds near Oswestry, W. Verner, 236; Spotted Eagle, Pratt and Son, 259;

Additional Observations on Development of Apteryx, T. J.
Nickel Heat Engine, W. B. Croft, 392 ; Rev. Frederick J. Parker, F.R.S., 311 ; Utilization of Homing Pigeons, w. B.
Smith, 464

Tegetmeier, 320; Harrow Birds, G. E. H. Barrett-Hamilton,
Nile, Reported Discovery of Ultimate Source of, 154

342 ; Nest of Eggs of Bird of Paradise, A. J. Campbell

Nitrogen, Results of Experiments at Rothamsted on the 379; Remarkable Case of Humming Birds Nesting and

Question of the Fixation of Free, Dr. J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S., Hatching in a Drawing-room, 383 ; Torpid Cuckoo, A. Holte

Macpherson, 416 ; a Swan's Secret, Mrs. Jessie Godwin-
Nitrogen, the Urinary Secretion of, Dr. Gumlich, 599

Austen, 416; on the Origin of the Struthious Birds of
Noble (Capt. A., F.R.S.), First Visible Colour of Incandescent Australasia, Prof. Hutton, 425 ; Ornithology of the Sandwich
Iron, 484

Isles, Prof. Alfred Newton, F.R.S., 465, 532; Albert F.
Nomenclature in Biology, Suggestions for securing Greater Uni- Calvert, 485, 558; J. E. Harting, 532 ; Preference of Certain
formity of, Prof. T. Jeffery Parker, F.R.S., 68

Birds for Certain Trees, 471 ; White's Thrush (Turdus
Nomenclature, Botanical, Dr. Otto Kuntze, W. Botting Hems- varius), H. Seebohm, 479; Tame Jackdaws, E. C. Green, 545;
ley, 169

the Great Skua in Shetland, W. E. Clarke, 545; Depredations
Nomenclature, Scientific, H. St. A. Alder, 104

of the Great Bower Bird in Northern Queensland, 588
Non-Euclidian Geometry, Prof. H. Poincaré, 404

Orthochromatic Plates for Astronomical Photography, M. M.
Non-Metallic Chemistry, Synopsis of, W. Briggs, 604

Fabre and Andoyer, 280
Nordenskiöld (Baron), Discovery of Uranium in Swedish An- Orthography of Geographical Names, 186
thracitic Minerals, 209

Osmond (M.), and the Alloys Research Committee of the Insti-
Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society, 567

tution of Mechanical Engineers, 22
North (Marianne), Recollections of a Happy Life, 602

Ostwald (Prof. W.), Theory of Solutions, 193, 293, 415, 606;
North America, Nature and Man in, Prof. N. S. Shaler, 220 the Magnetic Rotation of Dissolved Salts, 383; the Dissocia-
North Atlantic Weather Charts, Synoptic, 444

tion of Nitrogen Peroxide, 383; Recent Advances in Physical
Nova Aurigæ, Observations of the Spectrum of, Dr. Henry Chemistry, 590
Crew, 569

O'Sullivan (C. C.), Gedda Gums, the Dextro-Rotatory Varieties,
Nova Auriga, Spectrum of, E. W. Maunder, 616

Nova Cygni, Photographs of the Region of, 617

O'Sullivan (J.), Specific Rotatory and Cupric Reducing Power
Novelists, Techical Education for, 487

of Invert Sugar and of Dextrose obtained from Cane Sugar
Nuovo Giornale Botanico Italiano, 46, 478

by means of Invertase, 551
Nurhagi of Sardinia, Dr. Ermling on the, 114

Oudemans (Dr. A. C.), the Great Sea Serpent, 614
Nuttall (Zelia), Ancient Mexican Shields, 520

Oudemans (J. A. C.), Levels, 240

to Nature

Ouse, the, A. J. Taylor, 102

Leprosy and Tubercle Bacilli, Chas. Slater, 450; the Tuber.
Owens (Prof. W. G.), Report of Solar Halos and Parhelia, cular Vaccination of the Dog, Héricourt and Richet, 576

Paton (Dr. Noel), Action of the Auriculo-Ventricular Valves,
Oxford : Election of Mr. E. R. Lankester to the Linacre Pro. 311
fessorship, 183

Paul (R. W.), some Electrical Instruments, 574
Oxford, Pass Examination Papers, a Defect in the, 443

Peabody (Cecil H.), Thermodynamics of the Steam Engine and
Oxford University, Junior Scientific Club, 455, 503

other Heat Engines, Prof. A. G. Greenhill, F.R.S., 172
Oxford University Museum, Fourth Annual Report of the Dele- Peach (B. N.), the Olenellus Zone of the North-West Highlands,
gates of the, 572

Oxide, Phosphorous, A. E. Tutton, 446

Pear in New South Wales, the Acclimatization of the Avocado,
Oxyden and Hydrogen, Silent Combination of, Prof. Victor F. Turner, 66
Meyer and Herr Askenasy on, 616

Peary (Lieut.), Proposed Expedition for Relief of, 183
Oyster Culture in Queensland, Saville Kent, 66

Peat-bog Eruptions, Herr Klinge, 472
Oysters at the Antipodes, 43

Pechard (E.), the Estimation of Molybdenum, 336
Ozone by Electric Silent Discharge, Experiments on the Pro- | Peculiar Eyes, Jas. Shaw, 104; G. K. Gude, 151; E. B.
duction of, Siemens and Halske,339

Titchener, 177

Peek (Cuthbert G.), Fuzziness of some Variable Stars, 497
Pacific, Eastern, Dredging Operations in the, Prof. Alex. Pekelharing (Prof.), Composition of Fibrin Ferment, 408 ;
Agassiz, 281

Coagulation of the Blood, 600
Page (Mr. F. J. M.), Appointed to Chair of Chemistry and

Penfield and Wells (Messrs.), Remarkable Series of Compounds
Physics at London Hospital, 566

of Halogen Salts of Cæsium with Two or more Atoms of
Palatability, Comparative, E. B. Titchener, 53

Chlorine, Bromine, or Iodine, 325
Paläolithics : a Curious Stone Hammer found in the Thames, Penrose (F. C.), a Preliminary Statement of an Investigation of
G. F. Lawrence, 324

the Dates of some of the Greek Temples as derived from their
Palæolithic and Neolithic Period, the Continuity of the, J. A. Orientation, 395
Brown, 503

Percival and Co., Simple Proof of Euclid II. 9 and 10, 250
Palæontology: Catalogue of Fossil Birds in the British Museum,

Perfume Farming in Victoria, Experimental, 305
R. Lydekker, 33 ; Discovery of Mammalian Tooth near Périgaud (M.), Astronomy at the Paris Academy, April 11, 589
Hastings, 39 ; some Eurypterid Remains from Upper Silurian Periodic Law, the Spectrum of Iron and the, John Parry, 253
Deposits of Portland Hill, Malcolm Laurie, 239; the Sil- Periodic Perturbations of the Four Inner Planets, Prof. New-
chester Remains, Herbert Jones, 259; Fresh Evidence Con- comb, 548
cerning the Distribution of Arctic Plants during the Glacial Periodic Variations in Latitude, Chandler, 589
Epoch, Dr. A. G. Nathorst, 273; on a Recent Discovery of Perkin (A. G.), Action of Nitric Acid on Oxanilide and its
the Remains of Extinct Birds in New Zealand, Prof. Henry Analogues, 55!
0. Forbes, 416; Discovery of Remains of Prehistoric Animals Perkin (Ďr. W. H., F.R.S.), Magnetic Rotary Powers of Solu-
in Endsleigh Street, Dr. H. Hicks, F.R.S., 566; Aberrant tions of Ammonium and Sodium Salts of Fatty Acids, 92
Fossil Ungulates of South America, 608

Perkın (W. H., Jun.), Synthesis of Hexahydroterephthalic Acid,
Palms, on the Phenomena Concerned in the Production of

383; a New Acid from Camphoric Acid, 551
Forked and Branched, D. Morris, 598

Perkins (R. C. L.), selected to investigate the Zoology of
Pamely (Caleb), Colliery Manager's Hand-book, 77

the Sandwich Islands, 322
Pamir, Le, et sa Faune lépidoptérologique, 115

Pernter (Dr. J. M.), the General Circulation of the Atmosphere,
Pamirs, a Journey across the, 90

Pamirs, Journeys in the, and Adjacent Countries, Capt. F. E. Perot (A.), on Hertz Oscillations, 336
Younghusband, 353

Perry (Geo. H.), on the Matter thrown up during the Sub-
Pantelleria : Earthquakes at, 120; the October Eruption, marine Eruption North-West of Pantelleria, October 1891;
North-West of, G. W. Butler, Prof. John W. Judd, F.R.S.,

154 ; on the Matter thrown up during the Submarine Perry (Prof. J., F.R.S.), Struts and Tie-Rods Laterally
Eruption North-West of, October 1891, Gerard W. Butler,

Loaded, 192; Choking Coils, 524
251 ; Geo. H. Perry, 251; Abstract of Mr. A. Ricco's Perseids observed in Russia in 1890, Th. Bredichin, 597
Account of the Submarine Eruption North-West of, October | Persia and Kurdistan, Journeys in, Mr. Bishop, 248
1891, G. W. Butler, 584 ; Geology of, G. Jervis, 207

Personal Equations in Transit Observations, 617
Paper-making Industry in the United States, the, J. F. Hobart, Peru, Central, Mr. Alexander Ross's Journey to Head Waters

of the Ecayali, 519
Parasitic Fungi and Moulds, G. Massee, 411

Petermann's Mitteilungen, 588
Paris : Academy of Sciences, 23, 47, 71, 95,9120, 143, 167, 192, Petrie (W. M. Flinders), Prehistory of Egypt, 580

215, 239, 264, 287, 311, 336, 360, 384, 408, 431, 456, 480, Pevtsoff (General), Tibet Expedition, 45
504, 527, 552, 575, 599, 624; Astronomy at the, March 21, Pfaff's Allgemeine Geologie als Exacte Wissenschaft, J. Joly,
522 ; April 11, MM. Périgaud and Boquet, 589; the Morgue 126
in, 116; Paris Museum of Natural History, Prof. Chauveau's Pfeiffer (Herr), Measurements of Process of Dissolution of Glass
Laboratory, 86; Reorganization of, 183; 1889 Annals of

in Water by Change in Conductivity of Latter, 209
Meteorological Office of Paris, 208 ; Les Fleurs à Paris, Pharaohs, Egypt under the, H. Brugsch-Bey, 363
Culture et Commerce, Philippe L. de Vilmorin, 510

Pharmaceutical Society at Edinburgh, 88
Parke (Thos. Heazle), My Personal Experiences in Equatorial Phasemeter, a, John Trowbridge, 622
Africa as Medical Officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedi- Phenomenon, a Rare, Alex. Graham Bell, 79
tion, 265

Philadelphia and New York, Proposed Ship Canal between,
Parker (1.), Elementary Thermodynamics, 314

Prof. L. M. Haupt, 497
Parker (Prof. T. Jeffery, F.R.S.): Suggestions for securing Philosophical Notes on Botanical Subjects, E. Bonavia, 483

Greater Uniformity of Nomenclature in Biology, 68; Ad- Phoronomy, Dr. W. H. Besant, F.R.S., 462 ; A. B. Basset,
ditional Observations on Development of Apteryx, 311

F.R.S., 486; M. Am Ende, 486
Parmentier (F.), Chlorosulphide and Bromosulphide of Lead, Phosphorous Oxide, A. E. Tutton, 446

Photography : Photographic Pastimes, a Hand-book for Ama.
Parry (John), the Spectrum of Iron and the Periodic Law, 253 teurs, by Hermann Schnauss, 5; Praktisches Taschenbuch
Pasco (Captain), on Early Discoveries in Australia, 425

der Photographie, Dr. E. Vogel, 51; Geological Photographs,
Pasquale (F.), a New Carpellary Theory, 478 ; a New Theory of 64; Applied to the Microscope, F. W. Mills, 77; Colour

the Morphology of the Carpel in Flowering Plants, 546 Photography by Lippmann's Process, 119; Aluminium and
Passmore (F. W.), the Aconite Alkaloids, iii., 525

its Application to Photography, G. L. Addenbrooke, 134;
Pathology: a Text-book of Chemical Physiology and Pathology, a Shutter for Use in Stellar Photography, J. Joly, 167 ;

W. D. Halliburton and Dr. E. H. Starling, 51; Prevention Chronophotography, or Photography as Applied to Moving
of Hiccough by Pressure on the Phrenic Nerve, M. Leloir, Objects, 228; Use of Chronophotography for Study of Aërial
312; Animals rendered immune to Anthrax, Dr. Th. Weye, Locomotive Machines, Marey, 71; Orthochromatic Plates for
312 ; a New Epidemic in Vienna, 349 ; the Differentiation of Astronomical Photography, MM. Fabre and Andoyer, 280 ;


Solar Prominence, Prof. G. E. Hale, 326; Photography of logy, W. D. Halliburton and Dr. E. H. Starling, 51; Prof.
Solar Prominences, M. Deslandres, 405, 522 ; Photography Stokvis on Mutual Antagonism, 72 ; on the Implanting of
as a Branch of Technology, Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S., 331 ; Large Pieces of Decalcified Bones to fill up Losses of Substance
Optics of Photography and Photographic Lenses, J. Traill of Skeleton, Le Dentu, 95 ; the Renal Organs of certain
Taylor, 364 ; Photographic Magnitudes of Stars, 380 ; the Decapod Crustacea, W. F. R. Weldon, 140; the Neph-
Draper Catalogue of Stellar Spectra, A. Fowler, 426; the ridium of Lumbricus and its Blood Supply, Dr. W. B.
Ilford Manual of Photography, C. H. Bothamley, 460 ; Benham, 140; the Formation and Fate of the Primitive
Photography Applied to the Detection of Crime, Dr. Paul Streak in the Frog, Robinson and Assheton, 140; some
Jeserich, 568; Photography at the Cape Observatory, D. Points in the Development of Scorpio fulvipes, M. Laurie,
Gill, 600; Spectrum of Nova Aurigæ, 616; Photographs 140 ; a New Mode of Respiration in the Myriapoda, F. G.
of the Region of Nova Cygni, 617; Photographs of a Part Sinclair, 164; the Foot as a Prehensile Organ in Hindoos,
of Cygnus, M. Faye, 624

F. Regnault, 192; Outlines of Practical Physiological
Photometric Observations, Dr. Müller, 90

Chemistry, F. Charles Larkin and Randle Leigh, 292;
Photometry, Colour, Capt. Abney, F.R.S., 213

Development of Lung-books of Scorpio, Malcolm Laurie,
Phycomycetes and Ustilagineæ, British Fungi, G. Massee, 411 311; Action of the Auriculo-Ventricular Valves, Dr. Noel
Phyllium, the, Dr. Sharp, 623

Paton, 311; Influence of Blood Supply to Skin in Sweat-
Physics : Some Experiments Made with the View of Ascertaining secretion as seen in Paw of Cat, Dr. Max Levy, 312; Extra-

the Rate of Propagation of Induced Magnetism in Iron, Fred. ordinarily Rapid Evaporation on Glacier, Prof. Boernstein,
T. Trouton, 42; on the Virial of a System of Hard Colliding 312 ; Teeth Development in the Marsupialia, M. F. Wood-
Bodies, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 80; Van der Waals's ward, 335; an Introduction to Human Physiology, Augustus
Generalization regarding Corresponding Temperatures, Pres. D. Waller and Dr. E. H. Starling, 340; the Mechanism of
sures, and Volumes, Prof. Sydney Young, 93 ; Physical the Closure of the Larynx, Prof. T. P. A. Stuart, 357 ; Note
Society, 93, 142, 191, 238, 358, 478, 524, 574; Annual on the Behaviour of Sugar in Blood, Dr. Vaughan Harley,
General Meeting, 452 ; Dynamic Action and Ponderosity of 407 ; Composition of Fibrin Ferment, Prof. Pekelharing,
Matter, by "Waterdale," 100; Experimental, on an Optical 408; the Development of the Oviduct in the Frog, E. W.
Proof of the Existence of Suspended Matter in Flames, Sir G. MacBride, 450 ; Contributions to the Physiology and Patho-
G. Stokes, F.R.S., 133; the Various Forms given to the logy of the Mammalian Heart, Roy and Adami, 451;
General Equation expressing Behaviour of Liquids and Gases Action of Lymph in producing Intravascular Clotting, Dr.
under Different Conditions of Volume, Temperature, and Pres. Shore, 455 ; the Abductor and Adductor Fibres of the
sure, Dr. P. A. Guye, 142; a New Theory concerning the recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, J. S. R. Russell, 573; Dr.
Constitution of Matter, Dr. C. W. Burton, 142 ; Refraction Werigo's Experiments respecting Influence of Oxygen on
and Velocity of Sound in Porous Bodies, Herr Hesehus, 156 ; Elimination of Carbon Dioxide by the Lungs, Prof. Zuntz, 576 ;
the Thermal Emissivity of Thin Wires in Air, Ayrton and Physiological Action of Diminished Atmospheric Pressure,
Kilgour, 162; Effect of Flaws on the Strength of Materials, F. R. Mallet, 606; Physiology of Respiratory Centres, Dr.
J. Larmor, 166; Physical Theory of Solutions, W. Ostwald, Alfred Bienfait, 624
193; Smithsonian Standards for Physical Apparatus, Prof. S. Pickering (Prof.), Distribution of Energy in Stellar Spectra,
P. Langley, 197 ; on the Virial Equation for Gases and 159 ; Stars having Peculiar Spectra, 210; Astronomical
Vapours, Prof. P. G. Tait, 199 ; Experimental Measurement Possibilities at Considerable Altitudes, 498; the Objective
of Process of Dissolution of Glass in Water by Change in Prism, 521
Conductivity of Latter, Herr Pfeiffer, 209; the Theory Pictet's (Prof.) Laboratory at Berlin, Prof. R. du Bois-
of Regelation, H. Le Chatelier, 288; the Cause of an Reymond, 31
Ice Age, Sir Robert Ball, F.R.S., Prof. G. H. Darwin, Picton (H.), Metallic Hydrosulphides, 262; Physical Constitu-
F.R.S., 289; the Law of Elastic Lengthening, J. 0. tion of some Sulphide Solutions, 263 ; of Solution and Pseudo-
Thompson, 311; Experiments on Cause of Emission of solution, ii., 263
Light by Gases, Dr. Pringsheim, 312 ; Wave Motion Pigment in Yellow Butterflies, F. Gowland Hopkins, 197
Model, F. Cheshire, 347 ; Experimental, the Mechanical Pigments of Lepidoptera, F. Gowland Hopkins, 581; F. H.
Stretching of Liquids, A. M. Worthington, 358; Optical Perry Coste, 605; Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S., 605
Determination of High Temperatures, H. Le Chatelier, 260 ; Pilchard or Sardine, Growth of the, Prof. J. T. Cunningham,
Collection de Mémoires relatifs à la Physique, Prof. J. J. 255
Thomson, F.R.S., 361 ; Superheated Steam, Lord Ray- Pilchards, Matthias Dunn, 511; J. T. Cunningham, 558
leigh, 375; J. Macfarlane Gray, 413, 486 ; Prof. James A. Pillar, Sun, Annie Ley, 484
Cotterill, F.R.S., 414; G. H. Bailey, 414; John Gamgee, Piltschikoff (N.), Polarization of Atmosphere by Light of Moon,
438 ; Quaternions as a Practical Instrument of Physical Re. 456
search, A. McAuley, 423 ; Mathematical Analogies between Pinches (Thos. G.), the Tower of Babel and the Confusion of
various branches of Physics, Prof. Bragg, 423; Heat Engines Tongues, 210
and Saline Solutions, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 438, 510; | Pisciculture, the Salmon Industry in British Columbia, 279
Experimental, Supplementary Colours, Prof. S. P. Thompson. Pitt-Rivers (General), Typological Museums, 184
F.R.S., 452; the Relation between Kinetic Energy and Pittier (H.), Meteorological Observations at San José during
Temperature in Liquids, Prof. Tait, 455; Long Rotating 1889, 234
Circular Cylinders, C. Chree, 455; Measurements of Latent Pittsburg Electric Club, the, 568
Heats of Evaporation by means of a Condensation Calori- Placentation of certain Lemurs and Insectivora, Hubrecht, 600
meter, Prof. Neesen, 456; a Lecture Experiment in Surface Plane Trigonometry, the Elements of, R. Levett and C.
Tension, E. D. Fridlander, 463; the Terms “Centrifugal Davison, 509
Force" and "Force of Inertia,” Geo. S. Carr, 463 ; a Nickel Planets, Capture of Comets by, Prof. H. A. Newton, 186
Heat Engine, W. B. Croft, 392 ; Rev. Fred. J. Smith, 464; Planets, Minor, the Elements of the, Dr. Paul Lehmann, 42
Aberration, Lord Rayleigh, Sec. R.S., 499 ; Changes in Pianets, Periodic Perturbations of the Four Inner, Prof. New-
Dimensions of Elastic Solids due to given Systems of Forces, comb, 548
M. C. Chree, 527; Law of Distribution of Velocities in a Plants, the Diseases of, New Journal devoted to, 20
System of Moving Molecules, A. H. Leahy, 527 ; on the Plants, Grafted, W. H. Beeby, 151
Tensions of Saturated Vapours of Different Liquids at same Plarr (Dr. Gustav), Obituary Notice of, 419
Pressure, Edmond Colot, 528; a Standard Condenser, H. Pleyte (C. M.), Use of the Sumpitan and Bow in Indonesia, 235
Abraham, 528 ; Crystalline Absorption and the Choice between Plover, Kentish, Threatened Extermination of the, W. Verner,
the Different Theories of Light, E. Carvallo, 528 ; Aberration

Problems, Prof. O. Lodge, F.R.S., 549; Radiations of Podkamennaya Tunguska, Rocks collected by M. Lopatin on
Incandescent Bodies and Optical Measure of High Tempera- the, 597
tures, J. Violle, 552 ; Recent Advances in Physical Chemistry, Poincaré (Prof. H.): Poincaré's Thermodynamics, 245, 414,
Prof. W. Ostwald, 590 ; Physiological Action of Diminished 439, 485, 532 ; Electrodynamic Theories and the Electro-
Atmospheric Pressure, F. R. Mallet, 606

magnetic Theory of Light, Prof. A. Gray, 367 ; Non-Euclidian
Physiography: Elementary Stage, J. Spencer, 27; the Realm Geometry, 404 ; Poincaré and Maxwell, Prof. Geo. Fras.
of Nature, Hugh Robert Mill, 390

Fitzgerald, F.R.S., 532
Physiology : a Text-book of Chemical Physiology and Patho. Poison, Arrow, A. Coppen Jones, 343

to Nature

Poison, Arrow, of Sarro Savages, Laborde and Rondeau, 278 Quatrefages (Prof. de), Death and Obituary Notice of, 278;
Foison of the Malay Peninsula, the Ipoh, Leonard Wray, Proposed Monument to, 612
Jun., 278

Queensland : Oyster Culture in, Saville-Kent, 66; on the
Pularis, on the Observation of North Polar Stars in the Vertical Habits of Ceratodus, the Lung Fish of, Prof. Spencer, 425 ;
of, Truman Saffard, 159

Depredations of the Great Bower Bird in, 588
Polarization of Atmosphere by Light of Moon, N. Piltschikoff,

Political Economy and Taxation, David Ricardo, 4

Race, the Manchu, 523
Pollination, Evolution in Methods of, Miss Alice Carter, 596

Radiant Points, Displacement of, Dr. J. Kleiber, 570
Polynesians, Lieut. Vedel on the, 615

Rail, New Extinct, Prof. Henry O. Forbes, 416

Railway, New, from Upminster to Romsord, Essex, T. V.
Polytechnic Institute, Regent Street, Appeal on behalf of the,

Holmes, 151
Polytechnics and Recreation, Miss E. Cons, 281

Railways, English, the Working and Management of, 116
Ponds, Isolated, Na:ural History of, Clement Reid, 325

Rainbows, Supernumerary, observed in the Orkneys, Robt. H.
Population in Austria-Hungary, the Increase of, 158

Scott, F.R.S., 223; M. Spence, 223
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