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L June 2, 1892

Richard Clay And Sons, Limited London And Bungay


Aalia Paakai, the Salt Lake of, A. B. Lyons, 29

Abbe (Prof. C), Cloud-Observations at Sea, 70

Aberrant Fossil Ungulates of South America, 608

Aberration, Lord Rayleigh, Sec. R. S., 499

Aberration Problems, Prof. O. Lodge, K.R.S., 549

Aberration, Theory of Astronomical, M. Mascart, 68

Abney (Capt), Colour Photometry, 213

Aborigines of the Dominion of Canada, Hon. E. Dewdney, 387

Abraham (R.), a Standard Condenser, 528

Accidents in Germany, Workmen Killed and Wounded in, Vachcr, 350

Acloque (A.), Les Champignons, 222

Acoustics: Refraction and Velocity of Sound in Porous Bodies, 156

Acquired Characters, Inheritance of, Alfred W. Bennett, 53

Acromegaly: the Skeleton of the Irish Giant Cornelius Magrath, Dr. D. J. Cunningham, F.R.S., 147

Across Thibet, Gabriel Bonvalot, 269

Adami (J. G.), Contributions to the Physiology and Pathology of the Mammalian Heart, 451

Adams (Prof. John Couch): Obituary Notice of, 301; the Cambridge Philosophical Society and, 322; Proposed National Monument to, 401

Addenbrooke (G. L.), Aluminium and its Application to Photography, 134

Adelsberg Cave, the, 207

Adhesion, the Limpet's Power of, Percy A. Aubin, 464

sLelooma, Formation of a Temporary Cyst in the Fresh-water Annelid, Frank E. Beddard, 28

Aerial Locomotive Machines, Use of Chronophotography for Study of, Marey, 71

Aerodynamics, Experiments in, Lord Rayleigh, F. R.S., 108

Africa: Projected Expedition by Dr. Oscar Baumann in East, 65; Equatorial, My Personal Experiences in, as Medical Officer of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, Thos. Heazle Parke, 265; Travels in Africa during the years 1879-83, Dr. Wilhelm Junker, 507; My Second Journey through Equatorial Africa, Hermann von Wissmann, 507; Two African Explorers, 376; Captain Dundas's Expedition in East, Mount Kenia, Ernest Gedge, 566; African Diamond Industry, the South, at the Chicago Exhibition, 567

Agasiii (Prof. Alex.), Dredging Operations in the Eastern Pacific, 281

Agriculture: Results of Experiments in, at Rothamsted, on the Question of the Fixation of Free Nitrogen, Dr. J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S., 32; Agricultural Department, Victoria, Results of the Travelling Dairy, A. Crawford, 39; the Weather Bureau of the United States, 86; the Reclaiming and Cultivation of Land in the Camargue, M. Chambrelent, I43 ; Principles of Agriculture, 173; the Value of Maize as Food, 234; Elements of Agriculture, Dr. W. Fream, 388; the Average Yield of Wheat in Ohio, 420; Proposed Litabtishment of an Agricultural College in British Guiana, 520; Agricultural Needs of India, 5S8 ; Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, 568

Air Temperature, Sun-spots and, 271

Air and Water, Vivian B. Lewes, 531

Airy (Sir George Biddell), Obituary Notice of, 232

Attken (John, F.R.S.), on the Number of Dust Particles in the Atmosphere of Various Places in Great Britain and on the Cootinrnt, with Remarks on the Relation between the Amount of Dost and Meteorological Phenomena, 299

Alaska, the Boundaries of; the Geographical Position of Mount St. Elias, I. C. Russell, 472

Alder (II. St. A.), Scientific Nomenclature, 104

Algol, Dr. S. C. Chandler, 446

Alkali-maker's Hand-book, by George Lunge, Ph.D., and F. Hurler, Ph.D., Prof. T. E. Thorpe, F.R.S., 121

Allbutt (Dr. T. C, F.R.S.), Appointment of, to be Regius Professor of Physic in room of late Sir Geo. Paget, 402

Allison (Mrs.), the Similkameen Indians of British Columbia, 164

Alloys, Prof. W. C. Roberts-Austen, F.R.S., Report to the Alloys Research Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 22

Aloi (Prof.), Influence of Electricity on Growth of Plants, 520

Alpine Rubi, T. D. A. Cockerell, 320 .

Alternate Currents of High Potential and Frequency, Lectures on, Nikola Tesla, 345

Altitudes, Astronomical Possibilities at Considerable, Prof. Pickering, 498

Alum Solution, T. C. Porter, 29

Aluminium : and its Application to Photography, G. L. Addenbrooke, 134; the Manufacture and Use of, from an Engineering Point of View, A. E. Hunt, 568

Amazons, Obituary Notice of Henry Walter Bates, F.R.S., the Naturalist of the, 398

America: American Journal of Mathematics, 45; Spanish Arrangements for the Celebration of the Quatercentenary of the Discovery of America, 64, 567; American Meteorological Journal, 70, 189, 357, 597; American Journal of Science, 118, 310, 445, 622; American Superiority in Mechanics, Coleman Sellers, 157 ; the Utilization of the By-products of the Coke Industry, Dr. B. Terne, 157; McKinley Tariff and Scientific Instruments, 208; Fisheries of the Great American Lakes, 259; Fishing through the Ice in the Great American Lakes, 200; Remarkable Display of Aurora Borealis in, 37S; Kalm's Account of his Visit to England, on his way to, in 1748, 412; American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Report of, 496; Influenza in, Prof. Edward S. Holden, 582; American Town Trees, J. Robinson, 603; Forestry in, Prof. W. R. Fisher, 611 ; Ancient Civilization of Central, Alfred P. Maudslay, 617

Amorphous Boron, the Properties of, A. E. Tutton, 522

Amsterdam Royal Academy of Sciences, 48, 72, 240, 408, 576, 600

Anatomy, Comparative: the Cranial Nerves of Man and Selachians, Prof. Cossar Ewart, 527

Anatomy of the Dog, 16

Ancient Civilization of Central America, Alfred P. Maudslay, 617

Ancient Monuments, Orientation of, Rev. Fred. F. Grensted, 464

Ancient Tombs and Burial Mounds of Japan, Prof. Hitchcock,

38' . . .

Andalusiteat Artige, on the Relations existing between the Form

and Nature of the Beds of, M. A. Lacroix, 624 Andaman Islands, Disappearance of the Al>origines of the, 587 Anderson (Thos. D.), the New Star in Auriga, 365 Andes of the Equator, Travels among the Great, Edward

Whymper, Prof. T. G. Bonney, F.R.S., 561 Andoyer(M.), Orthochromatic Plates for Astronomical Photography, 280 Andre (M.), the Spontaneous Oxidation of llumic Acid and Vegetable Soil, 288; the Manifestation of Negative Electricity during Fine Weather, 528 Anemometer Comparisons, W. H. Dines, 623 Anemometers, Two New Forms, in use at Kew Observatory,

587 Aneroid Barometer, How to Use the, Edward Whymper, 339


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