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Aneroid in Hypsometry, the, Herbert Tomlinson, F.R.S., 440

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Architects, Institution of Naval, 570

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Effect of Chlorine and Bromine, the Constitution of Parabrom

and Parachloraniline Sulphonic Acids, 525; Anhydrides of

Sulphonic Acids, 525; Production of Ketone 1:2:4

Acetorthoxylene from Camphor by Action of Sulphuric Acid

and Zinc Chloride, 551 Arons (Dr.), Experiments on the Electrical Polarization at the

Two Sides of a Metallic Plate Immersed in an Electrolyte at

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with Observations on the Nature, Progress and Treatment of

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Oxygen, 616 Ass, the Cat and the Sheep in China, the Origin of the, Dr

Macgowan, 285 Assheton (R.), the Formation and Fate of the Primitive Streak

in the Frog, 140 Assimilation of Diet investigated in a Dog working in a Tread

mill, Dr. Rosenberg, 599 Assmann (Dr.), Meteorological Observations during Balloon

Voyages, 168 Assmann (Dr.), Observations made in a Captive Balloon, 432 Aston (Emily), some Compounds of Oxides of Silver and Lead,


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Atlantic, North, Pilot Chart of, December 1891, 258
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Atlas, Handy, of Modern Geography, 605
Atlas, the Universal, 52
Atlatl, the Mexican, 66, 102

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Atmospheric Pressure, Physiological Action of Diminished, F. R. Mallet, 606

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Austria, Health Springs of Germany and, Dr. F. O. Buckland,

510 Austria-Hungary, the Increase of Population in, 158 Austrian Economists, W. Smart, 268 Auwers (A.): Determination of the Solar Parallax, 89; the

Sirius System, 617 Aylesbury, Proposed County Museum for Bucks, 114 Aymonnet (M.), Periodic Heat Maxima observed in Spectra

from Flint and Crown Glass, and Rock Salt, 504 Ayrton (Prof. W. E., F.R.S.): the Thermal Emissivity of Thin

Wires in Air, 162 ; Rotatory Currents, 191 ; Electrotechnics,

326; the Function of a University, 439 Azaleas, Intermediate Forms of, Wm. Sowerby, 519 Azoimide, N3H, Further Researches upon, A. E. Tutton, 127

Babel, the Tower of, and the Confusion of Tongues, Thos. G.

Pinches, 210 Bacillus in Influenza, the Alleged Discovery of a, 250 Backhouse (T. W.): Apparent Size of Objects near the Horizon,

7; Nacreous Clouds, 365 Bacterium allii, Dr. Griffiths, 624 Bagard (H.), a Thermo-electric Standard of Electromotive

Force, 192

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Bahama Islands: Sponge Trade of the, 20; Telegraphic Con-
nection with, 114
Bailey (E. H. S.), Tonganoxie Meteorite, 119
Bailey (G. H.), Superheated Steam, 414
Baird (Mr. Spencer F.), Death of, 278
Bakhuis Roozeboom(Dr.),Influence of Isomorphism on Behaviour
of Double Salt, during Solution, 240
Balansa (B.), Death and Obituary Notice of, 349
Ball (Sir Robert, F.R.S.): the Cause of an Ice Age, 365;
Pro£ G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 289; Henry H. Hownrth, 440;
Election of, to succeed the late Prof. Adams in the Lowndes
Professorship of Astronomy at Cambridge, 402
Ball (Dr. Valentine, F.R.S.), the Koh-i-Nur, 126
Ballance (Chas. A.), a Treatise on the Ligation of the Great
‘ Arteries in Continuity, with Observations on the Nature.
Progress, and Treatment of Aneurism, Dr. M. Armand
RulTer, 530
Ballistics: Calculation of Trajectories of Elongated Projectiles,
Rev. F. Bashforth, 473
Balloon Voyage for Scientific Purposes, the First, Prof. Hell-
mann, 471
Balloon Voyages, Meteorological Observations during, Dr. Ass-
mann, 168
Birclay (Dr. A.), Rain and Mildews in India, 477
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tive Power of Cometary Matter, 237
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Symons, 65
Barrett-Hamilton (G. E. H.), Harrow Birds, 342
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Relation of Melting-point to Pressure in Igneous Rock Fusion,
Bashforth (Rev. F.), Calculation of Trajectories of Elongated
Projectiles, 473
Basses Pyrénées, Extermination of the Wild Daffodil in the, 545
Basset (A. B., F.R.S.) : on Selective and Metallic Reflection,
119; on the Theory of Elastic Wires, 215 ; Phoronomy, 486
Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences, 88
Bites (H. W., F.R.S.): Death of, 377 ;Obituary Notice of, 398
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Bats flying in the Daytime, R. Haig Thomas, 8
Batten (E. H. M.), the Opium Question, 545
Batters (E. A. L.), a New Marine Alga, Grmimnphyllum
Hu]7zami, 596
Baumann (Prof. Oscar), Projected East African Expedition, 65
Bausch (Edward), Manipulation of the Microscope, 342
Beaches, Formation of, Signor P. Cornaglia, 362
Beaches, the Formation and Erosion of, 415
Beast and Man in India. John Lockwood Kipling, 131
Beddard (Frank E.) ; Formation of a Temporary Cyst in the
Fresh-water Annelid /Euloso/na, 28; Warning Colours, 78 ;
Preliminary Notice of a New Branchiate Oligochxte, 109
Bedford College and the Gresham University, Dr. W. J.
Russell. F. R. S., Lucy J. Russell, 391
Beeby (\V. H.), Grafted Plants, 151
Behrens (Mr. ), Microscopic Structure of Hard Steel, 48
BelajeH`(Herr W.), the Pollen-Tube of Gymnosperms, 471
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Bell (C. Napier), on Sanitary Engineering, 426
Bell (Dugald), the Alleged Submergence in Scotland during the
Glacial Epoch, 527
Bell (Prof. F. Jeffrey), on the Echinoderms collected during the
Fishing Survey on the West Coast of Ireland, 598
Belopolsky (A.), the Rotation ofJupiter, 70
Bemmelen (Heer van), the Difference of Colloid Oxides and
Crystalline Hydrates, 576
Ben Nevis, Dust-Counting on, Angus Rankin, 582
Benham (Dr. \V. B.), the Nephridium of Lumbricus and its
Blood-Supply, 140
Bennett (Alfred W.) : Inheritance of Acquired Characters, 53 ;
, Alleged Pseudopodes of Diatoms, 177
Bent (Theodore): the Zimbabwe Ruins, 402; Finds at the
Great Zimbabwe Ruins, 551
Berbcrich (Dr. ), \Volf’s Periodic Comet, 237
Berg (E.), Frequency and Geographical Distribution of Heavy
Daily Rainfall, 258
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mond, 31 ; Berlin Physical Society, 48, 96, 168, 240, 312,

A june 2,

432, 456, 576; Berlin Physiological Society, 48, 95, 168, 240, 312, 432, 456, 576, 599 ; Berlin Meteorological Society, 95, 168, 312, 432, 576; Rainfall and Thunderstorms of, II4 Bernard (H.), a New Form of Mechanical Stage for Microscopical Work, 239 Bernays (Dr. A. J.), Death of, 258 Berthelot (D.) : Existence of Acid or Basic Salts of Monobasic Acids in very Dilute Solutions, 72; Heat of Formation of Hydrazine and Hydrazoic Acid, 95; the Three Basicities of Phosphoric Acid, 192 ; the Spontaneous Oxidation of Humic Acid and Vegetable Soil, 288 ; a Method of Organic Analysis, 408 Besant (Dr. W. H., F.R.S.), Phoronomy, 462 Besson (M.): Phosphides of Boron, 136; the Bromine Derivation of Methyl Chloride, 143 ; Two New Compounds of Carbon, Chlorine, and Bromine, 351; a Silicon Chlorosulphide, 240 Bienfait (Dr. Alfred) and the Physiology of Respiratory Centres, 624 Biese (Dr. E.), Meteorology of Finland, 87 Bigourdan (NL), Observations of Nebulcn and Star Clusters, 352 Binnie (W. J. E.), Electric Self-recording Rain-Gauge, Q5 Biology: of Seaside Plants, W. Batting Hemsley, F.R.S., 3; Suggestions for Securing Greater Uniformity of Nomenclature in Biology, Prof. T. Jeffery Parker, F`.R.S., 68; Preliminary Notice of a New Branchiate Oligochzete, Frank E. Beddard, 109; the Marine Biological Association, 116; Discoloration of Water by Minute Marine Organisms in Port Jackson, Sydney, 184; Proposed Columbus Station at Jamaica, 401 ; Prof. Ray Lankester, 420; Wandering Cells in Echinoderms, Src., H. E. Durham, 450 ; the Excretory Processes in Marine Polyzoa, S. F. Harmer, 450; on Our/um-orna :teen:lru/~ii, A. E. Shipley, 450 ; Note on a Sieve-like Membrane across Oscula of a Species of Leucosolenia, E. A. Minchin, 450 ; the Nauplius Eye persisting in some Decapods, Margaret Robinson, 450; a New Genus of Synascidians from Japan, Oka and Willey, 450 ; Anatomy and Habits ofAlcyonium, S. J. Hickson, 455; Appointment of Mr. George Brebner as tirst Marshall Scholar, 183; Evolution of Life, or Cause of Change in Animal Forms, Hubbard \Vinslow Mitchell, 364 ; the Limpet’s Power of Adhesion, Percy A. Aubin, 464; the Limpet’s Strength, J. Lawrence Hamilton, 487; Biology of the Sunflower, A. Gordyaghin, 597 ; Prof. A. Chauveau elected President ofthe Société de Biologie, 612 Bird Gallery in the British Museum, 154 Birds, Extinct, ona Recent Discovery ofthe Remains of, in New Zealand, Prof. Henry O. Forbes, 416 Birds, Fossil, Catalogue of, in the British Museum, Richard Lydekker, 33 Birds, Harrow, G. E. H. Barrett-Hamilton, 342 Birds, Intelligence in, A. Wilkins, 151, 177 Birds, Migratory, passing over Dublin, 20 Birds, St1'uthious,of Australasia, on the Origin of the, Prof. Hutton, 425 Birds in Victoria, the Protection of Baron von Mueller, 280 Birkinbine (John), Production of Pig Iron in United States, 208 Bishop (Mrs.), Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan, 248 Blackie (Prof), onthe Most Recent Phases of Greek Literary Style, 624 Blake (J. I".), Annals of British Geology, 1890, 77 Blakesley (Thos. H.), a Possible Misunderstanding, 441 Blanford (Henry F., F.R.S.), Winter Storms of Northern India, 49° Bleicher (M.), Microscopic Structure of Oolitic Iron from Lorraine, 504 Blindness, Colour, and Colour Perception, F. W. Edrige Green, 19 Blon?llot(R.) Experimental Determination of Velocity of Propagation of Electro-magnetic \Vaves, 72 ; Influence on Electro-magnetic Resonance of Unsymmetrical Arrangement of Propagation Circuit, 408 Blood, Influence of Leucocytes on the Clotting of, Dr. Lilienfeld, 599 Blowpipe Analysis, ~ Landauer, 580 Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, 418 Boerlage (Dr. J. G.), Handleiding tot de Kennis der Flora van Nederlandsch Indie, 28 Boernstein (Profi), Extraordinarily Rapid Evaporation on Glacier, 312 Boilers, Modem Lancashire, Samuel Boswell, 22

Bois-Reyroond (Prof. R. du), Prof. Pictet's Laboratory at

Berlin, 31 Boishaudran ;Lecoq de): Researches on Samarium, 504; the

Spark Spectra of Gallium. 575 Bolletiino della Societa Botanica Italiano, 478 Boltimann-Maxwell Law of Partition of Kinetic Energy, on

the, Rev. H. W. Watson, K.R.S., 512 Bombay Natural History Society, Account of the Taming of a

Heron, 588 Bonaparte's (Prince Louis Lucien), Collection of Metals, 348 Bonaparte (Prince Roland), Measures of Variations in Lengths

of Dauphiny Glaciers, 576 Bonavia (E.), Philosophical Notes on Botanical Subjects, 483 Bonney (Prof. T. G., F.RS.): With Axe and Rope in the New Zealand Alps, George Edward Mannering, 147; Note on Specimens of Rock Exposed to High Temperature, 357; the Hornblende Schists, Gneisses, and other Crystalline Rocks of Sark, 359; Cirques, 391; Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator, Edward Whymper, 561 ; the Year-book of Science, 1891,604 Bonnier (Dr. G.), the Rela'ion of the Mistletoe to its Parent

Tree, 421
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3; Botany of the Emin Relief Expedition, W. T. Thiselton
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Mexico, 39; Government Mission to Investigate the Botany
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of the Avocado Pear in New South Wales, F. Turner, 66;
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