Ackermann's Juvenile Forget Me Not

R. Ackermann, 1830

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Página 34 - And these had the weather in their favour ; for it is an ill wind that blows no one any good ; and the rain that rains on the just and unjust seems to have a preference for the latter.
Página 239 - Twas so bold that it feared not to play its joke With the doctor's wig, or the gentleman's cloak.
Página 239 - There were dames with their kerchiefs tied over their caps, To see if their poultry were free from mishaps ; The turkeys they gobbled, the geese screamed aloud, And the hens crept to roost in a terrified crowd...
Página 73 - Had ne'er gone there in troth ; But she was poor, and wandered out At nightfall in the street, To beg from rich men's tables Dry scraps of broken meat. So she knocked at old Web-Spinner's door, With a modest tap, and low, And down stairs came he speedily, Like an arrow from a bow.
Página 239 - Striking their dwellers with sudden alarm; And they ran out like bees in a midsummer swarm. There were dames with their kerchiefs tied over their caps, To see if their poultry were free...
Página 211 - I'll now lead you to an honest ale-house where we shall find a cleanly room, lavender in the windows, and twenty ballads stuck about the wall...
Página 73 - ... from out his house Were often loudly heard ; And that none living left his gate, Although a few went in, For he seized the very beggar old, And stripped him to the skin ; And though he prayed for mercy, Yet mercy ne'er was shown — The miser cut his body up, And picked him bone from bone. Thus people said, and all believed The dismal story true ; As it was told to me, in truth, I tell it so to you. There was an ancient widow ; One Madgy de la Moth, A stranger to the man, or she Had...
Página 51 - Strid," from a feat often exercised by persons of more agility than prudence, who stride from brink to brink, regardless of the destruction which awaits a faltering step.
Página 72 - WEB-SPINNER was a miser old, Who came of low degree ; His body was large, his legs were thin, And he kept bad company ; And his visage had the evil look Of a black felon grim ; To all the country he was known, But none spoke well of him. His house was seven stories high, In a corner of the street, And it always had a dirty look, When other homes were neat ; Up in his garret dark he lived, And from the windows high Looked out in the dusky evening Upon the passers by.
Página 92 - And laid up their store hard by their door Of the sweet mast as it fell. But soon the hungry wild Swine came, And with thievish snouts dug up Their buried treasure, and left them not So much as an...

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