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Where The Scissors Fall It is very seldom, indeed, that professional ad. writers succeed in producing an ad. entirely to their satisfaction, and a scrutiny of their waste baskets would usually show pages of discarded matter, for every line of high-grade advertising produced. You have no reason to believe that ad-writing will be easier for you than it is for them. True excellence is not always the resuit of patient labor and a lot of it. Just keep at it and paste your ads in a scrap book, noting the improvement in a year's time.- American Advertiser.


FLOWERS It goes to 40,000 of the discerning ones. Our CIRCULATION represents READERS who are generous mail order buyers. They want everything that's going. Some things they have to buy-May be what you have to sell. Our flat rate of 20 cents per line puts our proposition way above par. An ad. not only blossoms but bears fruit when in the columns of SUCCESS WITH FLOWERS

West Grove, Pa.


Publisher's Representatives: EAST

Lelth & Stuart H. G. Son.merman

150 Nassau St. Boyce Bldg.
New York, N. Y. Chicago, Illi.

Established in 1841

To gain the interested attention of the

families in Ilinois, Indiana and Missouri you must be represented in

The Prairie Farmer

Its guaranteed circulation is 40,000 Copies Every Week

proved on request.

Nimportant feature to advertisers is

the Home Magazine Section which is part of the last issue of each month. It is the most effectual agent in the agricultural field for getting in touch with women in country homes. About one-hall its circulation is in Winois where the best farms are, and where it has always been the favorite paper.

Cover Page of Booklet for Fleming Brothers

Advertising has worked a revolution in the financial habits of American people, and our neighbors, even across the seas, are gradually following suit.-H. M. S. in Profitable Advertising.

Write for sample copy and further information to Prairie Farmer


He is a very ignorant American who knows more about Europe than he does about the great empire west of the Rocky Mountains.—Saturday Erening Post.




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Don't count your advertising chickens before they are hatched, and don't expect a big brood of returns from one little bantam egg of an advertisement, placed with some obscure old clucking hen of a publication whose circulation is so defective that it chills and addles every ad. egg it sets on.

Get a good bunch of "pure strain" advertisements together, the “Plymouth Rock" kind, and place them in publications that are regular incubators; then, when the chicks begin to come in the shape of inquiries, see that they have plenty of "follow-up" meal, and it won't be long before they are "layers," and if you keep charging the best advertising incubators with the right kind of ad. eggs, the rate at which your first "setting" will multiply itself will delight and astonish you.—Mahin's Magazine.

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An Agricultural Paper Full of Life,

and Up-To.Date

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"If you want a thing well done you must do it yourself." This was once a popular proverb, and it may have been a wise rule at some remote period. But it won't work now. It has outlived whatever usefulness it may have had. It cannot be successfully applied in this age of big combinations. It would be very much out of place in the department store or

the manufactory. It would be fatal to all great modern enterprises. In fact it never could have had any more than a limited application since the days "when Adam delved

and Eve span." To be of any use at present it should be amended to something like : If you want a thing well done you must get some one who knows how it should be done to see that it is done properly. -Retailer and Advertiser.

Some Reasons. True teaching, clean advertising, good printing and a large paid circulation among good people; these are reasons why vou should advertise in The Country World

No othe- advertising medium offers so good an investment. A sample copy will convince you. Let us send it with.ates. Country World Publishing Co., Jamestown, N. Y.


No section of the country has greater

promise than Oklahoma.

"A man who nowadays rents store, hires help, and does not figure on advertising, is not destined for a successful business career," says Tom Murray in November System. “He had far better figure rent first, then advertising, and his help expense afterward. If he does not advertise it will not be long before he will not need employes."

When a publisher is not afraid to make his circulation plainly part of an advertising contract, the advertiser need not be afraid of patronizing his journal, as usually he is truthful.-Medical Advertiser.

The Live Stock Inspector

of Woodward Okla. reaches this region more satisfactorily and

thoroughly than any other paper.


The advertising campaign

that is planned to create confidence in the advertiser—to make the reader believe that it's to his best interests to buy the advertiser's goods—is the only one that will be truly successful. Such a campaign requires persistency and careful business judgment. -White's Sayings.

The approval of Advertisers as to circulation claims is emphatically given


Green's Fruit Grower and Home Companion,

Rochester, N. Y.
The Association of American Advertisers has recently completed an exami-
nation of the most searching character into the circulation of Green's Fruit
Grower. The result showed that the average for each issue for the past
eight months ending February 28, 1903, was

1 O 8 3 5 O,
according to the definition of circulation adopted by the Association. It's

more now and it's continually growing. GREEN'S FRUIT GROWER AND HOME COMPANION, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK.


the Long-Critchfield offices


work rooms, which gives one a good idea of how they are at home. Yes, White's Sayings will "Be Pards."

Every business prospers in proportion as it is known. The length of time a business has been in existence is, of course, a great factor. But advertisement is the main factor. Of course, the cheapness and the excellence of goods, and the quality of service which a concern gives to its customers, are essentials of success.

People buy of the concern that advertises, because the advertisement not only gives the necessary information

to where articles needed can be bought, but to a great extent creates the demand by exciting the desire of the public through published lists of desirable things.

Therefore, the wise business man advertises, because experience proves that advertising brings prosperity.-Fourth Estate.

You may be a first-class climber, but you need a guide for an Alpine excursion. You may have no end of advertising ability, but it requires an experienced agent' who knows every foot of the way to see you safely over the Alps and beyond to the Italy of success. -Judicious Adrertising.


Contrary to general belief, many things in every-day demand are accepted as the best of their kind, not because they are best, but because they are best known. Persistent advertising is the reason they are best known.-Batten's Wedge.

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The National Farmer and Stock Grower

The average man thinks every business better than the one in which he is engaged. Some times he is so sure of it that he makes a change, and then comes a discovery. He finds that the new business, which at long range looked so rosy, has a full complement of thorns, not altogether different from those which beset his old occupation. Instead of indulging in such day dreams about other people's affairs, men would make more progress by employing their spare time in nipping the thorns that are among them.-J. K. Le Baron in Four Track News.

is a monthly high-class farm and stock raisers' paper issued

at St. Louis.

Keep a stiff upper lip. Here is where most men fall down. They labor in the slavery of fear. Trust yourself.

If you have a good idea, develop it. Await the occasion. Then spring it. Expect the best things. If they don't come at first, remember they will. Just keep a stiff upper lip.-- New York Trade Review.

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Agricultural Papers in the United States

and British-American Provinces

The unusual demand for the Agricultural Advertising Directory of Agricultural Papers pubJished last month has already nearly exhausted that issue. In order to accommodate those wishing to obtain the list it is reprinted this month. Some inaccuracies, which seem almost unavoidable in the compilation of such a list, have been corrected, and in addition is printed the Agricultural Press of the British-American Provinces.

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American Farmer and Gar-

Monthly Feather

Monthly Forestry and Irrigation. Monthly


Live Stock and Dairy Journal.. Monthly Los Angeles.

California Cultivator. Weekly Live Stock Tribune.

Monthly Pacific Bee Journal.

Monthly Pacific Fruit World... . Weekly Rural Californian..

. Monthly Oakland.

Farmer and Dealer....... Monthly Petaluma.

Petaluma Poultry Journal.... Weekly San Francisco.

Breeder and Sportsman.... Weekly Dairy and Produce Review... Weekly Bull's Eye..

Monthly Pacific Rural Press..

Weekly Town and Country Life.. Monthly Western Creamery..

. Monthly California Fruit Grower. Weekly

California Rural World.. Monthly San Jose.

Fanciers' Monthly.... Monthly

Pacific Coast Fancier.. Monthly Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County Farmer ......Weekly

De Funiak.

. Monthly Deland.

Florida Agriculturist..... .Weekly

Southern Field and Home...Monthly Jacksonville.

Farmer and Fruit Grower....Weekly

Southern Farmer....

Dixie Fancier.

Monthly Atlanta. Forest and Field....

Monthly Southern Cultivator and Dixie Farmer

.Semi-Monthly Southern Fancier

Vonthly Peach Grower.

. Monthly

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