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1 page run of paper

$50.00 4 page run of paper $15.00

k page run of paper 25.00

1 inch run of paper


Per agate line

50 cents

No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special position.
Reading matter 75 cents count line. Advertisements set in regular
reading type marked in italics “Adv." or must contain a regular dis-
play head line.

Copy should be received by the 5th of the month of issue.

We invite correspondence, news items, suggestions and critcism, on
the subject of agricultural advertising from both agricultural publish-
ers and advertisers.

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We advise subscribers to have A. A. sent to their home addresses so
as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy

mail which every
advertiser receives.

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T has accomplished more for the farmers of
America than any other medium published.

has always set a high standard and has shown
the way to attain it. The foremost agriculturists of the
country appreciate the work it has done and con-
sider it their Guiding Star. Space in such a pub-
lication as this is invaluable to advertisers who
have a proposition that appeals to industrious, pro-
gressive farmers. Our subscribers are business men who give
no time to useless reading, and the paper that gets their
serious consideration because it gives definite service is


J. A. EV ERITT, P u bli s her

will be added to the

April Issue

of The Woman's

Farm Journal

This means that we guarantee advertisers a circulation of 600,000 offer from such a paper is bound to appeal to every experienced advertiser. The Woman's Farm Journal has proved its claim to the liberal patronage of all agricultural and general advertisers. It occupies a field by itself- a field that yields the best advertisers the best returns. Its special office is to interest the women and they are the most dilligent readers of clean advertisements. It is their influence which the judicious advertiser has discovered to be of greatest value.

Send your order in NOW as there will be a great demand for space. A more valuable advertising opportunity has never been presented.

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The best known farm paper in the country


Have you felt its stimulating effect ? The summer rate goes into effect with the May number. Orders for that issue should be sent promptly. Per 500,000 copies $ 2.50 Рег Line

Unlike any other Paper

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