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Good Business English

D. Hill, the evergreen specialist at Dun. dee, Ill., has his new catalogue out. limited variety of fruits and flowers are listed, but the majority of the pages are devoted to ornamental trees. The cover is printed in green on a yellow background.


The Stover Manufacturing Co., of Free port, Ill., are getting out a booklet of twenty pages and cover, devoted entirely to the Samson Windmills, which they manu. facture. It is printed in two colors on high-grade enamel paper. The cover is of heavier stock, decorated with an appropri. ate design which is worked out in two

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These books teach salesmen how to write convincing letters that sell goods; teach credit men how to write tactful letters that bring in money and give no offense; teach correspondents how to write forceful businessbringing letters; teach stenographers how to master correspondence; teach advertisement writers how to write strong pulling" copy. They form a complete course in business English-to be read at leisure-to be put into daily practice at once. Many successful men are earning large salaries merely because they know how to state a business proposition clearly, tersely, concisely, forcefully. This set of books comprises the notable Sherwin Cody course in business English complete. Before being published in book form this course sold for $25,00. Every business man, employer and employee, should have this set ready for reference. You Can Get a Set Handsomely Bound in Cloth at

Less Than12 Regular Price

We are making this offer in connection with SYSTEM the magazine, which is as essential to business men as system itself is to business. SYSTEM tells every month all the

new business tricks that will save time-all the little office wrinkles that save worry. Through SYSTEM you can learn all that any one can possibly tell you about system and business methods.

160 or more pages monthly cramful of business ideas for YOU. The regular reading of SYSTEM will solve your business perplexities--but if it does not, SYSTEM has a staff of experts-practical business men- who will answer your questions free.

The_subscription price of SYSTEM is $2.00 per year. The Sherwin Cody books, described above, sell for $3.00. To subscribers of SYSTEM, however, we will send the

books at less than half the reg. ular cost. Send $2.00 for SYSTEM and $1.00 for the books, and we will enter your name for one year of SYSTEM (including the free expert service) and will express you the books in a case at once, every cost prepaid. Send the $3.00 to-day. Tear out this advertisement and

The Armour Glue Works,

Chicago, Ill.
I find I cannot get along without
SYSTEM. It is the best and most com-
prehensive magazine ofits class. Full
of "new blood" ideas, nothing anti-
quated. W. E. JOHNSON, JR.
Peoples Saving and Loan Association

Company, Leetonia, Ohio. A single article is frequently worth much more than the price of a years subscription.

C. E. GREENAMYER. You certainly give big value for the money.

President Mahin Advertising Co.

Send with Three Dollars at our risk.

THE SYSTEM COMPANY, 952 First Nat. Bank Building, Chicago.


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The illustrations, of which there are many, are of a high order, being printed direct from the halftone plates, some showing the complete windmill and others its various parts in detail, It is the work of the Long-Critchfield Cor: poration.

Write your name and adaress here.

George B. Hische, attired in Prince Albert and silk hat, last month started East in the interests of his papers. Woman's Farm Jour. nal and Woman's Magazine, on the Baltimore & Ohio special carrying the western members of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association. He got off at Garrett. Ind., and was pointed out by the omniscient small boy as president of the road who was traveling on his "private special."

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A Farm For You

Are You Satisfied at Home?

Or, do you want to better yourself? You should investigate what the San Joaquin Valley of California has to offer to hustlers. In that great valley is grown nine-tenths of the U.S. raisin crop, and millions of gallons of wine are made yearly. You can profitably, raise almost everything there. Good farms at cheap prices. Low-rate colonist excursions in March and April on the Santa Fe. Write for pamphlets to Gen. Pass. Office, A. T. & S.F. Ry., Chicago.

The Northwestern Agriculturist, of Minneapolis, Minn., has been changed from a semi-monthly to a weekly publication. There will be no change made in the subscription price, nor in the advertising rates, for the present. The Northwestern Agriculturist has the distinction of being the only weekly agricultural paper in Minnesota, and by keeping the subscription price at the old semi-monthly rate, a large increase of circulation is expected. Mr. P. V. Collins, the president and general manager of the Agriculturist Company, explains that the change has been under consideration for some time, but was hurried beyond his expectations by the insistent demands of subscribers and advertising patrons.

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It is announced that the Farmers' Tribune, of Des Moines, Iowa, is' to be moved to Sioux City, Iowa. The first is sue to be published at the new location will be that of April 7. The object of the change is to get in closer touch with

the Dakotas, northern Nebraska and - southern Minnesota, which they intend to

include in their territory. The publishers do not fear the loss of any of their present hold upon the state of Iowa. A large increase of circulation is expected and on April 1 a new rate card goes into effect.



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Among the tasty poultry catalogues of the season is that issued by Channon, Snow & Co., Quincy, Ill., to advertise their “New Idea" Incubators. The book is from the press of Chittenden, Leyda & Frew, of "Printing That's Good" fame. The front cover is shown on this page.

The Conard & Jones Company, West Grove, Pa., have issued a new floral guide for 1904. This firm makes a specialty of roses and the front cover of the catalogue displays seven of their leading varieties in natural colors. The book contains 134 well arranged pages, profusely illustrated.

an agricultural publication with over 40,000 subscribers, most of which are located in one of the best states in the Union, and every one a farmer, should be a "rattling good proposition at 20 cents per line. The conservative advertiser should not shy at a good thing like this, should he? “Mebbe" I am wrong, but it don't listen like it. Of course it depends a lot in who is behind the paper. If he is "swelled" and thinks he's doing YOU a favor by carrying your business, then you are "hitched up." wrong: We haven't got that kind of a push behind our paper. Just try us out once and we will show you the imitation of the combined efforts of a lot of good fellows trying to get you results.

THE GLEANER, Caro, Mich., fills just such a gap. I'm looking after the advertising. Write me about it.

Thoroughly yours,


WESTERN FRUIT GROWER.S1. JOSEPH Guaranteed circulation, 30,000 copies monthly. Advertising rate 150 per line; $2.10 inch. "Handsomest farm paper in America."

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The National Farmer and Stock Grower

People, as a rule, prefer to trade where they are acquainted. The merchant who advertises extensively and persistently becomes known by repute all over the country, His name is familiar to everybody and people who have never seen him feel that they know him. Strangers who are looking for a place where they may do their buying are far more likely to enter the store that advertises than one where they have never been invited to call. And when they enter a store that has become familiar to them through advertising they experience a very comforting sense of being acquainted-a sensation that would not be possible in a store that does not advertise.The Retailer and Advertiser.

is a monthly high-class farm and stock raisers' paper issued

at St. Louis.

Lon't do the kind of advertising that will have people tell you that you are a clever advertiser--but the kind that will get them to buy something from you.-White's Sayinge.

It is the Neatest,
Most Instructive,

Most Comprehensive, Most Readable,

Most Entertaining,

Most Popular of All.

The guaranteed circulation is

100,000 Copies

The direct command in advertising must be understood and used only as a stimulant. If a man suspects that you are forcing him to buy your products he becomes prejudiced against your plans and likewise against your goods. The command too! domineering becomes obnoxious and gives the reader the idea that you are trying to make up in energy what you lack in argument. Its true aim is, first, to start action and, second, to aid the memory. It should never replace the presentation of forcible facts, for it is the stimulus and not the food of the advertisement.-Nahin's Magazine.


P. H. HALE, Editor and Manager,

416 Granite Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.

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