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It is not the amount of money you spend for space; it's where you spend it.

THE COUNTRY WORLD represents a sure thing for the agricultural advertiser - the most certain step to success. Send for sample copy and rates and see what you think about it. COUNTRY WORLD PUBLISHING CO., JAMESTOWN, N. Y.

Managers of newspapers too often depend upon the ability of their advertising solicitors to secure business, instead of first building up a good circulation, which will mean good returns to the advertiser and a continuation of the business secured by the advertising solicitors. Care in selecting the advertising solicitor is, of course, of the greatest importance, but due care should also be given to secure a circulation manager who will give the paper the means not only of getting the advertising but of keeping it after it has once been obtained. The general tone of the paper must in turn back up the circulation manager, in order that the circulation may be kept ever growing and fully up to the mark in quality. With a newspaper quite as much as with anything else is the old adage true. which says that the chain is just so strong as its weakest link.- Editor and Publisher.

Do You Want Oklahoma Business?

The Oklahoma Farm Journal is the key to the situation. Its growth of circulation in the last few months proves what a high value these busy people place upon it. Write to us or ask your agent. FARM JOURNAL CO., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. C. A. ALLEN, 112 Dearborn Street, CHICAGO

Best on Pacific Coast

Largest circulation of any weekly farm paper published on Pacific Coast. Circulation backed up by post office receipts for copies mailed.

Ask for Sample and Rates.

Much said--little done. Discussion is valuable only when it works hand in hand with accomplishment.--System.


Salem, Oregon.

The Paper That Tells How"

The Small Farmer

In twentieth century advertising the artist and the engraver play very important parts. Pictures have become an invaluable aid in selling goods. Many large firms spend thousands of dollars annually for newspaper cuts alone. It therefore behooves the progressive advertising man to know what kind of cuts to use and where to use them most effectively.-The Adrertising World,

253 Broadway, New York. Bright, new, original farm paper. Circulation of 10,000 copies per month guaranteed.

Advertising rate 5 cents per line.

Some advertisers have a thorough under: standing of the advertising requirements of their business and are therefore able to recognize a good thing—an effective idea-at a glance. Others are in a con stant state of doubt and experiment and don't know a good thing when they see it. The former succeed. The latter need a lerg distance telephone in order to get eren with’n speaking distance of success.Profitable Advertising.


When you look at the regular “make-up" of the very popular fat magazines, made mostly for feminine patrons, there seems to be one inescapable conclusion. The reading matter not only asks to be put "next to advertising," but it insists on being surrounded by it.— Printers' Ink.

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The great advertiser is the who believes in his goods, who understands their limitations as well as their strength, and is as careful to recognize the one to promote the other; who plans a campaign of reason and knows that it is safer to build first not for direct results, but for publicity; who works every inch of ground to its highest point of rich ! ness and bearing before adding to it; ! who chooses his mediums with absolute reference to their known value to him, and for no other reason; who is neither lavish nor niggardly, but uses dignified impressive space and for its filling draws inspiration from the widest variety of sources through every possible channel ; ! who advertises to promote the sale of his! goods, not to call attention to his skill as an advertiser; who makes his goods a household word in the decent homes of the country so that their use descends as

а heritage in families and their advertise. ments appear

as the face of friend wherever seen.-Fame.

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Reaches the wealthiest class of advertisers in the Northwest - the stock-raising farmers; men with minds, money and lands, men who are satisfied with nothing but the best. Let us take your story into 12,000 of these prosperous farm homes. Raté, 6 cents per line.

Good advertising costs less than bad advertising. Why? Because most bad advertising is done by men who rush into print without seeking good advice.

They pay for the experience that a reliable agent would have loaned them without cost to them, and they usually pay more for the advertising than such agents would charge them for it.—Batten's Wedge.


Sioux City, Iowa

“Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible."-The Bookkeeper.

When a man feels throbbing within him the power to do what he undertakes as well as it can possibly be done, and all of his faculties say “Amen" to what he is doing and give their unqualified approval to his efforts—this is happiness, this is success. This buoyant sense of power spurs the faculties to their fullest development. It unfolds the mental, the moral and the physical forces, and this very growth, the consciousness of an expanding mentality and of a broadening horizon, gives an added

satisfaction beyond the power of words to

describe. It is a realization of nobility, the divinity of the mind.-0. S. Marden in



NEWS An Illustrated Magazine of Travel and Education

MORE THAN 128 PAGES MONTHLY Its scope and character are indicated by the following titles of illustrated articles that

have appeared in recent issues: Footprints of Columbus in Spain.. Frederick A. Ober A Watch with a History.

...N. S. Olds A Journey Among the Stars...... Frank W. Mack In the Great North Woods-Poem. Luen E. Rexfurd Where Pilgrim and Puritan Met. Hezekiah Butterworth In Rip Van Winkle's Land-Poem. Minna Irving Nature's Chronometer..

.H. M. Albaugh Abandoned Farms....

...Howard W. Coggeshall The Three Oregons,

.Alfred Holman
Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled.. .George H. Daniels
The Stories the Totems Tell...... Luther L. Holden
A Little Country Cousin. .Kathleen L. Greig
The Mazamas

Will G. Steel
When Mother Goes Away-Poem. Joe Cone
A Little Bit of Holland..

Charles B. Wells
The Romance of Reality. Jane W. Guthrie
The War Eagle...

Mary L. Austin Under Mexican Skies.

Marin B. Fenwick
Nagara in Winter..

..Orrin E. Dunlap
Little Histories
Old Fort Putnam,

William J. Lampton
Charter Oak Chair.

Bessie H. Dean
The Confederate White House. Herbert Brooks

50 CENTS A YEAR Can be had of newsdealers, or by addressing

Room 53, 7 East 42nd Street, New York

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Advertising all the time is like saving for a rainy day. Don't wait for the clouds to gather before you spend some money for publicity.-American Advertiser.

Get into a business that is honest—that there is a legitimate profit in—that the field will support. Get into it with sufficient capital, get the right kind of help, 3 buy right and deal on the square. You 3 will make a success of the business. You are then in a position to use advertising.

Advertising won't make a bad business succeed--for very long. Advertising will build

up a good business quickly.-White's Say. inge.

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