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A Monthly Journal Pertaining to Agricultural

Newspaper Advertising.



No. 4


Publication Office: Powers Building, Chicago
Eastern Office: 150 Nassau Street, New York

ubscription, 50c per year. Single copy, 5c.

Entered as second-class matter at Chicago Postoffice

Contents For April

Editor's Horizon...
After Sixty-Five Years..
Thirty-Seven Years An Agricultural Editor, Gilbert M. Tucker.
The Man With the World at His Feet..

a Paragraphic Way
The Story Told in Catalogues, Louis Davenport Wallace.
A Fair Rate, E. IV. Rankin.
The People We Advertise To.
Getting Acquainted......
The Truth About Circulations, F. 1. Southwick.
Following Up Inquiries:
Clearing House For Advertising..
Business Types, Sherwood Anderson.
The Business Book, IV, Marco Alorrow.
Random Notes, Freeman kuekelhan..
The Ad Writer..
Illinois Agricultural Editors Meet.
In Memoriam, Allan P. Lovejoy.

Meinard Rumely.
Pettingill & Co. Assign....
Among Publishers and Advertisers.
Where the Scissors Fall..

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Copyright, 1904, by Long-Critchfield Corporation.

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1 page run of paper $50.00 4 page run of paper $15.00
12 page run of paper
25.00 1 inch run of paper

Per agate line

50 cents
No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special position.
Reading matter 75 cents count line. Advertisements set in regular
reading type marked in italics "Adv." or must contain a regular dis-
play head line.
Copy should be received by the 5th of the month of issue.

We invite correspondence, news items, suggestions and critcism, on
the subject of agricultural advertising from both agricultural publish-
ers and advertisers.

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We advise subscribers to have A. A. sent to their home addresses so as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy

mail which every advertiser receives.

The World's Greatest Exponent of Correct Farming. It is edited and published on the 650 acre farm of the

Epitomist Experiment Station

of which Institution it is the

Official Organ. This fact alone guarantees to its advertising patrons greater publicity of the right kind than can be gained through any other agricultural medium in the world.

Every businesslike Agriculturist is interested in the

Epitomist Experiment Station

which is the fountain head of all practical progress in

Farm Industry,
and through the columns of the

Agricultural Epitomist
they learn what is being accomplished at this

Model Institution. Any shrewd advertiser who will give a little consideration to this proposition will readily understand the unequalled opportunity of gaining the attention of the leading men engaged in

Farm Industry. Throughout its long successful career, extending over twenty-three years, the Epitomist has always been the acknowledged authority on agri. culture. For the past four years it has proved its teachings by practical experiments on its 650-acre farm.

Since the Epitomist Experiment Station has been organized into a cooperative society, thousands of the most progressive farmers have become

stockholders in it, for its benefits are evident to every one. We only ask that you investigate, that you bring your unbiased judgment to bear in considering the value of The Agricultural Epitomist as a general and agricultural advertising medium. Start now by sending for one of the handsome thirty-two page booklets that has been published which tells about this co-operative society, explains how it is associated with your interests and clearly demonstrates its plat, of


mutual benefit.

Epitomist Experiment Station, Spencer, Ind.

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The great poultry journal of the middle west. Biggest in amount o advertising carried. Best in results. Covers best territory. Sworn-to circu.

lation, at least 20,000 monthly. Reach all these people through their chosen Kansas City, Mo. Topeka. Kas. medium. Rate, 9c per line, flat. Address, GEORGE H. GILLIES, Editor,

Topeka, Kan.

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Strongest, Most Comprehensive Farm Paper Published

in the South.

The chief editorial writer is Mr. A. M. SOULE, Director of the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, and no man in the South is better able to instruct PRACTICAL BUSINESS FARMERS.

The Guaranteed Circulation of


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represents a list of the most prosperous and progressive agriculturists in the country. The wide scope of the Southern AGRICULTURIST, its solid business policy, its able teaching and its clean advertising are forces that have pushed it into a position that has never been enjoyed by any other farm paper in the South. Agricultural and general advertisers are waking up to the fact that this section of the country is the most fertile field for them to work in.

The SouthERN AGRICULTUrist is hailed with delight by judicious advertisers who recognize in it a medium, offering fresh and unlimited possibilities.

Cotton is still King, and bringing record-breaking prices, but the South no longer depends solely upon it. Great crops of all kinds are harvested and the live stock industry is making strides equal to that of any other part of the country.

The SOUTHERN AGRICULTURIST has only high class readers who pay full price for the paper in advance. A sample copy will show the high standard of its advertisers. Send for one.

Rate 25 Cents, per Agate Line.

- Address:

Southern Agriculturist, Nashville, Tennessee.

J. M. BRANHAM, Advertising Manager,

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