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The following clippings from recent notes are worth a good many tons of claims.

"detailed statements, and affidavits:

Gerald Howatt, White Plains, N. Y.: “ Please say that the farm manager advertised for by me has been found. I ask you to do this because I have given up the idea of trying to answer the applicants. I sent replies to 108 and they are still coming.” (Advertisement was ten lines, costing $4.00.) A. G. Barlow, Barker, N. Y.: “I enclose $3.20, advertising bill of December 10, and wish to state that this advertisement and that of November 19 have been the best paying advertisements I have had, selling over $150 worth of turkeys, geese and Plymouth Rock.s I will be with you again soon." Bond Steel Post Co., makers of R. F. D. Mail Boxes, Adrian, Mich.: “We received full measure of value for our expenditure.” Geo. Van Derveer, Amsterdam, N. Y.: “Enclosed find $2.40 to pay for my advertisement last week. The pigs I offered were all sold in three days after advertisement came out. There is nothing like The Country Gentleman in reaching quick buyers.” “C. C. Goodrich, Akron, O.: “The replies that I have received indicate that your paper is a satisfactory medium for obtaining gardeners.” A. W. Rounds, Norwalk, O.: “My advertisement of Tamworth swine (four lines, two insertions, cost $2.80), sold the animals and brought me many inquiries. When I breed up another lot I will call on you again." W. H. Howe, Cooperstown, Junction, N. Y.: "I am getting more inquiries than I can answer from my advertisement of a pair of coach mares." (Advertisement six lines, two times, $4.20.)

Advertisements tastefully set and carefully classified.

One lasertion: 40c per line; $5.60 per inch.

Liberal discounts for continuance.

Subscription price, $1.50.


Luther Tucker & Son, Publishers,

Albany, N. Y.

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Farmers' Tribune

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(Formerly of Des Moines) HE Northwest is rapidly opening up as one of the greatest agricul

tural districts in the world; its possibilities as a productive field to

the advertiser are becoming fully realized. To meet the demand, we have taken steps to add to our present territory that of South Dakota, Northern Nebraska, Southern Minnesota and North Dakota. as The strides the Farmers' Tribune has made, both as a popular agricultural paper and as a well-paying medium for the best class of advertisers, have been truly phenomenal. est We do not have to go far to look for the cause of this rapid growth, both among our advertisers and our readers. The addition, a year ago, of an editorial force of especial fitness for their position, placing us at once on a par with any agricultural paper in America, has quickly made itself felt. The farm paper reader's keen intelligence and ready appreciation of merit has made our paper a welcome guest in every home. The splendid improvements that have been made in the mechanical department, such as the use of high class book paper, the introduction of special illustrated articles, and other far-reaching improvements, have given

the paper an appearance
which places it at once
among the superior agricul.
tural in


40,000 Subscribers the thorough organization Subscribers

of our advertising department, has brought to us a class of advertising that has enabled us to reject all questionable advertisements and retain only those of a high character. co Our policy for the future will be that of progression. We shall put into operation methods for rapidly extending our circulation to the other territories mentioned above. Agents have been put into the field in sufficient numbers to add several thousand to our subscription list in each one of these states this season. Our efforts will be unremitting until we can go before the advertiser showing the largest subscription list in every part of this territory of any agricultural paper in America. Our first thought will be to make the Farmers' Tribune pay. While we guarantee but 40,000 subscribers, there will not be an issue which will not exceed that number, and it will be our business to see that it exceeds it enough to place the Farmers' Tribune at the top of the list of every advertiser who uses our columns. This is not mere talk, but a pledge we make that will be faithfully kept. It is our determination to make the FARMERS TRIBUNE synonymous with successful advertising. Put us on your list. FARMERS' TRIBUNE PUB.

PUB. CO. Sioux City, Iowa. Formerly of Des Moines.


Telephone 937 Central.

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