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A Live Circulation


HE CIRCULATION of THE BREEDER'S GAZETTE is made up of paid subscriptions and no name is con

tinued on its list after the time paid for has expired. Editions for 1904 hare keen as follows:

Jan. 6.... 71,000 Teb. 3....75,000 March 2....69,000 13.. 71,000 10....69,000

9....69,000 20.. 70,000 17....69,500

16....68,250 27....70,000 24....69,000

23.. .68,500

30. .68,500 Average for 13 weeks....69,288 Note the ircrease in circulation for five consecutive years:

1900... 2,148,200 copies, an average of......41,311

3,122, 756


1904 (13 weeks) 907,750


THE GAZETTE, published every Wednesday at Chicago, is devoted to the interests of the American stock farm. It was founded in 1881, and is ranked as the leading publication of its class in the United States. Its weekly editions ccnsist of 36 to 56 pages of original matter and illustrations prepared expressly for its columns. Subscription price $2 per annum. Its subscription books are open to the inspection of interested parties at any time.

For specimen copy, advertising rates, or any further particulars, address


358 Dearborn Street,

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Agricultural Advertising

A Monthly Journal Pertaining to Agricultural

Newspaper Advertising.



No. 5


Publication Office: Powers Building, Chicago

Eastern Office: 150 Nassau Street, New York Subscription, 50c per year. Single copy, 5c. Entered as second-class matter at Chicago Postoffice

Contents For May

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Thoroughbred Types-Illustrations
Present Conditions in the Live Stock Industry. E. W. Rankin..
The Ad Man Who Was Down to ate, A. puthwick..
Advertising Pure-Bred Hogs, A. D. Burhans
Live Stock in the New Northwest. Phil L. Axling.
Business Types, Sherwood Anderson.
Live Stock in Alberta, with Illustrations, E. E. Critch held.
H. D. Perky-Portrait....
Random Notes, Freeman Kueckelhan.
A Page of Zenner Advertisements.
The Attractive Advertisement, Alva Agee.
Competitive Advertising. Fred L. Kimball
The Better Part.....
An Editor's Early Days, H. H. Chandler
H. H. Chandler-Portrait..
A. H. Zenner-Portrait ..
The Stock Grower as an Advertiser, Hugh F. McIntosh.
F. E. Sanborn-Portrait...
The Live Stockman........
The Stockman as an Advertiser.
The Blacksmith's Watch...
The Farmer and the Editor.
The Salt of the Earth...
Must Have Had Fever
How Old Is --- ?.
A Group of Advertisements..
Live Stock Dailies.
Obituaries-Oliver S. Kelly..

David Ward Wood......

Robert White..
Some Standard Stock Food Talks.
Among Publishers and Advertisers.
Where the Scissors Fall..
Musing and Moralizing-Verse.
Editor's Horizon...

19 23 25 27 29 31 33 40 .41 43 44 .45 46 47 49 .50 53 54 56 57 58 59 59 .61 61 .62 .63 .64 .64 ..67 .67 .69 .70 72 .80 .89 90

Copyright, 1904, by Long-Critchfield Corporation.


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1 page run of paper - $50.00 4 page run of paper $15.00
page run of paper 25.00 1 inch run of paper

Per agate line

50 cents
No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special position.
Reading matter 75 cents count line. Advertisements set in regular
reading type marked in italics “Adv." or must contain a regular dis-
play head line.

Copy should be received by the 20th of the month preceding.

We invite correspondence, news items, suggestions and critcism, on the subject of agricultural advertising from both agricultural publishers and advertisers.

We advise subscribers to have A. A. sent to their home addresses so as to prevent loss in the mass of " sample copy

" mail which every advertiser receives.

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that the advertising that pays is directed


The Women
They sustain the mail order business

Woman's Farm Journal

reaches Over 500,000 homes
and is read by the whole family--especially
the women, who manipulate the purse

The men are unusually busy in the fields
at this season of the year and the woman's
paper is the only one that is not neglected.
It is the unwavering confidence which The
Woman's Farm Journal inspires in its
readers, and its individuality, which makes
its circulation of greater proportionate
value than any other farm paper published.

We make enthusiastic and regular patrons of the most skeptical experimenters. Let us give you a treatment.

Send for sample copy. The Woman's Farm Journal, St. Louis, Mo.

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