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The Farm Star Star Building,

Indianapolis, Ind.

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OU cannot afford to have your designs and engravings make any other than good impressions. If you want the best get B-C Quality: In a

scant seven years the Barnes-Crosby Company has reached supremacy in its field.

The Largest Employers

The Largest Producers This means much to you. Why? Because this progress has been possible only because of the superiority of our service to users of Engraving and Commercial Art.

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taire. The chiefest study of the advertisingkind is man.-W. B. Wilder in Fame.

A Live Stock and Agricultural Weekly.

Who can measure the limits of advertising? It is as wide as life, wide as human need and aspiration, and unless a man lives a proper life he cannot advertise his ideals by proper means.-Fame.



has a guaranteed Circu. lation of more than 27.500 COPIES each issue, exclusive of sample copies.

The object in writing is to convey ideas to others. The average reader's mind operates along the same lines in reading as in conversation, and more quickly grasps the thought when expressed in simple words. Many persons who can talk well write poorly-chiefly because they think writing ought to be so very different from conversation. A faith in the power and propriety of simplicity would make their written words pleasing a.s.-W. P. Warren in Profitable Advertising.

Daniel Webster' once said of a certain political proposition that there were many new things in it and many true things; the trouble was the true things were not new and the new things were not true, Το say new things and true things should be the aim in advertising.-Mahin's Magazine.

Continue your advertising. Never with draw an advertisement because it fails to pay the first time. Put it in two or three times. Then, if it doesn't pay, change the advertisement.

Don't draw on the amount that you have set aside for advertising. Use it for that purpose. If you make a couple of dollars the first month, add half of it to your advertising allowance.--Sydney Hale in Western Monthly.

An ungrammatical truth about your business is better than the most polished lie.Jed Scarboro."

Read Sample Letter

New Boston, III., Feb. 1, 1904. THE CHICAGO MARKETS, Chicago.

Gentlemen: Please find enclosed copy of our ad. Please insert game in the MARKETS. This is the same copy as before. We are pleased to say the MARKETS has been our best medium this season.

Very truly yours, WILLITS BROS.

Willits Bros. are manufacturers of the "Better Way Ear Corn Cutters."


Southern Ruralist

represents good seed in good soil properly cultivated. This always in

sures a


Our advertisers are getting the bulk of the mail order business from Southern farmers, and Southern farmers are buying.

To reach the wealthy live stock raisers of the

Southwest use

Texas Stockman and Farmer,

published weekly at San Antonio, Texas. It
is paid for and read by

13,500 representative business tarmers of Texas and the South.

west Territory. Send tur further information.

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-The Land of GoldIs still the true name of Califorvia. But the yellow metal is no longer obtained only by mining. Farners, stock raisers and dairy. men make it. And they spend it for pure bred animals, improved machinery, the best appliances. They buy from those who


Fresno, California.

Southern Ruralist Company,

34 Marietta Street, Send for Sample Copy. Atlanta, Ga.

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