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of Circulation is something which is

much desired by

A dvertisers

Among the papers which make such

proof is

The Farmers Voice

It will make a guarantee of Circula-
tion a part of every advertising con-
tract if desired, and will mail you, on
request, positive proof of a

26,500 Circulation

Not readers or possible readers, but
actual subscribers, nearly all prepaid
for one year or more.

Advertising Rate 15c Line Flat


47 Plymouth Place, Chicago

The Following of Farm and Ranch

is worth following up, and this can most effec

tively be done by taking space
in its columns.

The man
with the hoe is the one
who is most prosper-
ous in the Great
Southwest, that
land of virgin soil,
sunny weather and
big crops.

Good paper, good printing and good editing, put Farm & Ranch in a class by itself, making

it a leader in its territory. A Clean, Progressive,

Interesting and Instructive Farm Paper

Carries the confidence of its readers and gives them confidence in its advertisers. Send for free samples, rates or any

information desired.

Farm e



Sixty-One Years Young

Age improves the character and power of men and newspapers if their
lives have been filled with efforts to advance. After sixty-one
years ofcontinuous publication, except when war

made publication impossible

The Southern Cultivator

is, as it always has been, the leading exponent of advanced
agriculture in the South, and today it is brighter, better and in
every way more valuable than ever before. It goes to people
who are sharing in the

Unexampled Prosperity

of the New South and the high prices that all the products of
the earth bring to the southern farmers and planters. Adver-
tisers who use its columns know something of this prosperity
for they share liberally in it. Send for samples.

Sworn Circulation 38,000. Guaranteed no issue less than 40,000.
The Southern Cultivator, Atlanta, Georgia.

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is the title of a book recently published by the Nebraska Farmer Co.,
containing 144 pages and many attractive and appropriate illustra-
tions. It is worth 50 cents, but will be given as a premium with a
year's subscription to Nebraska Farmer at regular price, $1.00. If
interested, and reliable agricultural information about Nebraska is
desired, send 12 cents postage and copy will be sent you at once.

The Nebraska Farmer is a progressive and practical agricultural
weekly that promotes and increases business for advertisers. It was
established away back in 1869, has a live and vigorous subscription
list and a permanent and growing list of satisfied advertising patrons.

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NEBRASKA FARMER CO., 1505 Howard Street,


PRE:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 88


get The Woman's Farm Journal regularly and study its contents while their husbands and sons work to

Make Money

to spend in buying the necessaries and comforts of life on the most prosperous and best farms of this country. The farm woman is always consulted in buying by mail, and frequently she does the buying exclusively. The

Woman's Farm


keeps advertisers because it is to their interest to stay
with it. It brings results that make it good business
policy to continue with it. Thousands of its subscribers
and their friends have a standing invitation to visit our
great publishing house during the World's Fair, and this
visit will add to its influence and pulling powers, for it
will impress them with the stability and magnitude of
their favorite farm paper.

Rates and samples free.


Western Representatives
Geo. B. Hische, e6 Hartford Building, Chicago.
J. Burton Warren, 66 Hartford Building, Chicago.

Eastern Representatives
A. A. Hinckley, 1402 Flat Iron Bldg., New York,
Geo. B. Lewis, 1402 Flat Iron Bldg., New York.

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