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the same ground half a dozen times before all of them understand it."

The distinguished Samuel Hoar, father of the present senator of Massachusetts, once said to a jury that the case was so perfectly plain that he would not insult their intelligence by arguing it. The jury returned in a few minutes with a verdict against him and when the astonished lawyer asked the foreman how the jury could have returned such a verdict, he received this answer:

“The fact is, Square, we all agreed that if anything could be said for a case Square Hoar could say it, and as you didn't say anything, we concluded to render a verdict ag’in you.”

Illinois, as an agricultural territory, speaks for itself. Experienced advertisers are

speaking for the

Farmers' Review

Many of the half-tones used in this issue of AGRICULTURAL ADVERTISING were taken by our own photographers during the International Live Stock Exposition in Chicago last November. The thoroughbred types are the work of the art department of the Long-Critchfield Cor. poration, to which credit is hereby given.

It has a larger paid circulation
than any other farm paper in
Illinois. There is no paper
published that is more carefully
edited. Its readers depend up-
on its teachings and its adver-
tisements. All the wealthy live
stock breeders in Illinois and
the neighboring states are on
our list- and they paid to get

on or they wouldn't be there. THE FARMERS' REVIEW

Send for Sample Copy and Rates.

The fair management will furnish the hall in which meetings will be held, furnish free admission ticket and arrange for showing every courtesy to newspaper men in attendance at these meetings.

The Inside Inn, located inside the grounds, will make a half rate for the week and the hotels of the city will make generous arrangements for editors and publishers.



Newspaper Men St. Louis The week of May 16 will be newspaper week at the St. Louis World's Fair and during the week the city will be filled with newspaper makers from every part of the country.

The Press Parliament will hold its meetings during the week and at the same time the National Editorial Association and a number of state press associations will hold meetings.

The Agricultural Press League wil hold a called meeting during the week.

Advertising Interests to Meet What is proposed to be the largest gathering of advertising men brought together will be the meeting at St. Louis October 4, 5 and 6 of the International Federation of Advertising Interests. It is estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 advertising men will assemble there at that time in international conference.

President Francis of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition sent a most cordial

invitation to the association and offered to furnish without charge a satisfactory hall for the meeting, and agreed to recognize the presence of the advertisers by setting apart a special day or by providing some distinctive feature of the program.


on the farmers' trade in



your business will always flourish.

Che Farmer's Guide

is the agent to employ. It has a reputation among the best class of farmers and stockmen in Indiana and the neighboring states that no other paper enjoys. It has gone to the top, both in the estimation of its readers and its advertisers. by mere force of merit.

Auctioneers Taught. A school for auctioneers is the newest venture in the educational line. A dispatch from Davenport, Iowa, says: "Colonel Carri M. Jones, of Davenport, the leading live stock auctioneer of the country, makes the interesting announcement that in association with a number of other prominent auctioneers he will shortly open in Davenport the National School of Auctioneering and Oratory, the only institution of its kind in the country. A hall will be secured that will accommodate 100 students and the school will open July 6. The aim of the school will be to develop ambitious young men into the field of auctioneering, capable of rolling off talk by the yard. There will be courses in oratory, grammar and other branches, and a competent specialist in charge of each department."

When those hundred pupils get to yelling, "Going, going, gone,” is is quite likely the other tenants of the building will act upon the suggestion.

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Advertising is somewhat like a horse. Both should be worked by an expert and worked steadily if the most is to be got out of them.

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