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Our Special

aim is to promote farm industry. With this aim in view we have equipped an experiment station of 650 fertile acres, with a com

plete outfit for modern farming and as complete an outfit for publishing a great farm paper, to tell the farmers of the country of our successes and failures, in order that they may profit thereby, and together with us, learn where the profits and losses in farming are made. Besides this




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has a corps of writers selected from the best farmers, dairymen, live stock breeders, poultrymen and housekeepers throughout the country.

It is the only farm paper

in the world edited and printed on a farm, which brings it closer to its readers than any other farm paper. They have confidence in its teachings and confidence in its advertisers.

We are always glad to receive orders for advertising from responsible agencies or honest advertisers. Sample copies or any desired information to prospective advertisers cheerfully and promptly sent to any address. Our old and tried advertising patrons have always found the Epitomist a profitable advertising medium.

AGRICULTURAL EPITOMIST, Epitomist Experiment Station, Spencer, Indiana.


Kansas City Weekly Journal

200,000 Guaranteed

Weekly Circulation

Reaching the Farmers of Missouri,
Kansas, Iowa and the great Southwest
40c per Agate Line Per Insertion

Undoubtedly the best paying
Agricultural Advertising
Medium west of the Mississippi

For sample copy and íurther informa-
tion address

Kansas City Journal, Kansas City, Mo.

Hal Gaylord, Publisher.

The J. E. Van Doren Special Agency, Boyce Building, Chicago.

and Temple Court, New York, Special Representatives.

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Experiment Station, Cadillac, Michigan.
Solon L. Goode, Manager. Chas. N. Goode, Secretary.



The value of a Farm Paper as an advertising medium is measured by the hold it has upon those who read it. The following unsolicited letters from readers

of Wallaces' Farmer are Worthy of Study. "The Best of Nineteen Papers."

"A Great Help to Any Farmer."

Howard, Kas., Feb. 25, 1904. Camp Point, III., May 18, 1904.

Wallaces' Farmer, Des Moines, la. Wallaces' Farmer, Des Moines, Ia.

Dear Sirs: Enclose find order for $1 to renew my Gentlemen: Enclosed find draft for three years' sub

subscription to Wallaces' Farmer. I think lots of it and scription. I took nineteen different papers last year, two

would not like to do without it. It is a great help for any thirds farm and stock papers, and must say that for real

farmer. information, clearness, simplicity of expression and

Yours truly,

FINLEY ACHESON. timely subjects yours took the cake. WM. COLEMAN.

“Has Enjoyed It for Nine Years."

Kellerton, Iowa, Jan, 29, 1904. "Could Not Get Along Without It."

Wallaces' Farmer, Des Moines, Iowa.

Gentlemen; I like Wallaces' Farmer very well. I Bagley, Iowa, Sept. 9, 1903. wish all of our western farmers knew the value of the Wallaces' Farmer, Des Moines, la.

paper. I have greatly enjoyed it since its first issue nine Gentlemen: Enclosed find $i as subscription to Wal years ago, and it has helped mein farming and handling laces' Farmer. Have been getting along without it for stock. It is always clean, practical, good and sound. some time but have been like some poor slave out of to Success to Wallaces' Fariner. Cordially yours, bacco. Yours truly, JOHN BASS.


The above letters are simply samples of hundreds that we receive every month in the subscription season. The hold Wallaces' Farmer has on its readers is one big reason why it pays advertisers the best of any farm paper published in the west. Be sure to ask for a copy of the paper and look it over if you have any advertising to place.

WALLACES' FARMER, Des Moines, Iowa. The Only lowa Agricultural Paper that requires Payment in Advance for Subscription and Stops When the Time is Out.


The Best Paper For Selling Land

"Your last advertisement sold farm very nicely.

D. H. CAMPBELL, Stevens Point, Wis." "We have over thirty land seekers with us today. It pays to advertise.

A. C. UECKE, Cumberland, Wis," "You may continue our advertisement until further notice. We have been getting some very good results and can trace several sales directly to the Agriculturist. REYNOLDS & HARNEY, Marshfield, Wis.” "We enclose our check to pay for five more issues. We have received a great many inquiries as a result of our advertisement in your paper and they came from a good class of people.

BROWN BROS., San Bernardino, Cal."
"We have been receiving some results from our advertising in your pa-
per and we wish to continue it.-PAUL SCHERER, Agr'l. & Indus. Agt.,

Virginia, Norfolk & Western Ry., Roanoke, Va."
The Wisconsin Agriculturist, Racine, Wisconsin.

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