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ral Society, the American Association of Nursery men and the Exchange and Sarings Bank of Berlin, and a director in the Berlin Building and Loan Association, also one of the Maryland commissioners to the St. Louis fair. Recently he was elected president of the Eastern Shore Produce Exchange. All these duties he gives the required attention besides doing his part in the extensive nursery business in which he is engaged in company with his father and brother.

H. G. Sommerman, special representative, announces that Home and Flowers has been purchased by Success With Flower's. The combined circulation of the two is given as being in excess of 80,000.

Ullery & Co., publishers of the New England Farmer, Brattleboro, Vt., write to say in regard to the division of opinion between Mr. Gilbert Tucker, of the Country Gentleman and Mr. B. Morgan, of the Southern Planter, that both fail to note the fact that the New England Farmer ante-dates either of them by several years, having been founded in 1822, complete files, except for a few years, being now preserved in the office of that paper.

is the leader in its territory in influence and results to the best advertisers, as it has been for half a century.

Its territory, the great Mississippi Valley, is the richest in the world.

It will not fail to receive your copy, if you really think it worth while to reach a class of farmers who always have money, and who never before had so much as they have now.

Henry Wallace recently took strong ground in Wallaces' Farmer against buying stock in "wild cat" schemes, such as oil companies, mining companies and land companies. He says he has been informed by reliable authority that about $1,000,000 has gone out of Des Moines and that but one man had made any money, and he lost in a second deal all he made in the first. Wallaces' Farmer does not accept advertisements for stock companies offering to sell stock, and Mr. Wallace warns

his readers against all schemes that promise great returns.

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St. Louis, Mo.


The Farmers Voice

The following letter shows what an advertiser thinks of the paper. It was written of his own volition, without prompting of any kind:

My attention has been called by the checking clerk to an article on page two of your issue of April 30, entitled "As to Whiskey Advertisements," which so fully and thoroughly agrees with our views on the matter in ques. tion that we cannot refrain from expressing our appreciation and approval of the stand that you take in the matter.

We have been reading with much satisfaction the editorials in the Farmers Voice and have been much pleased with the high moral tone, the apparent reliability of the information and the good boiled down facts contained in them.

For our part, in our business experience, we have made it a rule to turn down all papers as advertising mediums which took into their columns dirty or demoralizing advertising, as we have had conscientious scruples in regard to encouraging such pipers, when there are plenty of good, clean papers in which our advertisements can appear in good company. You are doing the right thing.

Yours sincerely, (Signed) MILNE MFG. CO. Monmouth, 111.

By J. J. Milne.

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Get with good company and reach good people by taking space with us. Any agency will take care of your business with us, or send for samples if you wish to place advertis ng direct. More than 26,500 subscribers, 15 cents a line. Ask for proofs of circulation.

THE FARMERS VOICE, 47 Plymouth Place,

Chicago, III.


NEWS An Illustrated Magazine of Travel and Education

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MORE THAN 128 PAGES MONTHLY Its scope and character are indicated by the following titles of illustrated articles that

have appeared in recent issues: Footprints of Columbus in Spain.. Frederick A. Ober A Watch with a History. .N. S. Olds A Journey Among the Stars...... Frank W. Mack In the Great North Woods-Poem. Luen E. Rexford Where Pilgrim and Puritan Met.. Hezekiah Butterworth In Rip Van Winkle's Land-Poem. Minna Irving Nature's Chronometer.. ...H. M. Albaugh Abandoned Farms....

Howard W. Coggeshall The Three Oregons.....

..Alfred Holman
Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled.....George H. Daniels
The Stories the Totems Tell...... Luther L. Holden
A Little Country Cousin.. ... Kathleen L. Greig
The Mazamas

Will G. Steel
When Mother Goes Away-Poem.Joe Cone
A Little Bit of Holland..

Charles B. Wells
The Romance of Reality.

Jane W. Guthrie The War Eagle..

Mary L. Austin Under Mexican Skies.

Marin B. Fenwick
Nagara in Winter..

..Orrin E. Dunlap
Little Histories
Old Fort Putnam.

William J. Lampton
Charter Oak Chair..

Bessie H. Dean
The Confederate White House. Herbert Brooks

50 CENTS A YEAR Can be had of newsdealers, or by addressing

Room 53, 7 East 42nd Street, New York

Excursion tickets on sale daily

Very low rate coach tickets sold twice a week. Write for full particulars and copy of folder containing a map of St. Louis and the Fair Grounds.

F. A. PALMER, Assistant Genl. Pass. Agent, 311 Marquette Bldg, Chicago.

Sold by the Ton CONFIDENCE

years, announces his retirement from the Prairie State Incubator Company, to take effect July 1. The company will continue business at Homer City under the same name. In retiring Mr. Cooper expresses his appreciation of the many favors he has received from the farm and poultry press of the country and asks the continued friendship of his editorial friends for the new company. Mr. Cooper is probably personally acquainted with a larger number of the poultrymen of this country than any other man who has been identified with the incubator business. He is one of the oldest manufacturers of incubators and built up a large trade in them, extending his operations to foreign countries.

JOUR most effective work is

done where the subscribers confidence in the medium is most deeply rooted. Our readers HAVE A RIGHT to our protection-AND THEY GET IT. You have a right to co-operation -WE GIVE IT. We have been thirty years and more in making a medium that is worthy of your strongest



and best copy

New York Witness 150 Nassau Street, NEW YORK Strong in the Farm Homes

From Maker to User

is the motto of the Patrons of Husbandry, the order that leaves out the middleman whenever it is possible to do so.

The American Grange Bulletin

The accompanying cover design by the Barnes-Crosby Co., is a fine example of work of this kind. The effect is particularly natural, the whole work a credit to artists and engravers.

has been the official organ of this great body of business farmers from its first number. It reaches more grangers' than any other paper in the United States, and articles advertised in its columns attract attention from prosperous farmers who have become prosperous by buying and selling direct. They are posted on values and appreciate mail order, money saving methods.

Rates low. Send for
samples and terms.

The St. Louis Republic for May 15, had a two-page illustrated article describing the buildings and equipment of the Lewis Publishing Co., publishers of Woman's Farm Journal and Woman's Magazine. As showing the high standing this company has at home the article is worth much to Mr. Lewis and his associates.

American Grange Bulletin,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

One reason why The National Stockman and Farmer, Pittsburg, Pa., gives good returns for its advertising and is one of the most convincing propositions for profitable publicity to the general advertiser is the fact that it keeps up its subscription list in a most legitimate was. It is one of the cleanest, most clear cut papers published in the interest of agri

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in Kansas City and tributary territory. Largest ware-
houses in the city. Four private railway switches.
Commodious dockage. With our own teams we give
our customers the promptest service.


We make a specialty of storing and reconsigning all
classes of implements, machinery and general merchan-


Kansas City, Missouri.

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