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One of the greatest comforts I experience in life is the thousands of friendships built up through my "talks" with GAZETTE readers. Not a day passes but some one comes into my office or writes me a letter telling of the confidence he feels in the instructions I have given and the friendship he feels toward me in the pleasant relations we have established through “The Feeder's Corner" of THE GAZETTE-the farmer's greatest paper. Not only have I friends everywhere in the country made through this means, but I am continually surprised at the number of persons - living in the city who regard THE GAZETTE as one of the choicest pieces On Titerature that comes to their homes and who eagerly read its pages. Many of these own country property and others are longing for a home close to the soil, away from the grime, noise and turmoil of urban life. Man's natural place is on the soil, surrounded by plants and animals. The artificialities and glamor of city life have exercised their abnormal drawing power all too long. Now the times have, changed and the country is about to retain a reasonable portion of the brains it produces and to draw from the city as well some of the brightest of its young men. Our agricultural colleges and our high grade agricultural papers such as THE GAZETTE are powerful factors in this move. ment.

W. A, HENRY, Wisconsin College of Agriculture.

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Pate 364 aline with aiscounts ou largeordero, efecimen copy uni on applicatiow. Adárias Sandero Publishing Co. HIT Berseru Ax Chikaye

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The Special Representative, E. W. Rankın..
Special Representatives in Chicago..
The Public, Alva Agee....
The Relation of Inquiries to Orders, F. A. Southwick...
At the Exposition...
Random Notes, Freeman Kueckelhan..
Keeping Track of Testimony...
The Special Representative, Miller Purvis....
Business Types—The Discouraged Man, Sherwood Anderson.
List of Special Representatives in Chicago..
Editor's Horizon ...
Among Publishers and Advertisers







Copyright, 1904, by Long-Critchfield Corporation.


1 page run of paper $50 % page run of paper $15
2 page run of paper 25 1 inch run of paper

No time or space discounts from these rates.

Extra charge for special positions. Reading matter 75c count line. Advertisements set in regular reading type marked in italics 'Adv." or must contain regular display head line.

Copy should be received by the 20th of the month preceding date of issue.

We advise subscribers to have Agricultural Advertising sent to their home addresses
so as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy' mail which all advertisers receive.

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we reach. Terms and all particulars gladly sent to anyone interested in high-class advertising. We guarantee our advertisers and want only

such as we can recommend to our readers. AMERICAN POULTRY JOURNAL PUBLISHING CO.,

325 Dearborn Street, Chicago.

“Hitch Your Wagon To a Star”

Was the advice of one of our wise men. Advertisers can best
follow this advice by hitching their business to results by
advertising in


which gives returns that are surprisingly satisfactory. This is
because our readers are the kind of farmers that are up to
date and get Rural Free Delivery routes established to serve
them with frequent mails. This is the kind that reads daily
papers and lives in the modern way, with all the comforts of life.

The circulation of The Farm Star averaged from May
1903 to May 1904, 28,270 actual paid-in-advance subscribers
and for the month of April, 1904 it had a

Circulation of 45,193

all paid in advance, no free copies of any kind having been counted. This cir
culation is proved by the sworn statement of the business manager and the
postoffice receipts. Such a list going to progressive, comfortably situated
farmers brings results that surprise advertisers. Our rates are very low.

Ask for rate card, proof of circulation and proof of results.

THE FARM STAR, Star Building, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Results! What's It.

Strong and


Daily Drovers Telegram,

Daily Journal-Stockman,

Daily Live Stock Reporter,


The all important question with the advertiser when Omaha, Neb., Feb. 8, 1904.

confronted by the advertising man is: "Can you get reManager of Daily Drovers' Journal-Stockman, sults?! The wide-awake newspapers throughout the South Omaha, Neb.

country, in whatever class they may be, realize this Dear Sir:- I have been using your paper for two fact and have adjusted themselves to that end. They years as a medium for advertising my business, and

are on the alert in every respect as to the best features am free to say that I have received very satisfactory returns. The Journal Stockman unquestionably goes

that can be used and as to the best means that can be to an excellent class of people and I consider the me

adopted to make their paper dium one of the best I have. I shall start my 'ad' earlier next year than last, also hope to arrange for more space than heretofore used. Yours Truly, 'A. C. ONG, President Nebraska Business and

Shorthand College.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, Feb. 10, 1904. Mr. J.G. Kelly, care Journal Stockman Co., South Omaha, Neb.

Dear Sir:-We are pleased to say to you that the Daily Drovers Journal Stockman has brought us inany responses to the advertisements we placed with the people they reach. They are fully aware of therein, in fact we believe it has brought us more in the fact also that they must get returns for the adverquiries for the amount expended than any paper on tiser or they cannot hope to build up a successful busiour list. Yours truly,

ness, These conditions have been fully realized by JNO. P. DAVIS, Mgr. Pioneer Implement Co. Farragut, Iowa, March 3, 1904.

these Daily Farm Newspapers: The Journal Stockman Co., South Omaha, Neb.

Dear Sirs:- Please find enclosed draft for $14.56 to bal. ad acct. for Feb. We do not wish for the ad to

The run any longer, as are having great sales on our seed corn, and will probably be sold out before time to close down. Your paper has brought us nice returns

Kansas City, Mo. and has brought us lots of nice business, and have sold several cars of corn through your paper. Thank

ing you very kindly for the attention that you have
g ven our ad, and good position, and trust that we
will be able to do more business with you next season,
we are,
Yours very truly,

South Omaha, Neb.
Breeders of thoroughbred seed corn.

Omaha, Neb., Feb. 24, 1904.
The Journal-Stockman Co., South Omaha, Neb.

Gentlemen: We have used your paper for the last year or more in the advertisement of our Empire

Nat. Stock Yards, III. Hand Separator, and we are pleased to say the results have been, on the whole, fully as satisfactory

which cover the best agricultural and stock-breeding as from any other paper which we have used. Our territory in the United States, and appeal almost eximpression is that the Journal-Stockman circulates clusively to farmers, stock breeders and stock feeders, among a pretty good class of farmers and stock

They entirely satisfy the farmer, stock breeder and breeders. We consider it a first class advertising medium. Yours truly, HYGEIA CREAMERY CO.

stock feeder as to telegraph news, local news, farm Per Chas. Harding.

news, live stock news of all kinds, crop reports, Omaha, Neb., Feb. 9, 1904. weather reports, and everything pertaining to agriculDaily Drovers Journal, J. G. Kelly, Mgr., South ture, and give the complete market reports absolutely Omaha, Neb.

correct every day. Dear Sir: In reply to your letter we want to be

As a consequence they are taking candid and say to you that we consider the Journal a

the place of the General City Daily and are rapidly first-class advertising medium, and like Rex Stock driving out the weekly and monthly farm papers. They Food, we think the more a man uses it the better he likes it, and we gladly endorse the J.-S. and recom

Have a Guarenteed Paid Circulation mend it to advertisers generally. Very truly yours.

F. O. Mohney. President.

Lawrence, Kas.. Jan. 14, 1904.
Drovers Telegram, Kansas City, Mo.
Gentlemen: I consider the Drovers Telegram un.

which is made a part of the contract with the adversurpassed as an advertising medium. I handled over Two Hundred Thousand Dollars (8230,000) worth of

tiser. These papers reach an impressionable class of real estate in 1903, and half ofit came as a direct re people, and as a consequence they get excellent result of Telegram ads. A small ad in one case brought sults on all classes of advertising, which is evidenced me a commission of $1.600, at another tiine $450, at by a few testimonials given which can be verified by another time $600, and other smaller amounts. I couldn't get along without it. Yours truly.

writing the advertiser. They are alive to the fact that J.M. NEVILLE,

they must get results for the advertiser, and have no Real Estate and Loans. fears in that direction if given a fair trial, Another Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 22, 1904.

evidence as to the merits of these papers is the fact The Daily Drovers Telegram, Kansas City, Mo. that their circulation is growing rapidly as is the

Gentlemen: Answering your inquiry, we are amount of the advertising they carry. A fair trial in pleased to say that we get excellent returns from our

these papers always makes a permanent advertiser. advertisements in your paper. Of course, you know that most of our out of town customers are women.

As to rates they are very low considering the service as our goods appeal particularly to them, and it,

rendered. Any information desired will be gladly therefore, seems to us that there is no doubt but that given direct from the newspaper office, or by you have a large number of women readers. In ad. dition to this, we may say that from time to time we have traced a great many direct sales made in our store through your medium, as upon inquiry we have often had many of our customers, both men

Manager of the Chicago Office, and women, tell us that they saw the advertisement in the Drovers Telegram. GÉO, B. PECK D.G. CO.

1604 Tribune Bldg.


Lee T. Waterman,

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covers this whole vast empire of wheat fields, stock
farms and varied industries. This country produces
the largest crops of all kinds of grain and these bring
very profitable prices. It is the agricultural author.
ity of the farmers of the Dominion. It pays present
advertisers and will pay you, if you have anything

the farmer or his family needs. Send for sam-
ple copy and rates and get acquainted with
this great and growing people. Two edi-
tions—both will do you good work.
The William Weld Co., Limited,

Winnipeg, Manitoba.

London, Ontario..


The Indiana Farmer


59th Yoar
"One marked feature of this paper is, that ad-
vertisers of forty years ago are still using its

columns."-Ad Sense Magazine.
Some Well Known Advertisers Who Use Its Columns:

McCormick Harvester Co. Deering Harvester Co.
Studebaker Bros. Wagon Co. John Deere Plow Co.
P. P. Mast & Co.

Advance Fence Co.
Ohio Carriage Mfg. Co. John A. Salzer Seed Co.
W. Atlee Burpee Seed Co. D. M. Ferry Seed Co.

Foos Mfg. Co.
and hundreds of other advertisers who are alike well known,

It Pays These and It Will Pay You

Sample copies, weekly circulation, rates, etc., sent on Application. 54

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