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We advise subscribers to have Agricultural Advertising sent to their home addresses
so as to prevent loss in the mass of "sample copy' mail which all advertisers receive.

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Should be the basis of selection of mediums by agricultural advertisers, provided they wish to reach the best farmers. Big circulation claims may be all right, but if the paper isn't of practical benefit to its readers, the chances are

it will be of no benefit to its advertisers.

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among the very brightest, up-to-date farmers is what the advertiser gets who buys space in WALLACES' FARMER. That's why it's given preference by advertisers who wish to reach the progressive, reading, thinking farmers. It is read every week in the year, and the readers depend upon and have confidence in its teachings. This confidence extends to its advertisers, and that's one reason why it pays. There are others, but if you have advertising to place, all that we ask is that you take WALLACES' FARMER and compare it in practical matter contained, class of advertising carried, and general typographical appearance with other like papers. We're willing then to rest our case with you. Let us send a sample copy.

Wallaces' Farmer, DesMoines, Iowa.

Readers and Advertisers.

It has been well said that the value of a farm paper as an advertising medium is measured by the hold it has upon those who read it."

The editor of Profitable Advertising exhorts advertisers to remember that “when the readers of a paper have been accustomed for years to respect and be guided by the opinions expressed on the editorial page, when they have come to regard those opinions as honest and sensible, they are inevitably led to give greater value to the ads.” The following clippings from recent unsolicited letters to

The Country Gentleman

may therefore be of interest to advertisers: Stands by the Farmer.

Sound Editorially. We want THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN be THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN is certainly the cause it stands by the farmer and advocates best agricultural publication; and further and his interests. We can get the ...... for 40 better, your editorial remarks on the tariff, cents a year, but do not want it for that or canal, imperialism, irrigation, etc., are of the less. One of its farm editors is general agent very best, Allow me to offer my little crumb of for a fertilizer company, and advocates the encouragement to keep right on, and sound the use of their fertilizers and tells the farmers alarm in every issue. Be assured that the backhow they can make a hundred per cent by bone of the land-the great middle class of using them, and other things of like sort.

silent workers-is with you. Farmers ought to appreciate a paper that tries

S. C. Bradley, King's Ferry, N. Y. to help them. I. B. Stevens, Bay City, Mich.

Far in Advance.

When I contrast it with other agricultural A Patriotic Course,

periodicals I find it far in advance. You publish the best agricultural journal in

K. Douglas, Stillwater, Minn. the world. The high tone and pure and patriotic course of your journal ought to commend

Worth More than Four Others. it to all true Americans. Its presence in the I subscribe to five farming periodicals, and home can do nothing but good.

THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN is worth more than Joseph R. Anderson, Lee, Virginia. the other four put together.

J. W.iScott, Jr., Short Hills, N. J. A Valued Friend.

Don't Care What the Cost Is. I have been a reader of THE COUNTRY GEN If your subscription price were raised to $10 TLEMAN for nearly fifty years, and look on it as per year, you would find my name on your list a very valued friend.

just the same. Thos. A. Sharpe, Agassiz, B. C.

Everett L. Pratt, Binghamton, New York

Advertisements tastefully set and carefully classified.

One lasertion: 40c per line; $5.60 per inch.

Liberal discounts for continuance.

Subscription price, $1.50.



What We Offer You

is simply the business opportunity of

talking your proposition to

Over 40,000 practical, sensible farmers who will give their serious attention to any

advertiser in

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This circulation represents just so many well established homes which you cannot reach effectively

with any other medium.
They buy from Practical Farmer

Advertisers. They have been doing it for half a century—they will always do it. The Practical Farmer is growing in circulation and influence every month. Every added subscriber means an extra customer for our advertisers because it's only the “live sort” that read The Practical Farmer,

Philadelphia, Pa.
Send for sample copy and rates.

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