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The Home of Practical Scientific Farming.

Business Farmers—that is the class you reach if

you use the

Agricultural Epitomist

the only farm paper edited and printed on a farm. It is the paper that is of real service to the man who makes a business of agriculture.

Its editorial and special writers are selected from the leading men of the country in this field of work.

It is the Official Organ of the
Epitomist Experiment Station

where 650 acres lend themselves to all manner of practical farming experiments and the profitable raising of crops, herds and flocks.

Thousands of prominent agriculturists are financially interested in this great institution-hundreds of thousands are interested in the work it is doing-and all pay for and read its official organ.

There is but one way to get on business terms with these business farmers talk to them through

The Agricultural Epitomist,

Spencer, Indiana.

Prosperous Farmers

In the Wheat Belt

We have heard that some people in the East have heard that some "experts" in the Northwest have heard that some farmers' wheat crops this year are short crops, compared with last year.


H. V. Jones, An Expert

in Minneapolis, who is always so conservative that he looks through the telescope with his eyes at the big end, and comes the nearest of anyone who breathes Northwestern ozone, to being a pessimist, declares that the wheat crop of 1904 in Minnesota and the two Dakotas amounts to only

128,000,000 Bushels

or 15,000,000 less than in 1903. Let us therefore accept that estimate as the worst possible showing. Now look at the market: “No. 2 Northern" (which is the standard grade of the market always) is selling in Minneapolis at $1.14 to $1.18 a bushel, while even

Rejected Wheat Is Worth $1.00

And has sold this year as high as $1.12 per bushel. Assume, therefore, the worst possible phase of the situation. Imagine every bushel of this year's crop to be "rejected" grade, and the crop is still worth $1.00 a bushel, or a total of $128,000,000. Now, assume (to be ridiculously conservative'') that every bushel last year graded "No. 2 Northern;" refer to last year's market at this time and observe that it was worth only 80 cts. a bushel. Last year's crop was 15,000,000 bus, larger than this year's and amounted to 143,000,000 bushels, which at 80 cents, made the crop worth only $114,000,000. The crop is still almost entirely Held By the Farmers and they get the benefit of the big prices. Therefore this year's poor crop" brings farmers of Minnesota and Dakotas over

Thirteen Million Dollars More

than did last year's "good crop." In tabulated form:
1904 Crop
128,000,000 bushels worth

1903 Crop
143,000,000 bushels worth

114,400,000 Excess of Value to farmers Wheat in 1904 over 1903 $ 13,600,000 At times, this fall, the price ranged 10c to 12c a bushel higher than the above quotations. This is based, remember, upon the most pessimistic report issued by any authority whatever. The bove refers to wheat only. Everybody concedes that all other crops, hay, corn, vegetables, everything else--are away ahead of the average. In many cases they rank as "bumper crops. These are indisputable facts. They need no argument behind them to prove the great prosperity of the farmers in the field covered by The Northwestern Agriculturist. It is one of the best fields in America for the advertiser this fall, and as The

Northwestern Agriculturist

circulation–75,000 every week is the largest of any farm weekly in the west, its importance to the astute advertiser is easily recognized. Its territory extends from Michigan to Montana and from Canada to Kansas. It is the best advertising medium in the Northwest. The advertising rate is 35 cents per agate line, 500 lines at 30 cents, 1,000 lines at 28 cents. Ask for sample copy and further information.


MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 511-525 Seventh St. South

Or 914 Schiller Building, Chicago


the farm paper that completely covers the producing sec-
tion of the country. Crops are great prices high, the
farmers are at the height of their glory. Tie to the paper
that has a past full of accomplishment, a present of un-
equaled success and a brilliant future. No one can
doubt the richness of the field and no one who knows will
doubt that the medium to use is

Write for particulars.

160 Adams Street, CHICAGO.

Every Advertiser wants to reach the Southern Farmer whose prosperity has eclipsed that of any other section.

The Southern Cultivator

has been reaching the best of these men and their families for over 62 years and, now that their purchasing power is greater than ever, its influence is more powerful and wide-spread.

It has a guaranteed circulation of 40,000 and is growing Don't delay, catch the fall trade.

The Southern Cultivator,

Atlanta, Georgia.

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city, has authorized us to enter an order for 3000 lines
of space to be used in the Wisconsin Agriculturist during

the coming fall and winter.

This is the largest amount of space this advertiser has ever used in any single publication, In going

over the records of the Raoine Hatcher Company they show
the result of an expenditure of less than $250 in your

medium last season from which they sotually sold over
$3000 worth of inoubators and broodors. They further

show that they made sales to a little over four out of

every ten inquiries, which is considered a very high per-
centage. We congratulate you on suoh a fine showing.

Very truly yours,



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Kansas City, Mo., June 15, '04. "We have just finished checking up our advertising results for the first half of the present year and are surprised to note that while we carried an advertisement in your Deutsch-Amerikan. Farmer for only two months at the first of the year, the returns were in excess of our anticipations. We follow closely every inquiry and the results have more than pleased us. It would seem that the class of readers that take the Deutsch-Amerikan. Farmer are the kind that understand what they are purchasing and we have no trouble showing them the value of a well built, first class machine, besides they always have the cash and are the kind who never seem to take unfair advantage. Within the first month of our advertising we sold several gas engines which the records now show were traced to your paper in issue of week Jan. 9th.

WITTE IRON WORKS CO. 5th & Penn Sts.

is the leader in its territory in influence and results to the best advertisers, as it has been for half a century.

3 Its territory, the great Mississippi Valley, is the richest in the world.

It will not fail to receive your copy, if you really think it worth while to reach a class of farmers who always have money, and who never before had so much as they have now.




Published at Lincoln, Neb.

Appeal to our readers with a good business proposition. They have money and they have sense. You will find them mighty nice customers. Circulation 149,331

Flat Rate 35c Per Line.

St. Louis, Mo.

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