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It goes to more than 60,000 farmers, all in the Central West,
where things are done on a large scale. It is published for the
families who want a high class publication and are willing to pay
for it. For nearly half a century it has maintained the position
of the leading farm paper of the West.

We please our advertisers because we please our readers.
Insist upon having your list include

Des Moines, Iowa.


This exponent of the
Poultry Industry will
sell your goods be-

each month to people who can afford to buy them.

Our Territory is the United States and a good deal of Canada.


it goes

Our Paper and Advertisers

Speak for Themselves

Our Readers are the most businesslike and prominent poultry raisers in this territory,

Our Rates are the lowest in the country when results are considered.

Send for a sample copy.

The Farm-Poultry Publishing Co. 232 Summer Street.

Boston, Mass.




Chief of the Department of Agriculture at the St. Louis

Exposition, says:
“Of more than a hundred papers relating to agriculture as
“classified at this exposition, The Twentieth Century Farmer
"is one of the four or five that I always look through even in
"my busiest times. I know of no paper which seems to me
"to be a more helpful weekly visitor to the farm, and the
"clear cut articles written by practical men and illustrated in
"an illumining way, seem to me ideal.”


Claim advertising space before rates are again advanced.

Big Crops, Big Results for Advertisers

The Dominion of Canada has become the Land of Progress and

Plenty and its farmers are making it a wealthy nation.

The Farmer's Advocate

covers this whole vast empire of wheat fields, stock
farms and varied industries. This country produces
the largest crops of all kinds of grain and these

bring very profitable prices. It is the Agricultural Authority of the Farmers of

the Dominion. It pays present advertisers and will pay you, if you have anything the farmer or his family needs. Send for sample copy and rates and get acquainted with this great and growing people. Two editions—both

will do you good work.

The William Weld Co., Ltd.,

Winnipeg, Manitoba,

London, Ontario.

A Full Page


The Rural New-Yorker

If you

costs $240 an insertion. The space is 800 lines, allowing the use of about 6,500 words, agate.

This page goes into 75,000 farm homes and is read, as near as we can estimate, by at least 375,000 people. These are the homes of intelligent, progressive, business farmers. They are the best class of customers in the world. They pay millions of dollars annually for farm, home and individual supples.

How many of these customers can you win with a page advertisement? make but one sale out of every possible hundred customers, it would cost you thirty cents per sale. You reach three families or 15 possible customers for one cent.

Can't you figure a profit out of a full page advertisement on this basis? We will furnish proof of the correctness of the above data any time before or after you have paid for the service, and we will further guarantee it to be the cheapest rate per thousand paid circulation in the agricultural press. Shall we send copy and rate card?

The Rural New-Yorker

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