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Poultry Success of Springfield, O., and Des Moines, Ia., points with pride to the growth it has enjoyed during the past year since A. D. Hosterman took the active management and Henry Trafford the editorship. The paid circulation in the fall of 1903 was about 12,000, and it is now placed at 22,000. The publishers now guarantee that the average circulation for the year ending in October, 1905, will be not less than 25,000. This success is attributed to many causes, among which are various improvements in the paper and the fact that they guarantee their advertisers. The paper is said to go to paid subscribers through 7,858 different postoffices all over the country. There will be a considerable increase in advertising rates some time in October.

"Results Talk" is a booklet being mailed to advertisers by the Missouri Valley Farmer, Topeka, Kan. It is a twenty-page pamphlet, with a cover printed in three colors. On the title page is the fac-simile of a written announcement, signed by the publisher, Mr. Arthur Capper, to the effect that he would rather have “The man who pays the bill tell the story." To this

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A Magazine for all Poultrymen.
A strictly high class publication devoted to the immense industry
of poultry raising, and destined to be the leading paper of
this class in the country. Quality will be adhered
to first, last and all the time in all things

'connected with this paper.


guarantees its advertisers, and so springs right into the confidence
of its readers from the start. It is published in the center of a
territory which statistics prove to be the greatest poultry raising
section of the country. Write for sample copy Ask your agent.
Investigate in every manner and you'll be convinced.

POULTRY, Freeport, Ill.
The Long-Critchfield Corporation or any other agency will arrange for space.

end, the balance of the pages are devoted to testimonials from advertising patrons.

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Winter Months will soon be here and that is the best time to interest the farmer in your line of merchandise; he has time then to cast up his accounts and lay his plans for the coming year.

The Farmers & Planters

Guide will carry your message to 20,000 of them at a cost of only 10c. per agate line. Remember this is the great 10 cent farm paper and its circulation is rapidly increasing. For sample copy and other information address Farmers & Planters Guide

Baltimore, Md. J. L. Vincent

W. C. Hill Tribune Building 150 Nassau St. Chicago.

New York.


A Popular Souvenir at the Fair.

Early in September Kimball's Dairy Farmer, Waterloo, Ia., purchased Dairy and Creamery of Chicago. The consolidation of the two papers took place with the September 15th issue of Kimball's Dairy Farmer.


Farm Life, of Chicago, has for time been running a prize puzzle contest, designed to bring the announcements of their advertisers to the close attention of their readers. To illustrate the effectiveness of this plan, the publishers have issued a four-page circular, printed in two colors, with a heavy brown cover. It contains specimens of answers to the puzzles and other convincing arguments regarding Farm Life's value to the advertiser.

The Crowell Publishing Co., of Springfield, O., have issued a large pamphlet in the interests of their publication, The Woman's Home Companion. They call it an open letter to manufacturers and this letter, which occupies the first page, is supplemented by other "Important and

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Pertinent Data." The data consists of 22 pages of grouped advertisements, reduced in size, showing the wide range of articles advertised to consumers by manufacturers through the columns of The Woman's Home Companion. The cover and inside pages are printed in two colors and are so designed as to invite close attention.

"Did You Consult Your Wife," is the title of a little booklet that is going to manufacturers in the interests of the Scientific American Building Monthly. The eight pages are filled with good arguments, tastefully arranged in small paragraphs that bring out one feature at a time, giving each point added force. The booklet has an appropriate cover and is printed in two colors all the way through.


With the compliments of the W. D. Boyce Co., of Chicago, advertisers are being presented with a Daily Record of Results from advertising. There are 24 pages, one page to a month and each ruled to accommodate replies from 33 papers. No advertising appears in the book except on the cover pages. Advertisers find it a very acceptable reminder of the Woman's World and Boyce's weeklies.

Chattanooga, Tenn. is the proper medium to reneh the farm ers in the South. Advertisere always speak favorable of the Southern Fruit Grower. See:

Returns are satisfactory indeedRhodes Mfg. Co., Grand Ripids, Mieh.

Sold 75 per cent of all orders last year-L. B. Bearle, E. Chattanooga, Tenn.

Do not lose business by omitting the Southern Fruit Grower from y or list. Send for Sample copy and booklet for advertisers.

Circulation, 30,000
Inch rates, $2.10 flat

The Bohemian Farm Journal

of the United States,

With the December issue of Successful Farming, a series of articles on intelligent corn raising will begin, written by Prof. P. G. Holden, of Iowa Agricultural College. One condition under which these articles will be furnished is that Suc. cessful Farming shall put out 15,000 copies of every issue. Prof. Holden will go into the matter thoroughly from seed to harvest and wants to reach large numbers of farmers.

Wm. T. Blaine, who has represented the Star Publishing Co. in the eastern territory, with offices at 41 Park Row, for the past three years has made arrangements for a term of years to represent the daily, Sunday and weekly Star both east and west outside of St. Louis. He has opened an office in the Tribune building, Chicago,



Published at Omaha, Neb.

1904 has been a great year for crops and the Bohemian farmer has fared better than any other because he works harder and employs the latest and best methods. He don't read English, or if he does he would rather

read his mother tongue.


"The District School of Spotless Town" is the latest from the Sapolios. It is a twenty-four page booklet, covered with many scenes from the school room and some very catchy jingles, cleverly woven out of the various studies in the ordinary school.

J. W. Barber's Advertising Agency, of Boston, Mass., recently moved from its old stand at No. 7 Water street to the Penn Mutual Life Bldg., at 24 Milk street.

interests him and influences him. This
paper makes a spoclalty of farm
Implement publicity. No catalog
house can use its columns for this pur-
pose. It brings the industrious and
prosperous Bohemian farmer close to
the legitimale manufacturer. It will
head any farm paper list after a reason.
able trial, for whoever reads it is com-
pelled to rely on it. Bohemian in-
quiries translated free. Utmost liberal-

ity in everything. No Trouble to Answer Questions.

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