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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill.

N.D.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after.

noon.-The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Sept. 1


2 M.571)



sw. Fair, sunsh.






day fair.


A. 51



Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.
M.51 29.702 M.63

M.48 29.894 M.61 ) 'sw.
Dull,but fair


Fair, with .7301A. 63 and warm. A. 60 .899 A. 60

sunshine. .75 M.70

Foren. warm

.965 M.62
A. 71 .725 4.72 S rain night.

A. 59 .982 A. 63

very warm. M.57 .745 M.70

Dull, warm,

.775 M.63
A. 65

Day dull, .728 A. 68

S. rain night.

A.60 .714 A. 61 rain night.
M.51 .512 M.66

Fair, with

M.47 .749 M.59
.426/A. 63

Foren. dull,
A. 69

A, 53
.838 A. 59S

Aft. sunsh.
M.45) .272 M.62

Rain morn.

M.40 .632 M.19
A. 55

.201 A. 60s

Dull, with


A. 44 ,691 A. 52 S showers. M.45 .126 M.57

Thu.& light.


.725 M.54

21 .150 A .55


aftern, rain.

A. 50 .904 A. 55 ) day showery.
M.18 28.999 M.60 Morn.h.rain,


M.49 30.116 M.561
A. 54 29.271 A. 59

Fair, with

day showery.
A. 55 .194 A. 57 S

sunshine. M.16 .313 M.55

Cold, with


M.463/29.975 M.56
A. 50

Dull, but .464 A. 52


A. 53 rain.

.999 A. 55 ) fair.
M.41 .303 M.51

Dull, but

.922 M.54

A. 47

Dull, fair,
.419 A. 53

A. 50 .976 A.54 ) foggy even. M.39 .484 M.55

Fair, with

.684 M.55

A. 57

Cble. .114 4. 59S sunshine.

A.54 .684 A. 52

hail, cold. M.48 .352 M.61

Day fair,


26 Cble.

.760 M.50 1.59

Morn. frost, .175/A. 60

b.rain night.
UA. 43 .440 A. 53

rain night. M.47 .2001 M.60

Fair, with
M.30 .272 M.44)

Morn. frost,
A. 57 . 475/A. 59

NE. sunshine.

.279 A. 43 ) snow onhills. M.17 .556 M.59

Dull, with


.458 M.42 A. 55

Morn. frost, .620/A. 60

sh. rain.

A. 34
.535 A. 44

day cold.
M.47 .250 M.631 Showery
M.29 .475 M.42)

Morn. frost,
A. 63 .615 A. 59 )

E. most of day. 11. 39 .315 A. 43

dayshowery. M.47 .628 M.61

Dull, with

.192 M.49

Rain aftern,
A. 59 .750 A. 60


and night. Average of Rain, 1.666 Inches.





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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISA BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 20th

of August, and 20th of September, 1824; extracted from the London Gazette.

Anderson, A. Lloyd's coffee-house, master ma

Barlow, R. Claremont-place, New Road, bill-

Bartlett, A. and R. Bristol, ship-builders.
Carter, J. Downing-street, victualler.
Cato, W. W. Little, and W. Irving, Newcastle

upon-Tyne, drapers.
Duncombe, J. jun. Little Queen-street, bookseller.
Ellison, J. Keighley, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner.
Foster, J. Abchurch-lane, merchant.
Grist, J. Midhurt, Sussex, bricklayer.
Harvey, H. S. Oxford-street, hosier.
Hatfield, W. and J. Morton, Sheffield, cutlers.
Hazard, D. Hackney, merchant.
Helm, G. Worcester, linen-draper.
Hewett, J. Mitcherm, butcher.
Hirst, Ġ. Manchester, clothier.
Hopkins, G. and J. St Philip and Jacob, Glou-

cestershire, timber-merchants.
Humble, S. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, stationer.
Hyde, N. Nassau-street, Soho, jeweller.
Isley, J. Wyfold, Court-farm, Henley-upon-

Thames, farmer.
Jackson, E. Uley, Gloucestershire, clothier.
Jackson, J. Gerrard-street, Soho, picture-dealer.
Johnson, R.Burslem, earthen-ware manufacturer.
Jarvis, W. G. Penton-place, Newington Butts,

Jones, R. Westbury Leigh, Wilts, clothier.
Jones, W. Ratcliffe Highway, grocer.
Lees, J. Matbank, Lancashire, cotton-spinner.
Lewis, T. C. and C. Bevan, High Holborn, li-

Liddard, W. Charlotte-row, Bermondsey, coal-

merchant. Lond, T. Dover, corn-dealer. N'Cormick, J. Jubilee-place, Commercial-road,


Manley, D. Southampton-row, Russel-sqaare,

Mardall, W. Water-lane, Tower-street, brandy-

Marsh, W. and Co. Berner's-street, bankers.
Mayell, W. Exeter, jeweller.
Morris, J. jun. Stingo-lane, St Mary-le-Bonne,

Nicholls, R. Ruthen, Denbighshire, druggist.
Parker, W. Oxford-street, ironmonger.
Peck, J. Andover, linen-draper.
Peel, J. Rochdale, shoe-dealer.
Perks, J. Monkton Combe, Somersetshire, brewer.
Pennan, A. Batson-street, Limehouse, master.

Poor, J. Wapping, Bristol, victualler.
Richardson, J. Manchester, cooper.
Rickards, J. Dursley, Gloucestershire, cloth-ma-

Roughton, L. Noble-street, Foster-lane, whole-

sale druggist.
Sawyer, J. Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, wine-merchant.
Scrivener, H. H. Scrivener, jun. and J. Wilson,

Kentish-buildings, Southwark, hop-factors.
Simmons, A. Strand, tailor.
Smith, J. R. North Audley-street, upholsterer.
Smith, T. Derby, nail-manufacturer.
Stott, S. and J. Road-lane, Spotland, Lancashire,

Tappenden, T. Cumberland-street, Middlesex

hospital, victualler.
Walthew, J. Liverpool, linen-draper.
Want, G. S. Skinner-street, cabinet-maker.
Wilkins, S. Holborn-hill, stationer.
Wooding, M. Ducket-street, Stepney, baker.
Woollett, J. Queen's-Head Inn Southwark, ta-

Wren, J. Great Titchfield-street, Portland-place,


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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st

and 30th of September, 1824, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Buchanan, John, late bleacher in Lylyburn, now Douglas, William, merchant in Glasgow; a first miller at Glenmill.

dividend on 19th October. Comb, George, tenant at Redheughs, and mer Hughes and Williams, canal contractors; a divi

chant and trader in manure at King's Stables, dend on 11th October. and coals at Port Hopetoun, Edinburgh. M'Ewen, James, ropemaker in Perth; a second Fife, Johu, cotton-spinner in Johnston.

dividend after 2d November. Finlayson, Robert and Alexander, merchants and Maclean, John, and Co. merchants and shopfish-curers, Lybster.

keepers in Glasgow ; a dividend after 4th OctoGilfillan, John, and Co.late merchants in Glasgow. ber. Gilmour, William, importer of and dealer in spi- Shannon, Stewart, and Co. merchants in Greenrits, in Paisley.

ock, and Shannan, Livingstone, and Co. merHodge, William, flesher and cattle-dealer in Glas chants in Newfoundland; a second dividend gow.

after 1st November. Honeyman, Robert, formerly merchant and ship The deceased John Robertson, mason and wright owner, Grangemouth ; afterwards miller and in Glasgow, lately residing at Pollockshaws; a coal-merchant, Port Allen, Perthshire; present final dividend after 1st November. ly residing in Edinburgh.

The George Street Coach Work Company, GlasM•Robbie, James, mason and builder, Paisley. gow; a dividend on 25th October. Macgregor, James Murray, merchant in Leith. The concern which

carried on trade in Greenock, Murdoch, Patrick, merchant in Hamilton.

under the firm of John Hamilton and Co. and Orr, Andrew, bookseller and stationer in Cupar. in Liverpool under the firm of William Hamil.

ton and Co.; a third dividend after 13th OctoDIVIDENDS.

ber. Cameron, Dugald, and Co. merchants and

grocers Wannan, George, carrier betwixt Perth and Dunin Greenock; a first dividend after 25th Octo dee; á first and final dividend after 14th Octo ber.

ber. Cowan, Robert, and Sons, grain-merchants in

Glasgow; a dividend 29th November.




12 Dr.


9 Sept:

1 F.



12 Aug.





Major 'M'Donald, 91 'F. and late Port.
Serv. Lt. Col. in the army,

4 Sept. 1817
Capt. Bentley, (Staff Capt. at Chatham)

Major in the Army, 4 June, 1814
Lieut. Pallisar, Capt. by purch. vice

Craufurd, Cape Corps, 12 Aug. 1824
Ens. England, from 77 F. Lieut. do.
Troop Serj. Maj. Chettle, Qua. Mast.

vice Jenkins, h. p.
Lieut. Campbell, from h. p. 58 F. Lt.
vice Smith, cancelled,

Ens. Hill, Lt. vice M'Kenzie, dead

8 June
J. W. King, Ens.
Ens. Thorold, from 38 F. Ens. vice
Maunsell, h. p. 63 F. rec. diff.

9 Sept.
Lieut. Peevor, Capt. vice Rotton, dead,

2 do. Ens. Boscawen, Lt.

do. St. G. L. Lister, Ens.

T. C. Graves, Ens. vice Young, 20 F.

12 Aug.
Ens. and Adj. Tydd, rank of Lt.
Errs. Young, from 18 F.Lt. Vice Church,

12 Aug.
Ens. Babington, Lt. vice Roberts, dead,

do. R. J. E. Rich, Ens.

do. Ens. Lowth, from 48. F. Ens, vice Thorold, 15. É.

9 Sept. Bt. Lt. Col. Lindesay, Lt. Col. by purch. vice Col. Sturt, ret.

12 Aug. Bt. Major Macpherson, Major, do. Lt. Caldicott, Capt.

do, Ens. Leckie, Lt.

do. G. C. Borough, Ens.

do. Ens. Raynes, from 2 Vet. Bn. Ens. vice Clark, h. p. 81 F.

2 Sept. Ward, from h. p. 83 F.'do. paying diff. vice Lowth, 38 F. 9 do. Major Wodehouse, Lt. Col. by purch. vice Harrison, ret.

2 do.
Capt. Custance, Major,

Lt. Serjeantson, Capt.
Ens. Foy, Lt.

G. Deedes, Ens.


Serj. Major Liddeel, from 2 F. 2d Lt. and to act as Adj.

19 Aug. 62 Ens. Power, Lt. by purch. vice Spiller. ret.

2 Sept. Gent. Cadet Cotton, from R. Mil. Col. Ens.

do. 71 Ens. Connor. Lt. vice Coates, dead,

19 Aug. Ens. Seymour, Ens.

do. 72 Capt. Brownlow, Major by purch. vice

Lt. Col. FitzGerald, ret. 2d do.
Lt. Markham, Capt.
Capt. Ld. E. Hay, from Staff in Ionian

Isls. Capt. vice Ebhart, Staff Capt.

27 do. Ens. Frịth, Lt.

26 do. H. Godfrey, Ens.

do. 73 Maj. Bamford, from 97 F. Maj. vice

Cameron, h. p. York Chass. 12 do. 71 Ens. Ansell, Adj. vice Ramsden, res. Adj. only,

17 do. 77 J. Lomax, Ens. by purch. vice Eng. land, 12 Dr.

19 do. 79 Lt. Brown, Capt. by purch. vice Mar. shall, prom.

29 July Ens. Maule, Lt. T. Crombie, Ens.

12 Aug. 82 Lt. Mortimer, Capt. vice Field, dead,

9 Mar. Ens. Greene, Lt.

12 Aug J. Trollope, Ens.

do. 86 Lt. Grey, Capt. by purch. vice Hogg, ret.

do. Ens. Close, Lt.

do. P. Le P. Trench, Ens.

do, 95 Lt. Straith, Capt. vice Yorke, dead,

26 do. Ens. Mayne, Lt.

do. C. Henry, Ens.

do. Lt. Dickens, Adj. vice Straith, do. 97 Maj. Paterson, from h. p. York Chass.

Major, vice Bamford, 73 F. 12 do, Rifle Brig. Lt. Boileau, Capt. by purch, vice Hal. len, ret.

2 Sept. 20 Lt. Frampton, 1st Lt

do. Gent. Cadet, E. L. Gower, from R. Mil Coll. 2d Lt.

do. 2 W. I. R. Ens. and Adj. Curry, rank of Lt.

6 Aug.

2 Sept.










2 W. I. R. Ens. Sutherland, Lt. vice Dunn, dead, Lieut. Ramsden, from 74 F. rec. diff. with Lleut.

7 Aug.

Campbell, h. p. 18 F.
E. E. Nicolls, Ens.

do. Lieut. Douglas, from 77 F. with Lieut. Wilkinson.
Siaff Serj. Maj. Whitty, Qua, Mast. vice h. p. 5 F.
Hughes, Lt.

26 do. Lieut. Logan, from 98 F. with Lieut. Goodiff, h. 2 Vet. Bn. Ens. Stewart, from h. p. 27 F. Ens. p. 31 F. vice Edgelow, ret. list.

do. Ensign Lister, from 17 F. with Ensign Deedes, Shaw, from h. p. 31. F. do, vice

50 F. Raynes, 42 F.

2 Sept.

Ensign Lord Elphinstone, from 71 F. with Ensign 2 Vet. Co. Ens. and Adj. Ward, from h. p. 27 F.

Dalton, h, p. 32 F. vice Walker, ret. list.

do, Paym. Kerr, from 4 Dr. with Paym. Wildey, h. Vet. Co. at Capt. Mackenzie, from h. p. York

p. 10 F. Newfound. } Lt. Inf. Fol. Capt.

25 July

Qua. Mast. Lieut. Stewart, from 53 F. with Lieut.
Lt. Abbott, from h. p. 1. W. I. R, Taggart, h. p. 53 F.
Lt. vice Campbell, cancelled,

Assist. Surg. Hendrick, from 86 F. with Assist. 2 Sept.

Surg. Dudgeon, h. p. 63 F. R. E. I. Vol. C. Mills, jun. Maj, vice Raikes, res.

13 Aug

Resignations and Retirements.

Major Gen. Kerr, of late 2 Ceyl. R.
Maj. M‘Laine, from 21 F. Lt. Col. of Inf. by pur.

Colonel Sturt, 39 F. vice Maj. Gen. T. W. Kerr, ret. 9 Sept. 1824.

Lieut. Colonel Harrison, 30 F.

-Fitzgerald, 72 F.

Major Raikes, R. East Ind. Vol.
Lt-Col. Belford, of late 3d Vet. Batt. Fort-Major

Captain Hogg, 86 F.

Hallen, Rifle Brigof Dartmouth Castle, vice Wright, dead,

Lieut. Spiller, 62 F. 12th Aug. 1824.

2d Lieut. Larcom, Eng.

Assist. Surg. Maclean, h. p. 35 F.
Capt. Bentley, of late 1st Vet. Batt. Staff Capt. at
Chatham, vice Dalgety, ret. list, 19 Aug. 1824.

Appointments Cancelled.
Bt. Maj. Ebhart, from 72 F. Staff Capt. at Chat Lieut. Smith, 1 F.
ham, vice Jervis, ret. list, 26 Aug. 1824.

Campbell, Vet. Co. Newf.
Capt. Brutton, from 82 F. Sub.-Insp. of Mil. Ion. Assist. Surg. Caldwell, Med. Staff.
Isl. vice Ld. Hay, 72 F. 27 Aug. 1824.
Ordnance Department.

Roy. Eng. Ist Lt. Clavering, from h. p. 1st Lieut.

Paym. Prendergast. So. Mayo Mil. vice Hayter, dead,

22 March, 1824 Gent. Cadet St. A. Molesworth, 20 Lt.

28 Aug. 1824. Lieut. Gen, Prince, from 6 Dr. Ipswich,
Medical Department.

11 Sept. 1824, As, Surg. Reid, from h. p. York Lt. Inf. Vol. As.

Lieut. Gen. Dunn, E. Ind. Co. Serv. Great Mal

29 Aug. Surg. vice Caldwell, can.

18 June, 1824.
Lieut. Gen. Anderson, do. London,

16 Sept. Hosp. Assist. Young, Assist, Surg. vice Law, dead,

Col. C. Lord Castlecoote, Queen's Co. Milit.

14 Aug. 1821. E. J. Bulteel, Hosp. Assist.

Major Bishop, h. p. 1 Proy. Bn, of Mil. Harrow14 Aug. 1824. gate,

Sept. 1824. Exchanges.

Capt. Campbell, late Invalids, London,

5 August, 1821. Bt. Colonel Ross, from Cape Corps, with Lt. Col. Goodinge, Adj. to Londonderry Militia. Hutchinson, h. p.

Lieut. Kennedy, ret. Vet. Comp. Stonehouse, DeBt. Maj. Tonson, from 84 F. with Capt. Colomb, von,

13 Sept. 1824. b. p. 37 F.

Lieut. Mackenzie, h. p. 35 F. Capt. M'Neill, from 2d W. I. R. with Bt. Major Douglas, b. p.78 F. Java, 20 April, 1820. Jack, h. 8. 21 F.

Hawkey, h. p. 95 F. 5 May, 1824. Capt. Beamish, from 31 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

Conring, h. p. 7 Line Germ. Leg. Hanover, Van Cortlandt, h. p. 35 F.

8 Sept. Capt. Phelan, from 92 F. with Capt. J. Cameron, Lieut. De Cherry, h. p. Corsican Regt. 3 March. h. p. 79 F.

- Anderson, h. p. 12 Gar. Bn. Dinan, France, Capt. Baynes, from Afric. Col. Corps, with Capt.

19 May, 1824. de Rarrallier, h. p. 32 F.

Paym. Barry, h. p. 36 F. Taunton, 4 Aug. 1824. Lieut. Williams, from 16 Dr. with Lieut. Hamil Quar. Mast. Lawrie, h. p. 104 F. Sept. 1824. ton, h. p. 1 Dr.

Assist. Surg. Luby, h. p. Vet. Bn. Windsor, Lieut. Lecke, from 52 F. with Lieut. Wetherall,

Sept. 1824. h. p. 42 F.

Vet. Surg. Dalton, h. p. 1 Life G. Vienne, Calais, Lieut. Rose, from 72 F. with Lieut. Murray, h. p.

15 March, 1821. 24 F. N. B.-The Death of Paymaster Harrison, 83d Regt. was erroneously reported in the Army List

for last Month.

a son.


30. At the Manse of Crailing, Mr Robert StraBIRTHS.

chan, London, to Elizabeth, fourth daughter of May 21. At Malta, Mrs Cusine, 95th regiment, the Rev. David Brown. of a daughter.

Sept. 2. At Bonnington, John Adair, Esq. GeJuly 28. At Concordia, Tobago, the lady of Dr noch, Wigtonshire, to Christina, eldest daughter Kenney, of a daughter.

of the late John Haig, Esq. Aug. 3. At Florence, the lady of John Crau - At St James's Church, London, Lord Elliot, furd, Esq. of Auchenames, of a son.

only son of the Earl of St Germain's, to the Right Sept. 1. At Braigar House, Kent, the lady of J. Hon. Lady Jemima Cornwallis, third daughter of D. Boswall, Esq. of Wardie, captain in the royal the late Marquis Cornwallis. navy, of a son and heir.

- At Manse of Daviot, the Rev. Henry Simon, 2. At Edinburgh, the lady of Stair Stewart, minister of Chapel of Garioch, to Mary, second Esq. of Physgill and Glasserton, of a son and daughter of the Rev. Robert Shepherd. heir.

3. At Leith Walk, Mr James Murray, surgeon, 3. At Coxley, near Wells, Somerset, Mrs Alex Edinburgh, to Elizabeth Wilson), eldest daughter ander Fraser, of Thavies Inn, London, of a daugh

of Mr James Allison, vinegar maker. ter.

5. At Kirkmichael, James Crawford, Esq. 5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Clarke, 51, George M.D. to Miss Ann Whitford, eldest daughter of Square, of a daughter.

David Kennedy, Esq. of Kirkmichael. - At Dun, the Lady Anne Brird, of a daugh 6. At Lymington-Lodge, Alexander Wardrop, ter.

Esq. of Madras, to Jessie, third daughter of the 6. At Dumbarnie House, Mrs Craigie, of Dum

late Robert Burn, Esq. architect, Edinburgh. barnie, of a son.

7. At Cowie, Stirlingshire, Mr John Forrester, 9. At the Dowager Viscountess Duncan's, the merchant, Glasgow, to Margaret, eldest daughter Hon. Mrs Dundas, of a son.

of the late James M.Nab, Esq. distiller. - At Portobello, Mrs Glen, Brighton Place, of 11. At St Margaret's Church, Westminster, a daughter.

John Mitchell, Esq. M.P. to Eliza, eldest daugh- At Westquarter, the lady of Thomas Lear ter of John Elliott, Esq. of Pimlico Lodge. month, Esq. of Laurence Park, of a daughter. 15. At Comely Bank, Mr Robert Kirkwood, en11. Mrs John Brougham, of a daughter.

graver, to Bathia, youngest daughter of Robert At Stobo Castle, the lady of Sir James Dunbar, Esq. Tax Office. Montgomery of Stanhope, Bart. of a son.

14. At Edinburgh, John Gibson, jun. Esq. W.S. 12. At 46, Albany Street, Mrs Begbie, of a to Charlotte Ellen, eldest daughter of John Gorson.

don, Esq. of Salisbury Roads 12. At Bellevue Crescent, Mrs Rattray, of a son.

15. At Leith, Mr John Niven, merchant, to At Minto, the Countess of Minto, of a daugh Mrs Mary Spalding, widow of Dr Alexander Spalter.

ding, Port Maria, West Indies. - At Dundee, the lady of Dr John Maxwell, of - At Dalton, 'Dumfries-shire, John Hannay,

Esq. W.S. to Miss Eliza S. Kennedy, only daugh- At 49, Albany Street, Mrs John Gardiner ter of the late J. Kennedy, Esq. Kinnear, of a daughter.

- In London, Lord Ellenborough, to Jane Eli13. Mrs Miller, Frederick Street, of a son. zabeth Digby, only daughter of Rear-Admiral

- At Crescent, Perth, Mrs George Seton, of a Digby and Viscountess Andover. daughter.

16. In Stafford Street, Major-General Hamilton, - At Edinburgh, the lady of Major Menzies, to Mary Augusta, youngest daughter of the late 12d Royal Highlanders, of a son.

Alexander Bower, Esq. of Kincaldrum. 14. Mrs Scott, Albany Street, of a daughter. - At Bolton, Percy, in Yorkshire, George Bail- At Kirkaldy, Mrs J. L. Cooper. of a son. lie, jun. Esq. eldest son of George Baillie, Esq. of 15. At Ruchil, near Glasgow, the lady of Major

Jerriswoode, to Georgina, youngest daughter of Stephenson, 6th Dragoon Guards, of a son.

Mr Archdeacon Markham. - At his Lordship's house, at Cowes, Isle of 21. At St Andrews, Mr John Buchan, writer, Wight, the lady of Lord Francis Levison Gower, St Andrews, to Anne, daughter of Mr Alexander M.P. of a son.

Thomson, merchant there. - In Pitt Street, Mrs Richardson, of a son. 27. At Montrose, the Rev. John Wood, A.M. 18. At Ramornie, Mrs Heriot of Ramornie, of

to Annabella, second daughter of Captain Brydon, a daughter.

of that place. - Åt Stirling, Mrs J. Telford, of a daughter. 28. Lord Henry Seymour Moore, to Mary, se20. At Frankfield, Mrs Murray, of a son. cond daughter of Sir Henry Parnell, Bart. M.P. - At 16, Nicolson Street, Mrs Huie, of a son. and niece to the Marquis of Bute and the Earl of 23. Mrs Patrick Robertson, of a daughter. Portarlington.

At Llynon, county of Anglesey, the lady of H. W. Jones, Esq of a son.

DEATHS. - At Banchory, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel March 21. Off the Cape Coast, of fever, Mr Wood, of a son.

Charles Hope Hunter, Midshipman, of his Ma24. Mrs Bowie, 19, Albany Street, of a daugh jesty's ship Driver, second son of the late Rev. ter.

William Hunter, minister of Middlebie. 25. At Edinburgh, the lady of Mr Sinclair, of May. At Buenos Ayres, Captain Peter SherCovent Garden Theatre, of a son.

riff, of the Antelope, second son of the late Mr At Rozelle, Mrs West Hamilton, of a daugh Thomas Sheriff, shipmaster, Dunbar. ter.

June 11. In the Island of St Croix, Dr James 26. At Losset, Mrs Macneal of Ugadale, of a Hill, of Dumfries. daughter.

21. At Jamaica, after a few days' illness, AlexLately, At her residence at Tunbridge Wells, ander Cunningham, Esq. son of the late William the Right Hon. Lady Cochrane, of a son.

Cunningham, of Cairncurran, Esq.

July 27. At Demerara, Mrs Marsh, wife of MARRIAGES.

Thomas Marsh, Esq. of that place. Nov. 5, 1825. At Montreal, Roderick Mathe Aug. 2. At Gowally, Perthshire, Agnes, second son, Esq., paymaster late Glengary Light Infan daughter, and, at Greenock, on the 30th August, try, to Miss Mary Fraser, daughter of Captain Michael Boston, fourth son of the late Rev. Dr Robertson, of Inverness.

Alex. Simpson, Pittenweem. Aug. 18, 1824. At Parkhead, near Perth, Mr 6. At Pendreich, near Lasswade, aged 37 years, William Bruce, merchant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, Mrs Margaret Melrose, wife of Mr James M'Leish, daughter of William Morison, Esq.

merchant, Edinburgh ; also, at No. 12 Montague 25. At the Mapse of Panbride, the Rev. Wil. Street, on the 12th August, Helen, their daughliam Robertson, of Carmylie, to Dorothea, daugh. ter, aged four months. ter of the Rev. David Traill, Panbride.

18. At Lochbuy House, Mrs Maclaine, son.

21. Near Rome, Mrs Erskine, relict of John Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. Dr Wilson, Erskine, Esq. eldest son of the late Mr Erskine of minister of Falkirk. Cardross.

16. At Auchtertool Manse, Mrs Moffat, Kir22. At Peebles, Mr Thomas Gentle, nursery kaldy. and seedsman.

- In Baker Street, London, Lieut.-General - At Woodend, Jane, daughter of the Jate Andrew Anderson, of the Hon, East India ComWiam Corbett, Esq. Collector of Excise.

pany's service, on their establishment at Bombay, 23. At Paris, Lady Margaret Arbuthnot Ogilvy, 17. At Mount Melville, Maria Louise, youngest aged three years and

five months, youngest daugh. daughter of John Whyte Melville, Esq. ter of the Éarl and Countess of Airly.

- At Grandholm Cottage, James Martin Lind. 24. At Busby, Mrs Macfarlane, relict of Mal say, eldest son of Lieute-Colonel Lindsay, 78th colm Macfarlane, Esq.

Highlanders. - At Cadiz, Mrs Hamilton of Dalzell, Lanark - At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Stevenson, relict of shire,

Mr Henry Watson, late merchant in Edinburgh, 27. At Ayr, John Aitken, Esq.

18. At Edinburgh, Mr John Finlayson, sen. 30. At 38, Dublin Street, Mr John Bell.

Buchanan's Court, Lawnmarket. At Lanark, Mrs Vere Wilson, relict of Wil – At Sand Bank, Argyllshire, Mary Anne, inliam Thomson, Esq. of Castle Yett.

fant daughter of Alexander Scott Broomfield, - At Brighton, in the 75th year of her age, the Esq. Hon. Mrs Frances Wall, daughter of the late Lord At No. 1, Fettes Row, James, infant son of Fortrose, and sister of the late Earl of Seaforth. Captain Pearson, R. N.

- At the house of the Earl of Airly, in Paris, 20. At Aberdeen, Helen, only daughter of Alex. Mrs Clementina Graham, relict of Gavin Drum Lyall, Esq. Comptroller of the Customs there. mond, Esq. of Forth Street, Edinburgh.

22. At Leith, Jane, daughter of the late Mr 31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Susan Christie, wife of Henry Band,

merchant there. Thomas Christie, Esq. eldest son of the late James 22. At 22 Forth Street, Margaret Anne, eldest Christie, Esq. of Durie, Fifeshire.

daughter of the late John Thomson, Esq. Sept. 1. At Tranent, Mrs Alexander Allan, in At Grange House, Robert Forrester, Esq. the 81st year of her age.

treasurer of the Bank of Scotland.-In noticing - At Tarbes, South of France, Bryan, third son the death of this estimable character, we speak of Captain Hodgson, Royal Navy.

the feelings of our fellow citizens, when we state 2. At Darsie, the Rev. Robert Macculloch, D.D. how severely his departure is lamented, and how in the 85th year of his age, and 53d of his minis. much his loss will be felt. For above half a try;

century, Mr Forrester filled different departments 3. At Northampton, Dr William Kerr, physi in the Bank of Scotland, and for many years cian there,

previous to his death, was the treasurer, or prin6. In Minto Street, Newington, Mrs Jean Ro cipal officer, of that establishment.

The pubbertson, widow of the Rev. James Robertson, late lic know the fidelity with which he discharged minister of Ratho.

the functions of that responsible situation, blend- At Edinburgh, Isabella, eldest daughter of ing the firmness of official duty with the mildthe late Rev. Andrew Chatto, of Mainhouse. ness and kindness of a benevolent heart. Himself

7. At Musselburgh, Mr John Thom, late mer the son of a Scottish clergyman, he was the found. chant in Edinburgh.

er of the Society of the Sons of the Clergy, and - At Kincardine O'Neil, Patrick Henderson, displayed his usual zeal in originating and promoEsq. advocate in Aberdeen.

ting an institution, which has proved of incalcu- At Southfield by Auchtermuchty, Mr Wil lable advantage to the families of many. Through liam Couper, late upholsterer in Edinburgh. life the faith and precepts of the Christian reli

- At Wall Bury, in Essex, Amelia, wife of Jo gion never failed to animate him. He was for seph Grove, and eldest daughter of the late Lieut more than forty years an elder in the New GreyGeneral Goldie of Goldielea, Dumfries.

friars Church.Unassuming manners, joined to a 8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Helen Hunter, temper highly cheerful and social, rendered his wife of John Jeffrey, Esq. George Street.

company most engaging, and endeared him not 9. At Balamo, near Currie, Mr John Logan, only to his particular friends, but to society at paper-manufacturer.

large. - Lord Viscount Hampden. His Lordship had At his house, Brunton Street, Crescent, enjoyed his title only a few days, and is succeeded London, Major John Cartwright. in the entailed estates by George, Earl of Buck - At Bath, Captain Brathwaite Christie, late inghamshire.

of the 5th Dragoon Guards, third son of the late 10. At Fauxblanc, near Lausanne, Switzerland, Admiral Christie of Baberton. the infant son of the Right Hon. Lord Sinclair.

At Gunton, Norfolk, Georgina, Lady Suf- At Portobello, Mrs

Margaret Pringle, widow field, wife of Edward, Lord Suffield. of John Pringle, Esq. surgeon, Royal Navy.

25 At Glasgow, Mrs Marianne Hutton, relict of - At Edinburgh, Mr James Boyd, merchant. the Rev. Alex. Perrie, Glasgow.

11. At St John's, Ayrshire, Margaret Isabella, 26. At Chelsea, after a short illness, Henry Coopyoungest daughter of David Ramsay, Esq. writer er, Esq. barrister. to the Signet.

Lately, after a short illness, the Princess Kutu- Mr William Andrew, writer.

sow Smolenski, widow of Field Marshal Blucher. 12. AtColdstream, Mr James Bartie, youngest son - In Dublin, the Rev. Benjamin M‘Dowal, of Captain A. D. M‘Laren, Berwickshire Militia. D.D. senior minister of the Scots Church, Mary's

- At his seat, near Southampton, the Rev. Sir Abbey. Charles Rich, Bart. in his 73d year.

Suddenly, at his house, Keir Street, Mr Ro13. At Blackheath, Stephen Robert, second son bert Paisley, session-clerk of St Cuthbert's parish. of Captain R. H. Barclay, Royal Navy.

- At Linstead Lodge, Kent, the Right Hon. - At 112, Canongate, Henry Prager, Esq. John Roper, Lord Teynhám. - At Dalkeith, Mr Alex. Innes, watchmaker. - At North Shields, while sitting alone writing

14. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles H. Simson, son a letter, Mr W. Richardson, notary public, the of the late Mr Alex. Simson, Dundee.

elegant translator of the Odes of Anacreon, and 16. At the Manse, Falkirk, after a long illness, author of several works of genius.

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