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We cannot permit these words to stand in this Magazine unaccompanied by some expression, however poor and inadequate, of the feelings which the event they record has excited in many hearts--and in few, most certainly, more strongly than our own.

The name of Mr William Russell was, and had for many years been, known and honoured in the literary circles of Scotland; but his conduct had been so modest, his modes of life so unobtrusive, that, in so far as we know, his reputation had scarcely travelled beyond his own country, when he was thus cut off in the very prime and vigour of an intellect which could not have been exerted, as he always did exert it, much longer without attracting an abundant share of notice and distinction.

As it is—If his friends should be induced, (as we hope they may be,) to present the world with some collection of Mr Russell's Essays from the periodical works to which he had contributed, there can be no doubt that his name must assume and retain a distinguished place in the political literature of this age. The largeness and comprehension of his views, the sound, solid sense of his reasoning, the vigour of his argument, and the massive energy of his eloquence, would have rendered him a most powerful auxiliary in any cause ; and he never exerted these great talents but for the cause which was and ought to have been dear to him, as a gentleman, a patriot, and a Christian. During the tumult and agitation of the last war, he, then young and friendless, stood forth almost alone in Edinburgh-we might, perhaps, say in Scotland—as the bold and determined friend and defender of those principles which have eventually led to the salvation of this country and her constitution in church and state. He began to write, when all the political writing that anybody heard of in Scotland, was Whig--and nobody had more temptations, if anything could have tempted him, to join that active and then clever party, than he. He understood their views, he feared not their powers, and he laid the foundation of the literary opposition, which has since utterly ruined and annihilated the influence of those who, at that never-to-be-forgotten period, possessed the almost absolute sway of the political press of Scotland, -and who exercised that authority for purposes well worthy of the impudence which alone could have led to its assumption.

In his more mature years, Mr Russell continued to be one of the firmest and most effectual friends of the cause which in Scotland had owed so much to the zeal of his youth ; and among other matters, he was the author of a great many of the best serious political papers that have appeared in these pages.

In History, Politics, and Political Economy, bis attainments were of the first order. He was also thoroughly skilled in the jurisprudence of his country, and being gifted with very superior powers as a speaker, must, but for fortuitous circumstances, have risen to the very head of his profession.

We have never met with a man whose character was more perfectly appreciated among all who had any access to know him. It was impossible for anybody to see much of him, without feeling that every action, and every word of his, were dictated by a heart fraught with every sentiment of honour and kindness. Nothing mean, crooked, or sinister, could endure his presence. There was a purity and dignity in his mind, that never failed to overawe and banish those whoin it did not attract and win. Few men had more personal friends than he ;--and never was any man more uniformly and deeply respected by all who were entitled to consider themselves as his associates,

This gentleman, dying in his 37th year, has left abundant proofs at least, if not any one adequate monument, of his intellectual power. Equally amiable and estimable in every relation of public and private life, he has bequeathed sorrow to all that knew him—and pride to those immediate connexions who can never cease to deplore his loss. It will not be easy to fill up the void that has been created amongst us by the disappearance of William Russell.

Print by James Ballantine and Company, Edinburgh.

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