The Pictorial History of England During the Reign of George the Third: 1792-1802


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Página 280 - If France is really desirous of maintaining friendship and peace with England, she must show herself disposed to renounce her views of aggression and aggrandisement, and to confine herself within her own territory without insulting other Governments, without disturbing their tranquillity, without violating their rights.101 Meanwhile the position of the National Convention and the Executive Council remained fixed.
Página 263 - That an humble address be presented to his majesty, that his majesty will be graciously pleased to give directions that...
Página 177 - How could we ever be so deceived in the character of the French nation as to think them capable of liberty ! wretches, who, after all their professions and boasts about liberty, and patriotism, and courage, and dying, and after taking oath after oath, at the very moment when their country is invaded and an enemy is marching through it unresisted, employ whole days in murdering women, and priests, and prisoners!
Página 25 - British citizens, indignant, manfully step forth to rescue their country from the opprobrium brought upon it, by the supine conduct of those in power. They conceive it to be the duty of Britons to countenance and assist, to the utmost of their power, the champions of human happiness, and to swear to a nation, proceeding on the plan you have adopted, an inviolable friendship.
Página 270 - House that in the late negotiation between his majesty's ministers and the agents of the French government the said ministers did not take such measures as were likely to procure redress without a rupture, for the grievances of which they complained; and particularly that they never stated distinctly to the French government any terms and conditions, the accession to which, on the part of France, would induce his majesty to persevere in a system of neutrality.
Página 280 - England will never consent that France shall arrogate the power of annulling at her pleasure, and under the pretence of a natural right of which she makes herself the only judge, the political system of Europe, established by solemn treaties, and guaranteed by the consent of all the powers.
Página 113 - Tuileries be forced or insulted, or the least violence be offered, the least outrages be done to their majesties, the king, the queen, and the royal family, if they be not immediately placed in safety and set at liberty, they will inflict on those who shall deserve it the most exemplary and ever memorable avenging punishments, by giving up the city of Paris to military execution, and exposing it to total destruction ; and the rebels who shall be guilty of illegal resistance shall suffer the punishments...
Página 112 - Alsace and Lorraine; after having disturbed and overthrown in the interior part of the kingdom all order and lawful government ; after having been guilty of the...
Página 254 - It was plain, from their gestures, that they received from himself the first intelligence of his condemnation.
Página 252 - Louis, the National Convention has charged the Provisionary Executive Council to make known to you its decrees of the 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th, and 20th of January. The secretary of the council will read them to you.

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