Adam's Calendar: Discovering the Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth

Zulu Planet Publishers, 2008 - 128 páginas
The most important historical discovery since the Sphinx. 75,000 years ago... early humans built a stone calendar that predates all other man-made structures found to date. Who were they? Why did they need a calendar? "Adam's Calendar" firmly places the many ancient ruins of southern Africa at a point in history that we modern humans have never faced before some 75,000 ago. It therefore symbolises the FIRST CONSCIOUS HUMAN looking at his FIRST SUNRISE as a free species on planet Earth.

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Adams Calendar

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Tellinger has done it again with this excellent companion to Slaves Species of god. Adams Calendar is packed with beautiful photographs of ancient ruins that reveal secrets to our ancestry. Leer comentario completo

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Adam's Calendar is a classic example of pure, unadulterated pseudo-archaeology. Heine and Tellinger are frauds of the highest order.


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