House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volumen8,Parte4


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Página 20 - Office for the district in which such land may lie, by legal subdivisions, any number of acres not exceeding one hundred and sixty, or a quarter section of land, to include the residence of such claimant, upon paying to the United States the minimum price of such land...
Página 175 - The leaves having now lost a large portion of their moisture, and having become considerably reduced in size, are removed into the factory. They are put a second time into the roastingpan for three or four minutes, and taken out and rolled as before. The charcoal fires are now got ready. A tubular basket, narrow at the middle and wide at both ends, is placed over the fire. A sieve is dropped into this tube, and covered with leaves, which are shaken on it to about an inch in thickness.
Página 175 - ... fixed, that is, there is no longer any danger of their becoming black. They are of a dullish green colour, but become brighter afterwards.* The most particular part of the operation has now been finished, and the tea may be put aside until a larger quantity has been made. The second part of the process consists in winnowing and passing the tea through sieves of different sizes, in order to get rid of the dust and other impurities, and to divide the tea into the different kinds known as twankay,...
Página 20 - ... in trust for the several use and benefit of the inhabitants, according to their respective interests. By the act of the 3d of March, 1855, contractors carrying the mails through the Territories west of the Mississippi are authorized to preempt their stations, not more than one for every 20 miles of the route, to the extent of G40 acres at each station. In 1853...
Página 255 - ... of the ground without injury than if they were longer and more scattered among the soil. When destroyed, the spongioles are often speedily replaced, particularly in orchard trees, provided a slight degree of growth continues to be maintained. This is one of the reasons why trees removed in October succeed better than if transplanted at any other time. The growth of a tree at that season is not quite over ; and the first impulse of nature, when the tree finds itself in a new situation, is to create...
Página 235 - At one dollar per gallon, which is less than the value, it will give a profit of at least $400 per acre, or of $80,000 on the 200 acres in cultivation. One small vineyard at Hamburg, Mr. Joseph Stuby's, yielded over 1,000 gallons per acre.
Página 68 - Camel, these have no depth, are only superficial cells, and have no muscular apparatus to close their mouths and allow the solid food to pass into the fourth cavity, or truly digesting stomach, without going into these cells.
Página 180 - Prussian blue and gypsum ! And yet, tell the drinkers of this coloured tea that the Chinese eat cats, dogs, and rats, and they will hold up their hands in amazement, and pity the poor celestials!
Página 180 - ... the superintendent took a small porcelain spoon, and with it he scattered a portion of the colouring matter over the leaves in each pan. The workmen then turned the leaves rapidly round with both hands, in order that the colour might be equally diffused.
Página 245 - It is probable that it was originally due to accident, and also that it was still mere chance which continued to operate down to very modern times. Philosophers are unacquainted with the reason why there should be any tendency to variation from the characters first stamped on any species by Nature ; but all know that this tendency does exist, and in a most remarkable degree in many species. There is in all beings a disposition to deviate from their original nature when cultivated, or even in a wild...

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