Memoirs of the Reign of George the Second: From His Accession to the Death of Queen Caroline, Volumen2

John Murray, 1848 - 609 páginas

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Página 462 - Content thyself to be obscurely good. When vice prevails, and impious men bear sway, The post of honour is a private station.
Página 29 - English coachman could drive, or English jockey ride, nor were any English horses fit to be drove or fit to be ridden; no Englishman knew how to come into a room, nor any Englishwoman how to dress herself, nor were there any diversions in England, public or private, nor any man or woman in England whose conversation was to be borne — the one, as he said, talking of nothing but their dull politics, and the others of nothing but their ugly clothes. Whereas at Hanover all these things were in the...
Página 428 - The professions you have lately made in your letters of your particular regard to me are so contradictory to all your actions, that I cannot suffer myself to be imposed upon by them.
Página 16 - When the Queen washed her hands, the page of the backstairs brought and set down upon a side-table the basin and ewer; then the bedchamber woman set it before the Queen and knelt on the other side of the table over against the Queen, the bedchamber lady only looking on.
Página 340 - Wit, my Lords, is a sort of property; it is the property of those who have it, and too often the only property they have to depend on. It is indeed but a precarious dependence. Thank God! we, my Lords, have a dependence of another kind...
Página 189 - Lost or strayed out of this house, a man who has left a wife and six children on the parish; whoever will give any tidings of him to the churchwardens of St. James's Parish, so as he may be got again, shall receive four shillings and sixpence reward. NB — This reward will not be increased, nobody judging him to deserve a Crown.
Página 468 - I will give it you under my hand, if ' you are in any fear of my relapsing, that my dear firstborn is ' the greatest ass, and the greatest liar, and the greatest canaille, ' and the greatest beast in the whole world ; and that I most ' heartily wish he was out of it...
Página 17 - I knew we should be good friends again; but could not help adding, in a little more serious voice, that I owned of all my servants I had least expected, as I had least deserved it, such treatment from her, when she knew I had held her up at a time when it was in my power, if I had pleased, any hour of the day, to let her drop through my fingers — thus
Página 51 - Hervey, turned to the Queen, and with a good deal of vehemence, poured out an unintelligible torrent of German, to which the Queen made not one word of reply, but knotted on till she tangled her thread, then snuffed the candles that stood on the table before her, and snuffed one of them out ; upon which the King, in English, began a new dissertation upon her Majesty, and took her awkwardness for his text.
Página 517 - No situation of distress can soften him enough to make him forget to hate one moment." This advice Lord Hervey conveyed to the King, who took it with as much reluctance as his Lordship brought it ; though not with so good an excuse to himself for sacrificing his inclination to his fear, especially when he found it made the Queen so uneasy that she often asked if nobody would turn those ravens out of the house, who were only there to watch her death, and would gladly tear her to pieces whilst she...

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