The Publications of the Surtees Society

Surtees Society, 1905 - 461 páginas
Report of Society appended to many volumes.

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Página 258 - I do declare and promise that I will be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established, without a King or House of Lords.
Página 151 - ... to the use of the first son of the body of my said nephew John Micklethwait lawfully to be begotten, and the heirs male of the body of such first son lawfully issuing; and, in default of such issue...
Página 409 - I, AB, do declare, That I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the sacrament of the Lord's supper, or in the elements of bread and wine, at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.
Página 406 - GOD, endeavour, in our several places and callings, the preservation of the reformed religion in the Church of Scotland, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, against our common enemies ; the reformation of religion in the kingdoms of England and Ireland, in doctrine, worship, discipline, and government, according to the word of GOD, and the example of the best reformed Churches...
Página 409 - I also believe that Salvation cannot be merited by Works, and all doctrines in affirmation of the said points I do abjure and renounce without any equivocation, mental reservation or secret evasion whatsoever, taking the words by me spoken according to the common and usual meaning •of them.
Página 407 - We shall also, according to our places and callings, in this common cause of religion, liberty, and peace of the kingdoms, assist and defend all those that enter into this League and Covenant...
Página 407 - ... league and covenant, in the maintaining and pursuing thereof; and shall not suffer ourselves, directly or indirectly, by whatsoever combination, persuasion or terror, to be divided and withdrawn from this blessed union and conjunction, whether to make defection to the contrary part, or...
Página 467 - Patron, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the Treasurers, shall form the Council, any five of whom, including the Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be a quorum competent to transact the business of the Society.
Página 407 - IV. We shall also with all faithfulness endeavour the discovery of all such as have been, or shall be, incendiaries, malignants, or evil instruments, by hindering the reformation of religion, dividing the king from his people, or one of the kingdoms from another, or making any faction or parties amongst the people, contrary to this League and Covenant, that they may be brought to public trial...
Página 395 - Prisage was a right of taking two tuns of wine from every ship (English or foreign) importing into England twenty tuns or more, one before, and one behind, the mast ; which, by charter of Edward the first, was exchanged into a duty of two shillings for every tun imported by merchant strangers, and called butlerage, because paid to the king's butler (A).

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