Not Just Science

Zondervan, 2009 M08 30 - 320 páginas
This book argues that it is possible for our study of the natural world to enhance our understanding of God and for our faith to inform and influence our study and application of science. Whether you are a student, someone employed in the sciences, or simply an interested layperson, Not Just Science will help you develop the crucial skills of critical thinking and reflection about key questions in Christian faith and natural science.The contributors provide a systematic approach to both raising and answering the key questions that emerge at the intersection of faith and various disciplines in the natural sciences. Among the questions addressed are the context, limits, benefits, and practice of science in light of Christian values. Questions of ethics as they relate to various applied sciences are also discussed. The end goal is an informed biblical worldview on both nature and our role in obeying God’s mandate to care for his creation.With an honest approach to critical questions, Not Just Science fills a gap in the discussion about the relationship between faith and reason. This is a most welcomed addition to these significant scholarly conversations. Ron Mahurin, PhD Vice President, Professional Development and Research Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

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Cover Page
How Have Christian Faith and Natural Science Interacted in History?
What Are the Philosophical Implications of Christianity for the Natural Sciences?
What Are the Theological Implications for Natural Science?
How Does Society Interact with Science?
What Do We Learn about the Creator from Astronomy and Cosmology?
Crucial Questions at the Interface of Christian Faith and Biological Sciences
What Are the Limits in Bioengineering?
How Is Gods Creativity Manifested in Computer Science?
Thomas J VanDrunen
Charting When Where and How?
How Does Chemistry Impact Human Society?
Is There Meaning beyond the Biomolecular?
How Are Technology and Engineering Related to Christianity?
Crucial Questions in the Applied Sciences
What Values and HealthCare Priorities Are Expressed in Our HealthCare

Is Wellness a Human Body Stewardship Issue?
Crucial Questions at the Interface of Christian Faith and Earth Sciences
Why Should Christians Be Interested in Geology?
What Are the Roles for Science and Faith?
Crucial Questions at the Interface of Christian Faith Mathematical Sciences
Just Agriculture?
How Should the Christians Foundational Beliefs Shape the Work of Scientists?
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Dorothy F. Chappell is dean of natural and social sciences and professor of biology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.

David Cook is Arthur F. Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning and professor of philosophy at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.

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