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Member of the Board of Examiners, Department of Education,

New York City

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In the preparation of this book the constant aim has been to make the language clear and simple; to approach each point through exercises and illustrations, so that the pupil “may learn by doing"; to arrange the points so that the subject develops easily and naturally, and to conceive and state grammatical principles in a sound and scholarly manner.

It is technical grammar, intended to be used in the last two years of the grammar school, and thoroughly fitting pupils to take up their high school work in the classics.

No other grammar contains such a wealth of exercises for practice in the development of each successive step. Analysis and classification of simple sentences are introduced at the earliest period consistent with sound pedagogy. “Notes for Teachers” are appended, and are often referred to in the text.

Miss Metta L. Persons, Teacher of safe even in the hands of a poor Methods, State Normal School, New teacher." Paltz, N.Y.:—“I am glad to note its Webster Cook, Principal E. S. High many commendatory points as an Ele- School, Saginaw, Mich.: “I am famentary Grammar. The treatment of miliar, I think, with all the school subjects is simple, full, and on the whole grammars of English published in this consistent. Terms and definitions are country, and with most of those publed up to by clear, inductive presenta- lished in England, and I do not know tion - a method which will lead chil- of any that is worthy of consideration dren to form clear, correct concepts. when compared with this book. Both Illustrative material is rich in quantity in scientific value and in adaptation and variety. Even models for parsing to school work it is superior, and it and analysis recommend themselves would mean a decided step forward in for clearness and completeness. In a English Grammar teaching if it could word, the book seems to be what is replace the books of the same grade claimed for it — a teaching book'. that are now in use."



By GEORGE J. SMITH, M.A., Ph.D. Member of the Board of Examiners, Department of Education,

New York City.

225 pages

40 cents A preparatory book for Longmans' English Grammar. It covers the entire work in English from the 4th to the 7th grades, and offers an attractive and refreshing method of solving the problem of English instruction in the elementary school. The author has combined, from the beginning, the work of composition with a progressive study of the sentence.

Practical Exercises in Sentence Work, On the side of sentence work, the plunge is made at once into practical exercises, comprehensible for young children, in the art of making good sentences. The book affords an unusual amount and variety of sentence building. Various ways of combining short sentences are studied, the fundamental conception of the sentence as a unit is insisted upon, in due time clauses and phrases and participles come into view, and the various sentence modifications necessary to the command of clearness and effectiveness lead up to the close of the book. Incidental to all this, there is carried on a continual study of certain essentials of correctness in the use of language, such as proper use of the parts of verbs and of singulars and plurals, choice of prepositions, marks of punctuation, possessives, synonyms, etc.

Concerning Composition. On the composition side narrative is first introduced, then description and exposition. Various useful and usual types of these forms are taken up in a natural order. The use and proper construction of paragraphs is studied as soon as practicable, and eventually some notion of the careful planning of entire composition is reached.

It is important to note that only those matters of grammar are introduced which are most inseparably related to the correct or the intelligent use of language. . The aim is not to teach the student a science, but the command of an art. Composition is synthetic, creative, expressive, flowing. Grammar is an analytic study. In this work, therefore, the author has kept down to a minimum the number of technical terms employed.

The habitual solving in his early training of such practical prob. lems as perpetually occur in this book should prepare the pupil to meet with facility and zest his future work in the study of formal grammar and rhetoric.



Supervising Principal of Public Schools,

Indianapolis, Indiana.

Part I. For Grades i to 4

PART II. For Grades 5 to 8

Also a SYLLABICATED Edition:


$0.14 PART II.

$0.18 This book sets a new standard in the teaching of spelling. The words are very carefully graded, both as to difficulty in spelling and difficulty in comprehension. In all the work the pupil is taught the meaning as well as the spelling as being necessary to a thorough mastery of the word. A special effort has been made to render the study of spelling interesting as well as instructive. The book provides work in spelling from the first to the eighth grades, inclusive.

The following Opinions of the book (unsyllabicated) are printed by permission:

Miss Edith A. Scott, Principal, W. S. Marston, Principal, UniTraining School for Teachers, versity School for Boys, BaltiRochester, N. Y.-"I have never more, Md. :-“It is the best book seen a more sane spelling book of its kind that I ever saw.” than Miss Alexander's. It is right along the most up-to-date lines. D. H. Roberts, Superintendent, I did not know before that a spelling Training School, State Normal book could be attractive."

School, Ypsilanti, Mich. :—“I Miss Harriette C. Park, Princi- know of nothing better than Alexpal, Hubbard Public School, ander's, and I shall speak of it Detroit, Mich.:-“I find it to be very freely before the members far beyond any spellers which I of our class." have examined heretofore. I have long wanted the spelling lesson to Miss Lucy Betters, Principal, comprise the words needed in an Madison Avenue School, Grand average child's vocabulary, and Rapids, Mich. ;—“The Spelling here we have it, together with Book has a better content and valuable little by-products of method of presentation than any word study and memory gems. Jother book I know."

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Arnold's Sobrab and Rustum and Other Poems.

Edited by Ashley H. Thorndike, Professor of English in Columbia University. $0.25. [For Reading.] Browning's Select Poems.

Edited by Percival Chubb, Director of English, Ethical Culture Schools, New York. $0.25. (For Reading.) Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Edited by Charles Sears Baldwin, Professor of Rhetoric in Yale University. $0.25. (For Reading.) Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America.

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Edited by William B. Cairns, Assistant Professor of American Literature in the University of Wisconsin. $0.25. [For

Reading] Gaskell's Cranford.

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versity. $0.25. [For Reading.) George Eliot's Silas Marner.

Edited by Robert Herrick, Professor of Rhetoric in the University of Chicago. $0.25. [For Reading.) Goldsmith's The Vicar of Wakefield.

Edited by Mary A. Jordan, Professor of Rhetoric and Old English in Smith College. $0.25. [For Reading.) Gray's Elegy, In A Country Churchyard and Goldsmith's The Deserted Village.

Edited by James F. Hosic, Head of the Department of English in the Chicago Normal School, Chicago, Ill. $0.25. [For Reading.)

Huxley's Autobiography and Selections From Lay Sermons.

Edited by E. H. Kemper McComb, Head of the Department of English in the Manual Training High School, India

napolis, Ind. $0.25. [For Reading.) Irving's Sketch Book.

With an Introduction by Brander Matthews, Professor of Dramatic Literature, Columbia University, and with notes

by Armour Caldwell, A.B. $0.25. [For Reading.] Lincoln, Selections From.

Edited by Daniel K. Dodge, Professor of English in the University of Illinois. $0.25. [For Reading.] Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, and Other Poems.

Edited by Allan Abbott, Head of the Department of English, Horace Mann High School, Teachers College, New York

City. $0.25. [For Reading.) Macaulay's Essay on Lord Clive.

Edited by Preston C. Farrar, Instructor of English in Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. $0.25. [For Read

ing.) Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome, with Ivry and The Armada.

Edited by Nott Flint, late Instructor in English in the Uni. versity of Chicago. $0.25. [For Reading.] Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnson.

Edited by Huber Gray Buehler, Head-master Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn.' $0.25. [For Study.] Macaulay's Warren Hastings. Edited by Samuel M. Tucker, Professor

of English and Dean in The Florida State College. $0.25. (For Reading.) Milton's L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Comus and Lycidas.

Edited by William P. Trent, Professor of English Literature in Columbia University. $0.25. [For Study; after 1911,

“Lycidas” is omitted.] Parkman's The Oregon

Trail. Edited by Ottis B. Sperlin, Head of the Department of English in the Tacoma High School, Washington. $0.25.

[For Reading.) Palgrave's The Golden Treasury.

Edited by Herbert Bates, of the Manual Training High School, Brooklyn, New York City. $0.25. [For Reading.) Ruskin's Sesame and Lilies.

Edited by Gertrude Buck, Associate Professor of English in Vassar College. $0.25. (For Reading.) Scott's Ivanhoe.

Edited by Bliss Perry, Professor of English Literature in Harvard University. $0.25. [For Reading.] Scott's Lady of the Lake.

Edited by George Rice Carpenter, late Professor of Rhetoric and English Composition in Columbia University. $0.25. [For Reading.)

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